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New Sonnetar 25mm f/1.1 image samples


Click on image to enlarge

KTF-Turbo posted many new image samples of the SOnnetar 25mm f/1.1 Micro Four Thirds lens: As you can see the image quality drmatically increases at f/1.4 aperture. F71.1 has a creamy effect and may be used for emrgency (or creative) reaosns only. I think it’s an impressive performance for such a tiny lens.

Reminder: The designer of the lens is designer Mr. Miyazaki. He is the creator of the well known Leica Triplet lenses (here on eBay) and already made a Sonnetar lens for Pentax Q mount which costs $650 on eBay (Click here)

  • Will

    Don’t want to be too critical but that looks… like i’m not interested. I didn’t click the “would buy one” button on the poll though so not breaking any contractual agreements.


    At F71.1, it turns into a miraculous pinhole lens!

    • Duarte Bruno

      @ Admin: You obviously missed a “SHIFT” press.
      It should be at F/1.1.

  • C

    I really like the f/1.1 creamy look.

    I never shoot past f/2, but I can see going all the way down for some nifty feature.

  • JimD

    The images shown at the post heading are the crops and make the 1.1 look very soft, which it is, but not as soft as first impressions after seeing the larger shots. I think a bit of contrast and added saturation would make this very reasonable at 1.1 It needs no work at f4 where it looks to be very good. Which then begs the question about why buy this 1.1 lens, well that depends on if you like what you see. I believe that there will be many who like this lens and will make wonderful pictures with it, but, it will not be a big seller, a specialist lens. I would like to see some portraits with this lens, that softness may work very well.

  • Anonymous

    What I really want to know is not the performance on m4/3 but more curious about if the lens able to cover APS-C sensor. If yes, it can be used on Sony NEX with an adapter and the aperture should be larger than the Zeiss 24 F1.7. It should be amazing!

    • Brod1er

      Unlikely, if the following post is true about it being half size Zeiss. It is likely to be very poor in the corners and periphery. Can you get a mft to NEX adapter? It could only be 2mm thick?
      The dream of good quality fast pancakes for NEX is I am afraid a dream. Should have gone mft if that is your thing. Before anyone mentions Pentax, remember they require larger bodies with over twice the register distance and aren’t that fast.

  • pdc

    The Sonnetar should do better than this wide open. The Zeiss Sonnar M 50mm @ F1.5 should be the benchmark, as the Sonnetar is an exact 1/2 scale copy (so my sources confirm). Would be interesting to see someone with both lenses do a serious investigation. Until then, the Panasonic 20mm F1.7 should give you as much compactness and light as you need for most situations. $650 can be better spent, until there is a version of the Sonnetar that does better. When it can perform, it will become a collector’s item.

    • JimD

      Trouble is we all know that making something half size does not necessarily emulate the original. Half size in one dimension (read technical measurement, distance, space, volume, etc) is not always half size in another. Many adjustments have to be made, and sometimes it never works, or costs to much.

    • Bob B.

      At any rate, I agree with PDC. This lens costs $650, not a small sum to something that amounts, “for me” to a novelty lens. It is very soft wide open and the bokeh is VERY hard and busy. Now if this lens cost $200 that would be one thing, but I think $650 is better spent buying the 25mm Pany/Leica 25mm f/1.4 or putting the money toward a Voigtlander 25mm, f/.095. Those lenses are much bigger but one has autofocus and performs well, while the other is manual focus, well built and has an art quality to the images…
      But if having something hand built and size are my only reason for buying a lens, then I can easily take the body cap for my camera, get a Dremel with a tiny drill bit and make a pinhole lens.
      Someone else may find this lens to be an art object…I just don’t.

      • DonTom

        I can see myself buying this lens for just the reason I haven’t bought the CV25/.95: size. I would like to see some examples wide open in very low light, indoors. What a brilliant lens to use at parties etc with an E-PM1 or GF3 sized body.
        I doubt I would ever use it as a daylight landscape lens!

  • Steve

    I actually like the look of he lens wide open. Not the crops, but the full images.

    Anybody have the contact info for Mr Miyazaki’s company? I think he’s located pretty close to me…

    • Steve

      OK, I found his phone number and address but no email… He’s actually less than 5km from my office :)

  • Anders

    Found this review of the Zuiko 12-50 mm. Not a bad lens as it seems, albeit a bit slow.

    A bit out of topic, I know, but I haven’t seen it posted on your (excellent) site and I think the score is remarkable for a kit lens.

  • Rob

    Wasn’t impressed when I saw the crop images, but the lens looks lovely to me for portrait shots, I wouldn’t use it wide open for bigger pictures though, looks terrible.

    Not sure if I’d part with the cash for it, but I’d certainly consider it.

  • Starred
  • Camaman

    Is this lens a joke?
    1.1 is unusable. You can get less blurred image with slow shutter and smaller f.

    And focused in the distance… It gives an awesome Warp speed look to your photo.
    And good at f4? Damn the corners are so bad that they need to be cropped!!
    Making this a good sharp 45mm f4 lens that is faking to be a 25mm 1.1…

  • My M43 lens wish list:

    25mm f2.5 ——> compact affordable normal
    14-75mm f2.8-4.5 -> wide range general purpose
    14-150mm f3.5-5.6 -> upgraded specs from current model
    150mm f2.8 ——-> high performance sports telephoto
    100-200mm f4.5 —> high magnification nature zoom

  • olynuts

    so it is sharp only at f4? then what is the use, except you like a creamy look of course.

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