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Olympus E-5 image samples


Finally we have many websites posting Olympus E-5 image samples!

Look at the photo galleries at DPreview, Letsgodigital, Photographyblog, Fotopolis, Photokinashow and

Images from the E-5 are quite good, even up to ISO 3200. This is definitely the Olympus camera with the best image quality.

You can now preorder the Olympus E-5 at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here)

If you want to know more about the upcoming Olympus compact camera take a look at the Hands-On Photos on Photographyblog and Quesabesde.

  • Jungle

    I’ll be a happy owner of an E5… ;)

  • Manu

    I´ll be happy if I can sell my E3 and I´ll buy the Finepix X100.

    • bilgy_no1

      Aren’t they two cameras with completely different applications?

      • kman

        I like the E5 (after the initial shock). But I don’t blame Jungle for looking at the x100. They are for different applications, but the same applises to 43rds vs m43rds (as they exist today). So, Jungle might as well consider all options.

  • As far as noise goes it looks one stop better than my E-PL1.

    • Agent00soul

      Umm..this makes you wonder. If Olympus can improve noise 1 stop with the old sensor and Panasinic has improves 1 stop with the new GH2 sensor – what could Olympus do with the new sensor?
      Is Olympus’ processing 1 stop better than Panasonic’s or is the GH2 sensor the same noise-wise as the old sensor?

      • kesztió

        Don’t forget: the old Panasonic sensor has a much greater pixel size.

  • Miroslav

    For me, even those ISO 1600 samples from dpreview are barely acceptable concerning noise. Details and colors are OK. Time to change sensor, Olympus.

    • napalm

      those have Noise Reduction at Off. compare that to other cameras with NR Off and you’ll realize its quite good

      • Dummy00001


      • Miroslav

        I see that now. Same with all the other sites. I’ll wait for the processed raw or normal jpegs to show up …

    • spanky

      Agreed. Barely acceptable images at ISO1600 are not what I’d consider acceptable in a professional-level camera.

  • bilgy_no1

    Impressive indeed how much more Olympus squeezed out of the same sensor since late 2008 (E-30). I’m pretty sure that this will calm down many of the current E-3 owners for another few years.

  • Jason

    The samples are quite impressive, and they aren’t even shot with the best lenses. The Leica 25mm attached to the E-5 should produce full frame like results.

  • Jozeph

    Sorry, I’m not impressed. above 400 iso is nice but not good enough for the follow up of the E-3. I was waiting for half a year for this camera, allready bought pro-lenses for it. They work very fine on my E-620 btw. But i was waiting for a pro camera with better noise-handling than the result of the pics which i have seen till now. I would like to pay money for a pro investment, it will pay back after wards. But i have a lot of doubts about the E-5 so i won’t go for it. The price of the E-3 will drop maybe, so i better by that one i think.

    • Neville

      Why bother with “upgrading” to the E3 from the E620, why not just get a hood for it, and don’t worry if you stuff it up in the wet for what it is worth now! The E620 is better than the E3.
      Also remember that the E5 has noise turned off and these are jpegs. I can get alot better results than this with pp using raw. I was going to switch to Canikon but after looking at the lens, nah. These results show noise, but it is primarily luminous noise, easily corrected
      I can get a good two to three stops on the E620 with this camera. I will wait until it drops in price, and either buy it then, or else the E620 upgrade might be available then.

      • Jason

        AN E-620/E-30 upgrade would be nice.

      • scott

        are you kidding me? Have you ever seen iso 1600 on the 5dll with noise filter off. Its terrible. I think the images are great

  • CR102

    My E-P2 has lots of chroma noise at high ISO. These samples have strictly luminance noise, even with NR turned “off”. I like that. Very film-like and not very different from the E-3, albeit with much more DR and detail, 1-stop improvement in noise handling and clean low ISO. I’m becoming more interested.

    • Jozeph

      The E-P2 is is from another price range than the E-5, why compare them? I think the E-5 should be compared with the Nikon D7000 and Canon 60D perhaps.

      • napalm

        if you havent realized by now, the E-5 is not really competing with other brands. Olympus has always said that they made the E-5 so we can have a body that will make justice with the great Zuiko glasses.

        CR102 is right, the PENs have a lot of chroma noise, even with NR On. So this is a good improvement. and the E-5 noise is something that wont bother you as much as chroma noise and will be easier to cleanup. it will even look good in B&W prints

      • I

        Of course you should compare them, they have the same sensor!

  • CRB

    While the high iso are far from impressive i must say the low iso are simply excellent….

