Olympus E-5 soon in Stock at Amazon (+ review at Zone-10)


Amazon will have the Olympus E-5 in Stock on November 13 (Click here).
Zone-10 posted the second part of their Olympus E-5 review (Click here to read part 1)

P.S.: Silkypix 4.0 now supports the E-5!

More E-5 preorder links:
BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon Deutschland and Amazon Japan.

  • Boris

    I like what he said in the review:

    “I have always said that because RAW output allows for extraordinary user manipulation, it doesn’t fully and properly demonstrate a camera’s innate ability. Like a Kodachrome slide film, JPEG images are relatively so restricting in terms of what you can do in post-processing but if a camera can generate them beautifully enough, there is much lesser need to have to labour over them.”

    • The thing is that I have often found the need to interpret a RAW in a different way than what the camera does with it so I can express what I wanted when I took the image in the first place. This is a good example:


      This image would look totally different from the out of camera JPEG version. I processed this image using Aperture only, just tweaking a couple of parameters, it took about a minute because I knew what I wanted from it.

      Every serious photographer needs decent RAW output. Every serious (and expensive) camera needs to offer decent RAW output.

      • cL


        I see post-processing as the necessary evil. Not that I use them for extreme manipulation (yes, it’s possible, and occasionally I do that for fun), but like Tobias said, camera has limitation when it comes to capture “perception.” A good camera should capture something objective (correct color, right exposure, etc.), and I hope E-5 or other sub-sequent Oly cams do that beautifully, but our eyes are living things…. It is not objective at all! (not to mention it has higher resolution, higher DR compared with a sensor) So what are you going to do when your camera says the correct WB is 4700K, and your eyes tell you it’s sunset?

        Ansel Adams post-process his photos. Film people simply post-processing using darkroom, that’s all. We’re post-processing so it looks what we wanted to do, not to make it artificial…, like some HDR photos.

        Currently most cameras use LCD screen, so that’s not helping. When I review a photo, it often shows incorrect color and exposure when it’s viewed under direct sunlight, so I may end up shooting again with what I believe to be the correct color, but it’s not when I go home…. In that case, only post-processing (if you shoot RAW) can save an otherwise well-composed photo. We need OLED screen….

  • jpydrg

    just to mention that Part 3 (of 5) is now available.

    • cL

      Thanks for the review. It’s very in-depth. So many great details that answer questions I have (and could have) in mind. :-)

      I do have one comment about Part 2 though. You mentioned the custom white balance gets warmer as you shoot, I think that’s because as the time approches sunset, it gets warmer quickly. I usually just re-do custom WB after a few minutes or my eyes detect changes. I also re-do custom WB if I shot things from another angle. This is assuming the custom WB under E-5 is the same as E-620 (though I don’t know why it should be different).

  • Scott

    Capturing the image is just half the process of creating an awesome image. In the film days half the work was done by the photographer and the other half by the lab. I always enhance my images in post. I want my stuff to stand out and to look different than other photographers.

  • jeeshlouise

    with bated breath I wait (NOT)

    Sorry to be ‘trollin’, I’m just so disifrickinglussioned by this company. They dropped the ball big time… Disappointed so many of us. Shame, Olympus. I’m learning my lessons

  • Jason

    I like processing JPEGS most of the time, but I’m starting to learn RAW. I think I will get Aperture, because Silky Pix and Olympus 2 aren’t that good – plus using two separate programs is counter productive. Either way, it is nice to have the availability of both RAW and JPEG. Many times I just shoot booth at the same time, then I can decide later. Although, as far a publishing for the web, the easiest workflow, for me, is shooting JPEGS only and then doing cloning and adjustments, then publishing.

    • Neville


      Well although you may not be trolling you have no basis to complain on the basis of the E5. The reviews are coming in, and it has been placed third of all DSLR’s in the German Fotomagazine. Especially when the ones they are compared against are 3x the price of the E5. But then if you are doing it to troll then winge and whine away, there are always plenty of people who will agree with you. So go ahead bring all your “us’s” along and ruin another website

      • Jason

        I read the FotoMagazine ranking and was pleasantly surprised to see it above the 5D MK II and a number of other overhyped cameras. I cannot wait to pick up an E-5…

        • jeeshlouise

          I can complain ALL I WANT buddy.
          so before you deem this website ruined oh, authority-of-the-web…

          FACT: Olympus could have not just announced, but yes RELEASED this very same camera over A YEAR AGO, you know this, I know this.

