Olympus E-M1 firmware released.


Olympus just released the new E-M1 firmware update. As usual use the Digital Camera Updater to upgrade. Let us know what your findings are!

  • cajie

    Can’t wait to get home and get the fresh juices flowing in the E-M1.

  • Do they actually listen at Olympus? They’re fixing stuff that none of us asked for and they leave stuff broken that most of us want fixed. Like 24/25 fps.

    • Tobias Giesen

      Wrong, we did ask for further AF improvements.

      • KI

        +1. And the 25fps issue might also be more complex and involve some other components.

        Looking forward to update mine and try C-AF again.

        • Teebee

          I bet 24/25fps should be a really easy fix by all means. It requires less processing power than 30fps. In Pal countries 30fps output is unusable, in human environment at least. Also where i live it gets dark already at 15.00, and this darkness lasts for months. I really want to like the EM-1 but lack of usable video puts me off.
          It’s really strange that Olympus didn’t add Pal video for Pal countries. Makes me wonder what’s behind all of this.

          • FF

            If you want video, a still camera from a manufacturer who claims still is most important to him, might not be for you. Move on.

            • Teebee

              Olympus sure loses a large number of customers if they have to move on because lack of standard camera features.

              • MarcoSartoriPhoto

                Go Panny if you’re interested in video. You can choose between different bodies and still use whatever m43 lens is on the market. Gx7 seems to have a nice 2 axis IBIS, if that’s what you need.
                Me I take only stills, and the video button is useful to set ISOs :)

                • mahler


                • HG

                  Not true. The Ibis in the GX7 does not work in Video. Also the 20 and 25mm lenses are hard to use in Video, because they are not stabelized. And the oly 45 ever harder. The 60 and 75 impossible to use handheld in Video. There still is not a perfect m43 Camera for Video, for stills there are tons of choices from different brands.

                  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

                    I have never seen a perfect camera: every tool has its flaws and the person operating it must be aware of them and use it properly.

                    I was just suggesting that Panasonic has generally a better video capability than Olympus.

                    My personal advise is to buy a video camera for videos, and a photo camera for stills. At least it’s what I would do if interested in videography.

                    • HG

                      I have a Camcorder (TM900) as well, but it has many problems : horrible viewfinder, no exposure/focus lock button, horrible bokeh, bad in low light, not possible to change lenses, no custom modes, very limited control buttons very slow to operate. But beautiful picture and good stabelization. If Panasonic adds video stabelization in the next GH or G7 I will be happy and can buy the 25mm and can use more my 45mm. I would have bought the olympus if it had 25p, but olympus does not seem to want videographers as customers.

                    • Teebee

                      How about cinemaphotographers who shoot video/stills 50/50. That “buy video camera if you want video” nonsense is completely out of place in 2013. Everybody knows that camcorders are simply not on par, if you want cinematic video.

                    • yaa

                      So get a stabilized rig like about every serious videographer and use a gh3.

                    • HG

                      Yes and buy a car to transport all that stuff.

                    • yaa


                      There exist quite portable stabilized rigs, folding ones that easily fit a small backpack next to your camera, so despite it being more stuff to carry indeed, you won’t need a car for it.

                • Teebee

                  And i probably will get G6, a much cheaper camera that is capable of miles better video and only lags a little bit behind with stills. But i love my E-M5(besides the broken video (30fps, also broken codec) and have really gotten used to it. I can’t afford both sadly. I would get Lumix asap if it had the 5-axis stabilization.
                  Dear Olympus, if somehow You decide to not give your cameras proper video abilities in the near future, at least let Panasonic use your stabilization technology. 24/25 fps video + 5-axis stabilization would be the next big thing.

                  • yaa

                    30fps is not broken, and neither is the codec. Neither satisfy your requirement, but that is a totally different thing.
                    No, making your point by absurd exaggeration doesn’t make your point better or clearer,it just leaves gaping holes in it.