    • Jozeph

      yes it is, just like the E-620 shoots excellent at low iso.

  • Oly Rockies User

    This would be a sweet upgrade from my old e510. Just wondering how come they did not announce this camera as their new flagship? Just a presumed upgrade from their e3.

  • I think DSLRs have reached a plateau. All of them deliver very good photos, I dare to say better than medium format film. It’s more about specific needs and personal preferences today.

    • Dummy00001


  • George

    sorry but ISO 3200 photo sucks big time
    I usually print out in a4 sizes no way i can print a good blue sky with 3200 ISO

    • jeff

      why the hell would you be shooting 3200 in the first place unless you are 6 miles underwater?

      in daylight iso 100 all day , period

      • cL

        Just a quick correction. For best DR with current Olympus sensor, you should shoot at ISO 200, preferably with a tripod. To George, blue sky can be enhanced with a filter…. Just a basic shooting technique.

    • wageslave

      Listen to yourself… why would you want to take a picture of a good blue sky with ISO 3200? You people are barking mad. The appeal of E-5 is good 4/3 sized image with weather sealing. To my eyes E-5’s ISO 1600 should good enough.

    • Neville

      Again a huge improvement over its predecessors. That kind of noise is not a problem and will happen with any camera. With LR you can sharpen with mask then bring in the noise reduction

    • George

      i didn’t have the chance to answer. First of all i am not a troll and i am a huge fan of 4/3 m4/3. Currently own a g1, bought g2 returned it for the disaster 14-42 lens, and preordered gh2. My first idea was to buy ep5, my expectations were huge. And when it comes to shooting bluesky with 3200ISO.
      I can’t believe the number of people who couldnt think why someone needs to shoot at ISO3200 under blue sky :)
      You guys know how to shoot, right ??? Or just bunch of gearheads???

  • Dana Curtis Kincaid

    15 mins ago
    sorry but ISO 3200 photo sucks big time
    I usually print out in a4 sizes no way i can print a good blue sky with 3200 ISO”

    What kind of yutz would be shooting a bright blue daylight sky at 3200? Trolls are desperate today.

    • napalm

      ^ ROTFL

      that made my day…

    • Neville

      Actually I can see a time when I would be and when I would have loved to have had it, ospreys in flight at 586mm with overexposure is one. When you are tracking them at 100 ft you need all the speed you can get but as I said before not a problem with LR sharpening with masking and then noise reduction. The problem then is the AF hunting, which although not fixed is less distance and therefore an improvement

    • “What kind of yutz would be shooting a bright blue daylight sky at 3200? Trolls are desperate”

      Answer: someone shooting fast-moving field sports with a long lens and no practical flash in need of a fast shutter speed and depth of field….1600ISO to get that is not uncommon…and is in use every day with Nikons and Canons…

      You can’t measure everyone’s need against your own experience…

      • I think there’s a point where if someone is shooting a lot in such specialized settings, then 4/3 was never the right system anyway.

        As for me (and for reference, I shoot with an E-600) the E-5 appears to be a real improvement. I’d say two stops, plus even the iso 6400 shots could be used in a pinch in certain situations and when the prints don’t need to be too large.

        Now, if I had no investment in any system, would I start in with and E-5 at this point? Almost certainly not. But having already invested in the system (quite happily), I think this becomes a viable upgrade. I want to see more detailed reviews, and I’d need the price to come down (which it will), but Olympus intended this as an upgrade for current users and it seems to me a useful upgrade.

        • BS Artiste

          The problem is that Oly touted 4/3 for sports and nature in its advertisements of just 2 years ago.

          • BS Artiste

            Also, remember that the US Open tennis tournament is the primary Olympus sponsorship in the US. Stating that Oly cameras are not good for sports photography seems contrary to Oly marketing.

          • They may have advertised for that, but I’m not sure it’s ever been the ideal setup for a pro sports photographer.

            As for the tennis, I’m not sure that is a statement that their cameras are suited for sports photography, as such. I think that its more that the audience for tennis matches is a target audience for camera buying. As an analogy, beer companies advertise a lot during NFL games, but that doesn’t mean their are positioning beer as a sports drink, just that the NFL audience is a beer-buying audience.

            Also, watching the tennis this year, it seemed they were advertising their Pen cameras. I’m not sure anyone would consider those optimal sports/action cameras.

          • BS Artiste

            WATCHING football and drinking beer go together, not PLAYING football and drinking beer. WATCHING tennis and TAKING PICTURES go together, not PLAYING tennis and TAKING PICTURES.

