Olympus 75mm news roundup…


The newly announced Olympus 75mm f/1.8 should hit be in Stock within the next days. But there are still no real reviews out there. Let’s hope they are coming out soon. Meantime on top you can watch a hands-on video. And our reader Napi sent us this: “Just thought I should let you know that there is one more image sample for the Olympus 75mm F1.8 on the official website: http://olympus-imaging.jp/product/dslr/mlens/75_18/sample/index.html. It’s just one more image, but at least it shows the lens in a context it will be used for probably more than anything else, mainly shooting portraits.” And another reader sent me that link to a polish hands on at m43.eu (translation here).

As I told you last wek the lens is not really a hotseller. maybe the price is a tack too high?

Direct links to the Olympus 75mm preorder and price check at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, Amazon Germany and Amazon UK.



  • Ansel

    Price toooooooo high!

  • Keith

    Yes, if it was the same price as the 12/2 I would consider, but here is Uk it is nearly double that price…

    • MJr

      Also has double the amount of glass ;)

  • While the image quality certainly looks promising, I would imagine that owners of Panasonic MFT bodies are going to think twice about using such a long focal length without stabilization. Maybe that in addition to the higher price would explain the (presumably) lower interest.

    • wayne wong

      well, canon 135mm & 200mm also have no IS

    • Mr. Reeee

      Why not? I don’t mean to sound snarky, but are cameras and lenses without some form of stabilization somehow unusable? I don’t think so.

      The cost of the Oly 75mm stops me, not the focal length.

      I have a Voigtländer 75mm f2.5 and use it regularly as a walkabout lens with my GH2, without hesitation, or stabilization.. Of course, using an EVF there’s a great advantage over P&S form-factor bodies. Stabilization may be a nice thing to have in some situations, but it’s hardly a replacement for basic technique.

      • Also stabilization is only useful for static subjects unless you want your moving subjects to be blurred.

      • Anonymous


  • Ernest.orf

    I would really pay for it, 799€ is damn cheap for ZUIKO QUALITY 150 1.8 , compare to others
    Canon make really good lenses if u pay more than 1000 € , & people pay for it , my 24-70 II USM cost me over 2000€ , the quality is really good , but i really like my 12-60 from zuiko , ZUIKO HAVE ANOTHER KIND OF QUALITY , in good lenses ^^

    • SuperDupont

      Well, look at the price of a Canon 100mm f2.0 that gives you roughly the same field of view on an APS-c Canon camera…

    • Ryan

      I very very much so agree. Plus it’s an oly lens, their bodies have IS….

    • I agree that stabilization is not a replacement for basic technique. It is however, very useful in marginal lighting conditions and to stabilize the viewfinder image – especially at such a relatively long focal length.

  • Rune

    The lack of independent sample pictures and tests is also in my opinion a big cause of the low pre-orders. Also the upcoming 60mm from Olympus and the 35-100mm from Panasonic.

  • wayne wong

    I need a black version, this silver lens looks ugly on black body

    • figjam

      +1 for blackness!

      Black looks great on both the silver and black OMD’s but silver only suits the silver OMD – why Olympus!, Why?

  • I think also price is right, if we think on which lens this is.

  • cybervand

    I don’t get it…why is this lens not being sent to reviewers…I don’t want olympus taking pictures for demonstrations, I want reviewers to.

  • I will certainly buy when this lens is available.

  • BLI

    I got an offer from Amazon uk for it a couple of days ago, but on their web page it said deliverance by July 31. Not within the next few days. My local shop also said 1-2 months.

    So: which is correct? I also think that the availability of reviews would boost the sale (assuming good reviews, of course :-)).

  • Ryan

    More reviews are needed. I think a 60mm 1.4 for that price would have been a better seller. Imo of coarse.

    • Napilopez

      I would have loved a 60 f1.4, but the 75 f1.8 seems to fill a bit of a larger hole. Yes, it is a bit long for the conventional portrait standards, but 15mm over the traditional 135mm for FF really is not that big of a deal at the long end. Were also getting a 60mm lens, even if it is a macro at f2.8

      If we get something like a 60 f1.4, I expect Panasonic to be the one to do it. Panasonic doesn’t have any portrait-oriented lenses in their repertoire at all so they’re about due. It would be a nice complement the way olympus came out with a 45mm f1.8 after panny made the 45mm f2.8 macro.

