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New XZ-2 reviews and an Olympus APP report (on the E-M5)


The great XZ-2 and the even cheaper XZ-1:
Our friend Robin Wong posted part two and part three of the XZ-2 review. It’s a really nice camera and Robin talents really shows how to get the most out of it. But as I told you before…that $199 you pay for the XZ-1 now (Click here) really kills the XZ-2 sales!

The new Olympus phone APP:
The Olympus Image share Application is now available on iTunes and Android store. And our reader Matt Johnston tested the APP on the E-M5:
I just wanted to send a quick update/review of the new Oly app and a Flash Air SD. I live in the US, but bought a Flash Air card a few months ago from Japan just to play around with to see how it compared to my Eye-Fi card.  To make a long story short, I could see the potential, but was turned off by the very rudimentary web interface you had to use for everything (browsing thumbnails, viewing full sized individual pictures, and saving images to your phone/device).  Anyway, after reading your post yesterday I downloaded the app and tried to connect to the card with both my E-P2 and my E-M5… both worked great!  I don’t have any other cameras to test with, but I’m curious if this might work with other brand cameras as well? It’s quite simple and only takes a few seconds to setup.  You first have to connect to the WIFI network that the card generates.  Then just open the Oly app and it shows you thumbnails of all the pictures on the camera. From there you can either view large versions of individual photos by clicking on them, or you can select multiple photos and have your phone save them to the camera roll.  To apply art filters, you have to use a photo already saved to your phone.  The good news is that you can apply Oly art filters to any photo on your phone… including pics taken with the iPhone camera or uploaded from other cameras!
I did have two recommended improvements if you can forward them on to Oly.  First, it takes a long time to load individual, full resolution photos… I shoot RAW + full size JPEGs.  RAWs don’t show up in the app (which is good IMO), but the full resolution JPGs take 10 seconds or longer to view. That delay is also present when using the very basic web interface from the Flash Air card so I’m sure it isn’t Oly’s fault.  It also goes much, much quicker if you set your camera to generate smaller JPGs.  The problem is when you scroll to the next photo (and wait 10+ more seconds) and then scroll back… it doesn’t cache the photos you’ve already viewed.  You have to reload the photos (10+ secs each), every single time you view them!  Maybe Oly could create a cache that resets after the app is closed.  That way for each viewing session you browse quicker.  The other improvement I would love to see is to add an auto-refresh option.  If you were on a paid shoot and your client was watching the progress on an iPad, they would have to refresh the thumbnails between every shot.  Not a deal breaker, but it seems like it could easily be added.
Now to be fair, everything you can do with the Oly app is possible to do with the card by itself — namely, connecting to your smart phone/tablet, viewing thumbnails, seeing full size images, and downloading them to your device.  What the Oly app adds, is a nice interface to everything.  I almost gave up on my Flash Air card as it was so cumbersome to use via their painfully basic web interface.  Before this app came along my Flash Air was sitting unused in favor of my Eye-Fi card.  Now I can see myself using it much more often… way to go Oly!

Thanks Matt for your report!!!

P.S.: A long list of E-PM2 cameras is sold by Cameta on Amazon (Click here) and on eBay (here on slidoo).

Panasonic and Olympus Preorder Links with specs and price:
Special GH3 page at Amazon (Click here) and a full Olympus presentation page at Amazon (Click here).
GH3 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here)Panasonic US and in Europe at Wexphotographic UK and Technikdirekt.
35-100mm X lens at Amazon (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here), Panasonic US.
E-PL5 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here). In EU at Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon France,
E-PM2 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here). In EU at Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon France,
XZ-2 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
60mm macro at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
12mm Black prime lens at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
15mm cap-lens at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).

  • mpgxsvcd

    I think Eye-Fi cards are not going to be around for long if manufactures start putting the wireless capabilities directly in the cameras.

    • I use Olympus Share with my Eye-Fi card or with any photo on my Android or iPhone.

      I am very happy that there is some competition for Eye-Fi in the Toshiba cards though.

  • Sunny

    One question: Is the Oly app only for viewing ready pictures or is it possible to get a preview for tethered shooting via smartphone?

    • Ranger 9

      I thought I had read during the release coverage that the EPL5 and EPM2 would support wireless remote live view and triggering via the FlashAir card. Is this true, or am I mistaken?

      Also, if it IS true, I would like to know if this works on the E-M 5 as well… would be a shame if it didn’t, since I am sure a lot of E-M 5 users would like this feature and since competitors (e.g. Panasonic GH3) are offering wireless remote capability.

  • junity

    I use the FlashAir card with my RX-100 + iPhone and yes the Olympus app works just fine. Hope they don’t update the app so non-Olympus cameras get shut out.

    Sunny, the app is only for photos taken already, and you cannot do a live tethering thing like the expensive DSLRs.

    • Sunny

      I´m not happy to read this, but thanks! I hoped to get a modern remote control. Just watching or sending pictures is no feature I would pay a penny for.

  • achiito

    I initially was turned off by the price and also thought that E-p2 might not be supported as it is old. Now I know that EP2 will work, I might consider using it.

    Another thing I am trying is to by a Iphone SD card reader, the cheap one that is only 3$, and use the app called zoom it to load it on the phone. Then use the Ol.share app from Olympus to apply Art Filters if needed.

  • southbymidwest

    I was the author of this post. Just yesterday I borrowed my friends Panny G1 to test it out. It worked great!

    By the way, there is no tethering option in the menu of the Oly app.

  • ljmac

    I’ve said this before admin: it’s *not* APP (it isn’t an acronym) – it’s app or App (short for application).

  • I am in Colombia and just discover that the app in iTunes it’s not available in our region. Shame on you Olympus! I have the EyeFi card but their app is so primitive and complex to set up that I just put it away.

    • You can install it anyways. Just google how to install iTunes apps from other countries. BTW this app will not replace your Eye-Fi app. It’s designed to connect to your Toshiba Air card.

      • Thanks Giulio, then is not anygood for me since I just own the EyeFi Pro. But it’s good to know there is a way around to install iTunes apps from other countries. By the way, love your clips about helping and your videos on YouTube.

        • I also have the Eye Fi Pro X2 but I shoot jpeg to my ios and Android devices. Are you trying to add art filters with raw?

          Happy to hear you dig what I got going on at Small Camera Big Picture. It’s a lot of work but a lot of fun.

          • I also shoot Jpeg. No art filters. Today I’ve installed the EyeFi Pro SD card on my Lumix LX5 and is working fine with my iPhone 4. But with the OM-D is easier to turn it off.

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