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New Topaz AI software updates


Just recently I told you that Topaz has completely redone the website for their AI software. Check out the new pages at Photo Ai, Video AI, GigaPixel AI. And now we got updates:

Photo Ai Full changelog for version 3.0.2:

  • LrC will now export DNGs when processing RAWs without “Adjust Lighting” or “Balance Color”
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by large exports of RAW images
  • Fixed “Add to collections” feature for LrC sometimes not working on Mac
  • Fixed autopilot not applying to batch exports in some scenarios
  • Fixed PS Automate plugin not saving changes back to PS on some devices
  • Fixed PS Automate plugin looping when cancelling an export
  • Fixed the upscaling model selector not showing full names of models
  • Fixed images sometimes being skipped during export
  • Fixed switching images causing the wrong filters to be processed
  • Fixed RAW Denoise being added to invalid RAW images
  • Fixed context menu sometimes not opening
  • Fixed the shortcuts in preferences being horizontally draggable
  • Fixed invalid state when removing all enhancements on RAW images
  • Fixed incorrect font rendering on machines without the Inter font
  • Added support for window snapping on Windows
  • Adjusted PS dialogs on Mac and Windows
  • Updated Lensfun

GigaPixel AI Full changelog for version 7.1.3:

  • Fixed an issue where pinch to zoom capped at fit zoom levels
  • Fixed an issue which caused model flashing when toggling legacy models
  • Fixed an issue where clicking an already chosen item re-loaded the image
  • Fixed an issue where Shift + F (show detected faces) would not work in the comparison view
  • Automatic Lensfun Update

Video AI Full changelog for version 5.0.3:

  • Added back reset button for timeline zoom.
  • Added .SER as an importable file type.
  • Fixed certain input tiff sequences failing to load with projects.
  • Fixed 0s elapsed bug when finishing export.
  • Fixed stabilization not reloading in app (loading with error).
  • Fixed benchmarking failing to load.
  • Fixed trim + crop + rotation persistence across projects.
  • Fixed EXR+DPX failing to reconvert.
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