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Oh wait….this is the biggest lens ever used on a MFT camera!


Image credit:  Esben Garn


A couple of days ago I posted the images of the GH2 with the massive Kodak Ektar lens (Click here to read the article). I thought this would be the biggest lens ever used by a MFT camera. But Esben Garn proved me wrong by sending these pictures of his GH2 with 100x lens broadcast lens! Massive combo :)

UPDATE: The lens costs over $200,000 at BHphoto (Click here)!!!


Image credit:  Esben Garn

  • Nice zoom range, 9.3-930mm @ F1.7! Seriously, how much is such a lens worth? I can imagine some of the local Sheiks getting one for their balcony……

  • NPrincen

    LOL! That looks ridiculous! That lens weighs over 59 lbs and costs over $200,000.00 on B&H photo:

    It does not cover the entire sensor, but only 6.6×8.8mm (for 2/3 inch broadcast video cameras), so the camera must be using digital crop. Anyway, not your normal walk around lens.

  • It shows the value of a proper viewfinder. How would you like to have to hold that combination at arm’s length?

    • Uberzone

      Good thing you can attach a monitor (any size of your choice) to the GH2.

  • jlw518

    That lens costs almost $174,000.00 . Wow.

  • Cheetos

    I don’t know if it is handheld but I want one. =]

    • Mr. Reeee

      Not without IBIS… :-P

  • Sören

    Nice lens. And the Image Stabilizer makes it suitable for handheld bird shots… ;)

    • JBL

      bird shot , ha ha ha

  • I think it is hand held. I pretty sure this is what Khan was using to shoot down the klingon warbirds in Star Trek into the Darkness.

    • CookieOfFortune

      I think they were just patrol craft. Also, the Klingons have Birds of Prey, it’s the Romulans that have Warbirds.

      • bousozoku

        You haven’t seen J.J. Abrams Star Trek, have you?

  • Jleo
    • Uberzone

      No macro, no sale.

    • J Shin

      Does it come with a lens shade?

      • Mr. Reeee

        For an extra $10,000.

  • henrik

    Admin, you forgot the links to Ebay and Amazon. Just saying.

  • J Shin

    Perfect for hand-held shots of small mammals near military installations. :-)

    (Seriously, how could something that big possibly need image stabilization?)

    • J Shin

      Oh. Sorry to be telling jokes other people have already told. Again, the 43 community unites under an unlikely banner… :-)

      Still, better Neuman, not fair giving away the most important unkept secret in the movie business!

      • +1

        Just saying that I have seen this lens/weapon recently. Khan was carrying it so I/we should be able to carry it and swing it around;)

        • J Shin

          Well, I’ll find out this weekend. :-) Maybe the weapon was inspired by this beauty, like the AT-AT Walkers were inspired by the container cranes at the Port of Oakland. Maybe the prop person forgot to make one, and grabbed the camera instead. I’ll see if the GH2 is still attached to it.

          I actually read a story long time ago about someone getting in trouble for using a Leica Telyt-S, which actually looks like a bazooka, while birding near a military base. I was also once told that this the real reason why Canon paints their lenses white.

  • PannyBoom

    SubTotal: $222,109.95

    Sales Tax: $18,697.86

    Shipping: $1,148.09

    Order Total: $241,955.90


    • Martin

      You were so close

  • ISO 1638400

    Can someone recommend me a good bag for that combo? Doesn’t have to be that fancy.

    • Ross

      Bag? It’s the perfect pocket camera, isn’t it? ;0 D)

      • Mr. Reeee

        Is that a lens in your pocket…
        or are you about to explode? ;-)

  • Bobafett

    Does it come in black? I need a black version to keep a low profile during street photography :)

    • PLI

      I think a military camouflage would be a better choice :)

  • MdB

    Ugh, what’s with the viewfinder ‘hump’ can’t we get this combo with EVF on the left rangefinder style?

  • Esben Garn

    Most B4 mount Broadcast lenses have a 2x extender which eliminates the use of digital crop.

    • Thanks Eben. So you get double the FL and reduced aperture, but of course gain IQ from a larger sensor?

      • Esben Garn


        • Are you actually using the combo, or just playing? ;)
          I was thinking that using the sensor crop feature wouldn’t give a drop in video resolution, and would give you a faster aperture as far as low light situations go….

  • Anonymous

    No lens hood no buy!

  • redcarlsen

    my only concern is the manual focus ring feels a little cheaply made…

  • A 100x F1.7 zoom with IS – a dream lens :D. Pity you need two strong guys to carry it around ;).

  • John W

    HOLY APERTURE BATMAN!!!! Where do they park the crane that goes with this beast!!!

  • OMega

    I wonder if this can be used with Speed Booster?

    • Grey Owl

      Now there’s an idea…

    • Irmo

      It doesn’t even cover the 4/3 senzor …. it covers only 2/3 senzor size so no way to use a booster …. you cut use maybe a oposit of a booster a slower to cover the whole senzor.

      It’s a video lens

      • adaptor-or-die

        a Black Magic PC body would do the trick then, super16 sensor!

    • digifan

      I sort of have a similar combo but it’s crap, when I carried the camera by it’s grip the lens mount on the lens broke. Only the rear element was still attached to my GF3.

      • OMega

        Out of interest, what lens did you have attached at the time of this disaster???

        • digifan

          The Canon HD Digi Super 100XS….

          I thought the joke was clear ;-)

  • OMega

    Can anyone recommend a good tripod and head for this combo and who makes suitable filters for the lens???

  • frank

    Shame it blocks the pop up flash. no sale sorry.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Without such advanced techniques, how could you shoot?
      Almost every DSLR user I see has the pop-up flash up and ready!

    • J Shin

      That’s why it comes with image stabilization, silly! :-)

  • Dec

    +1 for everybody here making my day =)

  • tom

    quite possibly the funniest batch of comments on here yet :D

  • “Oh wait….this is the biggest lens ever used on a MFT camera!”

    Dangerous statement to make.

    Astrophotography. Astronomers routinely connect cameras to the telescopes, which are literally, lenses. And some of the telescopes are very very huge.

    Though, from what I know, astrophotography needs extreme ISOs, and the MFT is destined to be less popular for the purpose compared to the larger sensor cameras.

    • Uberzone

      Apparently the GH3 is the new king of the hill for Astro photography. Look it up.

  • That seems like a lot of work to get image stabilization.

  • peevee

    Have you ever seen a real TV program (not CG) using 100x zoom?

    • Yes, every time I watch sports on TV.

  • jleo

    Order now! And get a free Golf cart and 42 inch EVF!!!

  • Lee Mullen

    For those interested, there is now a C Mount on M4/3 Facebook group you can join, cheers

  • Catalin

    This lens is perfect to carry around. It just needs an engine and four wheels.

  • For anyone who’s interested in doing this for real, with SMALLER eng lenses, of course, you can join our Facebook group:

    See you there!

  • Nobody

    Wow! What is that thing? It is massive!

    Will it let you record video from the future?

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