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UPDATED with youtube video -> Noktor – hands on by Steve Huff

UPDATE 2: Steve Huffs Lens review diary ->
UPDATE: More image samples posted here ->

Check it out:

Cool…he starts the hand-on with the following statement “So far, I AM IMPRESSED” :)

  • Alfons

    Huff says it’s OK, a good sales point :)

  • kesztió

    Sorry, guys,
    and you may label me as jerk once again.

    But the truth is that if American/Japanese people had the innovation set as higher priority than patents, licenses and other stupid tools against technical development the Noktor probably would have been able to send at least aperture data and MF assist notification to the MFT body.

    That is, since MFT is not an open standard the Noctor would be happy to come through a legal action from Olympus about so-called patent infringement for just the simple fact that they use MFT mount!

    If I was Olympus I would be extremely satisfied for having a such MFT lens and I would give every necessary support to Noktor in order to integrate this lens as much as it’s possible.

    But – unfortunately – I’m just a damn European engineer…

  • CR102

    VERY interesting sample shots. I think I want one.

  • iMikl

    Any of those electronic gizmos you want would cost a fortune in implement.
    But anyway… who needs them?
    This lens is not about taking snapshots, it’s a creative tool for very special purposes.

    After seeing Steve Huff’s first shots I’m beginning to want one!

  • kesztió


    I don’t think it would be a really big additional charge. The price itself is 750 USD, and a trivial electronic “gizmo” (no focus motor driving, and other complicated things) wouldn’t be much more than a few ten dollars. You pay here for the glasses, not for some minor stuffs like contacts on the mount and a couple of really simple sensors inside the lens body!

    And note that if Noktor had this feature the sales would increase significantly!

  • Agent00soul

    Kesztió, basically all they have done is to take a standard CCTV lens and add an m4/3 mount. The features you suggest would require redesigning the lens and manufacturing a batch of this redesiged lens. This would be much more expensive and would probably require a larger production batch than Noktor will ever be able to sell.

  • Mike

    Well, the 50mm F0.95 in hands of Steave Huff does pretty good job (overall look on thumbnails), and this lens match design of black E-P2. Maybe this product will revalue Olympus lens road map for m43. They don’t need to go that fast, but decent 25mm F1.4 M.Zuiko will be appreciated instantly (and not to mention classic E-System which is covered only by expensive Leica). Olympus needs to wake up ;)

  • Seb

    Steve’s sample are way better that the first ones seen on flickr!

  • rUY

    I think there are a few points that we need to summarized:

    1. It is modified from CCTV lens, which was originally not for photographic purposes;
    2. Said to be a Japan design, no mention of Country of origin and whether the brand is the manufacturer. more likely a OEM CCTV lens modified to adopt m43 camera.
    3. Did not shown how the Blades design or how it looks like on smaller aperture.
    4. all photos on internet do not have exif for review of setting.
    5. Price is US$ 750.
    6. The cheapiest c-mount that made in China with 25/1.4 or 35/1.7 could be US$ 10-20
    7. A decent brand of Cine lens could be around US$ 150-800, which are branded with good market value.

    So, far, the only Pro that I see is that it is the fastiest lens that I see for m4/3.

  • Ark-kun

    >So, far, the only Pro that I see is that it is the fastiest lens that I see for m4/3.
    I don’t see this as a pro. It would be fine if they had anything m43-specific except the mount (like autofocus or just some plain electronic connection with camera). As the only m43 thing is the mount, I see this as a con (less universality).

  • rUY

    Yes, Ark-Kun, You are right about forcus confirm chips or electronics that helping user on manual lens. If that is 43 /CY /AR /PB /exakta mount, there still a way to use adapters to get it works with m4/3, however, this one not.

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