Olympus 75mm f/1.8 resolution comparison and hands-on video


Click on the image on top to enlarge the size and see the resolution comparison posted by Olympus. As you see it easily beats the already good Olympus 45mm f/1.8 lens and it has about the same performance of the Four Thirds 150mm lens (Damn, $3500 here at Amazon!!!). Not bad, not bad…if it only would be avaialble in Black and with hood (for no extra price).

And the first hand-son video has been posted by Snappydiablog (Click here).

P.S.: There is still some confusion about the final European price of the lens. If you know of any preorder with the final price drop me a message! Thanks ;)

  • Looks nice! The 45mm is really worth it’s price though. The Pana release of the 12-35 zoom was better planned as it waqs accompanied by several tests. Maybe it forced Oly to announce delivery pre-mature: Few will buy the both lenses at the same time. :-)

    • Considering that other Panasonic lenses 35-100mm is coming, the Olympus announcement is timely.
      At the same time, both lenses target a slightly different group of photographers and the photographic subjects. The same goes for the 12-35mm f/2.8 and 45mm f/1.8.
      I personally would be more happy if any manufacture would release 35mm f/1.2 prime with AF, which is more versatile than both 45 f/1.8 and 75mm f/1.8.

    • Both

      Well, then I am one of the happy few I guess. I don’t think the 35-100mm f/2.8 is a direct competitor, because of the smaller aperture. You can’t get the same low light performance nor the soft bokeh and the sharpness of the 75mm wide open is crazy good!

  • that’s Gabrielle Motola using the 75mm in the video

  • Nic

    “if it only would be avaialble in Black”

    Why don’t you buy a silver OM-D to compliment it?

    • Gabriel

      I’m waiting for a gold plated one with some diamond and a pink lizard case for OM-D, perfect for jetset party photoshot :)

      • If you buy the top and bottom plates that were on ebay for about $60 each you could have them plated and fitted.

    • I want no silver cameras or lenses. I want black.

      • Bob B.

        I usually like black cameras..but I am so bored with the same old …same old….I ordered a Silver OM and I gotta say…I love it….especially with a silver lens on it! Variety is the spice of life!

    • dan

      wait… never… they never plan on making a black?…. FAIL

      • Mike

        Wow, so many strong opinions here against the silver lenses.

        The 12mm on my Black OM-D gets so many compliments from friends, most of whom use small canikon DSLRs.

        Personally I think it looks sweet too but honestly isn’t build and image quality more important than barrel color?

        • The Other Chris

          No! You HAVE to have an all-black camera to be a stealthy street photographer. If you use a silver camera, you’ll look like this noob: http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/jonathanjonesblog/2009/oct/21/cartier-bresson-bus

          • Silver, say it again, silver, say it again, silver. I’m fed up with everything being black the non colour. DVD, TV computer, shirts, ties, shoes, black lights, printers, speakers,tempers, attitudes and whatever.
            The only thing that must be black on a camera or lens is the inside.
            As for the link, I would be very happy to look like the noob whatever a noob is?

          • Bob B.

            T.O.C…Perhaps you need to open your mind?

          • Ross

            “You HAVE to have an all-black camera to be a stealthy street photographer”
            That could be interpreted in another undersirable (or creepy) way too.

            • The Other Chris

              Obviously, my sarcasm didn’t translate through the internet.

              • Oh… then I saw your reply. :P

          • LOL… I got your sarcasm. I saw Cartier-Bresson’s name in your link then my heart jumped. :)

      • Bob B.

        Dan, call Kai at Digital Rev…..he can spray-paint it black for you!!!

        • I heard Pink is the new Black. :)

          Pink OM-D. :)

          • Bob B.

            It’s hip to be pink……http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00004TC8B

            With the price on the Barbie Camera…the OM seems kind of reasonable, now. At $24 for a pack of film you could have an OM in no time, Barbie!

  • Agent00soul

    Note that the 75 has lens elements all the way back to edge of the mount. A traditional tele lens would not have lens elements that close to the focal plane. So it’s evident that m4/3’s shorter register distance has advantages even for a medium tele lens.

    • Joe

      Depend on your definition of tele. 75 is a short tele, please check the diagram of a typical 85 and pentax 77. I guess you think of it as a 150.

      • The Other Chris

        You have to think of it as a 150, as it’s designed for a four thirds sensor. A 75mm would be a moderate wide-angle on a 6×7 camera, and an extremely wide lens on 4×5. Would you still lump all 75mm together in that respect?

      • E-1

        Do you have a link to the schema of the Pentax 77?

      • Agent00soul

        Well, on my adapted Canon FD 85/1.5 the rear element surface is 23 mm from the rearmost edge of the m4/3 mount (focused at infinity).

        • Agent00soul

          By the way, the adapted Canon FD 85/1.8 weighs 454 g and is 81 mm long. Compare this to 305 g and 69 mm for the m.Zuiko 75/1.8

          • Walter Freeman

            Makes sense — the 85 has to be well-corrected for a larger sensor (necessitating a more complex optical design) and the designers also didn’t have access to the various exotic anomalous-dispersion and high-index glasses that the Zuiko designers now do.

