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Olympus E-M5 hack: Clean Hdmi 4:2:2 and focus peaking possible?


I got an anonymous mail from a hacker. Be aware that I don’t know yet if what he tells me is correct or not but I hope other hackers or sources can confirm or deny this.

Here is the text I got. Be aware that he is not a native English speaker:

After a long investigation I can say the OM-D EM5 can be hacked (with Olympus Studio and the Bin version of a OM-D EM5 Firmware that is only available somewhere here
How the update firmware work on OM-D. First the update firmware check the revision of your camera and check the firmware (last firmware, don’t update, new firmware, update)
if the update firmware find that your camera don’t have the last firmware, the update firmware take the last firmware revision in here
We call that a silence update. You can easily hack the OM-D EM5 if you have the bin one, as you know many dev in the past was doing some decrypt olympus firmware work

First – We need the firmware.BIN it would be more easier this way
Second – you can use Olympus Studios or SDK to push the OM-D into the service and debugger mode that let you to work on it
Third – we can after really exploit the OM-D EM5 capabilities

Just to keep you informed. The debugger mode is available. The OM-D has a clean HDMI 4:2:2 ! but locked by Olympus. I saw that the OM-D have also a locked focus peaking functionality (beta feature revision probably, they should add on the next firmware revision not sure about it). For the rest… the OM-D is clearly more powerful than the GH2 and maybe the GH3, that the image processor can calc more information. For example the OM-D can easily support a 1080p120p ! i wonder why they blocked the OM-D to 30p…

But for know, you really need to find the firmware.Bin OM-D (it’s more easier) than using USB programming (on my way, it was a fully success and also need to be more experimented) but i expect to modify the firmware.BIN directly and not programming in fly.

I ask the anonymous hacker to send me more details about the project at We may can help you to go one with the hack project!

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