New XZ-1 review at Digitalrev and Rollei 50mm lens test.


What a nice Olympus XZ-1 review. I like that guy and I like the narrative style. In that video he compared the Olympux XZ-1 with the Canon S95. See the video to hear the conclusion!
You can get the XZ-1 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay (Click on shop name to visit the direct product page).
For comparison. That’s the price of the Canon S95 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

For the first time I saw a Rollei lens tested ona Micro Four Thirds camera. You might be interested to see the results at (Click here). They tested the Rollei Planar 50mm f/1.4 on the new Olympus E-PL2. That’s what I like most of Micro Four Thirds, the fact that you use almost any existing lens. Canon seems to not understand that (See

See the Rollei 50mm Planar lens on eBay (Click here).
Olympus E-PL2 price checks at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

  • That video review is right. I own a lot of Olympus gear, but l chose Canon’s S90 over Panasonic’s LX5 due to size, usability and the fact that the PowerShot runs CHDK. I would make the same choice again anf pick the S95 over the XZ-1 for thr same reasons. Canon gets small cameras.

    • fjy

      Smaller is not better when you consider the buttons are sooo tiny, you would have to have child hands to operate them. I’d much rather have the XZ-1 size and image quality… although I think even it’s buttons should be bigger. Compared to the Olympus E5, the XZ-1 is small!

      • Honestly, the S90/S95 is highly customizable and easier to use because of that. The dial around the lens can be customized for the PowerShot, the XZ-1 just has one mode on its dial. The S90/S95 has a custom menu that can be programmed to contain just the options required, a special ‘C’ mode on the mode dial on top of the camera can be used to switch the camera into a predefined mode, plus the camera has a function button that can be customized.

        And it fits into a pocket of a jeans easily and I can still move around. Actually, my S90 has better usability than my E-PL1.

        Sorry, but that point goes to Canon.

        • Henrik

          The XZ-1 also has a c-mode. Although the front-ring isnt customizable the already programmed funtions to that ring in the different modes are very logical. I mean, aperture in A mode etc. I havent felt the need to change it yet in the modes I use.

          The lack of an FN is bad tho, I agree with that. Instead the XZ-1 has a much brighter lens at the end zoom. The picture quality is also better. The body is already so small for my hands Im not sure Id be comfortable with anything smaller (atleast not when using manual controls, maybe for iAuto a minimal body is ok).

          Sorry, but the point goes to Olympus.

  • Nice review! I would still prefer the XZ-1 over the S95. Mainly because of the very good Zuiko lens!

  • GreyOwl

    Yet another Kai W masterpiece, informative and very witty, he is just the best. He also knows what he is talking about regarding testing cameras.

  • seb

    “That’s what I like most of Micro Four Thirds, the fact that you use almost any existing lens. ”

    Using legacy lens with a 2x crop factor is SO AWESOME. Bullshit.

    • @seb: what tastes like bullshit to you, is delicious for lots of mft users. Maybe you better order something else from the menu card?

    • The Other Chris

      Sorta agree with you there. It’s cool using legacy lenses until you realize that, for a normal perspective, you have to use a gigantic 24mm lens that completely negates the size advantage.

    • I enjoy being able to use the sweet spot of my Minolta MC 58mm f/1.2 on my E-PL1.

  • Mistral75

    Admin, your link to the test made by DC.Watch is wrong.

    Hereafter the right one:

    • admin

      Ops! Something went wrong. Thanks for warning me!

    • great shot! oops, i meant Tobias link :-)

  • DigitalRev is sort of like Top Gear for cameras.

    Of course, the reason the XZ-1 is so large is that the lens has to be quite a bit larger than the S95 due to the speed. He’s right on about the “F1.8” badge. Tacky.

  • The Planar looks great on the PL2. Looking at both the lens on the camera and the results, I can hardly wait until my budget meets my photographic desires ;-).

  • WT21

    Not his strongest review. I don’t think he even takes a picture until the 2 minute mark. For the first 4 minutes, he’s doing some comic bit about being a tourist. I didn’t finish the rest.

  • igor

    to be honest i thought that the canon had better depth of color and it was more vivid than the xz1. i like the look of the xz1 more though. but if the camera is that much bigger i expected a better result from the picture comparison.

  • ILO

    Wrong comparison. The comparison with G12 is more relevant. G12 has similar size, sensor and similar selling point as a high end small sensor compact camera and as bonus OVF. I prefer PEN though because of much larger sensor but essentially same size. And as bonus you can replace lenses.

  • bonzoo

    I think I will stick with the S95. It will be a good “bridge” until a “pro” PEN or equivilant LUMIX hits the market… or the NEX-9. The XZ-1 is a nice camera but it will cost me at least 100 € more than the S95 :( Plus I prefer the small size for hiking ;)

  • I own a Nikon mount Zeiss Planar 50/1.4, which is the same optical design as the Rollei-badged version. The image at f/1.4 lacks contrast and is somewhat soft, but at f/2 it becomes delightful with the typical Zeiss 3D rendering and rich, neutral colours. I can’t decide which lens is my favorite for portraits: the Zeiss or the Olympus 50/2 macro.

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