                    • Eifex

                      At least on the E-M5 the codec is broken. The image is beautiful when there is little or movement, the imaga self destructs to macro blocking galore if there is anything more complex on the frame, for example trees in the woods. This might have to do with the low bitrate, at least on the E-M1 Olympus upgraded the bitrate to 24Mbit/s, but i dont have any information if the macro blocking is still an issue on the E-M1.
                      30fps is not technically broken, but its pretty much unusable in Pal countries.

                    • yaa


                      Both function completely to specification, and hence are not broken by definition.

                      That they are unusable to you is something else.

                      And yes, that matters, if you want to communicate something, it really really really helps to be accurate in what you describe, even more so if you want it to be understood by Japanese people (or other people who don’t have English or a closely related language as first language) due to language barrier.

                      Your description of how video breaks down is quite exaggerated as well. It certainly could use a better codec or a higher bitrate, but that again is something completely different.

                      Exaggeration as you are doing here does not help, it merely makes it MORE DIFFICULT to understand what your problem is, and results in totally pointless discussion about your exaggerations instead of about the issue. Again, broken is simply not the same as not doing what YOU desire, please go learn the difference.

                    • Eifex

                      As you might have guessed, English is also not my native language. I do have studied some Japanese but imo lurkers from Olympus here surely must know some Engilsh.

                      Here is a direct screenshot from E-M5 video of so called macro blocking:


                      I don’t see any indication of this problem in the camera specification. But this thing happens so frequently on my E-M5, that i wouldn’t want to record even my cat with this camera. Only videos with no panning and minimal movement come out clean (and for the record look just beautiful).

                      Also what bothers me is that Olympus is the only major camera manufacturer missing the 24p feature. Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Fujifilm, Samsung all have 24p. Just what is going on with Olympus on this matter. Especially weird, since imo overall Olympus is probably the most innovative camera developer in the last years.

                    • yaa

                      @Eifex I have no doubt about video of fast panning and such not looking very good on the e-m5. My point was that it isn’t because the codec is broken but because it is a bad choice of codec + bandwidth for 1080p30. It would do a little better with 1080p25 probably but its still a bad choice of codec + bandwidth. Increasing bandwidth as done on the e-m1 helps. A more efficient codec helps as well.

                      The codec and bandwidth are in the specification, so while the spec doesn’t say fast motion in 1080p30 video will look bad in a litteral sense, the specs most certainly tell there is good reason for caution if you are interested in video. Choice of codec + bandwidth is one red flag, lack of support for common framerates like 24 and 25p is another red flag.

                      Reviews gave some more reason for concern when interested in video.

                      Does Olympus hurt itself by not addressing this? I’m pretty sure of that, through unlike some, I strongly doubt they’d be taking the videography market by storm if they did solve it. Why? Where is a videographer going to go when needing something more like a stsge cam or simply outgrowing the e-m5? Olympus has no name in that market, and no products either.

                      Still, it is not broken, as i

                • yaa

                  @marco, I’m sorry but I find that argument not a very good one for 2 reasons:

                  – support for 25p does in no way whatsoever compromise the camera for still images. The requirements for this are lower then for 30p, so its not going to require more powerful hardware (making the camera more expensive) or anything like that.

                  – support for basic video functionality is there, but it is so incomplete that they could as well have left it out. Since they didn’t, putting in very incomplete support for video (see above for why at least completing the basics does not in any way compromise the still image capability) simply makes Olympus look totally inept, and will turn off quite a number of potential customers.

                  Keep in mind this isn’t AT ALL about ‘professional’ videographer oriented features, but just the very basic stuff: supporting the video standards used in the places where the camera is sold. Add 24p and the e-m1 would be interesting to somewhat serious videographers also, but the first thing to look at are ‘real consumers’ with money to spend, who often go by checklists and by what they imagine they are going to use (regardless of how wrong they often tend to be about that)

                  Like quite a few others here, I don’t do video much, so for me it would in itself not matter much directly, but indirectly it matters a lot.


                  Because it means more market potential for those cameras, which helps the system, and helps economy of scale for the specific camera. This helps me as a still image guy because it gets me better stuff for less money.

