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Olympus E-5 official press release leaked!


The E-5 will be official in a few hours but a french magazine already leaked the press release. The Olympus E-5 costs 1.699 Euro! THe E-5 will be official on 7am London time! images and presentation (google english translation)

UPDATE: They just removed the article. This is the google english translation from the french text:

“If the differences between the E5 and its predecessor Olympus E3 seem pretty small, it is the most important elements of the apparatus which have undergone a change. Indeed, the E5 adopts a new sensor, a new processor and a new screen. It also offers the HD video and also artistic filters borrowed from another by Olympus.

The sensor of 12.3 million pixels of the E5 offers a reasonable definition that Olympus did not want to increase focus and good management of noise at high sensitivities. As the E3 and most SLR brand, the Live MOS sensor 4 / 3 is equipped with dust filter SSWF. The latter has proven itself, it avoids any accumulation of dust on the sensor surface. To reduce vibration at the onset and Live View mode, the E5 has the renowned mechanical stabilization system controlled by supersonic waves from Olympus.

This is a new image processor TruePic V+ which is incorporated into the E5 for better performance and improved noise management. In burst mode, the pace of E5 is 5 frames per second in high resolution and sensitivity rises to 6400. The autofocus module with 11 points on the cross of E3 is itself stored on the E5.

Also new, the LCD offers a fully articulated 3-inch diagonal but above definition record of 960 000 pixels. These features allow for enjoyable viewing of images including Live View mode.

The E5 inherits the superb production of its predecessor with a magnesium alloy case, light, tropical and ultra-resistant. The housing is resistant to water splashes, dust and multiple pressure constraints. Its interface is well designed and the menus are simplified in the manner of a PEN. Moreover, the mark embedded in E5 several artistic filters to obtain images of original artistic renderings without editing. We find the effects Pop-Art, Soft Focus, Pinhole and a new filter that offers HDR rendering dramatic.

The novelty of this case lies in the possibility of making videos. Indeed, the E5 is capable of recording 720p HD motion sequences (1280 x 720 pixels) at 30 frames per second. In video mode, the exposure can be managed automatically or manually with a complete management of the aperture. Autofocus operates continuously throughout the sequence.

The Olympus will be available in October 2010 suggested retail price of 1699 euros body only.

P:S: We leaked the Samsung NX100 on mirrorlessrumors (Click here)!

  • Mark

    On 10 May 2010 Olympus announced its 100th Anniversary Vision and new Five Year / Medium Term Plan…

    Under the category of Imaging Systems this is the proposed vision / plan:

    “In our digital SLR camera business, we aim to establish a foundation for the Micro Four Thirds standard and to achieve high growth in this important product segment. To achieve these goals, we will concentrate our investment in technology and product development based on the Micro Four Thirds standard, with a view to achieve a 20% market share within the five years of the 2010 CSP period”.

    This statement spells out the end of 4/3rds.

    I can understand that many of us are disappointed by the minor upgrade to the E-3, but we should not be surprised.

    Olympus almost released it back in December 2009. But they hung on to it this long probably to include a video function and ensure no further 4/3rds D-SLRs are required to be released.

    And I doubt there will be many firmware upgrades for the E-5 either for that matter. So Olympus should at least release an open source SDK for users.

    If you have a substantial investment in either Olympus HG and SHG glass (as I do) then it may be worth getting an E-5.

    Although I feel that Olympus should at least subsides the price for existing E-3 owners who are willing to trade up.

    In regard to Olympus 4/3 lenses. There won’t be any revisions to the SHG. I.e. No SWD motor drive versions… I was told this by Olympus Japan when I visited their office and repair centre in Osaka Japan about three weeks ago.

    They also mentioned the E-5 was likely to be a revision to the E-3, not a complete redesign.

    Micro 4/3rds is the future for Olympus.

    • ANGRY Olympus Owner

      but they must plan to some how incorporate the SHG and HG glass with m43 right?

      I mean it cant just be left there. A GH1 style body from oly would be fine, offer a vertical grip that boosts fps and give it GH1 features and I will be happy

      But I don’t see them just abandoning the 43 glass, they must have some way to bring it to m43.
      Dear I say a “pro” m43 body, does not even pro just something like the GH1 with vertical grip, AF on all zuiko and 4+fps and im happy

  • intruder

    Knowing nothing about the innards of this camera. That there is worth $1,000 when its up against the 7D, 60D, the new Sony Alphas and Nikons ~ cameras that have more features, and better video.

    I was expecting at least 60fps at 720.

    Sounds more like an E-30 upgrade.

  • George

    I don’t know why I bother to get my hopes up that Oly will finally realize its potential.


