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Official: Olympus PEN-F announced!



PEN-F Preorder links:
Silver PEN-F in USA/Canada at Bhphoto, Amazon, Adorama, GetOlympus, GetOlympus Canada.
Black PEN-F in USA/Canada at Bhphoto, Amazon, Adorama, GetOlympus, GetOlympus Canada.
Silver PEN-F in EU at Amazon Deutschland, FotoMundus, WexUk, ParkCameras.
Black PEN-F in EU at Amazon Deutschland, FotoMundus, WexUK, ParkCameras.

Olympus also announced some other stuff:
Olympus E-M10 Mark II Limited at BHphoto and Adorama.
Olympus CBG-11 PR Premium Leather Camera Bag for PEN-F (Brown/Black) at BHphoto.
Olympus CS-48 PR Premium Leather Wrapping Cloth for PEN-F (Brown/Black) at BHphoto.
Olympus ECG-4 External Metal Grip for PEN-F (Black) at BHphoto.
Olympus CSS-S120L PR Premium Leather Shoulder Strap for PEN-F (Brown/Black) at BHphoto.
Olympus CS-47B Leather Body Jacket for PEN-F (Black) at BHphoto.

Reviews and Hands-on:
Dpreview (first impression). Robin Wong (part one review). Adorama (hands-on). Mike Boening. ePhotozine (hands-on). CameraLabs (preview). Mirrorlessons. Ming Thein. Luminous L (hands-on). Imaging Resource (hands-on). Cameras.reviewed. ThePhoBlographer (first impressions). Pen And Tell (German). Park Cameras. Dpreview (hands-on). TheVerge. Engadget. SystemKameraBlog (German). Focus Numerique (French). ePhoto (Slovakia). Photoreview (first look). OpenPN (French).

Image samples:
Real PEN-F model shots by Jakub Kaźmierczyk. Dpreview. Mirrorlessons. SystemKameraBlog. Photographyblog. Optyczne. Sexy product images by Olympus Poland.

PEN-F added on the Matching simulation tool.
Robin Wong posted an ISO image comaprison with the E-M10II (“the new PEN-F has finer grain”).
PEN-F has spot metering at the focus point.

Olympus Pen-F Hands-On Review by Park Cameras on Youtube. Olympus PEN-F by Olympus on Youtube. Adorama hands-on on Youtube. Olympus concept video on Youtube. Olympus intorduction video on Youtube. Introduction by Jamie McDonald on Youtube. Steve Digicams on Youtube. PEN-F presnetation in Finnish on Youtube.

Press text:
Full Press text on 43rumors.


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