                  Additionally it helps the system survive better in a competitive market, which again helps me as it ensures it will remain available when I want upgrades, new lenses etc.

                  Last but not least, it makes the system more attractive for 3rd parties, which enhances my choice.

                  So even if I’d only use it a few times, indirectly it most certainly matters.

      • Sapphire

        +1 they did hear our feedback. Noise reduction improve.

        • Did you read it.
          “while noise reduction is on”
          The comments have been about doing something when its off. So multiple long exposures can be made, without needing a blank sensor recording of the same duration.

          • Sapphire

            As long as I can get better image quality on long exposure is enough. Other than hot noise issue, the EM1 is a good camera.

          • The Real Stig

            If the noise reduction is ‘off’ – surely by definition that means no processing is being done so how do you expect an improvement in the base noise of the system which is probably determined by the characteristics of the hardware?

            • yaa

              Raws aren’t completely unprocessed.

            • That’s what I said. The complaints were about when NR was off. The comment I replied to was about NR improvements when NR was ON, and that has not been a big issue I have noted here.

              • Sapphire

                Dont think able to solved the hot noise issue on NR off by firmware upgrading. Unless they change new sensor. So If NR On can get better image is better than they doing nothing. Actually with NR ON is not yet good enough on firmware 1.0, that’s why I am glad they try to correct it on 1.1. Cheers.

    • Ross

      I guess you can keep dreaming. That would be a new feature & new features are not what they add to existing cameras (unfortunately). They only try to fix what they already have in the camera, basically.

      • Teebee

        That would not be a new feature, just a fix of a mistake.

        • Ross

          Adding different frame rates is ‘adding!’ It’s not faulty!

          • Teebee

            Then replace 30fps with 25fps. 30fps is faulty and most of the time unusable, as many have said countless times.

            • Teebee

              Even Canon listened to their customers and gave 24fps as an option with the 5D Mark II. Why can’t Olympus, i just don’t get it.

      • The Real Stig

        They added IS for generic lenses in movie mode to the E-M5.

      • yaa

        While firmware updates first of all contain fixes for problems, it is not true that Olympus never adds new functions by means of firmware upgrades. Yes, this also applies to the e-m5 which got support for a new piece of hardware as well as ibis support for legacy lenses with video. No, those examples aren’t unique either. Your suggestion is wrong and actually dishonest.

        • Ross Is generally correct. Olympus policy is to fix and occasionally improve in their updates. They do not have a good record of adding features. Olympus adding features is almost unheard off. Anyone who has been with Olympus will know that when you buy from them what you get is what you will have until you buy something else.
          Some of the comments here of adding this and adding that show that people do not have Olympus cameras or did not investigate what they were buying before purchase. And others jump on a band wagon of interest when a new possibility is seen. The latter is good the former is not.
          Ballet shoes for the stage, wellies for puddles. Sort what you need before you buy.

          • yaa

            Funny how 2 of the 4 types of Olympus cameras I own got functions added by firmware.

            I agree and actually pointed out myself that firmware updates first of all are bugfixes, but suggesting functional enhancements and new features are virtually unheard of is simply contradicted by reality, and actually dishonest.

            Not as often as you’d like to? Differdnt thing.

            Not as often as fuji? Nope but generally Olympus firmware is much more complete to begin with.

            Oh and just tell us, where is the focus peaking firmware for the gh3 for example? Why doesn’t it exist despite all the claims from people here that it would be trivial to add? Go think about it for a moment or 2.

    • Roger

      Normally, Olympus only corrects faults and does not implement new features in a firmware-update. If you want that, you have to buy Fuji. They are going to release a bunch of updates with real improvements during the next weeks. It’s their kay-zen philosophie!

      • FF

        It’s Kaizen and it’s not from Fuji but mostly from Toyota.

      • yaa

        Hmm no, they didn’t add ibis support for legacy lenses in video, neither did they add support for the vf4 to the e-m5.

        2 examples related to just one camera, and if you could be bothered to look, you’d see those aren’t entirely unique either.

