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Olympus 60mm macro and 12mm Black shipping (and massive new lens test roundup!)


Image courtesy: Fotohanskeuzekamp.

Readers contacted me to say that the new Olympus 60mm macro lens is already shipping in US, Europe and Asia. To be more detailed they got them from Amazon, Adorama, and eBay. The 12mm Black edition is in Stock at Fotohanskeuzekamp.

And here is a new lens review roundup which includes many newly announced lenses:
SLRmagic 35mm f/1.4 test at
Olympus 75mm lens arrived (Soundimagesplus).
Panasonic 35-100mm X lens test at Popco.
Schneider lens release roundup at DSLRmagazine.
Panasonic 25mm lens test at KurtMunger and Tyson Robichaud.
Lensbaby Composer Pro for Micro Four Thirds with Sweet 35 Optic at ThePhoBlographer.
Voigtlander Nokton 17.5 mm f/0.95 Aspherical test at Lenstip.

  • brudney

    wow, didn’t know black paint was so fucking expensive in Japan…

    • @brudney
      Can you not express your opinion without using bad langague.

      • brudney

        bad language is really good when you’re angry, try it sometimes ;)

        • GreyOwl

          It’s best not to swear on-line, however much anger you feel, as it’s not much welcomed by other readers, including admin.

        • @Brudney
          If you don’t like the current price if the black version they’re are plenty of other options…
          Swearing doesn’t bother me but it might bother other readers and potential commoners of both genders and might make 43rumors come across as an angry hostile unwelcoming place…

          • *commenters not commoners (stupid autocorrect on my phone)

            • Friggin’ Einstein

              Buddy, I can fuckin’ curse as much as I damn well please. His comment wouldn’t have the same bite without it. It’s not always pointless. Wipe those tears, it’ll be OK.

              • @Friggin Einstein
                Micro four thirds has attracted a large female demographic, what female commenters there were here seem to be posting less and less unlike, probably because swearing makes this place seem angry and hostile….
                Part of mft success is that it has not been marketed at older aggressive conservative types
                If you want to make yr point try using exclamation marks!!!!! CAPSLOCK, softer forms of swear words eg friggin :-] etc

                If you want to make yr point to any camera company vote with yr wallet…..

                • Fred

                  mFT rumors is actually just a fan site with any discussion drowned out if you do not toe the party line.

              • Fish

                It is really amazing how completely backwards things can get. You tell him to wipe his tears but if you read each of your comments, yours is the one that sounds most in need of kleenex.

                Another example is that those who want to force their bad language on the rest of us, are the first to complain that they are being forced. ???

      • alonso

        I don’t personally like swearing, but you have to admit he has a relevant point.

      • Sandrez

        @YouDidntKnow This isn’t the 1950’s kiddo. People curse, stop forcing YOUR censorship onto others.

        • Fish

          What do the ’50s have to do with it? Surely etiquette and manners havent changed that much…
          Just try to remember that this is a public interaction with people you do not have a personal relationship with, and common sense should win out. If not, maybe you are right… times have changed.

          And it doesnt sound like youdidnt was trying to “force” anything, rather he seemed to be asking the opposite – that people not force their profanity on others who may not want to read it.

        • Ross

          We don’t all appreciate gutter talk, thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, it’s not only the cost of black paint, think of the money saved by not using silver paint, absolutely shocking for you people who must have a black one.

      • Really!!

        Really. It’s just some fucking pixels. Get over yourself! I won’t be buying my gh3 through this tight ass website then. Fuck, I really liked this blog.

        • GreyOwl

          What an appalling lack of language skills. There is no place on this forum for such foul language.

          • Friggin’ Einstein

            Looked like a fuckin’ great place to me. Censorship offends me FAR more than some simple words…

            • Ross

              That shows what a small pathetic mind you must have then.

              • Fred

                That’s what totalitarian types always say , Olympus users particularity seem adverse to any opinion other than their own.Considering Olympus have only made one competitive camera since the start of digital { E-M5}The imaging dept has been losing tens of millions of dollars for years, they sure are an uppity bunch of fanboys.One need only look at any forum where Olympus users call home to see how much their bias and contempt for users of other equipment destroys a forum.All the makers have their fanboys but Olympus takes the biscuit “little sensor syndrome” ?

                • Fish

                  “totalitarian”? Haha this is an issue of common courtesy – not state-control.

                  Manners may not be taught in whatever whatever college class you are quoting, but they should have been taught at home.

                  Swearing in public, blaring your music on the subway, and talking on your cell at a wedding are not celebrations of freedom – they are just rude gestures by inconsiderate people.

        • Neville

          See ya

        • Fish

          I wonder if he also has difficulty conversing with adults in real life

  • Jens

    Are there any news, when the PL5 will be shipping? Right now, there are only 14-42 Kits available, will there be a Kit with the new lens cap lens / body only?

  • ulli

    that dutch online shop is really fast with the LE 12mm.

  • Don’t forget the 12mm black edition comes with a black metal lenscap, metal sunhood and a UV-filter. Then this lens is still more expensive, but hey it is a limited edition.

    And if you see how it looks on the black OM-D then it is worth the price difference for a lot of people.

    • ph

      I prefer swearing and bad language over seller recommendations.

      • Foto Hans Keuzekamp

        Im not reCommending anything, im just saying that it comes with 200 euro worth of accessories, and that i t looks good on the black om-d. If you want a 12mm and you dont want to pay more for a black version, than you can buy the silver one offcourse. But im sure that there are a lot of people who like the black version and are willing to pay the extra 150 euro.

