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Olympus 40-150mm review at Photozone. 60mm macro at SLRgear.


Image courtesy: Photozone

The Olympus 40-150mm has been tested by Photozone (Click here). The lens has no spectacular specs but “it is a quite good entry-level telephoto zoom lens. It may not be a cracker in terms of delivered resolution but it is no show-stopper either. The image quality is quite impressive in the low to mid portion of the zoom range. At 150mm it is somewhat weaker but not terribly so.
Welld odne Olympus…and now give us some f/2.8 Zuiko! :)

More new reviews:
Winterimpressionen – Sigma 19 mm F2.8 EX DN (PenAndTell).
Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 zoom at 100mm – GH3 EVF and Screen (Soundimagesplus).
Olympus 75mm f/1.8 compared to Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 at Soundimagesplus.
60mm macro test at SLRgear.
Lumix X 12-35mm f/2.8 sharpness evaluation (M43blogspot).

  • Ming Dang

    Admin, you have me going there for a moment!!! But very sad the 40-150 is not F2.8. Good one admin. Too good be true this one. Ha ha.

    • Salmon Khan

      Yeah man, I was fooled too. I thought it was the busted 40-150/2.8 incarnate! Really too bad Olympus won’t be making that lens. I’d sell a kidney to buy it. Too bad…

    • Mymaco on instagram

      It’s not written anywhere that the 40-150mm is f2.8. What admin writes is that he longs for an f2.8 zoom.. (Not me though)

  • Norman Rockwell

    Well if you really must have such a lens why not go buy a used Nikon 70-200VR1 and pair it with a Nikon D5200. At 24 Megapixels and with that stunning lens it will be a killer combo for image quality and only slightly heavier than a OM-D with mythical 40-150/2.8.

  • Bob B.

    Wonder how this new Oly lens compares to the LUMIX® G X VARIO PZ 45-175mm / F4.0-5.6 ASPH. Lens?

    • Ming Dang

      This lens not new. This lens the exact same lens as non-R version. Only thing new about this lens is new clothes. Outside looks new / inside exactly same old lens. People of far away land called New York will call this lens “same old-same old”.

      • Anonymous

        Come on Ming, at no point does it say the lens is new, most of us in here are more than aware that the lens has been about for some time now (even in it’s new ‘R’ coat).

        However the revue does say it is a decent lens if not spectacular, it is a lens that will more than provide the majority of users with what they require. When used with my E-P2 it does what I require,when I am shooting in a more serious manner I use my E-1 or E-620 with a 50-200 fitted, a different animal for a different purpose.

        • Ming Dang

          Mr. Anonymouse, you are mistaken, Bob B. said “Wonder how this NEW Oly lens compares to the LUMIX® G X VARIO PZ 45-175mm / F4.0-5.6 ASPH. Lens” and I only telling Bob B. this is not a new lens. Also I never mention anything about how this lens performing. You are mistaken.

          • Anonymous

            Apologies Ming, when I wrote my response it was indeed meant to agree with you, as you rightly said it is not a new lens, only the old one in a new jacket just as the 14-42 is only the same lens as its previous one. Again I apologise for any mistake on my part, though I stand by my opinion of it.

            • Ming Dang

              Whoi! What with all the apologys. No worries my friends, no apology necessary. This is season for much merry and soon Merry New Year to you all. Also much celebration since world did not end as per Mayan calendar. Perhaps apology from me for very bad English.

              Merry New Year to everybodys!!!

          • Bob B.

            Could be my mistake…I read the review and just “assumed” it was a newer lens. I apologize if that is not the case. I own the Panasonic 45-175mm…the review made me curious. After I posted my comment I checked Soundimages review catalog…and they had in-fact reviewed the 45-175mm Pany lens as well ( albeit on a 12MP Sensor). Their take is that the 45-175mm Pany lens is slightly better in image quality, and build quality than the Oly lens. I have to say that I find my images with my 45-175mm Pany lens to be quite a bit sharper than what Sound images showed in their review of the 45-175mm Pany lens. But I am shooting on 16MP sensors and perhaps Soundimages shot their tests before Panasonic issued the firmware patch for the len’s IS system. As my results are markedly better.
            Either way…it would behoove a potential buyer for either of the lenses to check both out, thoroughly .

  • Ms Ho


  • Bob B.

    WOWzer!…I am also very surprised at the Oly 75mm comparison to the Pany/Leica 35-100mm Zoom at Soundimages. The results @f/2.8 are surprising to me! (I own the 75mm). It is exciting to see such quality glass being delivered from two manufacturers for a system that I have invested in. MFT is the only compact “system” camera out there as far as this photographer is concerned. Truly.

    • Norman Rockwell

      Bob, I was about to give up on getting the Panasonic 35-100 due to the current escalated prices driven by low availability and profiteering and just pull the trigger on the current APS-C Hi-Rez champ, the Nikon D5200 and just use it with the Nikon 70-200VR lens that I still find difficult to part with.