        Your claim is wrong, and actually dishonest.

    • “They’re fixing stuff that none of us asked for…”

      Short memory, eh?

      And improving C-AF is always good, whether someone has asked for it or not, right?

      Changing or adding video framerates may involve more than just fw.
      It’ll come soon anyway. But for now the E-M1 is basically about 4/3 compatibility, and merging the native 4/3 E-x series into m4/3. In that respect it’s as good as it gets. For now.

      • The change is related to noise reduction ‘on’ not when its ‘off’ which is what the complaints were about.

        • I thought that was a typo…
          IQ with NR “On” was already good, yielding IQ on par w/ E-M5. So little to improve on there. OTOH, IQ with NR “Off” was bad, showing lots of noise compared to the E-M5. So if any improvement is needed here, it definitely must be for NR off.

          But then again, that might not be feasible in a fw upgrade, as it’s simply hw reliant, so that not even an altered RAW processing pipeline will do…

          So, as of now, it’s NR “Off” that needs mending, not the already working NR “On”.
          We’ll see what emerges after the upgrade I guess.

      • Jolyon Smith

        Faulty memory, eh ?

        The issue you linked to has NOTHING to do with LIVE BULB mode and is related to NR OFF performance, not an issue with NR ON.

    • Atle

      And correction of CA with panasonic lenses is also really nice, I hope this continues with other lenses/bodys.

      • yaa

        It already works for many other lenses, including the 7-14, 12-35 and the 14-42.

    • mahler

      Who asking for 25 fps video anyway. The E-M1 is targeted at stills photographers and fortunately has not compromised its design towards video. I could wait forever for video improvements. Not really urgent.

      • yaa

        Oh, I’m one of those wanting 25p video. No I don’t do much video, but when I do its often indoors and with light on a 50hz powercycle. Flicker that results can be quite nasty, and would easily be fixed with 25p.

        Arguing that this somehow would compromise the camera is totally beyond absurd, no, 1080p25 doesn’t increase any bandwidth or processing requirements, rather the opposite.

        YOU as a stills only person would still benefit from increased economy of scale and increase of the number of m4/3 users, so your fear is really unfounded.

        • I’m with you. I don’t do a lot of video but not having 25fps is a bit silly.
          Leave out 30fps, it saves on internal resources if they are in short supply. After all the world is more 50Hz than 60Hz by a very long way.

  • Tobias Giesen

    Improving AF is always important. Just got my update. I think CAF may have improved.

  • Bob B.

    I am a little confused…during the barrage of the initial hype ALL the reviewers praised the C-AF (with native MFT lenses) of the M1. This is the situation where the PDAF is actually utilized for native MFT AF lenses, (native MFT lenses normally operate by contrast AF only). So what I am really hearing here is that the C-AF is not really all that great in actual use and that all the pretty action horsey pics from the English Castle were just hype?

    • cajie

      “So what I am really hearing here is that the C-AF is not really all that great in actual use”

      Where are you hearing this? As far as the firmware update is concerned, it says it has been improved.

    • Pixnat

      It was good before the update and is better after. What’s wrong with it?

    • DonC

      When paired with an m43 lens, for C-AF the E-M1 is using both CDAF and PDAF. When shooting with 43 lenses the E-M1 can only use PDAF in all modes, including C-AF and S-AF.

      As with all cameras using CDAF, how good the AF is depends to a great extent on the lens being used. The faster the lens the quicker and more reliable the AF. Applied to the E-M1, what this means in practice is that AF in C-AF is quite good when the E-M1 is paired with a fast 43 lens such as the 50-200 with SWD and extremely good when the E-M1 is paired with the 12-40. The E-M1 paired with the 12-40 is what most reviewers looked at in their first reviews. However, the AF is not nearly as fast or reliable if the E-M1 is paired with a slow m43 lenses like the 75-300. Top end Canons and Nikons don’t AF that well with lenses with a maximum aperture of f/5.6 and above either, so this should be neither surprising nor concerning.

