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Noktor is officially dead :(


Solomon Chase announced the dead of Noktor on Twitter: “Sadly, Noktor has come to an end. Thank you to all our customers and supporters. On to bigger and better things!“. The website has been shut down. It’s pity. They had a huge momentum at the time of the launch. They didn’t manage to exploit it. I have one of the Noktor lenses and I use it for mainly for video production. Wide open it isn’t good enough for stills. The Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95 is definitely the much better choice.

The only place were you have some chance to find a Noktor is eBay (No auctions yet). What are the alternative lenses you can buy? Easy:
1) There are plenty of fast  50mm C-mount lenses on eBay (Click here and you will find plenty of Navitron, Angenieux, Canon and Noctilux lenses). They are far cheaper than the Noktor but you also have to buy an adapter.
2) JJeying sells reworked 55mm f/1.0 Kowa lenses on eBay (Click here). You don’t need any adapter.

We Thanks Solomon Chase for his work and we wish him all the best for the future!

P.S.: The Voigtländer 25mm is in Stock at Amazon France (Click here) for 749 Euro only (UPDATE: sold out now!). More links to the lens:eBay

  • No more Voigtländer in stock at ’cause I just ordered it ^^’

    Thanks for the tip =)

  • EmFortyThree

    Noktor lenses were rebranded Goyo CC video lenses with a M4/3 mount added by Noktor.

    You can still order them from Midwest Optical Systems, the exclusiveNorth American distributor for Goyo lenses.

    Contact Barry Warzak

  • Befürworter

    FT’s dead

    • Inge-M

      Noktor 50mm f0.95 is for MFT, and is only special usable on video ;-)

  • Andrea

    How did we come to put Notkor and Nokton aside?! The first is a sh1t C-Mount lens not worth the price – the second is a Voitglander (and that’s enough)

    • Ulli

      i find it even more strange that Admin suggested the 25 mm nokton as an alternative, while the noktor is 50 mm. just because of the similar f0.95 i guess.

      • admin

        Yes. I need the full aperture for some work I do. Of course there is the focal lenght difference. But it’s not so important in my case. Bye

  • chi

    took a $50 cctv lens and sell it for $700, sounds like a good deal………

    • 1) There is *no* 25mm c-mount lens with an aperture of 0.95 that can be had for $50. The “original” Goyo lens wasn’t much cheaper. f0.95 just can’t be done cheap
      2) Not all c-mount lenses are sh*t on principle. It’s just that they were not constructed and calculated for the mft sensor. The Schneider Xenon 25mm f0.95, for example, beats the sh*t out of many native MFT lenses, quality-wise. It just doesn’t cover the whole sensor
      3) People trying to increase the desirability of the MFT system should be welcomed and thanked, not frowned upon

      • Godot

        “3) People trying to increase the desirability of the MFT system should be welcomed and thanked, not frowned upon”

        But is that really what Noktor was doing? To many people, it looked like crass opportunism, nothing more.

        Did it really do anything positive for the system as a whole?

        I’m having trouble coming up with anything…

  • NoName

    Good riddance.

  • fta

    How can I put this as politely as possible? Um, I guess they ran out or suckers to buy their over priced lens! That’s right, I said “suckers” :)

    But I must admit that they had some of the best marketing/hype for a small company. Kudos to them from a marketing stand point.

  • Kolen

    That’s a good news indeed. We all should celebrate so no one will be cheated anymore.
    Ken Rockwell has a good article on this:
    Basically I will call them cheaters. Yes, I am mean. But they deserve it.
    Sad that they were not being put in jail, since their cheating is quite wise.

    • I’m no big fan of Ken Rockwell but that link from your post Kolen ought to be required reading for everyone including this site’s admin who have been enamored with these Noktor/SLRMagic style marketing scams.