  • I think it is funny how expensive it is. So many people complained, so Olympus listened, but no one thought that starting up a new, limited production line would be so expensive.

    • UYUYU

      The only thing that had to be redone was the color of the lens body shell all the other components are identical so lets not get carried away with justifying Olympus price shafting of customers. To get mFT lenses that are of a decent quality is becoming more and more expensive.The vast majority of mFT lenses are slow zooms there are a couple of decent bargains such as the Olympus 45mm F1.8 { which I have} however the build quality is far from perfect.

      When you look at the non software corrected results even a number of high grade options do not exactly shine including the 12mm,25mm,12-35 and 35-100 in fact I would honestly say that the only lenses which could be truly labeled very good are the Olympus 75mm { my fav lens } and probably the new 60mm lens.

  • Dossen

    Just got a used silver 12mm for 50% of the price and it looks OK on a black E-M5.

    • Samshootsall

      How does one get 12mm 50% off? Buy 2 and sell it off to make even more profit!

      • Maxim

        He said he got a “USED” one.

  • Dave

    Limited or not the price is excessive, after all Olympus must have decades of experience of producing black lenses and anodising aluminium isn’t exactly a new, difficult or expensive process. Not only that but in the UK we get the special rip-off price which makes everything extra expensive. Price for black 12mm Amazon US £680, SRS UK £949 and I chose SRS because as well as good service they consistently advertise amongst the best prices in the UK for Olympus gear. Why?

  • Tron

    Wow the 35-100 images look great. OIS seems to perform very well in video mode on the G5. Color is lovely on the OMD. Once the price settles down a bit, this will have to be my next splurge.

  • Yun

    I like the 35-100mm but considering I have got the 75mm so need to skip on this one .
    The next summilux 42.5mm F1.2 is a must have lens & the 150mm is tempting too .
    I’ll get both if the time I still stay with m4/3 .

    • ulli

      the 35-100 is very interesting yes, but i go the same route as you.

    • jevfp

      I think the PL 42,5 F1.2,it won’t be called “SUMMILUX ,but it will called “NOCTILUX,.since the first Leica 50 F1.2 also it had NOCTILUX name

  • ulli

    question to the admin: why are my comments waiting for moderation? i see new comments while mine are already waiting for more then 3 hours to appear publicly.

    • admin

      We are having issues on the system. It will take some time to solve them. Sorry :(

      • ulli

        oh thats ok then, i thought i was on some sort of blacklist containing dubious people.

        • admin

          No, there was an issue with a malware. That’s why we are double checking comments.

      • Ross

        Can you delete the useless swearing comments while your at it (& the replies may as well go with them)?

  • sickasaids

    Yep this is why you shouldn’t always listen to consumers as a lot of them are morons.

    >Hurrr I want a black version so my camera so my camera can look pretty
    >Olympus decides to do a small batch, which will of course be more expensive
    >Hurrr its expensive, Im mad!

    This is why we can’t have nice things

  • Photog

    Sigh, the black does look nice …. Can’t see why they just make 2 colors instead of ripping consumers off.

    *breaks out black marker on silver*

    • The Other Chris

      They should just make every lens black like they did back in the day. I figure they went with silver to better match their colored bodies, though.

      • Darryl

        Champagne silver is the branding for the “high grade” lenses. I’m less troubled by the paint color of the 12/2, 17/1.8, and 75/1.8, than by the fact that Olympus seems to adopt a new design “language” every two years. At least everything since mid-2011 doesn’t look like it was designed by a committee.

    • Dugo

      Okay, so a 12mm/F2.0 Olympus lens for M4/3 in black color costs €1,000 = USD $1,300. That is for a lens that is hardly larger than a C-mount lens. And it is not a zoom lens, but a single focal 12mm, in FF 135 terms, that would be a 24mm/F2.0, no?

      Okay so $1,300 for an Oly lens versus a 24mm/F1.8 lens for $550, or even a 24mm/F1.4 for $690. You be the judge.

      The entire Micro 4/3rd marketplace right now (and always has been) a classic case of duopoly. With classic duopoly predatory pricing. If Oly ceases to function at some point in the future and Panasonic continues alone w. the M4/3 form factor, then it will be the classic monopolistic pricing. Quick, add yet another 30% or so to the present duopoloistic prices.

      I would just love to get me a Lumix DMC-GH3, but chances are all the lenses I would ever use on it will be APS-C DX and FF FX lenses with handy little lens mount adapters. Just so much cheaper to go when it comes to reasonably priced optics, you know.

  • 60mm macro is sold on 5 Oct. in Japan. The pre-order will be assured to deliver on 5th.

    • Upon release, it is $320 cheaper than the pl45 here in Canada…

  • OM-4

    The lens should be red to match my limited bank account.

  • Slick

    only 3000 black lens will be made, do you think any will be around until April 2013?

  • Dugo

    Okay 12mm is equivalent to 24mm WA in FF 135, right?

    Okay so price of the 12mm M4/3 lens is €999 – app. USD $1,300.

    So, here is my question: why is a 12mm M4/3 lens that covers the 21.6mm image circle of a Micro 4/3 sensor priced at about 2.5x to 3x the price of a 24mm lens that covers the 43.3mm image circle FF sensors?

    I would have thought it would be the other way around, actually, you know…. More metal, more precision glass, etc.

    Heck, no wonder then that the cheap $20 lens mount adapters are so very popular with M4/3 camera owners. That way, they can use the cheap APS-C and FF coverage optics on their M4/3 cameras, instead of the totally ultra-pricey M4/3 lenses.

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