      I can’t tell from the description of the firmware update whether this will change AF in C-AF substantially or not. “Improved AF operation” is pretty amorphous.

  • Rinaldo

    I thought there was a problem in live bulb when NR was turned off…

    • Martin

      As far as I understood, there was a long-time exposure problem with NR turned off even when the live bulb feature wasn’t used. With live bulb, the problem seems to persist even when you turn NR on. Which isn’t too surprising, given how long-time exposure NR works.

  • It’s good that Olympus is improving the E-M1 in the first month after the release. The E-M1 is a pro/prosumer camera that needs constant improvement. Nowadays all the new products have glitches when they hit the market and it’s better from a consumer perspective to wait 5-6 months (even a year or two in the case of cars) before buing a new product.

  • john

    nothing for em-5, we need the new camera I guess.
    Nice that they are releasing updates for the pro model at least :(

    • Likewise the lack of a 5 update for so long leads me to conclude that like Windows 98, it might still be around but the E-M5 is no longer supported…

    • The Real Stig

      People have an unrealistic expectation of feature addition and improvement through firmware updates because of Mobile phones where the OSs are updated fairly frequently and the economic model is totally different.

      Olympus never once added a feature to my OM4-Ti.

      The ability to update firmware should probably be viewed as a feature solely for the benefit of the manufacturer so they can get product out the door sooner, rather than wait for more thorough testing and QA.

      • No, we don’t. Constant firmware updates, especially for discontinued models, shows commitment from the company. Loyalty is reciprocal.

        • yaa

          When the vf4 was introduced, new firmware followed for every olympus camera with ap2, even the pretty dated e-p2.

          Your suggestive comment is obviously wrong, not to mention that it did not at all address what was said in the post you replied to.

  • Pixnat

    There’s a report AF is better with some FT lenses :


    Great news!

  • test

    i have just installed the update, after some quick tests i see no improvement in C-AF, the liveview is still laggy sometimes and then smooth and than lags again, little bit disappointing.

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Are you sure the lag is not caused by IBIS trying to freeze the movement? I have no lag in my EVF.

      • test

        i will deactivate the IBIS this evening at home, but i dont think that this will solve the laggy liveview.

        when i press the button half way in C-AF mode and hold it for a minute while moving the cam, it is somtimes absolutly smooth for lets say 10 seconds, than suddenly becomes laggy for several seconds than smooth again . . . all while keeping the button half pressed and constantly moving the cam.

        well, ill test it later and give an update here.

        • test2

          alright i did some more detailed tests with C-AF and i can confirm its still buggy/laggy on my e-m1 with 1.1

          the liveview is first very laggy after pressing button half way down, feels like 30fps or so. when i point at something near (1 or 2 meters) it lags for about 3 or 4 seconds while focus is (laggy) pumping. after these seconds the focus seems to lock the target object and from then on i can move camera with absolutly smooth liveview (i would say constant 120fps).

          when i press down the button half way while pointing at a target more far away, 10 or 20 meters, everything is laggy and focus pumps and i dont get the “lock on target” from where the liveview begins to run smooth, it just stays laggy untill i aim at something near to get the focuslock, very strange but quit good reproduceable.

          tested with 17/1.8 and 60/2.8, with IBIS on/off and focus points small/very small

          • yaa

            I don’t have those 2 lenses so can’t create the same hardware setup. I did test this with tge 12-35, 12-50, 14-150, 17/2.8, 25/1.4, 45/1.8 and 75/1.8 and cannot reproduce the issue you describe.

            Have you tried a reset to factory defalts of your camera?

            • test

              i will test factory default this evening.

              so when you use C-AF, is the liveview when pressing the button half way down smooth from the very first second? no juddering, no lagging?

              • yaa

                Just tried again with my 12-35 (only lens I have with me at the moment), I don’t notice any lag when starting C-AF (half press of shutter release).

                What I do notice is that in bad light, the framerate drops a bit after half pressing the shutter release, but this is rather consistent, and independent on if focus is locked or not. In good light I don’t notice this (through it may still happen)

              • yaa

                btw, I’m still at 1.0, will update to 1.1 tonight, and will do a bit more testing after that (actually, tomorrow when light is better)

                Would be nice if you could do a cross comparison with another e-m1.

