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Olympus E-M5 books coming soon. And first 12-35mm unboxing video.


The video on top is made by SmallCameraBigPicture and shows the 12-35mm unboxing ritual. I hope you can leave that experience soon too!
Panasonic 12-35mm X lens preorders at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Fotohanskeuzekamp, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.

New E-M5 books coming:
David Busch is working on a guide for the OM-D and it should be finished in July. As you know he alreayd wrote an E-P2 guide you can find here at Amazon. The german Profibuch from Wagner should be in Stock very soon at Amazon Germany.

New E-M5 reviews and news:

ThePhoBlographer sold everything for the E-M5: “It perfectly embodies what I loved so much about the Fuji X100, but incorporates the usability and flexiblity of my Nikon D7000.
Photographer Marc Rogoff is also testing the E-M5. A never seen OMD grip at Dpreview Forum.

In Stock status check:
In USA some overpriced kits are in Stock at Amazon and eBay. In Stock in Canada at Mostlydigital.
Europeans have a bit more luck. Amazon UK has also the Silver body in Stock, Amazon Germany the black E-M5.
All preorder links: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.

  • noR

    Would have been nice to see the 12-35 on a camera.

  • twoomy

    This gets me juiced. Looks like all us U.S. residents need to fly to Japan to get one. I bet we won’t see this one in the U.S. until mid 2013.

  • ne130dy

    My guess is we will see this lens stateside after summer.

  • Alex

    Mmm, i think i’l wait till the sigma 12-35 release, if quality is near the pana, i’ll buy that and save money for the 35-100 :)

    • JF

      Admin told me the 12-35 sigma rumor is fake…

  • nicwalmsley

    Been trying to tell myself I don’t really need or want that lens (because there’s no way I should be spending that much money on a single lens, can afford, but have mortgage, kids, etc). But it’s getting harder and harder to resist. Want to see the 35-100.

  • om-4

    Interesting grip. A bit cold to touch and maybe slippery without some cladding.

    • Ross

      It might be interesting but quite ugly, however, it has given me an idea on how to make my own, but with a nice leather covered grip, of a shape that will blend in to the camera & not stand out like a sore thumb. It would incorporate or allow a centre mount for my tripod plate which probably would be better to allow any tripod or monopod attachment. It still would be probably only until I get the HLD-6 grip anyway because I do like the portrait grip controls.

  • Camaman

    I am waiting on the silver version of the OEM grip.
    Seeing how it takes Olympus to R&D a black lens 1 year I expect a silver grip is about 6months away…

  • uberzone

    I appreciate the effort, but how hard is it to set a camera to manual focus and close down the aperture a bit so everything is in focus? I almost threw up my dinner watching this.

  • who did actually start this unboxing craze? i find it hilarious how people start filming the moment of 1st opening a box, it breathes 100% “i am one of the 1st getting this stuff and want the whole world knowing it”….if it were me, i would first check if they didn’t put something else in the box (like a human body part for instance)

    • figjam


      Its a bit much, its nice to see the product being handled and used to get an understanding before you place an order but i think the whole ritual of unboxing is a bit much!

    • MJr

      what an idiot anyway, pretending the built quality doesn’t matter. for that price it better matter, including lens cap.

    • Mr. Reeee

      This is NOT a Mac or an iPhone or an iPad, it’s a friggin’ lens in a generic cardboard box! Who cares?

      OMFG, that guy was insufferable!

      @Ulli, the unboxing thing began when Apple started designing amazing integrated packaging, where EVERYTHING in the box was a thing of beauty and dovetailed with all the other things in the box. The effort they put into the boxes alone was astounding… so, people started posting photos, then videos of unboxing ceremonies. Apple’s boxes were better designed than the vast majority of Windows machines.

      • 30% of the cost to land fill?
        The world does not need packaging over and above this example from Panasonic.

        • figjam

          It is the state of things, IMHO it is unfortunate that packaging is considered to be so much of a products value. I am young but still pine for the “good ol days” when products were well engineered and came with lifetime warranties. Now we get well engineered boxes filled with products designed to be obsolete within five years. What a waste on so many levels.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Apple’s packaging has been mostly recyclable for years. They use “green” inks on boxes and a lot of already recycled materials. They switched from styrofoam inserts to well designed, rigid, folded paper inserts, also of recycled material. I guess the exception would be the plastic boxes that iPods come in. (I keep stuff in them.)

          I’ve been a tree-hugger for longer than I can remember, so don’t believe the BS Greenpeace slings in their quest for headlines and donations. I give to The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund and Audubon Society instead.

          • Why not just go out and put your money into land fill. That’s all most packaging does for you. You might as well go direct.

      • c.d.embrey

        Thank you Mr. Reeee. That needed to be said.