          • Gabi

            The Minolta Rokkor 85/2.0 weighs 305 g – the same as the Olympus 75/1.8. Of course, you have to add the weight of the adapter…

      • Fan

        75 is not a short tele when mounted on a FT sensor.

  • Mar

    Admin, I was told 75mm will be 899€ in EU, or 100€ more than 12mm f2. (MSRP).

    As always, you’ll be able to get it cheaper at some low margin dealers such as web shops.

  • Atle

    Can someone give a quick rundown on what theese charts actually mean? What is the axis, and the real-world implications of theese numbers?

  • emde

    The German press release says 949 EUR…

  • wk

    Seems to be available here for pre-ordering (sorry, not in english) 899,90 € :

  • anteportas

    Just had a short view on the video on snappydiablog. One strange thing though: According to the blogger Olympus doesn’t allow to publish the pictures made at this event with the 1,8/75. Why not?

    • apparently because it’s a pre-production sample, not a final production version of the lens

  • Willy

    Olympus MTF charts use 60 lines/mm for resolution. If you look at Panasonic MTF charts, 40 lines/mm is used, which makes the curve look better.

    Not sure if you can compare the two brands. Maybe they did this intentionally.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      And Canikon and others use still lower 10/30 lines/mm charts…
      Might make lots of APS-C and FF optics look bad if they were measured for 20/60 resolution…

      • Walter Freeman

        Well, if 10/30 is a sensible chart to look at for fullframe, then 20/60 is the analogous thing for Four Thirds.

        What’s *not* analogous is a 10/30 chart for APS-C. There are a lot of lenses that are “good enough” on FF but not on APS-C. Some of them would surprise you: the old Canon 70-200/2.8 at 200/2.8 is actually sort of bad on APS-C.

  • Pieter

    What about considering a second hand manual focus lens, such as Canon FD-mount 85/1.8. They can be found for 1/4 of the price and has an even more shallow depth of field because of the longer FL. Or would the resolution of such legacy lenses be too low?

    • the dof of a 85mm vs 75mm both f1.8 must be virtually the same?

  • SLOtographer

    If it performs like the 150/2, then it’s going to rock people’s world. Yes it’ll be expensive, but oly SHG glass is impeccable.

  • GL

    Here too 899 euros and says it’s arriving in july.


  • Beautemps

    The lens cap costs 40,- €.

    Will each item be signed by Mr. Toshiyuki Terada himself? :-) “with love from Terada…lens cap No. 001”

  • I will never understand why they deliver lenses without a hood. If the lens would cost 10 Euros more with hood, no problem, but to buy a lens hood for 40, 50 Euros or more? I will never ever again buy one of these overprice original hoods. Ok, I’ve just seen the hood for the 75mm is made from metall, then the lens with hood delivered together should cost around 20 Euros more. ;-)

    But it looks that Oly has made a good job with this lens, even if I never will buy it. Now it’s time to give me a new very good zoom, Oly!

    • Plastic bayonet mount hoods are very very cheap on ebay, most with free delivery. (easy to cut out slots to get at the CPL or graduated filters).

      Just be thankful Oly has not joined Zeiss and Voigtlander and made metal bayonet mounts for spring loaded expensive hoods (that can’t be reversed for transport or storage).

  • That’s a whole lot of money, but the lens is probably superb. I am getting more drawn to this lens than the new X lenses from Panasonic.

  • GL

    There should be a GX1 and OM-D kit with a “choose one or many from 12 mm, 14 mm, 20 mm, 45 mm and 75 mm”, all color coordinated. And with caps and lens hoods. Options also batteries and good UV filters.

    It’s stupid that you in practice always get a not very good kit lens with a new camera (it costs so little extra that buying body only makes quite little sense). But it somehow mentally lowers the status of the whole camera.

    • TomR


    • This has been tried in the past, usually puts a premium on top of the premium price. Then some years later they are sold on ebay as new in box as they never sold.
      However if you are talking of Custom Kit 1, Custom kit 2 and so on with a range of lenses to chose from in each kit number they why not. But don’t forget the price will go up.
      Expect a higher price where a lens is available in black or silver, as the production runs of each will be reduced, also the stocking costs will be higher as double the inventory will be held right through the distribution channel.
      The $500 lens just went to $650.

  • tmrgrs

    I can’t help you guys on European pricing but I was able to place my preorder earlier this morning at Olympus USA’s Olympus Store and the price was $899 USD. Availability was estimated to be about a month.

  • For all you people complaining about having to put chrome lenses on black bodies, maybe this is a solution:


    It shows a black E-M 5 mounted with my 85mm f/1.5 Canon rangefinder lens of the 1950s, in “panda” finish (part black, part chrome.) Kind of odd since when the lens was current, Canon didn’t even offer black-finish cameras!

