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Olympus book writer says: “2013 will be an exciting year”


UPDATED: On advice of the author Reinhard Wagner I corrected some statements:

Olympus camera book writer Reinhard Wagner (book list at Amazon Germany) wrote at that “2013 will be an exciting year” and later in the post he writes: “Aber die FTs sind so dermaßen gut, dass ich lieber noch mit der E-5 und der E-M5 arbeite, bis dann die E-7 kommt. Denn die kommt.” Which in short (according to my knowledge of the language) means “The E-7 will arrive” (without to specify the data). Of course, this is not a surprise as Olympus itself admitted that they are working on such a camera. Reinhard is just repeating what we all already know.

I have no doubt FT lenses will be have new cameras to work with (with 100% compatible AF speed and functions). But I am also sure that Olympus is seeking for a way to have full FT lens support on a professional MFT camera. The E-7 may be the first hybrid FT and MFT camera? :)

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  • ha

    Easy to speculate on 2013 while worlds ends in 2012 ;-)

    • admin

      Oh dan, forgot that! When is it happening? December 21? :)

    • EASY

      Two problems with M4/3:
      1) 4/3 lenses do not work propely with M4/3.
      It should be sorted from day one.
      Other manufacturers do provide solution for lenses unlike Olympus and Panasonic.
      2) Small M4/3 body with built in viewfinder does not exist.
      The longer this situation exists, more sales will go to Sony and Fuji.
      I will stay with all my lenses, but this wait is getting too long…

      • Don Pope

        “Small M4/3 body with built in viewfinder does not exist.””

        The OM-D is small and has a viewfinder.

        • EASY

          OM-D is not for me:
          1) Too expensive, out of my price range;
          2) SLR-like body made bigger than rangefinder-like body could be;
          3) Extra flash and grip will add to price and size, it defeats the purpose of small body – no, thank you.
          I would rather consider Panasonic G5 and GX2 (whatever it will be.)

          • Anonymous

            There will never be a 4/3 body cheaper than an OM-D

          • Danno

            Hell, they should just give it away for a small donation! And maybe they could add a medium format size sensor and some magic fairy dust!

          • Esa Tuunanen

            Only way to smaller than E-M5 size would be by using smaller rear display.
            And here people keep craving for bigger displays with even smaller body size…

            If you want gripless retro rangefinder body why do you even complain that additional grip makes camera bigger?

            • EASY

              Esa: I need a grip.
              It is difficult to use bigger lenses without grip.
              Both NEX7/NEX6 and GX1 – all have grip.

              • The Other Chris

                Support the lens with your left hand. Problem solved.

    • JS

      … it makes sense because E-7 will be on the other side ;)

      • jim

        haha… more than likly

    • caver3d

      Relax. The Mayans have no clue as to what 43 or m43 really is.

    • Anonymous

      That means the OMD would be the best m43 camera ever!

      You licky OMD owners :)

  • It makes sense. M4/3 is a great system, but it’s all about compact size and weight. I cannot imagine mounting the larger 4/3 lenses on such small and light bodies. Offering both a small, hybrid E-M6 and a bulkier E-7 (with or without a mirror) is not a bad idea. Of course, an E-7 would be of any interest to very few loyalists and thus very expensive. It should offer the photographer a truly unique experience in one way or another to be successful.

    • You’re right. and there was indirect ifno about “E-7” camera within one year – september 2013?

    • Anonymous

      I use some rather large Nikon lenses (300mm f4.5 EDIF, 200mm f4 IF macro) on my GH2, sure I mostly use them on a tripod, but still, it’s completely doable and usable with M4/3 cameras.

      Isn’t it possible to manually focus 4/3 lenses when mounted to M4/3 bodies? Sure, AF is (mostly) a convenience, but MF isn’t THAT painful, is it?

      • Anonymous

        Auto focus with 43 lenses works just slower, that guy it’s just a meat head

    • I use my 9-18 and 14-42 4/3 on the omd, size is no problem they are not much different to the 14-150mm m43, but bigger lenses do require the grip (and a wrist exerciser). In fact I use my 4/3 14-42 often as its better than the m43 version. (an Oly referb lens, I think they re-calibrated it, its very sharp)

  • Hubertus Bigend

    I don’t know why people can’t imagine putting big lenses on small cameras, especially after they chose Four Thirds in the first place, the goal of which (at least marketing-wise, reality was, of course, different) was and has always been image quality in a smaller and lighter package.

