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New Viltrox adpater with AF support!


As you know the current official Olympus Four Thirds to Micro Four Thirds adapter costs around $150 (here at Amazon) while the Panasonic adapter is a bit cheaper ($115 at Amazon). Other adapters are offered form third party companies but do not allow any electronic use of the lenses….until today! I am surprised from the new Viltrox adapter (Click here). It is a Four Thirds adapter that supports the AF! It’s sold for $70 by a Hong Kong store on eBay (Click here). I hope Viltrox can do more of that kind of adapters with electornic support!

  • Camaman

    Thats nice and all but when is someone gonna make a nikon, canon, M etc -> chipped m43 adapter?
    There were some 43 adpters.

  • err … this adapter has been available for a while, apparently there are reported issues about reliability of the build, poor electronic contacts and light leaking problems.

    • Anonymous

      Have used this for over 12 months on my ep1 and had no problems. Now using on om-D and it is 100%.

    • Digifan

      Have this adapter allready half a year I think (2 of them).
      Allthough some reported problems mine have no issues at all. Both are black.

    • st3v4nt

      Guess that’s way this adapter a bit unpopular, what I wait for is If some company out there can make adapter that have PDAF to CDAF converter built in the adapter so the AF will be quicker.

      • Fan

        That’s not technically possible without PDAF support in the camera firmware. Such an adapter can only be made by Olympus or Panasonic along with a firmware update, or a new camera.

  • m

    These adapters have been available for below $70 since some time last year. Here is one from US for $60

    This Viltrox adapter was mentioned on this site in October.
    Still surprised? How many admins are here?

    • admin

      Yeah but in October I didn’t know that it would have AF support!!!!

    • Admin can’t remember everything.
      He was a young fit twenty year old when he started this blog only a few short years ago.
      When he goes to the airport nowadays they offer him a wheelchair and several companies have offered wrinkle creams, blue pills, grey hair tinting, and old age supports of many kinds.
      Just remember he can’t do everything, even thing we know he can.

    • as usual, usa ebay resellers ask ridiculous shipping fees

  • bousozoku

    It looks as though they took the Olympus adapter, made copies of the parts or got the design specifications, and created their own, cheaper version.

    • It fills the same function, fits in the same manner, has the same dimensions it has to look the same. If they made it square it would foul the body. Ok they could have made it a hex or deca shape or knurled it, but you would have sill said its the same, so they copied the original, instant acceptance.
      But its silver, Oly, make me a silver one that will be the free one I get in Oz.

      • bousozoku

        No, I would not have said that it was the same.

        Too many times, factories in China have copied parts and made products based on those parts. Apple have had such problems in the early days of the iPod.

        It’s much easier to create something if you don’t have to do research and development.

        • You said “it looks” I commented on that alone.

  • I’ve had this adapter a few weeks and it works great. No problems at all.

  • K

    These are as cheap as 62 dollars or so on u.s.a ebay, im gonna get one for my e-pl1 and 50-200 swd! I dont care that it will have slow autofocus either.

  • popo

    that’s not a novelty

    • admin

      I never noticed it before

  • Mar

    I was told that old MMF2 adapters were on sale by Olympus in Europe for around 40€.

  • thx for sharing, interesting option!

  • Curious

    Could it be profitable for Panasonic to make electronic adapters for Nikon and Canon lenses on micro four thirds cameras, and then sell them cheaper than what they should cost? They might sell less lenses, but they would on the other hand remove a barrier that Nikon and Canon DSLR customers have against switching systems.

    • Mr. Reeee

      I doubt either Nion or Canon lenses would be able to use AF with an adaptor. I’d suspect the power requirements would differ between the 3 systems.

      If what you’re looking for is EXIF data, that might be possible.

      If you want a solution, although not automatic, for getting EXIF data from manual and adapted lenses, there’s a new Lightroom plug-in, LensTagger, that can do just that.

      What it is is a front-end for EXIFTool, which only needs to be installed, you don’t have to go near it, thank the Gods! So, what you can do is create saved EXIF profiles for each of your manual and adapted lenses. This includes a lens name, focal length and maximum aperture. These can be added to the EXIF data in your photos, either singly or en masse. It’s also possible to apply f-stop data for shots, if you can remember.

      It was written by a M4/3 user, Dirk Essl, and mentioned in the DPReview M4/3 forums. Check it out. It works really well!

      There are also a few articles about it posted around. Here’s one:

  • Henrik

    Well, even if it is not new, it is nice to know about it. Definitely interesting, considering the shortage of native m43 lenses. And to the experts: Which 43 lenses would you suggest to use with this adapter (except zooms in the standard range and lenses that are already available in m43)

  • Got one yesterday. It works fine and fits great (no light leakage) but the camera has crashed a couple of times with it fitted, which it has never done before. Switching on and off fixed it once. Second time I had to take the battery out.

    I’m surprised how useable the 14-54 Mark II is though.

  • Roland

    I’ve got one and used it for about half a year now, I haven’t experienced any problems or crashes on my EP2 and the 14-54mm, I definitely recommend it, it’s very good built quality and there isn’t much difference between this and mmf2.

    Saying that, I haven’t tried it on the faster focusing pen’s to test it out.

  • Frank

    What is an ‘adpater’??? Admin, correct your title, please, it is so sloppy the way it is now.

    • The meaning of adpater? Well, it just shows bad Latin: “ad” means to; “pater” means father. But you have to change the endings: To the father should be “ad patrem”. So, maybe it’s a gift for father’s day!

      • Henrik

        Uh, wow, so erudite on this page?

  • I wonder if it could be possible to create an OM-m4/3 adapter with aperture-control mechanism (wherefore else should it be named OM-D when not really integrating the old zuiko-lenses?)
    There should be place enough I think.
    Such a thing would be a big reason for me to buy an om-d…

  • Dave

    Get the original, $80 of difference will buy you a peace of mind. Also, there is no second hand value for copies.

    • Digifan

      The €50 a piece, I paid for the Viltrox, gave me peace of mind. I cannot, for the life of me, justify €189 for the original.
      Way too expensive.
      Oh yeah, and I do have the original too, got one for free as a promotion after buying the E-P1.

  • flash

    You can get it in black very cheap, if you can wait a week. Shipping is included 58 us

  • lasse

    Hi i am new to this 4/3 cameras.

    I got the panasonic GX1 and would like be able to attach old lenses ( you find in markets etc.) it this adapter for that..??.


  • Vivek

    This has been around for a while, hasn’t it not?

    I will take the Pana adapter (cheaper than one of their batteries!!!) over this anyday!

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