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(UPDATED) Next super GX1 deal in USA. 12-35mm X zoom back in Stock.


This is the third good GX1 deal in one month. Almost amkes me think a GX2 is coming too! At Adorama (Click here) you can get the GX1 with 14-42mm normal (non-x) zoom lens for $479 by entering the coupon code “S4794799“. And meantime the E-PL1 goes back on top of the Mirrorless Camera AND Lens ranking (Click here to see).

UPDATE: The 12-35mm X zoom lens is now back in Stock at Amazon (Click here).

  • pdc

    Panasonic’s pre-Photokina leaks are keenly awaited.

  • Steve

    I thought the GX1 update was already behind soon after it’s release. The G5 sensor and electronic shutter should be in a GX2 soon.

  • Panasonic has actually said that the GX line will be updated this year:

    The GX2 should at least have all the features of the G5, maybe with some new ones as well. Wasn’t there a patent once with a tilting, built-in EVF?

  • Ryan

    The GX1 is a great camera! I dont know why people rag on it.

  • Diane B

    I would think it would be fine as I have the G3 (and now OMD too) but it lacks both an EVF unless you buy the aux. and it lacks a tiltable screen. These both seem to be options a lot of people want. I know I used my GF1 quite a bit less than I thought I would because in our southern light it was impossible to focus and compose many times of the day even other than midday and the aux. EVF wasn’t up to par. Now the EVF is but its an added expense. The new GX may add one of these options and make it a lot more tempting for a lot of people. Just MO though.


  • Uberzone

    I don’t think anyone was ragging on the GX1 over its quality. I agree with Diane that the EVF is a necessity in this southern sun. Camera and the EVF together were close to $1000 when the camera was first introduced. At that time the G3 made more sense for a lot of people. It was basically the same camera at half the price. Now that the price has come down it is a lot more attractive.

  • Doug

    Ok, where do you enter the code on the Adorama site?

  • Reza

    I find it interesting, looking at the top 20 in Amazon’s list, that either the cheapest or the most expensive cameras fill the ranks. You have GF3 and E-Pl1, the cheapest mirrorless cameras at the moment. You also have E-M5 and NEX7.

    Pushing out to The next 20, you start to see NEX-5n, GH2, G3 and Nikon V1. The midrange cameras E-PL2 , GX1, NEX 5a, etc show up only from rank 40 onwards.

    What does this tell us?

    1. There is a large group of buyers that want the absolutely cheapest alternative. Not affordable models, but THE cheapest one.

    2. Then we have the majority of Camera buyers that are interested in the high end models.

    3. Less people are interested in mid range or affordable models.

    To me these results are counter intuitive. I would have thought most of the people will be interested in the mid range bodies, like a nice bell shaped normal distribution. Apparently the camera buying wolrd works differently.

  • I adore the GX-1 and will definitely be upgrading it to a GX-2 is there’s a built-in EVF. Tilt screen is not a must for me, I hardly use the articulated one of the G3 (though my choice would be for tilt).

  • nicwalmsley

    With the E-PL1, is Olympus still building new ones, or we’re the ones selling today built years ago?

    • Richard

      To keep a factory running, management has to keep workers work on something. Even if the model does not sell, before the next order comes in or next model that worthing making, the factory has to keep making it or the workers would be scared and worry about company’s future(and start to look for a new job in the competition’s factory).

      So we have seen EP2 EPL1 and will see many more newer camera models in the pipeline for clearance.

  • dau

    I agree, The gx1 is a g3 without evf or articulated screen. i never understood why anyone would choose it over the g3, especially if you compare the prices. It definitley a case of style over substance..

  • Richard

    The 12-35mm X zoom lens is selling at 73,000 yen in Japan. So the $1200 is way overpriced according to the Wall Street analysis.

    The fair price should be $700-$800 USD in the US. After the initial rush of orders, the price will go down very soon.

    I will keep using Olympus 14-35mm F2 and 14-54 II F2.8 with an adapter. I would like to buy The 12-35mm X zoom lens when the price is right.

    • Horacio

      Would you share the link, please? is shipping to South America available?
      Thanks in advance

  • Bought the 12-35 X lens. It has arrived. GREAT! Will be reviewing soon @ frugal

  • st3v4nt

    GX-2 is coming….? Hope so….but I’m afraid it’s just showing the GX-1 demand is not that good or not as predicted by Pany. Let’s hope it makes Panasonic finally creating the dreaded range finder everybody keep clamoring about.

  • Miroslav

    “This is the third good GX1 deal in one month. Almost amkes me think a GX2 is coming too!”

    Maybe, but it also shows GX1 was way overpriced, as we all said here. It probably isn’t selling well, so they keep lowering the price.

  • Doug

    Admin: There is no place to enter that code! I have now tried on my desktop Mac in Safari…. not just my iOS devices… no go..

    • Joe

      It’s on the checkout page under payment information. Just tried it on my iPad. Code only seems to work for the black version, not the silver FYI.

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