    If there’s a large and heavy lens in front of the camera, the grip is on the lens, not on the camera. Actually, the larger and heavier the lens, the less important is size and weight of the camera. There’s no problem at all handling big lenses with the E-M5, even people with really big hands should be perfectly comfortable with the accessory grip.

    Since the E-M5, the problem of Micro Four Thirds is not that the cameras were too small, but that AF still doesn’t properly work with FT lenses, it still is both slow and unreliable.

    And as long as there’s no progress there, a Four Thirds DSLR is the only sensible way to use the still excellent lineup of Four Thirds lenses, most of which still find no equal in any of the mirrorless systems.

    The problem, though, is that Olympus still seems to think the small amount of FT customers there still are would rather want the huge, heavy and expensive E-x, not an E-xx or an E-xxx. I, for one, don’t. The E-30 was the largest and heaviest camera body I ever bought, grudgingly, and I did it only because it had significant advantages compared to the E-620, which I would rather have chosen.

    Give me an E-7 in the size and weight of the E-30, or, better, the E-620, and I’ll stay with Olympus for another couple of years, and I’ll even pay a substantial amount of money for it. I’m hesitant, though, to buy an E-7 if it will be as large and heavy as an E-3 or E-5.

    • Milo

      Exactly my thoughts.

      • Vell, E-1 Kamera body 735g out lens small !, ?, LOL.

    • Well, I have tried working with the 50-200 on E-M5 with grip. This combination is only useful when supporting the lens (as you suggested) and using manual focus. Still, I find it difficult to hold properly. My other 4/3 lenses (PL25, ZD50 and 12-60) feel a lot better with the same body, though none of them is as liberating as a small m4/3 prime such as the Oly 45. Using anything lighter than an E-3/5 with the 50-200 feels a bit awkward (to me).

    • alf


    • Anonymous


      The E-5 is as big as a Nikon D600. Buying and carrying a full frame sized (and priced!) camera with a sensor 1/4 the size is just idiotic.

      Give me a new E-620!

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > Since the E-M5, the problem of Micro Four Thirds is not that the cameras were too small
      E-M5 is too small to be ergonomical for its design of retro and oversize movie theater screen.

      GH3 size and design is what Olympus should aim in high end mirrorless/body intended to work also with 4/3 lenses. (even weight wouldn’t be much any higher than E-620)
      And they could make body little smaller by having 2.5″ display which wastes less space from controls and ergonomics.

    • Fred

      Not hard to imagine. Olympus made an OM mount 350mmf2.8. Big lens, small camera…

  • Olly_20

    if Wagner expresses himself, the new E-7 is already in testing phase and he is writing on some new chapers.
    Some specs would be great!

  • Miroslav

    I’m getting a bit tired of these 4/3 lenses on m4/3 cameras compatibility promises. It took NASA 7 years to send a man to the moon, why is this so hard for Olympus? Nikon made their DSLR lenses compatible from the start, while Sony made an adapter a year after NEX was released. G1 was announced in 2008, E-P1 in 2009, it’ll be 2013 soon and Olympus still hasn’t done anything.

    • Robbie

      it’s not as if other companies came up with better solutions

    • Cellardoor

      Who knows, maybe the corporation with Sony allows them patentwise to build their own phasedetect adapter. I hope the future e7 will be mft+ft compatible, so no mirror. 12-60 is such a sweet lense :-)

    • They haven’t RELEASED anything. Whether or not they’ve DONE something still remains to be seen.

    • Mymaco on Instagram

      No man ever went to the moon… ;)

      • jim

        Yeh that was just a distraction for them to setup a base testing nuclear wepons on pluto… ;)

    • Olympus

      We’ll have a man on the moon within 6 months. Just for you Miroslav.

      • Miroslav

        Hire me, provide me with data, and I’ll make you a 4/3 to m4/3 adapter in less than three years.

  • JS

    I see it, I believe it.