                Something that came to mind: Do you have IS on half-press enabled and set ‘shutter lag’ to low? Through rather obscure with regards to documentation, I can somewhat imagine how that combination may cause the issue you are describing. If so, try to either set shutter lag to normal, or disable IS while half pressing.

                • test2

                  cross comparison with another e-m1 is difficult, next photo-shop is several km away.

                  tested your suggestions with shutter speed and half pressed IBIS . . . no change,
                  problem still exists. then i have reset all settings to factory default, also no
                  change, so frustrating

                  • yaa

                    For a hard reset, see:


                    This is for the E-M5, but the instructions also work for the E-M1.
                    I suggest staying away from the test parameters, and check out the hard reset. This does much more then the ‘full reset’ from the menu.

                    I can quite imagine this is frustrating, as to me, C-AF with (m)4/3 lenses is one of the reasons for owning this camera, eventho this isn’t the time of year for actually using that much where I live.

                    • test2

                      did the hard reset from the link you provided and even this did not change anything, now i wrote to olympus support and ill see what they answer me next week

                    • yaa

                      Good luck, hope you get it fixed to your satisfaction.

  • Em1OWNER

    +1 on video fixes via firmware please. 24/25p for common courtesy in acknowledging you have a few customers who live outside of Japan and the USA. And what the heck why not also some slightly higher Mbps for the sake of competing with the GH3 just a little bit. Will fall on deaf ears i presume but can’t hurt to ask

  • There is no EM-1 Firmware update that I can find!


    Downloads Available:
    No software is available at this time.

    • Connect your cam via USB, and search for updates through either Oly Camera Updater or Oly Viewer.

  • vincents

    If they updated the focus peaking with other colors I will be even more happy with my e-m1

  • If you want to update your firmware easily use the olympus viewer 3 software. Just run the software. Click the update camera icon. Follow the prompts. It is a breeze. I like my em5 but the em1 with the grip is better. Also brought the 75mm. Waited a year because I have the cz 85mm. Shot a play with it and was immediately very impressed. My 12-40mm arrives Tuesday. Now I am fully into m43 even though I have ff. I love small cameras.

  • C. C.

    Noise Reduction On and Off with 60 second shutter exposure:

    I ran this test with the E-M1 with the firmware update (1.1). There is no change versus v. 1.0. Here is what happens with v 1.1:

    – With NR ON (Auto), I see no noise after 60 sec exposure.

    – with NR OFF, the noise is there after the 60 sec exposure, and it is just like the E-M1 with the earlier v 1.0 firmware.

    Thus, no change. Olympus has not addressed this.

    • They updated the NR on and not the NR off. Net result no discernible visible change.
      But a firmware update to show they care.

      • yaa

        Hmm, since I’m still at 1.0, and its dark here, I’ll try a few live-bulb long exposures, and repeat them after the update, lets see if it shows anything.

        • yaa

          NR = on or NR = auto:

          60″ livebulb, at iso 200 I see no difference between 1.0 and 1.1 firmware.
          At iso 1600 (highest possible for livebulb) I see some difference between 1.0 and 1.1 firmware, not very big but 1.1 looks a bit cleaner.

          NR = off, no difference whatsoever for what I can tell between 1.0 and 1.1 with a 60″ livebulb exposure, regardless of ISO used.

          • yaa

            Oh, I forgot, letting the camera cool down before a 60″ livebulb exposure made a bigger difference then the change from 1.0 to 1.1 firmware. In my mind that reconfirms that the entire long-exposure noise ‘issue’ is heat related.

  • Zed

    Why oh why, dear Olympus, the firmware can’t be updated by the camera itself, e.g. by loading it on the card (like Nikons etc. do) or by wifi? I don’t use Windows or Mac and even if I would, I don’t like installing unneccessary software for every gadget I have. Call me orthodox, but it’s deal breaker for me, sorry…

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