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Proven Panasonic/Olympus stuff sells well (and Sandisk 70% off). And a GX1 Gordon Laing story…


Photokina gave us two new PEN cameras and soon we will have a new GX camera too. But guess what cameras are selling most..the older generation MFT stuff! The GF3, GX1 and E-PL1 are the most sold mirrorless cameras at Amazon (watch the ranking). All these cameras are massively discounted and as you see also the cheap Panasonic lenses are selling well. UPDATE: Sandisk SD gold box deal with up to 70% discount (Click here).

The GF3, GX1 and E-PL1 are all cameras good enough for 99,9% of all pictures you will ever do in your life. But there is still some people on earth that believes that mirrorless cameras aren’t “professional” enough. Just read the story were photographer Gordon Laing had no permit to enter Antelope Canyon park because the Panasonic GX1 lacks of a mirror!


  • EASY

    My wife needs a mirror…

    • Does she need a magic mirror? ;-)

  • Fabian

    “The GF3, GX1 and E-PL1 are all cameras good enough for 99,9% of all pictures you will ever do in your life”

    I’m sorry, but that’s nonsense. It all depends on what you want to shoot. The poor continuous AF and slow FPS alone restricts many types of photography.

    I’m not saying these are not capable cameras, but that 99.9% claim is pure hyperbole.

    • QBNY

      Many types of photography like What??

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes reading the “posted rumours” reads like the rants of a fanboy. If your photography is dependent on fast moving subjects requiring AF tracking you are out of luck, if you want very good high ISO performance you are again out of luck. Same story if you shoot moving subjects in low light , for really high resolution stuff again out of luck. There are no fast long telephoto lenses, poor DOF control.
    So let’s see what categories are covered by those failings, most sports, all low light event {theatre , dance, indoor sport} , nature { BIF etc} , aviation photography , anything needing long exposures { astrophotography etc.}. Now , before the girls get upset you can take photos of these subjects in the same way that you can take these type of photographs with a P&S , the 12mp models are especially poor in these areas.
    Now let’s have a real look at the Japanese sales figures { the best market by far for Mft} there are only 5 mFT models in the top 40 selling cameras all low end the Olympus models mostly low end. The much loved E-M5 appears in at position 71 , 40 places lower than the D600 and 35 places lower than the D800. Olympus and Panasonic imaging divisions are doing badly.

    And that is as good as it gets Amazon USA, there is no mFT camera in the top 48 selling cameras!493964%2Cn%3A502394%2Cn%3A281052&ie=UTF8&qid=1350938226
    Amazon UK ,no better nothing in the top 50
    I wonder if any of you mFT will inherit the world types have thought that much of the demand for mFT has been as a second small system to back up larger sensor cameras and no as the brave new world you all claim. The likes of the Sony RX100 deliver a lot of bang for the buck in a genuinely small pocektable package and with the FF models starting to drop the D600 can be had for £1549 , { } the exact same money Panasonic UK want for the GH3 .

    • @anonymous
      Amazon in the UK are not major online camera sellers end of story. I did some research about some of the major online camera sellers in the UK and Europe and posted the results on dpreview awhile ago they showed MRT doing well, mft is also doing well in bricks and mortar stores in the UK.
      Maybe amazon UK is getting boycotted because of major persistent tax avoidance?

      • Anonymous

        I thought you were all for companies avoiding tax and defrauding shareholders, well you were strongly supportive of the bunch of thieves on the Olympus board. I disagree with what Amazon is doing but it is unfortunately legal there is a major difference between using a legal tax loophole and the epic fraud committed by the thieves of Olympus { good title for a book lol}.
        Amazon are a huge online retail presence in the UK and the largest single seller of electronic goods

        • @anonymous
          what Olympus did was technically legal in Japan until 2008, which is why they rushed through the gyrus deal.
          I think you’ll find Foreign companies that avoid UK corporation tax are doing it for pure greed eg the billionaires Philip Green at Bhs, Howard Schultz at Starbucks,Jeff Bezos at Amazon, the huge useless pile of cash that Apple is sitting on, etc using inflated royalties, companies registered in their wife’s names, channeling money via Luxembourg, Cayman Islands, Amsterdam,Switzerland,Bermuda, Channel Islands Dublin etc

          “most sports, all low light event {theatre , dance, indoor sport} , nature { BIF etc} , aviation photography , anything needing long exposures { astrophotography etc.}”can all be easily done with micro four thirds lots of examples on the world wide web…..

          • donparrot

            Dude , you are in no position to judge what is possible with whatever , your wedding shots are absolute junk , and charging people for them shows you have no shame. Plus, I think the ranting anonymous poster is right that you can take photos with any camera which does not change the fact that some cameras are a lot better than others

            • @donparrot
              My wedding images are 10 times better and less boring than your stupid dog photos ever will be.

          • rwrwr

            “what Olympus did was technically legal in Japan until 2008, which is why they rushed through the gyrus deal”

            The Olympus board were a bunch of thieves and chancers the only reason they fiddled the books was to preserve their very well paid jobs. In any Western country they would have ended up in court on fraud charges. The fact that Japanese business is an insular and corrupt mechanism does not change their culpability. Now as a consequence a once venerable company is in bed with a wolf Sony are absolutely not to be trusted and I worry what will happen in the future to a company whose products I have bought and loved for over 40 yrs

            • Anonymous

              So, when are the US bankers that defrauded millions of people and other corporations going to jail?

              • Frdy

                The US and other countries bankers { the whole Western world actually }largely acted in greed with devastating consequences, sadly though completely reprehensible their actions were on the whole not criminal, though If it was up to me they would be .

                • Anonymous

                  And the point is that when Olympus started their ‘hiding losses’ scheme, that was not criminal either, regardless of if we think it should have been. So no difference there.