      • admin

        I am not enamored in none of these lenses. I am curious. And I also have the “obligation” to report about m43 related news. And you reader are free to comment about the quality of those products. I can only say I used the Noktor a lot for video productions. Anyway, soon we can talk abot new Olympus lenses :)

      • Ben

        And you have the Noktor lens and SLRmagic lens to comment on the quality or scam? I have the SLRmagic lens and they are very professional. I pay and I get the lens. No scam. Don’t comment on things you do not own and tel the world everything is a scam.

        Thanks admin for the post. Too bad we cannot buy the Noktor lens anymore. I was waiting to buy one when its avaliable. Sounds pretty useful for your video productions.

        How many people on this forum managed to buy a copy?

        • Challenging me or anyone else to send our money to one of these re-badged cctv lens scammers or be quiet is your response to this issue of unethical marketing? Do you work for the guy in Hong Kong with the ebay only SLRMagic website?

          I don’t doubt that videographers might find these things useful but there’s no question that they’re being sold at a huge mark-up by unscrupulous entrepreneurs who want to make a fast buck by marketing them as also being useful for still photography. And it’s not just me saying this and it’s not just people who haven’t used them who are saying it. Check some forums and do a search on a few of them. The truth is out there.

  • David

    I can only speak to the SLRmagic lens, but it is no scam. Aside from the fact that I received it within days of ordering it (free shipping to boot), it was cheap and performs like a much more expensive lens. I find it better than the Lensbaby Sweet 35, but for a fraction of the cost.

    Secondly, yes, the Noktor was a rebranded C mount, and yes, I think the price was a little high for the quality, but I find the outrage from these commenters absurd. First, the lens wasn’t being marketed to complete amateurs. People who didn’t understand what the lens was weren’t about to shell out the $700+ for it. Second, why does anyone care? There are a TON of products, within photography and without that cost a lot more than their objective value. But they are always worth the price to some. Ever paid more than $20 for a bottle of vodka? You were “scammed.” Ever bought a watch for hundreds or thousands of dollars? Scammed. Come on, get over it, and let people enjoy the products they bought.

    • fta


      Just a note. The SLR Magic is only around $100. I think it first came out at around $75? So that is more of a reasonable price for the value of the lens. Noktor pricing was not priced near it’s value point. If the lens was sold for around $250, no one would argue about it’s design/performance. They knowingly marketed the lens as a 0.95 PHOTO lens! That’s the problem.

      You said
      > People who didn’t understand what the lens was weren’t about to shell out the $700+ for it.

      Actually it’s the other way around :) People that didn’t know would buy it, the people that knew the real story behind the lens would not buy it.

      Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that with Photographers and Audiophiles, there is that percentage of people that buy equipment because of marketing and prestige, without having any understanding of what equipment they are buying. Sad but true. Have you seen those 2 gauge power cords that sell for $2000+

      So your right, no one was really “scammed”. They were just deceived a bit with all the marketing of “HYPERprime”

      • Guest

        The Noktor was killed by the Voightlander Nokton. I own the Nokton, got mine in the first batch, and had no problem getting it since there wasn’t much demand for it at first. The Nokton was the same price of the Noktor, but came with much higher quality assurance, being from Voightlander/Cosina.

        I’ve tried the SLR magic, it was horrible in comparison to the Nokton! But I guess I’m just spoilt having used such a perfect lens. The SLR magic is a cute, cheap lens, and worth it’s price. And you’re completely right in saying that the Noktor would do well as a $250 lens.

        But manufacturing is difficult to cover. I tried looking for a 0.95 cctv lens a year ago and couldn’t find one under $600. I doubt the Noktor people were purposely price gouging, they just weren’t able to produce cheap & good lenses.

  • ChrisGH2

    Another setback for micro 4/3…makes me glad I’ve sold all of it for SLT, Zeiss & Minolta!

    • spam

      Were you the guy who wanted to sell his Gh2 because the Panasonic 12-50mm F2.8-3.5 OIS which never had a launch date was delayed (presumably from a imaginary date set by the poster)?