    • Anonymous


  • Anthony

    New E-7 with 100% optical viewfinder & FF & 4/3 like the Nikon D600 FF & APS-C 1.5

    • Anonymous

      … and 64MP ;)

      • 64MP! Damn, I have just put another 2 WD red 3TB drives in the ‘puter. have to get some more now.

  • OllieS

    Optical viewfinder please!

  • KAS

    Personally I was originally hesitant about EVF’s but having tried an OM-D I think they are now of the standard that are an acceptable alternative to optical and if they lead to smaller camera’s then that’s an advantage worth going for.

    I was on the verge of replacing my E-1 with an OM-D but then saw the report that 2 new camera’s were on their way – so decided to wait.

    If they have ISO 100 are about the size of an OM-D and work with FT as well as mFT lenses then I’ll be buying one straight away :-)

  • roger48

    He is just trying to sell some more books. I think it is unlikely that Olympus would divert precious development funds for a new 43rds camera that would have very limited sales. Sadly, or not, depending on your viewpoint, 43rds is almost dead and Olympus have never said that they will try to revive it with a new 43rds camera.

    • Sorry, the is nonsense Olympus best lens for m43, is not weather Pro too, so i think we will look a E-9 also whether four year. ;-)

  • Anthony

    ISO range of 100-25,600 and expandable from 50-102,800.
    19-point autofocus system all cross-type
    Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi

    • The E-5 sold far better than Oly anticipated. I’d wager an E-7 will do too. There are a lot of native 4/3 lenses out there, that are far from being matched by any m4/3 lenses in existence. For those of us having a full E-series DSLR setup, with several HG or SHG lenses, some 200 grams give or take on the camera body is not an issue. It’s NOT all about miniaturization! And it’s not all about just holding the lens either. It’s about handling the cam itself! It need some real estate. Fiddling with a matchbox simply doesn’t cut in many scenarios. Why do you think pro cams in general have their average size as is? It’s no coincidence. Add to that the ruggedness, and the sheer optical IQ of the native 4/3 Zuikos, and it’s a far cry from a dead end. Nuff said.

      (sorry, wrong placement, this was meant for “roger48”)

      • RepublicWay

        I agree with you completely Erik! I own both E-3 and E-5 and started out with the E-500…I can honestly say that a smaller body is something I don’t want to go back to. Keep the Flagship size the way it is MFT is small for a reason. The larger body provides way better control when I need the speed to control the camera on the fly. Please Olympus keep the E-7 either in the same body shape and size of the E-5 OR come up with a newer design but whatever you do – DO NOT MAKE THE BODY SMALLER.

        • JS

          To me the bottom line is: do not make the mount smaller, keep it 43 not m43. I can leave with smaller body if the grip is not to small and it is rugged enough.

          • Anonymous

            If it uses an EVF and no mirror, there is really no good reason for not using the m4/3 mount, while there is a very good reason to not use the 4/3 mount in the very nice selection of prime lenses with m4/3 mount.

            If it is a ‘classic’ DSLR, using the m4/3 mount will be very difficult.

      • roger48

        I understand what you are saying, but there is a big difference between wishful thinking and reality. I simply doubt that there is a big enough market for Olympus to spend money on a new 43rds camera.

      • Anonymous

        Why do pros use bigger cameras? You mean apart from impressing the clients and not having a choice? You tell me, I don’t have a clue. All I know is that at least until the 80ies they were perfectly happy to use Leica M’s and Nikon F’s with a body size only a fraction larger, thicker, and heavier that an EM-5. But keep on shouting for cameras big enough to handle with box gloves. The more you shout, the more the RX-100s will sell like hotcakes, despite their limitations (by which I mean chiefly the fixed lens and lack of full manual controls, although there was plenty of room for them – or at least as much as on a Rollei 35).
        I just hope Oly (for its own sake if not ours) will pay more attention to people voting their wallet (particularly the Asian market, which seems to be miles ahead in its embracing of the latest technology) than to internet gearheads and will built cameras and lenses as tiny as possible.

        • roger48

          Well said, I think many people regard big cameras as being the same as a big willy! So perhaps the bigger your camera, the smaller your willy.

          • Danno

            Exactly. Welcome to North America at it’s finest (read: worst). The reason most pros use huge cameras is because most pros are terrible photographers. Most photographers in general these days are far more interested in talking about gear and never progress past the stage where they learn to open up the aperature. A bunch of technophiles trying to convince each other that they’re artists.

