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Olympus E-5 to be announced in a few hours (6am London time?)


The Olympus E-5 should be announced September the 14th. I am not sure about the exact hour but usually it is at 6-7am London that Olympus products get announced.

In the meanwhile other sources confirmed that the image is REAL and so are the specifications we posted with the only exception of the frame rate (5fps instead of 6fps). The real new feature should be the new TruePic engine. Let’s see how much the image quality will improve compared to the Olympus E-P2.

One of our sources said that “The image quality is good. It’s not a bad camera!“. I know, not really an exciting statement :(

As usual I will cover all the news, previews about the E-5.

After that we will try to get news about the GH2 and the new lenses which are going to be announced on September 21. So keep following 43rumors!

P.S.: After the GH2 announcement I will finally take some time off :)

  • richard

    E5 will had tons of rivals, so better has something excited either 1080p or fast fps and price point.

  • Jay

    “frame rate (5fps instead of 6fps)”
    So it is identical to E-3, not only the appearance but also the specification.
    I wonder if they’ll show up E-5 and ….. tear off the sticker ….. it’s E-3 !
    Then grab something from the back …..

  • Acius

    well, im am ready to cry, hit it Olympus!

    • Acius

      this would not only make my day, but I would like to actually but that E-3 :D

  • Bu

    With those specs, and a comment like ‘not a bad camera’ – I feel uninspired.

  • Hi admin, whatever it is, i just wanna thank you for all you have done for the community.
    It wouldnt be the same without this site and your news. Appreciate it…

    but I sure do hope that the e-5 gives good IQ. That and a fast AF is all i ask for.

    • I agree – it takes a lot of dedication to a community to do what you do each day. thanks!

      • admin

        Thanks Erik!

    • well said

      • admin

        Thanks dCap!

  • furb

    I am curious how it will compare to not only Canon and Nikon models, but also the Panasonic GH2.

  • Gabrymr

    Cmon, everyone go listen to Rod Stewart – Reason To Believe, good song for this announcement

  • Dan

    “One of our sources said that ‘The image quality is good. It’s not a bad camera!'”

    I think a statement like that is usually called: damning with faint praise.

    • Inge – M.

      Yah, same you vild say, if you vild sale 15 year old Volvo.

  • Hi guys,

    Sad !!!…..I Would have Prefer They Put The EPL-1 Sensor On A Weather Sealed E-30 Body. As For The specs, It shows Oly Is Doing It Just To Please The Existing FT Users. If The Price Tag Is True ( Around US$ 1600 ), Some Folks will be Move On.

    Not going to wait and See A Revamp E-3 ….lol !!!


  • Boooo!

    Yeah, it’s not a bad camera, as long as you stay at ISO 100-200, can live with limited dynamic range and colour registration, and as long as you don’t need to use C-AF.

    If it’s priced above 600€, it will not sell.

  • IM

    This whole info is a joke. I bet…
    It’s an unsellable, unmarketable camera – definitely not Oly style

  • CRB

    “The image quality is good. It’s not a bad camera” WOW..encouraging…

    • f5

      lol man i would call an E50 not E-5
      poor Oly on 4/3

      • Inge – M.

        Maybe E-530.

  • Dana Curtis Kincaid

    Dear Administrator:

    Just curious. Why would Oly have delayed release of the new camera for months for, as you have previously stated, a re-design? I don’t see a re-design here. Have to think that you are being toyed with in some way.

    And what happened to that camera that would look like an old OM?


    • Garrett

      I was thinking the same exact thing.

      “The image quality is good. It’s not a bad camera!” is not exactly a ringing endorsement.

      I liked the one the other day that said the E-5 would almost be on par with the 7d–which has already been out for almost a year.


      I’ve always wanted to be able to use the SHG lenses that Olympus produces. In my opinion, they are the best lenses going outside of Leica and some Zeiss models. But, Olympus doesn’t know how to make an up to date DSLR of similar quality.

    • admin

      Hi Dana! The answer has been posted here:


    • CRB

      Good question…it seems that after all the buzz caused by the 4/3 abandon rumor, they decided to release an update(ANY) just to satisfy some costumers…i still expect some surprise…(and not abad one like these specs)…

  • Zaph

    “Have to think that you are being toyed with in some way”

    That’s my hope too. :)

  • Dana Curtis Kincaid

    “It’s not a bad camera.”Lol lol lol

    I think perhaps that you need to take donations so u can pay your sources better.