            I have yet to see a pro tennis player playing a match with a camera around his neck.

            Oly’s marketing campaign for the US Open is aimed at taking sports photography.

          • BS Artiste

            From an Olympus 2008 Press Release:


            “Additionally, Olympus will staff a professional photographer’s service center at the US Open to provide technical support to the hundreds of professional photographers that cover the tournament.

            At the US Open, a premier sporting event connected with high performance and excitement, Olympus will feature the E-System, its Digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera platform, designed with revolutionary features that expand the frontiers of digital photography. From the flagship E-3 camera, which provides the high-precision performance demanded by professional and enthusiastic photographers, to consumer Digital SLR models, the Olympus E-System offers industry-leading technologies for amazing image quality.”

          • BS Artiste

            From the 2010 US Open Sponsorship web page:

            “Olympus is proud to be the Official Camera and Binocular of the 2010 US Open. Like the world-class athletes competing at the US Open, Olympus products are recognized for their high level of performance and style. Olympus’ leading edge cameras, binoculars, and audio products will be capturing the action and excitement at this year’s US Open!

            Additionally, Olympus has planned a variety of exciting activities including the “Capture the Love” photo contest and the “It Must Be Love” video shoot. Special giveaways and photo souvenirs will also be available, allowing tennis fans to capture it all at the 2010 US Open!”

          • Fair enough. You win, I lose. Uncle. No mas. :-)

        • Neville

          Actually for birding the Olympus is great, hummingbirds I just needed to handhold it and at 800ISO on my 620 it was not clean enough, the E5 looks like it is

      • “What kind of yutz would be shooting a bright blue daylight sky at 3200? Trolls are desperate”

        “Answer: someone shooting fast-moving field sports…”

        In the sky?! This is starting to sound more and more like a Monty Python sketch. :-D

  • Mike

    Can’t see a real difference to the E-3. Maybe I’m not very sensible, but then the E-3 is at least good enough for me…

  • Dana Curtis Kincaid

    How many times have we said, if you are shooting sports professionally, then get a Canikon? Has anyone here EVER said that the Olys were what you would take out to shoot the Colts/Jets at 600mm on a snowy day in Indianapolis? No!

    What the yutz said, and you are changing the subject, BobD, is that in yutzville he wanted to shoot a bright blue sky at 3200.

    • The subject is high ISO shooting and I did get the point …

      I’m tired of your and other’s line of thinking…and I AM a working photographer incidentally who shoots every imaginable scenario…not the Colts but local high schools and colleges as well as dark church weddings…where equipment is shot at its limits.

      So your answer is…go get something else. Because you see the Canons in the end zone on TV? No blue skys but plenty of challenges here, and $20,000 invested in Oly SHG…if Nikon/Sony can produce the D700 that will produce at 12,800 then Oly can produce something 1/2 as fast…if they choose….

      I’d be very happy being able to shoot at 1600 with jpgs for my clients who prefer jpgs with no PP and have them look like E-3’s ISO400.

      THAT was the point….

    • “How many times have we said, if you are shooting sports professionally, then get a Canikon? Has anyone here EVER said that the Olys were what you would take out to shoot the Colts/Jets at 600mm on a snowy day in Indianapolis?”

      Yeah, because “everybody knows” that Olympus is no good for fast-moving or low-light stuff, like sports or theater…personally, I think “everybody” can go stick their head in a pig:

  • 43 photo

    The dpreview samples were taken with noisefilter off.
    E5 won’t be a high iso cam, but it has IMPROVED a lot over E3. E5 1600 looks really okee for professional applications like stock which requires really smooth files. The noise was easy to fix and detail is still there (topaz labs).

    Blown highlight are my greatest frustration with E3, this sample clearly shows blown highlights at iso 200 (e5)

    If E5 DR is equal to Epl-1, can someone tell me how much improved DR has EPL-1 over E3? Especially the highlights? Thanks.

    • Olaf

      …and that is the E-5 “43 Photo”!

  • Jozeph
  • Rocky

    Looks great for JPG but what about in RAW? The E3 pictures are that much better taken in RAW.

  • Brandon

    I think the comment regarding the possible improvement with the right glass (leica is then suggested) is indicative of the general blind-eye turned towards facts the die-hard-Oly-defenders here muster as [constantly] needed. The sensor does not begin to out-resolve the glass used. Color would change almost imperceptibly. Nobody is criticising the lens-centric aspects of distortion, etc. So while final IQ *might* improve with *better* glass, the camera[-body]-centric IQ is plain already. Put simply, what you see is what you get.