    Oly makes me sad. This is why I stopped following Oly news and Oly forums. I’m tired of being disappointed.


  • @ Mark

    Wow, interesting info! Wish I had known that sooner, though it would’ve been too late to do me any good anyway. I’m a heavily invested Oly shooter and wish I had that good of a connection to the source…

    I agree with your subsidy plan for E-3 owners. That’s probably what it would take to get me to buy an E-3 MK II. Being able to shoot video with my existing lenses is worth about $850 to me. For $2K I’ll probably shop elsewhere.

    @ Catastrophile

    In marketing terms combining 2 existing is close enough. In fact anything that can’t be proven as false advertising is close enough.

    Nikon claimed the world’s smallest DSLR, until you noticed the fine print that read “amongst APS-C based DSLRs”, Oly claimed “the world’s fastest AF” based upon their testing conditions protocols (ie. whatever conditions that allowed their product to come out on top). Such is marketing…

  • @ Intruder

    I was also expecting at least 720 @ 60 fps.

    It’s weather-sealed so therefore an E-3 upgrade not an E-30 upgrade…

  • Neville

    Although I agree that good photographs are the responsibility of the photographer, however the expectation is that the people we are paying money to is that they will keep up with the competition.
    Olympus are not gaining, it looks like they are now losing ground. I agree that resolution, tripods etc are very important, but I am constantly getting stuck at not being able to use above 800ISO with my E620, and even then I am losing detail. Grated playing with my wife’s EPL1 shows some improvement, I was expecting alot more from their “flagship” semi-pro camera when I was able to buy her camera nearly a year ago.

  • Dan #2

    @ Jimson,

    Another working Olympus photographer here. Currently using the E-620 due to it’s size, ease of use and articulated screen. The E-3’s have taken a sideline position to it actually. There are not many of us around but it’s not a bad thing.

    @ printing stuff

    I have 4 24 by 18 (I think) prints from an E-3 which come out great. Heck, 4.1mp’s can do that. It really just boils down to knowing what your doing. That’s from start to finish. No offense to anyone here, it’s just the way it is.

    @ Jamie

    Funny you mention outgrowing your camera. I still have and occasionally use slew older than me. On the other hand i have outgrown a couple of cameras. Although it was purely because they were beaten to pulp through rigorous use.

    I look forward to test driving this camera. Despite my prayers having been missed. Which were a Foveon type or Fuji EXR sensor. M4/3 is the way forward. Eventually a pro body will appear with prime lenses and wireless flash etc but time will tell. It is a route which I would like to pursue. A Leica esque Oly Om m4/3 would be fantasic.

    On a side note, you gotta have something up your sleeve or big balls announcing an “outdated” camera in this commercially capitalist driven world so thumbs up for that. Nice to see a company walking it’s own path for once.


  • Dan #2

    Where’s the ignore button?

  • To the poster(Neville) above who said they can’t shoot above ISO800 w/ their 620…Isn’t the E-620 sensor design newer than the E-3’s? And yet I can quite easily shoot at ISO1250 on my E-3 and get great shots.

    Maybe it isn’t the camera. And don’t take that as insult..take it as room for technique improvement.


    The color version is just as good….

    • napalm

      they dont shoot above ISO800 because dpreview said so hehehe

    • Gabrymr

      I dont see a problem too, for me it looks great. Similar to what i get from Ilford Delta 400.

  • “I think oly problem is it oly plays to safe..
    like the guy who thinks too much about what to say to the girl and by the time he has it all set in his mind some else walks up and takes her ways”

    Quoted for truth. I have an E-30 with a good chunk of HG and SHG lenses. This is not what I expected. I hope it’s guts are much better this time around. We have yet to see what kind of dynamic range, ISO, and auto focus improvement this new camera has. It could be amazing. I won’t be switching systems, I may buy an E-5 when my E-30 dies. I have invested in a system that even with it’s faults, has delivered to my clients and myself time and time again. I love my lenses and menu system far more than what I have used from other camera brands. I use to work for a Ritz Camera Ultra Store and have lots of time to play with every vendors equipment. Still the best bang for my buck. I don’t need this camera to be a Holy Grail, just be as capable as the competition in basic camera parameters.

  • Peerawood
  • using art filters in all photo and video modes looks like the only good addition, everything else is already around so nothing ground breaking…

  • @ Dan #2

    Love the handle BTW! I agree with you on the 620. It’s a great camera, especially for the price! I shot my last wedding with a pair of ’em because my E-3 was stolen and I hadn’t replaced it yet. I find the 620 a lot more fun to shoot with than the E-3, though I believe it was intentionally hobbled to keep it from eating into the E-3/E-30 market. My biggest beef is the lack of a second control wheel on the body and the lack of an EV comp button on the battery grip.

