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Olympus E-5 official press release leaked!


The E-5 will be official in a few hours but a french magazine already leaked the press release. The Olympus E-5 costs 1.699 Euro! THe E-5 will be official on 7am London time! images and presentation (google english translation)

UPDATE: They just removed the article. This is the google english translation from the french text:

“If the differences between the E5 and its predecessor Olympus E3 seem pretty small, it is the most important elements of the apparatus which have undergone a change. Indeed, the E5 adopts a new sensor, a new processor and a new screen. It also offers the HD video and also artistic filters borrowed from another by Olympus.

The sensor of 12.3 million pixels of the E5 offers a reasonable definition that Olympus did not want to increase focus and good management of noise at high sensitivities. As the E3 and most SLR brand, the Live MOS sensor 4 / 3 is equipped with dust filter SSWF. The latter has proven itself, it avoids any accumulation of dust on the sensor surface. To reduce vibration at the onset and Live View mode, the E5 has the renowned mechanical stabilization system controlled by supersonic waves from Olympus.

This is a new image processor TruePic V+ which is incorporated into the E5 for better performance and improved noise management. In burst mode, the pace of E5 is 5 frames per second in high resolution and sensitivity rises to 6400. The autofocus module with 11 points on the cross of E3 is itself stored on the E5.

Also new, the LCD offers a fully articulated 3-inch diagonal but above definition record of 960 000 pixels. These features allow for enjoyable viewing of images including Live View mode.

The E5 inherits the superb production of its predecessor with a magnesium alloy case, light, tropical and ultra-resistant. The housing is resistant to water splashes, dust and multiple pressure constraints. Its interface is well designed and the menus are simplified in the manner of a PEN. Moreover, the mark embedded in E5 several artistic filters to obtain images of original artistic renderings without editing. We find the effects Pop-Art, Soft Focus, Pinhole and a new filter that offers HDR rendering dramatic.

The novelty of this case lies in the possibility of making videos. Indeed, the E5 is capable of recording 720p HD motion sequences (1280 x 720 pixels) at 30 frames per second. In video mode, the exposure can be managed automatically or manually with a complete management of the aperture. Autofocus operates continuously throughout the sequence.

The Olympus will be available in October 2010 suggested retail price of 1699 euros body only.

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