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Olympus 2014 prediction by Digital Camera Magazine: Two PRO zoom, high end compact camera, and larger sensor camera?



Like every year the Japanese Digital Camera Magazine interviewed all Japanese Photo company managers. After the interview the magazine shares “rumors” about what we could expect in 2014. From the past experience we can say that about 60-80% of what they write becomes true. For 2014 this is their “prediction”:

Olympus will launch two more PRO zoom cameras (ok, that’s a fact and already mentioned by Olympus itself)
A High End Stylus camera with FT or ASP-C sensor
A Silver E-M1 OMD model
As a note (in blue on the image on top) the magazine writes that Olympus could go for more Megapixels and even larger than FT sensor cameras (don’t know if he refers to the Stylus or also possibly completely new system mount cameras with FF sensor).

Just my two-cent: I think there is much more than this to come from Olympus. We can expect some big things at Photokina in September!



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