          FACT: They have announced that it is the end-of-the-line essentially for new 4/3 development, when we all know that there could have been PLENTY more to develop had they not been so slip-shod in their marketing, R&D, priorities and half-assed ‘partnership’ with Panny

          Don’t you dare tell me I have no “basis” to complain on, when in just a mere 7 YEARS people they are just now barely getting their heads out of their asses to release their third, and final, flagship product. Do you not see why some of us are truly pissed and have had it?

          I am only still just barely holding out hope for this whispered-on-the-wind “modular” unit, to carry on some of the legacy. That is mainly why Istill come here, I am still hoping …
          Mind you, I have been a lifelong fan of their products and STILL am, I KNOW what they are capable of THAT is why I’m mad.

  • Neville

    Oh and I have just been told from Camera Action Melbourne, Australia that mine is on the way for $1899 including tax and postage

  • Thank you Khen Lim,

    What a great review (not only for the camera but a very professional approach)

    I especially appreciate the view how the media likes to beat up the so called ‘short-comings’ of the camera and Olympus in general. And many people regurgitate that BS on the forums – if Olympus cameras were really that bad they wouldnt say as much. Maybe worried to admit that Olympus actually has it right and the Canon/Nikon users know that.

    As a pro-shooter who has always had Olympus (E-10, E-20P, E1, E3 and soon E5) and had a ready available comparison to Nikon, Canon, Sony etc as my pro-photo colleagues and I regularly compare on screen and they even comment how good the image quality (especially colour rendition is) comes from the E3 and Zuiko lenses.

    truth be told, that I was starting to doubt my decision to go down the 4/3 track (not through camera/lens disappointment) but all the doomsday trollers and I was starting to thinks, if the 43 future is uncertain, I will need to (very reluctantly) look for something else and have to not only buy new camera but all my lenses again.

    Starting to research what options there were, nothing stood out and nothing compares (for what I do professionally) to the cameras, lenses and system that has performed so well for me for many years as a pro-shooter (publishing and exhibition art)

    So thank you Khen Lim… I am so happy that the air has been cleared (so to speak) and I will keep my faith this fast changing world of camera development. New E5 is ordered and on its way.

    Thanks Khen Lim and others at 43 rumours who see through the negative BS of others. To the doomsday spruikers who pixel peep, think the measure of a photographer is how big a sensor or lens is, accept that no one camera has all the answers. Accept that the whole industry of photography benefits from all contenders and many of the innovations of the two majors come from other manufacturers; so collectively we all benefit.

    happy shooting all!


    Simon Bayliss

  • juavel

    I was reading the review and I found this:

    “Of the controversies, here they are and here’s how I can answer them for you:

    1. Was the E-5 really very late coming into the market?

    No, it isn’t. The timeline and life cycle for the E-3 is reasonable. The E-5 came fairly much on schedule. ”

    Then I stopped reading, is this a camera selling article or an unbiased technical report?

    • Well,

      I guess we’ll never really know quite what sort of shenanigans were going on in those boardroom meetings at Oly but … while they effectively owe us nothing as a big, cold, ruthless and calculating conglomerate like all the rest, I owe them nothing for being so spurned throughout my loyalty towards them. The lenses are great, yeah, but would it have really killed them to REFRESH them a little more often … perhaps even weatherproof a wide, or poop out another prime or two??? Instead, we got nothing, not even so much as a firmware update, for lenses that needed it
      disheartening, is one one I would phrase it.

  • juavel

    Yes, looks like people doesn´t learn from past mistakes and is still thinking in modular cameras and Kodak EXR sensors in sites of “rumors” in which half the articles speak about prices drops or places were they sell gear.

  • jim

    I got my new Olympus e5 last Friday from Adorama (www.adorama.com)
    The camera is awesome I love it. thanks to Adorama for quick shipping they’re the best always.

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