                  The one difference is that what Olympus and many others in Japan did was made criminal at some point (which it should have been from the start) whereas no such thing happened with regards to what those bankers in ‘the west’ did, despite the fact that those bankers effectively stole money from millions of people instead of from a relatively small group. Japan’s business culture might be closed, but it is extremely naive to assume this is significantly different in ‘the west’.

    • safaridon

      In Japan only 5 m4/3 models in top 40 and then only low end Oly discounted models? Really? Just take a look, Pany GF5s costing over $850 in #4 and #11 spots among all DSLRs!

    • QBNY

      Lets go to this list… Hm, a lot of point and shoots. -More than DSLRs! Oh, and if you didn’t get the memo, the M43 market is a niche market because the masses don’t know any better. Here in NYC, you’ll see more point and shoots than DSLRs. It’s what the masses know.
      With the proper marketing and once tourist don’t want to lug around DSLRs, expect the mirror less market to grow. And I think Panasonic is in the right lane with the assortment of bodies, lenses and price.
      Face it, Mirrorless is the Future and DSLRs will be forced to get smaller and lighter which will create a thin line between Pro and Amateur cameras.

      • Anonymous


        There is not one P&S on the Japanese list

        Which is the most telling as this is the home of mFT.There is no option to show mirrorless and DSLR only in Amazon

        I don’t doubt that mirrorless is the future , I do doubt that mFT will be the dominating force all the fanboys think it is. In fact I would go as far to say that the new generation of P&S cameras using the one inch sensor could very well revitalise the market eating into all low end mirrorless sales. For those who want best quality FF prices are falling with the resulting high sales of the likes of the D600.

        I think an awful lot of people consider mFT huge compared to the P&S cameras that they have used and it is this gap that can be filled with the likes of the RX100 . I bought into mFT as a second lightweight alternative to my FF when I do not want to carry such a big load or image quality is not that vital. The fact is away from the small primes { 20mm,45mm being my most used} the zooms while small compared to FF lenses still require the use of camera bags and the inconveniences that causes compared to the do it all { badly lol} P&S models many are used to . I think that the initial success of mFT was down mainly to a pent up demand and it will slow down as these sales charts indicate.

    • Astrophotography is fine with m43 gear, in fact, the small body + lens combo means you won’t get humidity / fog on your gear (except on the remote, in my case). The pana 20mm f/1.7 is excellent, the body just warms up the lens enough to avoid condensation (at least, that’s the most plausible explanation I came up with!). That is not the case with a bigger FF or APS-C cameras, they do get fogged up! I’ve got colleagues who tried it often in the same conditions and you see droplets appearing on the front lens element really quickly when humidity is high. I managed to get detailed Milky Way shots with just 15 sec exposure at ISO 1600 and f/1.7, for example: This was at shot 97% humidity, my E-P3 stays outside for more than 8h per night in conditions like that, I’ve done that for many nights, never had any problems. So, this is a case where small size means better performances. That might be a niche market, but for my hobby, it’s the best tool for the job!

      • eete6

        Yet another one of the Olympus muppets {are you Australian by chance}.With routine the old “my friends next door neighbours cousin used {select high end Nikon or Canon} and he says my {select low end Olympus} is better for X, the shot you link to is a mushy mess. Noise and NR are at the expense of detail and anything that damages detail is really bad for astrophotography. The fact that you are suggesting that the EP3 with the 12mp sensor is competitive says it all.

        • @eete6: It’s not hearsay from distant cousins, it’s real people I work with that are also amateur astro-photographers, like me. We use the gear we have, ranging from m43 to APS-C to FF. We set our cameras out for the night and when it’s really humid, they get droplets of water on their lens. So far, it has not happened to me and I’ve spent much more time outside than they have. I suspect it’s because of the small size of my camera and lens. The fact the the lens element is close to the body with the pana 20mm, makes a big difference in heat dissipation compared to their bigger (usually f/4) lens. This affects how and where water materialize on the camera.

          That’s not to say that in perfect conditions, an astro picture from a FF body with good glass ain’t better. It’s just that sometimes, the best specced tool has some unexpected shortcomings. Bottom line is, the m43 seems to be spending more time outside shooting than the others. Also, I seem to be more willing to “risk” leaving the camera outside in extreme conditions. I might not be willing to leave a 5Dmk3 (if I had one) with glass out as casually as I do with my (not even weather sealed!) Olympus, for monetary reasons. All of that does affect your final photographic output.

    • Anonymous

      Umm, in the japanese chart, 3 of the top 10 spots are occupied by m4/3. I’d say that’s pretty good.

      • drey

        And all three are low end cameras with twin zoom kits thrown in , bottom line the mFT cameras are the baked beans of the camera world pile them high sell them cheap. Five, out of forty isn’t exactly clever for a product range that was supposed to dominate the market. As is pretty obvious by the poor fiscal results from Olympus and Panasonics imaging divisions, while it is clear they are shifting the low end gear the higher grade products are in the wilderness.

        I am beginning to think that due to a pent up demand for a smaller lighter alternative to the main camera there was a rush to get in on the mFT act. With this initial rush obviously declining perhaps the future is not as rosy as we all hoped. Remember Japan is as good as it gets for mFT , in Europe and the USA they have had nothing like this level of sales. I can foresee the RX100 format of decent sized sensor in a compact all in one body catching on , putting a lot of pressure on the low end models with FF models apparently moving into a more affordable price category.

  • Kurosawa

    I bought a GF3 for my grandmother since it was really cheap and it came with the pana 14mm prime. She loves it (it is pretty great tho tbh) and it will do for 99.9% of thephoros she takes (i even took a couple of hreat shots woth ot).

    Then I preordered myself the GH3 and already have acvess to the 14mm if I need it. :)

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