    • Dummy00001

      > is indicative of the general blind-eye turned towards facts the die-hard-Oly-defenders here muster as [constantly] needed.

      LOL. You are picking comments to nitpick at?

      Today I held in my hands Nikkor AF VR 80-400mm 4.5-5.6D ED… And I compared it to my 70-300… Twice lighter, four times cheaper.

      One does not need to go to Leica to justify owning Oly gear. If I had owned the Nikon or Canon, I could have a chance to try such lens only at an exhibition. Because at the price/weigh I would never bought it. Yet, I have the 70-300 right here and I didn’t rob a bank to buy one – and I can handle it perfectly with just one hand.

      > So while final IQ *might* improve with *better* glass, the camera[-body]-centric IQ is plain already.

      Yes, Oly has crappy sensors. I admit it. Happy now?

      Besides. Most Oly owner do not need *better* optics, they already have it. I had lots of chances to compare my kit 14-42 to lots of other lenses. One has to look really really really hard to see how Canon 1000D with its highly lauded superior sensor + kit is better than my E-520 + kit. Because from the photos one will never be able to tell what camera has crappy/better sensor. In fact most of my E-520+kit photos routinely said to have higher quality. (Same to my friend with his refurb Sony Alpha: the kit lens is faster, but makes a great sample for pixels peepers to study the all possible optical artifacts.) Upgrading from the kit lens lens still doesn’t make any difference: cheap Zuiko beats any comparable cheap Sigma/Tamron/etc. And that is what 90% of people shoot with.

      So what I’m trying to say here is can we go back making photos now? please?? pretty please???

  • Brandon

    Am I the only one increasingly annoyed with this Kincaid desperado? He’s a reverse-Troll of some kind. He comments on an Oly blog to attack anyone Oly-peeps not zealous enough for his liking. People have a right to be disappointed, but he can only lash out at honest criticisms. This is not the first time I’ve seen him attack another user for methodology he lacked the experience to grasp. And then always comes a limp excuse: here claiming Oly isn’t for sports or wildlife when, as has been rightly pointed out, that’s been a focused selling point of 43rds from inception: 2x focal multiplier, built-in IS, weather-sealed… At least admit when you fail K-dude.

  • Where can Olympus go to get better sensors? Is the current one gapless and back-side illuminated? If not, then maybe they would like one but don’t have the clout to fund the development, or maybe they were under pressure to bring out an E-3 successor and a new sensor wasn’t ready yet.

  • BS Artiste

    BTW – The Colts do not play their home games in Indy in the snow. They have a domed stadium.

  • Jac

    ” This is definitely the Olympus camera with the best image quality.”

    That is debatable. Until we see a real test against the Olympus with the best IQ, which is the E-PL1, then we will know. Unless you meant compared to other “Olympus DSLRs” …

    • Tim

      Jac, don’t be ridiculous. I think Olympus would know which of their cameras had the best image quality.

      Besides, it’s going to be a much better performer than the point and shoot E-PL1 speeds. So getting performance with the brand new kick ass image processing engine is going to be fantastic.

    • Neonart

      Lets think about this for a sec. Same sensor. Less AA. Much better engine. On a $1700 body. I like the EPL1, but it’s not going to beat the E5.

  • Dana Curtis Kincaid

    “September 22, 2010 | Reply
    BTW – The Colts do not play their home games in Indy in the snow. They have a domed stadium.”

    I said, “…on a snowy day in Indy”. Yes, I know it’s a domed stadium, BS, my old company made the controller they use on the roof.

  • andrew

    use OM prime on your ep1?

    worth a read

  • More samples and .ORF archive at 400 ISO. Results look like so good!

  • Brandon

    Dummy00001 what are you on about? Reading comprehension is not a strong point on this forum…

    I stated not that Oly lacks glass, but that their sensors do not out-resolve even weak glass. Ergo defending these images via a criticism of the glass used is largely nonsensical.

    I would add that to promote Oly glass is to an unfortunate degree to promote a potential advantage, not a real-world advantage: The glass has unlived potential and the MTF charts are effectively a lie if you think your gear, in total, ever realizes IQ on par with Canikon.

    Oly trumpets their focus on IQ, but the reality is extra-IQ properties are the primary reason to go non-mainstream, and the reason I am here, or even, that Oly exists.

  • Jozeph

    The pictures are allmost all not sharp enough for a pro camera. Problems with focus? Noise handling seems to look fine

  • Jozeph

    Just decided: The E-5 with the excellent Zuiko 12 – 60 will be my new gear, just preordered and now waiting full of excitement.

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