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No Joke: New “Dog Shits Optics”!


Dog Schidt Optiks Sample Showreel – Lenses now For Sale!! from Melting Bloke (Richard Gale) on Vimeo.

That is probably one of the most funny new lens announcements ever. We have new lenses from “Dog Shits Optics” :)

On their website they say the lenses based on the Vintage 58mm f/2.0 classic 1960’s Zeiss optical design (here on eBay). You can buy them in almost any mount you want, also four Micro Four Thirds and for Four Thirds. The mount will be modified after your purchase. Check out for more info at

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  • fred

    Sounds better than SLR Magic and kinda catchy!

    • Fish

      Dang it Fred,
      I was going to make the slr magic comment as soon as I saw the post. You beat me to it.

  • cosinaphile


    • Tomato sauce, fix anything.

  • tamrong

    it looks like Russian made Lens Helios 44-2 58mm f2

    polished to chrome silver

  • shadowfoto

    well, the lens is just a Soviet Helios 44-2 with factory paintjob removed, yet they didn’t bother to remove “Made in USSR” marking. And it costs about 10 to 30 euro in russia.

  • Hunter

    These are Helios 44M 58mm f2.0 preset lenses, Not sure why they are rebranding them like this and sanding them down- they can be found in m42 mount on eBay for around $30. I have one, nice vintage lens.

    • rpm40

      …because those who don’t know better will pay $150 for the same lens. Buy, adapt, rebadge and resell to suckers for a nice profit!

      • jacob

        there modifying the lens by hand to certain specifications, thats whats worth the extra money. they letting you customize the lens
        -lens flare color
        -contrast level
        -textured bokeh

  • Anonymous

    Not even April 1 yet.

  • Anonymous

    Talk about a shitty lens.
    A dog of a lens?

    • No mate you’ve been sold a pup!!!!!

  • Ming Dang

    I think I can eksplain this in asian person perspektif. I once met a man from the Fujian distrik in China and he is fan of Carl Zeiss lenses. He says in his mother dialekt of “Hokkien”, Carl Zeiss sounds like “Kaw Sai” which literally translation to “D0g Schidt in his dialekt. If any Fujian Chinese here speaks this dialect they can verify this is no bull schidt.

    • observer

      LOL HAHA Good one Carl Zeiss = Kao Sai(dog shit). As a Hokkien Speaker I can vouch for that. Interesting origin!

      • And what noodle sauce do you want in your glass.

        • Ming Dang


          Are you bald and live outside of time. You watch the series in your city? If yes, you will understand what is observer. Some say Amalreck is pre-evolution observer. Later he lose goatee. Now he losing humility.

          Jimmy Dee,

          I take Napolitana. But Bolognaise is good if you please.

          • observer

            Aiyah! in china they do it with chili.

  • adaptor-or-die

    calling a Russian Helios a Zeiss lens is basically fraud. While the Helios may have been copied from Zeiss tooling post WWII as war booty, it’s still a soviet made lens … their whole marketing approach is shitz. Helios isn’t a bad lens, but one that is in the original black and with the proper marking would be better. There is a guy on ebay in Israel that reconditions Industar 61LDs which are much better lenses, with Rare Earth coatings and sells them for NR at $20~ and he doesn’t add the nonsense marketing “crap”

    • Ross

      So, do you think Richard Gale should be in gaol (jail for US speakers) then? ;) FYI, People with that name back in history were possibly gaolers (jailers) or lived near a gaol.

    • “calling a Russian Helios a Zeiss lens is basically fraud”

      Yea to right!!
      I reckon hellios should get stuck into zeiss for taking them off.

  • henrik

    This is so tasteless, i wouldn’t even give them any air time here on 43rumors. I think even as a 8 year old i would have found it tasteless.

    • Taste buds don’t develop until after the tomato sauce period. That’s later than 8.

  • Ming Dang

    Definately in bad taste to name a produkt like this. But to bring to light the origin of the bad taste I have identifide the indigenous peoples who speak that dialekt I mention earlier.

    If you know any asian people originating from the below listing, they can verify what Carl Zeiss means in their language. But due to heavy ethnik accent it will sound like “Kow Sai” or at very best “Cow Sigh”.

    These peoples speaking the Fujian dialect now spread out further than China and include:

    Northern Thailand, Chiangmai
    South Borneo
    Various parts of Indonesia

    Maybe even San Fransisco…

    • observer

      Obviously you left out the whole Fujian province in China and most people in Taiwan.

      • Ming Dang

        What I mean is peoples outside of china that can speak the dialect.

  • Lupo

    what happened? this site is hacked?
    First a shabby GH3 slating, then some silly advertisement for any offers and now something kids crap?
    sooner had here is a 4:3 rumors page, now a jokes collection?

    • admin

      1) Ming Thein is a wel known photographer. And should I post positive GH3 reviews only? It’s great to hear different opinions.
      2) Yes, it is a joke of a collection but it is a news.