            • Danno

              Note, there are plenty of good photographers out there using large cameras too. But for every good artist with a camera is 100 technophiles who don’t have a clue.

              • Danno

                Also note: The m43 community certainly isn’t immune to this phenomenon. Half the time I think it’s worse. I cover logos on my camera purely so other photographers don’t ask me about whatever I’m shooting with. Guess what? I DON’T CARE.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          > until the 80ies they were perfectly happy to use Leica M’s and Nikon F’s with a body size only a fraction larger, thicker, and heavier that an EM-5
          And how much functionality and features those old cameras had?
          Maybe even luxury of automatic exposure.

          After that amount of features and functionality started increasing at growing pace increasing need for ergonomical design instead of piece of wooden board.

          > I just hope Oly (for its own sake if not ours) will pay more attention to people voting their wallet
          Like you tiny camera cravers who want E-M5’s features in smaller and cheaper package and for whom carrying more than thta lightest kit is too much?

          I’ll open my wallet when Olympus (or Panasonic) makes product with right feature set and with approriate price for those features. Not for P&S ergonomics retro priced like high end system camera.

          And you made me realise that I’ve used fair 5000€ on 4/3 sensor (both mirror/mirrorless) bodies and lenses.
          Plus unless Olympus manages to finally bring out real high end ergonomics mirrorless in next months Panasonic has sold me GH3 before spring. 60mm macro will be this year’s second investment after spring’s Samyang 7.5mm FE.

          What’s your contribution for 4/3?
          Going to take quite a few of those old discounted E-P(x)/GF camera kits to make same.

          • Anonymous

            May I ask, have you ever spent the time to learn using a Leica M?

          • Le frog

            Back in the day, I used to shoot with an FE2. I cannot remember any problem with ergonomics and, unless you were shooting Formula1 races, the split screen was so good for fast and accurate focusing that you would have no reason to feel like missing auto-focus. That was back then of course. With a digital camera you also want to control white balance the color curve and so on. So, granted, you need space for more controls and you need space for motor and electronics (on the other hand you need no space for film). But what has this to do with ergonomics? Cameras were shaped the way they were precisely because form followed function. The dials were exactly where you needed them, in order to choose simultaneously focus (left hand thumb), aperture (left hand index) and speed (right hand thumb), while hugging carefully the camera body and lens for stability and half-pressing the shutter (right hand index) to activate the photometer. Have you never mastered the technique?

            It is true that I have since downgraded to compacts, in fact I had half-switched to compacts before the digital era (using half of the time my wife’s compact), but you know what? The reason I did was (still is) that the best camera is the one you have with you. And as I grew older there was no way I could carry a full size camera plus lenses plus Metz45, certainly not in a suit and tie.
            After such a long time, this year I am that close to being able, at last, to get into my hands a pocketable ILC which is not a point and shoot, does not have a tiny sensor, and has full manual controls (PL-5 comes closest, so far). And then, what happens? The industry bows to the noise of the gearheads, Panasonic proudly announces that the GH3 will be as big as a DSLR because it is marketed as a “pro” model and “pro” is meant to be H&H (huge and heavy), Nikon makes a V2 shaped like they want to make even Mae West blush if she were around to repeat her famous quip… and you want Olympus to follow suit? I think there are quite a few people like me around and, before we throw in the towel and buy, within the next 6 months, another fixed lens compact (yes, you guessed it, I mean the RX100), we will complain as much as we can and hope that our voice will not be drowned by the screams of the gearheads.
            (P.S.: the only legitimate complaint is that people who have already invested several times in expensive glass, first manual, then autofocus, then crop-sensor digital, then 4/3, don’t want to go over the same process again. Well, I hope Oly will make a visoflex-like accessory for them – to be mounted on a really tiny body, which will be matched by equally small high grade lenses)

            • Esa Tuunanen

              > Panasonic proudly announces that the GH3
              Did Panasonic (or Olympus) suddenly stop making smaller bodies, withdraw already made ones from shops and remotely self destruct sold ones at the moment of GH3’s announcement?

