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HOT!!! Olympus confirms! June 15th official Olympus MicroFourThirds camera presentation!

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Our sources pointed the June 16th as the right date for the Olympus announcements. Well they were one day out;)

That rumor was posted way back (March 29th !) so I would say we were REALLY CLOSE with our prediction!

Read our rumor from March 29th !

P.S.: If some japanese 43rumors friends wants to send us proper English translations…we would be grateful!

Not long now!


Kumatax sent us a translation. Thank you K.!!!!

The MicroFourThirds machine announces on June 15th. President Kikukawa of Olympus declared it–The philosophy of film camera “PEN” is succeeded to. To externals different from the mockup

Olympus announces the MicroFourThirds machine that becomes the first in this company on June 15th. The sale is the first week of July. Olympus is disclosing the content of the results briefing concerning the period on March, 2009 to Web with the voice file, and Kikukawa president is clarifying it in that.

The MicroFourThirds machine to release is considered to be the model that reference exhibited a mockup at in Photo Imaging Expo 2009 (PIE2009).  It announced release of summer, 2009 previously in PMA09. In addition, it is said that the appearance considerably changes because the model that exhibited in PIE2009 is not an end product.

It was introduced with a camera with the philosophy of the “PEN” by the briefing session. The new camera is with the model that succeeded to the concept of half-size camera “PEN”.

Mr. Kikukawa explained as follows. “The users of the compact digital camera, a little over 30% want to use the DSLR. However, do not make step-up to the DSLR by the reason of a price, size, weight, difficulty of the operation. I make these users a target in the future. I will plan the revival of the picture business in future by making efforts in the MicroFourThirds system”

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