    Look, if your source is Oly, would they say, “Blah blah blah… It’s just ok, this new camera. But (sigh), you could do better.”

    What, is Oly now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation?

    • Zaph

      If it has a feature called a HVPT we’re in trouble.

  • Agent00soul

    It makes sense to reuse the E-3 shell if it’s just a stop-gap camera. That way, the can have it with a minimum of investment and save the cash for the upcoming modular system. Maybe they should have called it the E-3.1 though.

  • Dan #2

    I think your letting yourself in for some flack Mr. Admin. I wouldn’t be surprised if your sources are toying with you for a laugh. I hope so for your sake as your reputation will take a severe pounding if in a few hours the E5 is released with completely different specifications.

    As mentioned above, what happened to the 7D / D300s quality statements and OM style body? I wouldn’t be surprised if the OM body rumor is intended for a m4/3 “pro” camera but c’mon, you have been jumping around in circles for quite some time now.

    • spam

      What reputation? It’s a rumor site.

      • admin

        Hi Spam. Yeah sometimes people do forget that…

    • admin

      Hi DAN. The rumor is correct. And you are confusing two different rumors. the “7D/D300s” rumor relates to the E-5. The OM style body to the protype some of our sources tested.

      • Dan #2

        Fair enough. Good job all the same.

  • Kylo277

    This can’t be!! Why I say!? I don’t want to hear “it’s almost as good as the 7D or D300s”. Or, how about this, “Image quality is good. It’s not a bad camera”. Are you kidding me? If true this is a gosh dang Greek tragedy!!

  • Do

    “After the GH1 announcement I will finally take some time off”

    Wish you a nice time, but don’t you think it’s a little bit overdue since GH1 is more then a year old ;-)

    • stonebat

      i think he meant GH2. yeah he needs to take some rest.

    • admin

      ops..GH2 of course ;)

  • NativeFloridian

    After reading the comments today… It is unanimous:

    *Olympus is not making a competitive professional camera.

    While this fact alone is a major blow, I believe the repercussions are potentially much greater. A flagship camera, like the E-5, is supposed to be the focus of innovation that eventually trickles down to the consumer cameras. Without new technology at the top it is hard to imagine that they can stay competitive in the consumer market (e.g. m4/3).

    I believe this disappointing announcement signals the end of 4/3rds! I can only hope that a ‘professional’ (weather sealed, faster focus) flagship m43 is on its way to provide a source of innovative ideas and technology. Of course that would require some quality m43 lenses, another area where Olympus is seriously lacking.

    BTW, I feel the worst for the commenters who think the true E-5 specs will be drastically different than those listed here. It’s called D-E-N-I-A-L.

  • CR102

    Call me a flaming imbacil if you like, but I still like my E-3. If the banding issues, DR and soft RAW have been improved then I’m interested. Good ISO1600 will be a nice bonus. To me, photography is not about numbers and specs. It’s about inspiration and fun.

    Oh, and admin, thanks.

    • admin

      Holy words CR102!!!

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner

      Those are fair expectations, its just upsetting to have to wait 3 years for it, when it really without much effort could have been down 1.5 years ago

      I love the E3 body and dont mind that its in the same one, but if this is the case i dont see why it took so long,
      I think oly try to play it TOO safe some times

      If it meets all those needs thats great but i wont put my E3 to rest and pay 1600 for it

      Much respect to admin for all your work

    • Agree with you 100%. Some of my best photos have been taken with an old Leica using crapy films. My best digital pictures were taken with an E1 because I had more time to dedicate to photography than now that I have an E3.

  • Dan

    The whole “photography isn’t about specs, it’s about creativity,” is, while true, almost besides the point. Certainly there were photographers doing great work 10 years ago with cameras that pale in comparison to the entry-level models of today. So obviously the E-5, if the listed specs are correct, will be capable of taking good photos.

    However, that isn’t to say that specs don’t matter. If I’m looking to spend $1,500 on a new camera, I’m going to buy the best camera I can. I want a camera that will maximize my own abilities. I can’t think of many consumers who will draw the following conclusion: “I need a new camera, I have the option of one camera with better resolution, DR, and noise characteristics or another camera that is worse in all of those areas. I am creative, so therefore I am going to buy the worse camera.” That is an illogical conclusion.