              I’ve never ever demanded stopping making compact mirrorless bodies but only demanded also higher end mirrorless with DSLR’s ergonomical grip and direct controls for myself and those who want digital age replacement for DSLR without downgrading ergonomics.

              And yet also you see it as your right to decide what I must be limited to.

              Funny thing that your alias/name.

            • homer

              The gh3 is huge and heavy…….ooooh how that makes me laugh! It’s smaller than a rebel t4!
              People here are so overly dramatic about things they’ve never even seen…

        • The Other Chris

          What about all the wedding photographers who used Mamiya C-series TLRs and Koni-Omega Rapids? Or fashion photographers that used Hasselblads and large format?

          Seems like the only pros who used Leicas and 35mm SLRs are those who needed portability or a required a larger number of frames. I’m sure photojournalists are still using Leicas, albeit digital M9s.

      • Anonymous

        “The E-5 sold better…” – you do know that the 4/3 line was a financial disaster for Olympus?

  • Anonymous
    • Scott

      I think oly was waiting for all of the SHG owners to switch to m43 so they wouldnt have to deal with it but I use th em5 with my lenses and it isnt a good fit. Give me the e7 so I can use my lenses and i still use the em5

    • Mike Bradly

      His Blog is written in orf- (olympus rosared fanboy) format.
      Thats why they call him R.orared W.

      • Bobafett


        • I sense great anger on this site…

  • Anonymous

    I’ve big hands and shoot out in very cold and wet conditions. gloves are a must. I’ve held and used an em5 briefly and loved it. but I doubt I could manage all the buttons with gloves on. I would love E5 body, 5 axis IS, new Sony sensor, minimum 8fps and video at 60fps.

  • Anonymous

    How did I end up with the same camera as these whining wusses? People crying for larger cameras, optical view finders. Thinking they are some how important in a world of 7billion others.

    Back in the day we used what we had. Only over pampered yuppies complain about their already high quality tools. The good people in any industry, use the cheaper tools and achieve better results, than the ammatures buying expensive tools then making excuses.

    • Mymaco on Instagram


    • Who’s whining now?!
      I’m just pointing out some facts, that you are obviously clueless about, probably due to an experience the size of your minute P&S. Can’t you grasp that there are other needs that tiny tools do not cover? Be it for handling or ruggedness? Try to have a 3.2 kg lens dangling from a m4/3 micro plastic adapter… Moreover, you’re contradicting yourself; “Back in the day we used what we had…” Indeed, that’s exactly what I’m saying too, wanting a native 4/3 cam, optimized for the lenses I already have? Instead of being forced into some sub-optimal tech in mismatch w/ my needs and existing gear.

      As for your “Thinking they are some how important in a world of 7billion others” – who is saying that (other than you, that is)? I simply ask for longevity and predictability, ensuring that my 25K $ worth of gear is not let out in the cold at the stroke of a pen (pun intended!). Keep in mind we are talking the E-5 successor here (4/3, remember?), not necessarily or exclusively yet another micro body. IOW, the native 4/3 community asks for just one single updated body. And you are screaming in protest, claiming yet another m4/3, to cater your own greed, not your need. So much for “using what we already have”… Want a m4/3 cam? Go ahead. There’s plenty of’em. Get it? Sheesh, how silly can it get…

      With such an argumentation, no wonder you so cowardly choose to remain anonymous :(

      • Danno

        Maybe one day you’ll have a camera that has 1.22 gigawatts and a flux capacitor! I kid, I think everyone who argues on a rumour website is a good photographer… cough.

        • Come on oly, I need a cheeseburger with my next camera and a round sensor!

          I was looking at used prices for my e-p1, it’s worth about 150 now… I think I better have no expectation that anything I buy will hold any value for more than 6 months… I guess it’s kind of like buying a car now, it loses half it’s value as soon as you buy it and iss worthless in about 5 years. (Just like a cheeseburger) :) meh the world is ending in 2 months time anyways right?

      • roger48

        So sad, you are most unlikely to get what (you think) you want. 43rds is dead and just awaits a decent burial. I do not care whether anybody thinks m43 is better or worse than 43rds, the fact is, m43 is alive and growing, 43rds is not.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > Thinking they are some how important in a world of 7billion others.
      Market shares say there are more Canikon DSLR users than P&S ergonomics m4/3 users.
      And because of mirrorless systems lacking similar ergonomical grip and direct controls body option people keep going for those old mirror cameras.
      In other direction there are surely lot more fixed lens compact and camera phone users than m4/3 users.