    Personally, I’d be willing to buy one in chrome finish, black finish, pink finish, unfinished natural aluminum and plastic, or whatever would make it available sooner. I shoot a lot of active subjects in low indoor light, and this is a lens I need RIGHT NOW.

    Yeah, an adapted “legacy” lens could be cheaper. (I currently use the 85/1.5 or 100mm f/2 Canon when I need a fast lens longer than the 45.) But you know what? Autofocus is nice to have! So are EXIF data and in-camera aberration corrections. For that you’re going to need to pony up for a native M4/3 lens.

  • BTW, I see Admin has joined the chorus complaining about the fact that the hood costs extra, and so does a metal lens cap (apparently a plastic one comes with the lens.)

    But you know what? I know a lot of you are big admirers of the old Contax G film cameras and their Carl Zeiss lenses — and those were sold exactly the same way! If you bought the lens, you got the lens plus plastic front and rear caps. If you wanted the metal hood, or the metal cap, they were extra-cost purchases… and not cheap, either! (On the other hand, Carl Zeiss did at least give you a lens pouch…)

    I’m sure that in no time there will be third-party Chinese OEM hoods for this lens, just as there are for the 45/1.8. I’ve got one of the third-party 45 hoods, and it works fine, although it doesn’t reverse over the barrel for storage as the Olympus hood does.

    • Buy the plastic ebay ones with free delivery. cut a slot in the bottom for CPL or grad filter adjustment as well. Works fine.

  • Robbie

    The fact that Olympus places the MTF chart alongside with the SHG 150mm lens just shows how confident they are about the new 75mm

  • Yun

    This intend a great lens , but where is the great camera ? OMD ? I expect more than it .
    A great camera means image quality that must able to overtake DSLRs such as IQ from X Pro 1 .

    • Narretz

      and how exactly are they gonna do this with a smaller sensor? Face it, olympus and panasonic sacrificed the top notch quality for the size advantage. What you are saying is like “Nice try Fuji, but the X-Pro 1 should deliver quality of a Full Frame model”

      I can’t imagine there will be a major breakthrough in sensor technology that makes the size differences in sensors obsolete. You have to sacrifice one thing or another in any case, such as noise performance (see SD-1)

  • Fan

    Just signed up for an Olympus workshop in Germany, wow:

  • Black and weather sealed for the 50 % Minority:
    The Premium Lens 75mm/f1.8 should be available in four versions:

    silver – not weather sealed
    silver – weather sealed (+ $ 100.00)
    black – not weather sealed
    black – black weather sealed (+ $ 100.00)

    This is a lens for the Professionals and the Enthusiasts –
    Most of them will be OM-D E-M5 or EP3 users.

    The OM-D E-M5 is a global success – Olympus currently sells 50:50 silver and black E-M5 bodies. One reason for the 50% market share of the silver bodies is caused by the fact that the current high quality lenses 12mm, 45mm and now the 75mm/f1.8 are only available in silver versions. People buy the new E-M5 in silver to match their silver premium glass.
    There were only black Zuiko lenses for the (O)M-1 (1972/73), OM-2, OM-3 and OM-4(Ti) cameras (but black and silver bodies). Why are silver M.Zuiko lenses 2012 called “retro designed”? They certainly do not match the “spirit of the OM-D” series.

    The new M.Zuiko f12-50mm is available in silver and in a black version and is weather sealed (priced currently $ 499.99 – with the E-M5 kit about $ 300.00!)

    The Premium 75mm/f1.8 is recommended for portraiture, sports and low-light applications (adverse weather conditions?) and will cost about $ 800.00 to $ 900.00 without lens hood and without weather sealing!?!
    By the way: The famous, dust and splash proved FT 12-60m/f2.8-4.0 is priced about $ 999.00.

    What should I do with my amazing weather sealed E-M5 OM-D without dust and splash proved high quality MFT lenses?

    • Do 50% minority groups complain 50% less or >50% more or <50% than 50% majority groups. ( I think I got all of it, I got at least 50% of it or maybe missed 50% of it!!)

      Oh, and just use the 12-60 when outside at the snail race.

    • Maybe the black versions will appear at the same time as the Pen Pro is announced. Keeps the kettle boiling. Watch these spaces…

  • OM-4ever

    This lens appears ready to assume its place in the highest echelons of optical achievement for its focal length. Those complaining about its price and even the price of the hood, must either have nonexistant/lost bearings, be irretrievably cranky, or have skin flintosis combined with no style.
    Also: Forget black, this lens is pretty!

    • Ross

      Maybe the expression, “like pearls before swine” you might be able to use here. ;)

      • FT1 – probably fake rumor

        Silver shining pearls for the swine – black pearls still missing!

  • I want silver and I want chrome dials on the e-m5, not non-colour black. Why would any one put black dials on a chrome top body? Its pathetic design or maybe apathetic accountants…. !
    As for black bands on silver lenses!!!! come, come, whatever was the thought process?

  • Chris

    I see Park Cameras (UK) are offering this lens for £799, and quoting the list price as £799.95.


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