Next GH2 superdeal at Amazon and BHphoto! (And superdeal on the 14mm lens in UK)


I have good news for those of you that missed the GH2 Adorama deal. The Gh2 +14-42mm kit is now in Stock for $699(!) at Amazon (Click here) and Bhphoto (Click here). And a $300 price drop is also ongoing on the GH2+14-140mm kit at Amazon (Click here) and Bhphoto (Click here).

Other deals:
Panasonic compact camera specials on Amazon (Click here).
Black E-P3 with 14-42mm lens for $759 at Amazon (Click here). Only seven cameras left (at the time of posting).

And finally I can report a supedeal ongoing in Europe. The Panasonic 14mm pancake sells for 179£ at Amazon UK (Click here).

  • M.

    Is the 14-140 really worth the extra $400?

    Would you rather have the 14-42 + 20 1.7 or the 14-140?

    • richard

      The kit lens isn’t good, the kit lens worth $800 new, even if you selling is worth more than $600. Adorama had the deal for $999 with the 14-1400mm not sure if the code stillw ork.

    • RAS

      It is if you can sell it for at least $500. (which I did.)

      The 14-42 is junk.

      Here’s what I did: Bought one of each kit, sold off both the lenses, ended up with two GH2 bodies for approx $550 each. Use a 14-45mm and a 20mm 1.7 while waiting for the next round of video lenses to be released.

  • Mal

    Does that mean that the GH3 will be announced soon? It would not make sense to have such huge discounts just because of a new kit lens.

  • The Master

    Tempting, to get a backup body, with these low prices, but I hate to get one, then they come out with the GH3, which might be more to my liking.

    I’m still hoping for a better ergonomic body, that I’m not constantly switching the screen view mode on, or accidentally hitting the expo comp, somehow. It would also be nice to be rid of that rubber viewfinder protrusion on the back, so it slides into a pocket easier. Then there is the loss of motion Jpg in the next models, in favor of Mpeg4, or something. I don’t know much about video, but I wonder about mixing formats and the consequences of that.

    • Jeaper

      I think the protrution is a important feature to improve ergonomics. Without the protrution one will have to press the face against a totally flat backside. This will be almost impossible to do it conveniently without having ones nose in the way. Unless it has a offset position, aka that rangefinder style camera.

    • Andrew Howes

      Based on what we’ve heard from Panasonic, I don’t think we’ll see a GH2 for at least a few months. I think this has more to do with clearing old stock in anticipation of new lens combos (I’m guessing the 14-42x lens and the 12-35mm).

      Either way, these clear-out prices seem to be lower than they’ll get for quite a while after, in part because of the reduced available stock. This seems to have been the case in the last couple years, when dealers cleared out their GF1s, GH1s, G2s, etc.

  • N!co

    Hello admin,
    The GH2 has 1 year and two months and its price is going lower and lower. It was announced 1 year and a half after the GH1 so we should see the GH3 in the next 4 or 5 months. Do you have any source that told you so and what can we expect ?
    I know that DxoMark is not “THE TRUTH” but when I see that the Nikon D90 has still a far better sensor than every M43 even if it’s much older (especially high ISO : more than 1000 ISO useable for their test instead of 660 for the G3 and GH2… even the GH1 was better), I’m really disapointed and can’t wait for a better sensor.

    And then as I want a GF1 successor, I’ll have to wait for a GX2 with the GH3 sensor. Unless the GH3 has the NEX7 form factor as some rumors said.

    Any news on that ?

  • Cocoon

    and where is promised new firmware 1.1 to GH2 from the beginning of December?
    any news?

  • How about this deal?–zwart-body.html


    be aware that battery is the same as for the new GX1!!!!! and that one alone costs €80
    Bought one as replacement for my E-P1, waiting for the GX1 than this one will become backup…

  • The Master

    Well, I’m all for moving the VF to the left. The thing is, probably, like most people I don’t use the VF all the time, but I do need it sometimes and having it off to the side, with a thiner profile, just makes more sense and keeps things in a smaller form factor, which is really the whole point of M4/3 in the first place.

    • Mr. Reeee

      A left-mounted EVF works great for pancake lenses. Just see how well it balances with one of the longer, heavier zooms like a 14-140mm, 45-200mm, 100-300mm.

      When I tried a NEX-7, aside from the fussy interface, the lack of balance when using a longer lens and the (gorgeous) EVF was the most striking thing about it. Pretty nice camera, not so great ergonomics.

  • killagram


    Worse case scenario you sell the lens for ~$100 and keep a great m43 sensor with modified codecs ala VK/Driftwood ect. I doubt very highly the GH3 will acquire substantial gains over a hacked GH2, until of course Vitaly works his magic again.

    (All credit goes to Vitaly, Driftwood, LPowell and other members of personal-view).

  • compositor20

    i believe the reason they are so cheap is that sensor… its alt the same generation (gh-1 bodys dont go below 400 used in ebay..)

    those 150 euros and 200 euros are just e-p1, e-pl1,e-pl2, gf-1,gf-2 g1,g2 bodys. all with the same 12mp sensor..

    i believe this firmware improvement will be a raw improvement to get to g3 iso 3200 levels.. that would mean better raw noise reduction even at a little cost of less colour saturation which i dont mind)

  • Berneck

    I’m glad I canceld my G3 order. It has been nagging me to hold out for the GH3. This has to be an indication that it’s around the corner…

  • Richard

    I would love this to be an indicator of the GH3. But with new GH2 firmware coming soon, Panny might want the GH2 to live a little longer before launching the GH3. Could be a new X series kit lens in the near future.

  • DR

    “The Panasonic 14mm pancake sells for 179£ at Amazon UK”

    Cheaper on ebay. I bought one for AU$230 shipped (151£) a few weeks ago. These are kit lens splits from GF2 or 3, so no box, but at that price, who cares about a box? Cheapest I’ve seen was $200.

    Killer deal at those prices.

  • Oitszek

    Makes spending premium on every ft sensored camera a ridiculous move, wait 12 months and buy it for half price, i guess thats the ticket if you try to sell yesterdays tech to people

  • I have a GH1 and was hoping to skip a generation and wait for GH3, but couldnt pass this deal up! Especially with new firmware!

  • st3v4nt

    Can only cry over this offer …. knowing that Amazon would simply deny me for order due to the global shipping limitation of electronic goods from them. It’s almost as cheap as G3 in my local camera store.

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