    Using the E-3 somehow always feels like work to me, but I love that I can easily adjust all my important settings without looking at the LCD or even taking the camera away from my eye. I think that’s the way a camera should be layed out.

    One good thing about the E-5 is that I suspect we’ll finally see the convergence of the two. Improved software UI from the 620 combined with the pro design of the E-3. (Hopefully backlit buttons will make it too, but that doesn’t look likely.) The problem is that alone isn’t worth $2K to me, and I doubt it’s worth it to many other 4/3 photogs…

    I’ve lost assignments entirely based on my choice of camera which is a bad thing. Brightroom has a large number of assignments in my area, but won’t employ anyone shooting 4/3 (though they will accept a 20D?). That’s a bummer because I’d enjoy shooting some of their events, but they don’t pay enough to make me want run out and buy into another system.

    @ Printing Stuff

    I’ve sold a number of large (18×24″ up to 30×40″) wall-mounted prints through galleries using 10-12 MP files with little to no post processing. I find that the pixel count isn’t nearly as important as nailing the exposure, focus, and sharpness (ie. keeping the camera steady) while in the field. Hence I’m totally over the MP race. I just want DR, and higher usable ISOs. And kick ass video capability…

  • Mark

    @Angry Olympus Owner

    I agree about offering a m4/3rds interface for the HG and SHG glass but it probably won’t be unti next year… An Olympus Pen is about deriving higher image quality from a compact system with P&S operation…

    They will probably offer an adaptor via a C-AF interface. The rumoured specs from the E-5 indicate a higher resolution VGA screen and an 11 point C-AF system could well feature in a future m4/3rd PEN model.


    I’m living in Japan. Sometimes it helps when you are geographically closer to the source. The staff and management at Olympus Osaka (in Honmachi) are nice people. Professional, efficient and very helpful. They fixed a problem with the back housing of the LCD screen on my E-3 for free!

    Meeting face to face and being able to speak a little Japanese certainly helped and I think they were curious to learn about a foreigner’s experiences using their flagship products for professional applications in Japan.

    I talked to the CRM and we covered many topics regarding Olympus camera’s.

    BTW, the Olympus Head Office is in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The Honmachi centre in Osaka is the main office for the Kansai area only. The display of HG and SHG lenses is awesome. They pretty much had them all to play with. You can try them out with any of the Olympus D-SLRs too.

  • George

    What happened to the makes no sound rumor? I thought this was supposed to be near silent? Absolutely NOTHING new. Sigh.

  • E-5 also has a new “underwater” white balance, maybe it’s white balance is improved across the camera…

  • Alberto

    Congratulations Admin, 43rumors do it again, you have good sources

    EPL-1 inside E-3 body, bad times for Oly, i think

  • @ Mark

    I’m in Hawaii which is geographically closeish, but we’ve got zero local support from Oly out here. In fact it’s almost impossible to buy an Oly body, lens, charger, or battery locally which is a real shame.

    I’d love to have that kind of access to the Oly source. I had to buy all my gear on faith because I wasn’t able to test any of it locally (with the exception of my first E-510 kit at Best Buy and the E-3 body I tested at an “Olympus Live Drive” event).

    I will say that I’ve also had good experiences with Oly customer service & repair based out of California. Both of my E-3s developed the LCD split, and they took care of me right away for free (though both were still covered under warranty). They also covered UPS 2nd day shipping in both cases. Same when my 50-200 SWD suddenly stopped focusing a week before my first wedding gig. They immediately shipped me a new one no questions asked.

    I’ve also gotten good support from them on my waterproof Stylus cameras.

    I like the products they offer, and the customer service I’ve gotten, we’ll just have to see if the E-5 is good enough to keep them competitive…

  • Dana Curtis Kincaid

    Gods but a lot of you sound like conservative Teapublicans. Will the camera take good pic? That’s the only thing that matters. The price is good. It’s weather-sealed. The lenses are terrific.

    Right now there are rumors that Sony will quit making FF cameras. Leicas are still way expensive. Canon glass sucks and makes you look like you have a giant phallus fetish. Nikon ergonomics leave me cold. The Sony NEX or NEXT or whatever the hell it is is dumbed down. Video on most DSLRs is clunky.

    In other words, everyone has their own issues.


  • Bill Reilly

    I have been using Olympus cameras for over 34 years. Compact 35mm,om2n,point and shoot digitals, e300 and my latest purchase, 2 e30s. I consider myself an advanced amateur but I do get paid for a good amount of my work so I guess I can’t be all that bad. Get past the brand name hype. Olympus works for me.

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