      • Lupo

        This is not about positive or negative.
        As someone said, I do not like the camera (manufacturer), whether it is good or not, and only I have to say. That’s ok for a comment, for a “review” it’s a joke.

        Therefore, I wonder if it is here is a joke site? ;-)

        • admin

          Your comment completely makes no sense. So you decide what is a “comment” and what can be seen as “review”? Ming Thein is a top photographer and has an important voice on the internet too. And you are the only one complaining. So please accept that others may be interested to hear his opinion.
          And if you believe that is a joke site than I welcome you to not waste time on that blog. Bye!

          • Send some tomato sauce and a snag sanga, that’l fix ‘im!!

      • Albert

        People always complain – even for something free. Thanks admin. appreciate the laugh :)

  • Adriaantie

    Boohoo i dislike everything exept oly m43. Snif boohoo i want only oly m43 news. Stop all other news or i am going to cry like a little baby and run to mama.

    • Bob B.


  • Bob B.

    I bet that they come with a doggie poop pouch…
    That silver inner barrel is REALLY. workin for me!!! WTF?

    • I looked at that and went Yea yea yea, Silver.

      • Bob B.

        Yes…INCREASE the glare!!!!!! LOL!~

  • So they buy a helios for $5, polish the paint off then sell it for $100? I can’t help but feel the plan would work better without the stupid name!

  • tomas

    I think if they are made in black + AF…they would be hotseller for many blog watchers :-)))

  • Tulio

    They are not bad lenses, but you can buy them for $30 inclusive postage.

  • PannyBoom

    Lol wow man! idk, i would be afraid to buy a lens from a group called

    ”Dog Shits Optics”, the mindset of these people puts me off.

  • Don’t know about the lenses but I enjoyed the video :-)

  • Camaman

    “Dog Shidt optics” name?

    Sounds like it is intended for the American buyers.
    They must always have stupid name that gets theirs attention. It gets them to overpay for anything.

    Name 5Million Dollar for a photo “bag” comes to mind.
    Just take a look at this ridiculous name list!
    Crumpler is champion in that!

  • Chris K.

    Yay for hobbyists! I always like to hear/read about hobbyists doing interesting stuff with lenses; have you noticed the unique apertures they offer? (The f/1.4 fixed aperture is particularly tempting to me, but the triangular aperture sounds fun too, but a replaceable aperture would be best as these are such specialized options, the lens would collect dust most of the time. Same for the color options, would be keen to use, but choosing one at manufacturing time?)

    But here’s my negativity: PDF’s for their (text-only) documentation? Videos shot with the lenses are interesting but how about showing more of the lenses themselves? Push push push for EF mount while offering other mounts but really I want an EF mount? And the company name/logo I could do without. Cute for about 1/200s. And ~$180US is a bit much for a uni-tasker.

  • Anonymous

    They appear to have changed their name to “Flare Factory.”

  • Ronan


  • bobthewrecker

    Well this just confirms what I always say – people will buy any shit these days and will pay whatever price tag you put on it. Maybe not worth the price but can get some swirly bokeh going. If you add the price of the adapter etc, labour and so on, it may even turn out to be a semi-fair price. Love the shitting dog silhouette! I once knew a photographer who took and collected pictures of shitting dogs’ facial expressions. Odd but funny.

    Overall – I think it’s funny and refreshing and I think it somewhat summarises the mirrorless movement – anything goes. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, and don’t bash Admin for posting this. If you’re suffering from rumour underdose, go and take some pictures instead.

  • Art

    Grabs attention but not good long term marketing.

  • Photowang

    This recent outcrop of manual lenses reminds me a lot of the fixie bike craze. Take an old track bike, give it a new paint job (or just take all the paint off), make sure it doesn’t have brakes, bar tape, extra gears, or anything else that would add convenience (vintage parts a plus), then sell it for way more than it’s worth. People will eventually eat this shit up and then call themselves “purists”, and that the manual, fixed aperture allows them to “become one with the camera” in Zen fashion.

  • Anonymous

    lomo gone fecal. This is a good definition of “snake-oil”. Nothing they’ve done improves something that the consumer could buy and adapt for themselves. Why they went to the effort to buff all the paint off these, obscuring the range marking and aperture settings? It’s been pointed out that removing the paint on the inner front is simply increasing the chance for flare.

    Using Legacy glass on mirrorless cameras is an excellent choice, but this variation, is for all the wrong reasons. Added cost, marketing that fails, and they’ve managed to make something useful, all the more less. At least with the Lomo mob all they did was jack the price up on existing NOS gear. [nothing wrong with admin posting this, it’s good to see what people get up to.]

  • jacob

    most comments on this page are stupid as hell. you guys need to look into this lens more before you criticize.
    this lens is being remade, polished inside and out, added customization, and for a helios 44m brand new condition its about the same price.
    you could pick up an old looking garbage lens for $5 or you could buy this customized refurbished to brand new condition (or better) lens. well worth the money

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