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Olympus E-5 to be announced in a few hours (6am London time?)


The Olympus E-5 should be announced September the 14th. I am not sure about the exact hour but usually it is at 6-7am London that Olympus products get announced.

In the meanwhile other sources confirmed that the image is REAL and so are the specifications we posted with the only exception of the frame rate (5fps instead of 6fps). The real new feature should be the new TruePic engine. Let’s see how much the image quality will improve compared to the Olympus E-P2.

One of our sources said that “The image quality is good. It’s not a bad camera!“. I know, not really an exciting statement :(

As usual I will cover all the news, previews about the E-5.

After that we will try to get news about the GH2 and the new lenses which are going to be announced on September 21. So keep following 43rumors!

P.S.: After the GH2 announcement I will finally take some time off :)

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