      So much for the system limited to unable to offer size&weight convenience of camera phone but neither having high end ergonomics option being some ultimate truth.

      > Only over pampered yuppies complain about their already high quality tools.
      Only egoistic self centered assholes of modern no discipline upbringing think they have rights to say what OTHER people should be using.

      PS. Even if carpenter uses cheapest Chinese hammer that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have handle, and they sure don’t use some tiny clocksmith’s hammer.

      • bart

        So if we are to believe you, the GH3 will sell like hotcakes, and all Olympus has to do to fix their camera business is make a bigger camera with a grip? Everything else can’t be ergonomic, and won’t sell?

        Sorry Esa, you are being totally ridiculous here. That the m4/3 market-share is quite a bit smaller then the market-share of Nikon DSLRs is totally true, but that does not prove your statement in any way because you are comparing apples and oranges, and beyond that, Nikon’s DSLR market share is also bigger then the market-share of 4/3 DSLRs eventho the later existed in large versions with grip. If your reasoning were true those should have sold as well as those Nikon ones. Guess what….. they didn’t.

        Maybe, just maybe, size isn’t causing this, and maybe large size isn’t as important as you believe it to be.

        You seem to be totally oblivious to the well known fact of the best camera being the one you have with you, and that being a very huge argument AGAINST big cameras. You also seem to be totally clueless as to the market moving towards smaller and not bigger. Also, you seem to have totally zero experience in handling cameras like a Leica M based on previous statements, so your opinion on ergonomics is really no more then your tiny little personal preference, and not at all any kind of standard that in any way applies to anyone else.

        The primary reason for the popularity of big cameras among ‘professionals’ is to compensate for their lack of abilities, the second (and at times valid) reason is to impress the customer. Ergonomics? Considering that most of them still didn’t learn to handle a camera properly, ergonomics is an absurd argument that would be addressed much better by a little bit of knowledge. Oh sure, there is also something more valid, called personal preference, but, that is strictly personal, and not a ‘reason’ that can be applied as a general standard. As long as you keep applying it as a general standard I’ll keep saying that you are an angry and clueless person who obviously has a huge need to compensate for lack of size of something else.

        Yes, your PERSONAL PREFERENCE for bigger cameras is totally valid, but personal preference for a small camera is as valid, and neither have anything whatsoever to do with ergonomics, and as long as you keep claiming otherwise, you only demonstrate that you simply have no clue whatsoever.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          4/3 system started from zero and went against basically established duopoly of Canikon.
          Even without worser technology sensors any newcomer would have been hard pressed to get major bite of market. Like how already existing legacy (now Sony’s) Alpha system hasn’t been able break Canikon’s duopoly, despite of better integration of video with AF capabilities.
          Any chance for breaking Canikon’s duopoly of system cameras needs disruptive complete system, not only supplementing system.

          That’s actually where threat for success of m4/3 is.
          While EOS-M wouldn’t be any real threat as individual product, as part of system it’s going to put dent into m4/3’s hopes of expansion especially in Europe/US, where Canikon DSLR sales are same as before… And mirrorless has really replaced only fixed lens compacts instead of your claim of eating DLRS!
          When average consumers looking up from fixed lens compacts see that same Canon EOS brand as in high end products that’ll get their attention.
          And when basic camera kit users of Canon see that they have small body option to supplement DSLR from “same” system that’s going to hook them stronger to Canon.
          Nikon’s approach is different but with “fire support” from DSLR system Nikon 1 sure threatens m4/3.

          > handling cameras like a Leica M
          Blaming me from compensating for something and then picking very, very premium priced brand yourself?

          If I feel need for retro I’ll handle father’s manual focus era gripless Nikon SLR to realize that I might as well get Canon IXUS/Powershot for equally comfortable grip in pocketable size.

          Your film era mind seems to have failed to note that most people moved on to Canikon DSLRs with form factor with ergonomical hand fitting grip!
          With mirrorless being only minority of total system camera sales market share of Olympus might not be much any higher now than it was at best moment of 4/3 DSLRs.