      But after seeing the SoundImagePlus comparison between the 75mm 1.8 and Panasonic 35-100, I just can’t imagine my Nikon 70-200 being as sharp as either lens at F2.8! I was thinking of maintaining two camera systems, OM-D for street and people and the Nikon for long telephoto but now I’m back in a dilemma again. m43 really does rock! What do I do now? :)

      • Mymaco on Instagram

        At Venice Film Festival my OMD and 75mm combo really gave me astonishing results! See for example this portrait I took

        • Bob B.

          WHOA! Great image! f/$1.8?
          That is what I am talking about…every time that I shoot with that lens I say “I can believe how sharp this is”!

          • Mymaco on instagram

            Yes, wide open f1.8. He was going to watch a moovie with his girlfriend and turned to me. I’ve been lucky and ready. I remember Pro photographers looking and smiling at me, because of my “silver toy”. Now this picture is hanging from a wall in the Movies House in Rome. I think most people prefer a “FullFrame” sensor so that they can crop their pictures..

            • Bob B.

              Well…I own a 5DIII and a lot of L glass…and I KNOW from personal experience that I can take razor-sharp images in very low light with my OM-D and the Oly 75mm at very respectable ISO’s when the Canon can’t come close to the image quality…regardless of the sensor size. …I might ad that I am doing that with a tiny camera & lens that comes in at a fraction of the cost…what’s not to like!
              The Oly doesn’t always win the battle…but what a GREAT camera system!

            • Norman Rockwell

              Great photography Marco Sartori! And that Willem Dafoe shot is a million dollar catch of a lifetime. I guess Willem has one of those faces not made for HD and yet your shot just worked. Excellent!

        • great portrait! one of my fav actors too…

          • Mymaco on Instagram

            Thank you Ulli! That lens gave me some nice portraits, indeed. And I can tell that it’s a “weird” focal lenght, but you can use it for landscapes and street photography as well. Thinking different can be funny.

            • yes i noticed that alot of people found it weird that Olympus presented this one as a portraitlens. Photos like your example would explain it all.

      • Bob B.

        Norm (aren’t you a painter?)
        Yeah…I still find myself with two full systems from fisheye to moderate tele..approx. 300mm.
        I have an OM-D an about nine lenses and currently a 5DIII and a lot of fast glass….the only thins that has me hanging in there with the FF is the low DOF and to a lesser degree the larger file size. When one looks at images like Mymaco has shot below one might wonder why one would carry all of that massive gear around at all!
        It is getting to that point.

        • Norman Rockwell

          If Henri Cartier was the master of decisive moments, Norman Rockwell was the master of posed perfection. Alas, tis not I the great Norman Rockwell. I’m just another Norm :)

          Yup, looking at Mymaco’s works of art and experiencing the portability and flexibility of m43 first hand I’m really wondering why I still bother with that albatross around my neck. I sold my Nikon 17-55 F2.8 because it really had nothing on my Panasonic 14mm, 20mm, 25mm and Oly 45.

          All those years of lugging is giving me such a bad back too. Well, I guess I might still need that SLR for stuff that move which contrast detect still does not do. Apart from that I just don’t want to lug all that dead weight no more.

  • Oly m43 would be a very nice lens, but I have one problem – after 1 year there was very much dust inside, the same with the m43 14-42II. Not very funny. With the 43 kit zooms of my E-620 after 3 years absolutely no problems with dust.

    • jan

      What did you do with the lenses? My 14-42II has not a bit of dust in it after tow years of use… My 40-150 is only half a year old, however there is no dust in it either.

      • Nothing what I didn’t made with my 43 kit lenses. Best thing was, I’ve sended my 40-150 to cleaning this spring, I got it back and there was still a very big dust particel behind the front lens… Sended it back again to clean, cleaning was ok then, but a few weeks later (in the middle of a photo journey) the front ring droped away because it wasn’t glued on properly. Wonderful. Sended it back again when I came home. And while the same journey suddenly there was a very big dust particel (about 3 mm) behind the rear lens of my 14-42II… Nothing I could do, in no store mentioned as an official dealer at the olympus page was a new m43 lens to buy and no time to order one and wait… Then I only had the unsharp 12-50.

  • safaridon

    Why is this Oly lens which is not new being shown and discussed rather than the new and better Pany 45-150 lens which was tested earlier with better construction, metal mount, and better resolution especially at the long end where it counts?

  • jocky scoy

    Possibly the worst lens I have ever bought.

    • ABCDave

      I guess results vary, because my copy of this lens is spectacular. I spent next to nothing for it, too. I have the old non-“R” version. I can’t stand the plastic-on-plastic feel it has when zooming, but on the other hand I have never, ever been disappointed with the results.

  • peevee

    The 40-150 lens is by far the best value in the whole m43 system (especially when bought for $99 with a body+other lens, but even at $199 alone).

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