  • I believe the price of this lens reflects its limited appeal and not vice versa. The few samples published suggest top notch optics. Can’t blame Olympus for charging a premium on quality, although I wish it were somewhat more affordable.

  • Mar

    Why is thIs lens compared to low end 85mm 1.8s? Just because it’s 1.8 doesn’t mean it’s not a high end product.
    85mm 1.4s cost a lot more than 1.8s and have better optical characteristics (bokeh, contrast, color). Just because 75mm is “only” 1.8, doesn’t mean it’s not better than those premium lenses, aperture value is not that important.


    • I agree with that. On the other hand, at that price tag it should be weather sealed to be more competitive with *other formats” lenses in that range.

      And, please, make it black.

  • Mar

    Why is thIs lens compared to low end 85mm 1.8s? Just because it’s 1.8 doesn’t mean it’s not a high end product.
    85mm 1.4s cost a lot more than 1.8s and have better optical characteristics (bokeh, contrast, color). Just because 75mm is “only” 1.8, doesn’t mean it’s not better than those premium lenses, aperture value is not that important.

    People are brainwashed by Canikon into thinking that f1.8 are somehow cheap and of low quality.

    Olympus could’ve made it 1.4, but it would increase the price and size of the lens, for what – a measly half a stop difference?

  • Janneman

    I think the price might be right or just slightly high for what it is.
    As for me personally; I would have preferred a slightly longer lens (90/100mm) and would have preferred an F2.8 lens, financialy more in line with the Oly 45/1.8. As it is now, I might still take the plunge if M43 would come up with a 2x teleconverter that would work well with this lens. 900 europ for 1 lens is rather a lot for me, say 1200 for 2 lenses would make it worth while for me

  • Brod1er

    I think £500 is the limit most people will pay for a good lens on mft unless it is clearly complex to make (eg fast zoom, ultra wide zoom, long tele). This lens does not seem especially complex aside from asph elements. This plus no reviews plus limited appeal to Panny users will limit sales. The upcoming Panny 35-100 will be more attractive to many.

  • Bob B.

    alas…if it only came in black…it would be a hot seller. Performance is really secondary to to the color black. :-)

    • Camaman

      Next year…
      Like it was said it takes Olympus that long to develop the black painting process.
      No wonder oteher things take forever.:) :-P

  • as usual ….lost of complaints here …lol

    • Bob B.

      I am not complaining….I am joking…I am buying the lens. Alas, sarcasm does not translate well on the web.

  • Yun

    With the words , ” Highest Imaging Quality among all Zuiko lenses ” , it definitely worth it if it really deliver . Now I’m thinking should I keep the 45mm once I got it ?

  • Mapleflot

    Thinking about this lens I had to ask myself…. did I ever, back in the days, say to myself `I wish I had a 150mm prime’? or Did I ever find myself predominantly using the ~150mm setting on my telezooms?
    Nope and nope.

    • And I believe thats why this lens will not ever be a hot seller. Rather, it is a statement, they want to let the world know the format is serious, and specialized lenses are coming, so that pros looking for smaller, lighter, high quality kit would be tempted to join. Not a bad strategy I believe.

    • BLI

      Back in those days, did you wish for a 16 Mpx m43 over a 12 Mpx? Nope? Because digital cameras didn’t exist?

      Well, there are not many 150 mm lenses. Did I wish for a 150 (or 75 mm) lens back in those days? No, but I sure wished for something slightly longer than 45 mm, and around 1.8. And to me, 75mm m43 sounds very interesting. So I’m going to buy it :-).

    • The Real Stig

      On 35mm film, I use my 180mm far more than 50mm or wider. Just because you don’t see a need, doesn’t mean others wont.

      Two nights ago I attended my daughters school performance of a musical. I really could have used this lens then.

      Different photographers have different approaches and have different visions. I am forever scratching my head when people go on about wanting extreme wide angles for landscapes. I tend to use telephotos for landscapes unless I am hemmed in by mountains or such

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