    As such, if the specs are correct, and Oly can’t somehow manage to get a lot more out of the sensor with a new processing engine, then they are basically saying asking consumers to make an illogical decision in buying an E-5. I doubt many consumers are going to do that.

    For me, as a current Oly user, this matters even if I don’t rush out to buy an E-5 because it means the system, and thus all my lenses and accessories, have no future. Some day my camera will die and I’ll be dead in the water with no path to replace it. So I’d have to decide to sell now while it has some value, or hold on and start all over again with everything when my body dies.

    Because of all this, I think there’s something key we don’t know. Either the listed specs are wrong, there is a key feature that will be announced that isn’t yet known, or the E-5 will come out as speculated be accompanied by a clear statement of intent about the future of 4/3. To do anything else is near-suicidal, IMHO.

    • Adler

      That is the very point!

    • the other Rob

      Camera companies can only make money if it is “All about specs”.

      Sure, a canon digital rebel can take a decent photo, but does it really compare to a 7D or T2i in functionality?

      Olympus does not want to hear anyone say that its all about going out there and shooting. That’s actually worse than saying that the specs are poor.Realistically, most of the people complaining about the specs are the people who were really looking to drop some cash on a new camera and were disappointed. Even though the specs aren’t class leading, everyone would still consider the upgrade at the right price.

    • bob


      • bob

        +1 to Dan, not to The Other Rob. It’s not so much about specs, it’s about improving the state of the art. If this is Oly’s best attempt at SOTA, it’s woefully behind, and a damning indication that they’re unable to innovate their 1/4-sized chip.

  • chaosteo

    seriously, Oly why u generated so much smokescreen for such a sublime camera?

  • Nathan

    While it is true that photography is about fun, it’s kind of hard to have fun trying to clean up a shot you had to shoot at ISO 1600 because your camera can’t do what your buddy’s can at ISO6400.

    Sorry, but noise performance actually impacts the quality of work, so sometimes even genuine photographers have to gripe about equipment.

    I don’t have to shoot at 1600 a lot, but when I have to, I really resent my choice of gear. At 100 ISO it makes no real difference, and 100-200 is where I do most of my work. ISO400 about 1/10th of the time, ISO1600 1/100th of the time.

    I will probably never need ISO25600, but I’d really like for 1600 to come out clean. Cameras that can produce decent quality at 6400 tend to be awesome at 1600- that’s the only reason I want more sensitivity. Not to use the top of the range, but so the middle of the sensitivity range gets BETTER.

    BETTER in this case means more marketable.

  • KJS

    I think the sensor in question is a very capable sensor, I don’t know that I would use it at 3200 iso, but it is clean in comparison with others. It preserves a lot of detail. With a new engine, who knows what it really is capable of.

    This is a worthy upgrade for me personally. Anything that they do to make this better will just add to an already great product.

    Video is not a selling point for me, but the video on the ep-2 performed very well, 720p looks great!, I think I will have a lot of fun playing with it. Is there really a reason to have better? Go get a video camera!

    If you really have such complaints, please jump ship. I’m sure other manufacturers will love to have you.

    • anonymous

      Come on. Whatever they do with the engine, it’s not like they’re going to beat the latest RAW processors. So, even if they select the very best sensors coming out of the factory, and/or improve the processor, you know there’s only so much to be gained if it’s the same basic design.

  • Seaborn

    Look, I love the four thirds system and some of the optics available are the finest on offer but the sheer stupidity of Olympus and some of you fanboys willing to accept the E-5 as “fine”, “good enough” and stating that those who are upset (and rightly so) about the product to jump ship are so blindingly inept and in denial, it’s frustrating and hilarious all at the same time.

    Also, I can only guess that these comments are moderated as I’m surprised the comments section in the latest posts haven’t been overwhelmed by f-bombs and a whole array of expletives.

  • Din

    Doesn´t Olympus have the necessary technology for high ISO, more than 6fps, 1080p video, et??
    $1700 for that…? you must love too much to Olympus.

  • Good luck tomorrow 4/3 guys. I’m watching with interest even though the outcome doesn’t affect me. I can’t help it. I’m English. We always want the underdog to win.