      • deniz

        LOL i remember that :)

        • Inge-M

          I understand, for i is happy by my E-5 12-60 combo :-)
          but more heavy ;-)

    • Duarte Bruno

      LOL. You’re a funny guy ChrisGH2, something which is quite rare in these posts! :)
      I can recommend you a good psychiatrist for your Stockholm Syndrome., but I suggest you change your nickname before you start therapy.

  • canard

    Add me to the “good riddance” camp. Obviously they ran out of market for their lenses – if they could still make money on them, they’d keep selling them.

    I work at a brick and mortar, high end photo store. Our product manager tried to enquire and get a sample because we’d had several customers come in and ask about these lenses, and it was painfully clear that the company making “Noktor” was not a real, professional outfit with a dedicated marketing and distribution team. In the end they refused to send us a sample to evaluate claiming that they wanted to offer customers the best possible price through direct purchase, but I’m pretty sure it had more to do with the fact that we would have recognized them as what they really are – C-mount lenses welded to a physical adapter that wholesales for around $1 and then marked up 100%!

    @David – Sorry, but from my decades of retail camera experience very few of the “give me the FASTEST LENS NOW” crowd actually really understand what they’re buying and why. My store makes tens of thousands per year on people who think they “need” f/1.4 lenses when an f/1.8 would perform just as well for them at 1/4 the cost…people who thought they were getting a “hyperprime” when what they were really ordering is a lens designed to make low-res security camera video in poor light bought the marketing hype, especially considering you can assemble the same thing yourself for about 50-60% the price depending on where you live.

    • MP Burke

      “My store makes tens of thousands per year on people who think they “need” f/1.4 lenses when an f/1.8 would perform just as well for them at 1/4 the cost…”

      Perhaps the whole point of buying the f1.4 lens is prestige, the feeling of having “pro” equipment. I’d argue that it’s more a case of satisfying a want than a need.

      However much people are willing to pay for a fast lens from Nikon or Canon, there will often be evidence from tests (e.g on Photozone) that the lens has a good performance (albeit they often need to be stopped down a little).
      Hopefully Olympus and Panasonic will take note that there is money to be made from fast lenses!
      Regarding the Noktor, perhaps they didn’t find too many buyers because some people are like me and look for test data or sample images to be made available, rather than just buying something that we don’t know about.
      When/if the Panasonic 25 mm f1.4 is released, test data should become available that enables it to be compared with its four thirds counterpart and the Voigtlander 25mm f0.95.
      In addition, surely anybody going to a photo shop should take the opportunity to put the lens on their camera and check it out, I find that the difference between good and bad is pretty clear when viewed at 8X or 16X in the EVF.

    • David

      well, that may be true about the people who think they need the fastest lens, but I have little sympathy for someone willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a product they don’t understand, or know how to use. Those people make me feel better about the equipment I DO use, and help fund the development of new products. Anyone who bought a Noktor without knowing what the product was deserves what they get. Information is widely available on the internet, and if someone comes to your shop enquiring about it, without know ing what it is, you can explain to them what the product is, why they may not need it, and offer alternatives that you DO carry and that will most likely work better for them.

  • kai

    I never understood the wow factor of this lens. You can have the Nokton 50mm f/1.1 for the same price. Add an MFT adapter and you’re set.

    • Ulli

      if the 1.1 would have a m43 mount standard, then it would have gotten more screentime here i am sure :-)

  • Duarte Bruno

    sorry wrong reply!

  • Mice

    The Noktor will go down in myth and legend.

    It is on the same level as the Olympus “Pro” M4/3.

    • Bob B.


  • JeremyT

    No loss – as admin mentions, there are a ton of other C-Mount lenses. That included adapter in the “Noktor” isn’t worth the hundreds of dollars difference!

  • Jonas

    Short term opportunistic project; won’t be missed.

  • Ellen

    Selling mine on eBay:

    It’s very decent quality and perfect for video. My photography skills just aren’t good enough and my Olympus E-P1 not advanced enough to use this lens to it’s full potential.

  • already at 680 euros…I don’t think i would get that money for my nokton 50mm 1.1

  • their website is up again and it looks still active. are there any news on the company? do they still exist?

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