    • I also question the veracity of the video. We see nothing before the shot of the box on a table. How did it get there? Was it delivered or picked up from a shop? If it was picked up from somewhere did the unboxer stop for a coffee on the way? Where? Why don’t we see that? Or if it was delivered, by whom? Why don’t we see the delivery? Does the signature on the delivery docket match the signature of the unboxer?
      Was it unboxed alone or were there other people in the room? Who? What time of day? What was the ambient colour temperature?
      There are too many unanswered questions for this unboxing to be taken seriously. These unboxers really have to lift their game.

      • figjam


      • Duarte Bruno

        You are not getting to the bottom of it!
        I need to see how that lens got into that box!!!
        (and yes, it’s also very important to see the color of the boxing worker’s underware)

        • David

          We also need to know if the boxers and unboxer were wearing boxers.

          This is too funny.

  • figjam

    Really like the look of that grip, shame it wasnt available before I picked up the Oly unit :(

    I actually might get it anyway, need to reseach if my manfrotto has this Swiss-ARCA mount mentioned.

  • figjam

    Really looking forward to David Buschs guide to the OMD, he is by far the best writer of camera guides and he is absolutely prolific in how many books he has published. I hope there are digital versions available on Amazon.

  • Juno

    I bought the Busch book for my ep and it helped me soooo much. Oly has really got to start giving David pre release units so they can bundle his book with the camera.

  • I see nothing in ‘unboxing’ ceremonies.
    However I will congratulate Panasonic on their minimal packaging. Just enough to secure the lens and all biodegradable except the small poly bags.
    Others could learn from this.

    • Olympus doesn’t even know I’m alive. I had to buy my PEN E-P2, E-5, and OMD from a camera store like everybody else. That adds to the time before a book is on the shelves. This one should be finished sometime in July and available shortly thereafter.

  • @Izumi You’re funny. :) While I agree with you in that these videos aren’t that interesting and can’t be taken seriously, I get the impression that you want these video makers to make it more interesting and serious.

    How on earth do you do that?!?! IT’S UNBOXING!! :/

    @JimD Totally agree. Packaging should be minimal.

    @Mr. Reeee Oh. Apple started this. Typical… :P

    • Mr. Reeee

      Apple didn’t start the unboxing video trend, their beautifully designed, highly usable, superior products inspired users to make videos of hotly anticipated products being unwrapped.

      Honestly, unwrapping one of my first PowerBooks or MacBook Pro or even an Airport Extreme (wireless base station) was an experience in itself.

    • No, bbking, I don’t. I think the whole thing is extremely silly. Who cares how you get the thing out of the box (well, obviously the unboxers do, normal grown-ups don’t). Perhaps they could have their own site where they could unbox and re-box (now, that’s something they don’t show you – what are they hiding?) to their heart’s content.
      Musing… perhaps they could have competitions. You could have the light-weight unboxer, the middle-weight unboxer right up to the heavy-weight unboxer. (Note that I refrained from mentioning unboxing gloves.) One day they might even make the Olympics.
      PS: This correspondent is now closed and going to bed.

  • Bronica

    Admin – a rumor from They expect a 1,8 25mm for 250$ and 2,8-4 12-60mm for 800$-900$ from Olympus to the Photokina.

    But only FT2

  • I shot with the 12-35mm yesterday (just in a shop, can’t afford to buy). Was quite heavy, but nice to handle. Not sure if I’ll buy the 12mm f2 now as the Panasonic is more flexible.

    I also found 3 Olympus OM-D E-M5 magazines, I can post them out to people if people are interested, they aren’t cheap though at around $20 each.

    I guess living in Japan has its benefits :-)

    • dhrazzz

      Would be interested in the magazines if in English. My Japanese is rusty! To be honest, I speak enough to be confused as opposed to being oblivious! Lived near Naoetsi Shi, Niigata 40 years ago. Have been using Nikon D7000 but found the gear heavier and heavier and now am using the Olympus OM-D but want to know more about configuring the menus. Not a friendly user! Let me know what is available. Just a thought, might be available in Japan Town in SF? Thanks for any info… DH

  • Pedro del Río

    Is the unboxing of a lense a ritual? I thought it was an obligatory step to be able to use the lense.

  • Starred

    In this thread there are some pics showing the rather good iq of the 12-35

  • I suppose the next trend is for Apple or whoever to make an unboxing video with appropriate Ohhs and Ahhs added for the product release. It has to be done to set a standard for unboxing and lift the packaging game to over 50% of product cost.
    And an international award at the Cannes Filf festival for the best unboxing movie, two categories, best art in video and best sound track.

  • teroll

    No news yet on the david Busch guide for the OM-D :(

    Sooooo hanging out for it

  • yont

    Amazon will have the David Buschs Olympus Omd Em5 book on 29th December 2012.Its available for pre order.

  • munt

    you can download the David Busch book here:

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