    • CR102

      Thanks :-)

  • gbon

    Owner of a E500…ready for the E5. Will get great use of the E5 for a great while…..still keeping my trusty E500.

  • Marilyn

    Underdog my toot let’s wait and see dear lol

  • eMile

    If this spec is true, why do we have to wait this long ?
    I can’t remember any company that launch their flagship camera with OLD sensor.

    Hope there’s something special, if not, 4/3 classic is in trouble now.

  • ANGRY Olympus Owner

    I just having a feeling this is all a big joke, like a sick twisted joke. I guess I’ll know in the morning

  • Jaw

    I love Olympus. I have since I was 18. But I give up. Let’s be real. They are simply not putting out gear I can use as a professional. I need lowlight capabilities. I need dr. I was giving oly one last chance but if this really is the camera they are putting out , they blew it. These just aren’t the specs of a pro camera. I’ve been pulling miracles out of the e-3 for 3 years now which I shouldn’t have to. With the available technology , the thing should just work. I don’t really think oly is interested in catering to pros. Message received!

  • Tagheuer

    What whine…It’s unbearable.
    You guys have no clue whats really going to happen, specs are shrouded in mystery
    and no one really have the ultimate answer…Do you.
    If the Olympus doesn’t meet your needs, buy a Nikon or God forbid a Canon.
    Go out smell some fresh air, take some cool images.

  • ANGRY Olympus Owner

    This is disturbing

  • Alex

    Hi There,

    I am pretty disappointed with th Spec of the new E-5 after 3 years RD is this what they have in their hood???? I wa expecting much more that wat it will be annonced tomorrow morning.I still hope that all the above specs are not true and there is something that will keep me with oly, I am shooting with their camera since 2001 and I hope after 10 years fidelity , they won’t make me upset. Oly is going to realease something that is already on the market since 4years ago by pratically all the other competitors (Canon, Nikon, sony etc..). I am asking to myslef a question. is this the end of OLympus?????

  • Abi
    • ANGRY Olympus Owner


      • CRB


      • Dan #2


        • CRB

          I guess i was expecting more from OLY…it doesnt matter the MP, but DR and high iso noise should be on par with competition…specially at 1700 usd…OLY will have the D7000 and K5 competitors…updates from already excellent cameras (as of course the E3 is…)

      • jeff

        dude seriously shut the fuck up , its sad and annoying to say the least to see somewhat “intelligent” individuals cry about a DSLR not turning out the way they wanted and hoped blindly for (lol 18 megapixels ?! where is that going to come from the 4/3 sensor is so small)

        I find this camera to be just right for me , take into account what you are getting before crying like a whore that it doesnt pick up light from alpha centauri.

        1. Its weatherproof , just like the E3

        2. Its got a huge upgrade to its LCD screen , something olympus hasnt done until NOW.(I would have bought a e620 , or even an ep2 if it wasnt for the shitty screen)

        3.Its got VIDEO ! Yes HD video through zukio glass , there is nothing hotter than that shit and honestly all the crying about 1080p has to stop because you cant even upload 1080p to youtube so whats the point.

        that alone is enough for me to want an upgrade

        Anyone that was expecting olympus to compete with fullframe cameras is retarded and knows nothing about the limitations of the 4/3 system.

        the 4/3 system was DESIGNED for small cameras , the E3 would not have been developed in 2010 had it never showed up before then. olympus cannot compete with other companies because their sensor is the smallest

        • Jeff, your words are the most sensible in this forum


          • CRB

            Telling people to shut up is sensible? PEN sensor in a E-% maybe awesome for some but not for everyone….everyone is entitled of having an opinion…telling others to shut up, just shows how imature and stupid someone can be….and calling everyone “dude” shows that the age must be around #@!teen….

        • CRB

          The problem is not MP, is poor DR and at 1700 usd you will have better options “DUDE”…

          • bob

            DUDE, so because the camera is crippled and can’t go to 1080p and get on youtube–that’s supposed to be a feature and benefit?

            If your car only goes to 55 MPH, that’s a benefit because you won’t be speeding, right?

            DUDE, with that thinking go shoot a webcam because your pix will great on facebook at 100×100 pixels.

  • ks

    I hope this rumor is not true and I hope Olympus comes out with some new advanced camera that excels the competitors’ cameras.

    • jeff

      dude, olympus cannot compete
      the sensor is too small

  • darkelf

    So the new feature is HDR?