          And then you blaim me from making my opinion as some holy word.

  • thanks for the slidoo tip! :)

  • st3v4nt

    I wonder if this news only appear in here just to make 43 Rumors happy :-) Come on what does stop Olympus for releasing E-7 now? If they talk about releasing E-7 in 2013 they say it just to make us happy and stop asking the same question over and over again.

  • WSG123

    I’m on an OM-D right now, but would seriously consider an “E” series 4/3 camera body if it supported my m4/3 lenses. OTOH, I’m not so sure that I feel the need to buy 4/3 lenses to put on a m4/3 body.

  • beautemps

    A complete new development for the small 43 market is not economic!

    A hybrid solution for m43 and 43 lenses will need some phase detection by sensor pixels, like nikon does. Image quality is concurrent to AF-speed in that technology.
    A translucent mirror taken from Sony would be fine. But does that work with m43 lenses according to the distance to sensor?

    So it could be a compomise and the sensor Phase-AF solution.

    • “A complete new development for the small 43 market is not economic!”

      Oh, they’ll just develop m4/3 in a way that the consumer is grandfathered into buying the newest and latest lenses for optimum compatibility while compromising further on quality (software-corrected lenses, ergonomics aimed at camera joshi, etc) – just like they did when going from 4/3 to m4/3. Add premium pricing.

    • ? m43 lens is for small and slack for a 4/3 camera LOL :-P

  • Olympus: Make a new 43rds body at a reasonable price bracket and you will sell a run of 50,000 of them. Is there something else you are supposed to be in business for other than making and selling cameras ?

  • The 4/3 forum at DPR has not more than 10 permanent individuals. Even if you multiply it for a 100 countries you won’t reach more than 1,000. Even assuming that there are 10x more buyers than loud mouths you won’t reach 10,000.

    There should be a limit to bragging, really.

    • Anonymous

      Most 4/3 users with some sense will not bother with dpreviews forums.

      • Death to dpr forums!

        Long live 43rumors posting comments!

        Any serious photographer knows that oly gets their market research from 43rumors comment postings! Sweet asssss.

        • bart

          They better look elsewhere, because a significant part of the comments here are only marginally better then the ones on dpr. Loud mouthed people who think their personal preference applies to everyone else, and think they are entitled to get everything for free.

          I’d hope they instead look at those actually prepared to buy and use their products.

    • Limits indeed

      Why don’t you limit your useless posts.

      Unless you are boasting about your own stupidity, then it is ok, you are just doing what you do so well.

  • Anthony

    Photographers who invested in Olympus lenses & accessories are vary upset with Olympus

  • Anthony

    Olympus 35-100mm f/2.0 ED Zuiko Zoom Lens $2700.00 & Olympus 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0 ED SWD Zuiko Zoom Lens $1200.00

  • DIY Cinema Camera

    I hope this gets to the editor:

    You know what would make a great article on future cameras, if you went to every major manufacturer, and ambarella (they also make parts for cheap manufacturers and have a 4k part) and asked them when is 4k coming, in particular p50 and p60 GPS, and about the mutual benefit of having 4k TV’s and cameras. There are cheaper 4k TV’s coming, hisense has already released one, and monitors. Years ago, we saw people buy cheap fullhd TV’s to watch video from their older cheap full HD cameras. If anything, it gets some vitally needed extra production of sets out in front of their friends and relatives who might then be persuaded to move up, increasing market acceptance.

    I can tell you, that 4k is the new 720p compared to 8k, and on a big enough picture fullhd is the new standard definition (stand close enough to a 80 inch Sharp with a bluray movie, and realise what future 100-150 inch theatre sets are going to look like in fullhd. (I have space for a 150 inch projection set aside here in a approx 3×4 meter room)

  • Anonymous

    What is more exciting, is that any cheap manufacturer in china can pickup a 4k chipset meant for a $200-400 dollers camera, and stick it into a micro 4/3rds body with full auto and manual lens. Sure, it may not be the most serious camera, but OK for the price, but any of use can get one and purchase a Panasonic lens, and with a bit of effort, get half descent results and 4k video.


  • safe as houses

    The E-7 may be the first hybrid FT and MFT camera? Is this a question?

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