  • Nasten
  • Marc

    Using Google’s translator:

    With E5, Olympus introduced the new SLR four thirds. If the mark does not revolutionize, but renews its SLR for experts, she still adds HD video.

    If the differences between the E5 and its predecessor Olympus E3 seem quite small, it is the most important elements of the aircraft that have undergone a change. Indeed, the E5 adopts a new sensor, a new processor and a new screen. It also offers the HD video and other artistic filters borrowed from the Olympus PEN.

    The sensor of 12.3 million pixels E5 provides a reasonable definition that Olympus did not want to increase and focus on good management of noise at high sensitivities. As the E3 and most SLR brand, Live MOS sensor 4 / 3 is equipped with dust filter SSWF. The latter has proven itself, it avoids any accumulation of dust on the sensor surface. To reduce vibration at the onset and Live View mode, the E5 has the renowned mechanical stabilization system controlled by supersonic waves of Olympus.

    This is a new image processor TruePic V which is incorporated into the E5 for better performance and improved noise management. In burst mode, the pace of E5 is 5 frames per second in high resolution and sensitivity rises to 6400. The autofocus module with 11 collimators in cross E3 is in turn stored on the E5.

    Also new, the LCD offers a fully articulated 3-inch diagonal but above definition record 960,000 pixels. These features allow a nice display of images including Live View mode.

    The E5 inherits the superb production of its predecessor with a magnesium alloy case, light, tropical and ultra-resistant. The housing is resistant to water splashes, dust and multiple pressure constraints. Its interface is well designed and the menus are simplified in the manner of an Olympus PEN. The integrated brand moreover E5 several artistic filters to obtain images with artistic renderings unretouched original. We find the effects Pop-Art, Soft Focus, Pinhole and a new filter that offers HDR rendering dramatic.

    The novelty of this case lies in the possibility of making videos. Indeed, the E5 is capable of recording 720p HD video sequences (1280 x 720 pixels) at 30 frames per second. In video mode, the exposure can be managed automatically or manually with a complete management of the aperture. Autofocus operates continuously throughout the sequence.

    The Olympus will be available in October 2010 suggested retail price of 1699 euros body only.

    Datasheets and high definition visuals of the Olympus E5.

  • ANGRY Olympus Owner

    you know nothing

    That screen is not a HUGE upgrade over the E3

    you cant upload 1080 to youtube???
    Are you serious, do you think people want a video DSLR to upload youtube videos? I can do that with my bloody phone!

    and the problem is not 1080, its 30fps and mjpg only

    Who the hell is talking about MP’s, 12 is fine but not from a old pen sensor, the GH1 sensor would have been MUCH better

    And if 4/3 was ONLY design for small cameras explain all the HUGE SHG glass

    You seem to miss the point my friend, the problem is this camera could have came out OVER A YEAR AGO
    Its scraps from existing cameras!

    This camera is just right for you??? maybe if you have a 520 or something, Not if you have a E3!

    BTW what makes a pro camera is simply not sensor size, Not everyone who is a pro needs a gazillion pixels, if you do go full-frame. But it is brainless to think 4/3 cant compete with pro model because its a small sensor.

    It cant compete with them just at a lower MP count and not everyone need a crap load of MP for their job

    Also when 4/3 first was announced people thought 12 MP for it was impossible yet alone 16mp like the GH2’s sensor


    The benifits of a canikons flags are not simply MP
    notice they have high MP flags and low MP flags

    4/3 has a very viable potential to compete in the low MP pro market

    If you dont agree with a point state your case… but dont insult.

    • CRB

      The guy ( @jeff) is calling people dude and dont even read peoples concerns…all he talks is MPMPMPMPMPMP….and tell people to shut up….i agree with you 100% AOO….

  • Alexandre

    If this is Really what Olympus will announce tomorrow after 3 long years of waiting, I think I will sale all my Olympus gear on e-bay. it’s time to switch and move on. there is nothing to hope from Olympus. Indeed to say that I am shooting with Olympus since 2003 and have a huge collection of lenses and DSLR bodies.

  • what makes me a little disappointed is that it use the same PEN sensor.. it’s an already old sensor..
    i hope the admin wrong (sorry admin :p) or i hope pana makes some major improvement in that sensor..
    can’t wait to see the real world test :D

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