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New russian Olympus E-5 review with production unit!

Share just posted a new E-5 review using a production unit. You can download a huge ammount of RAW files. It’s incredible how much detail Olympus was able to squeeze from the same PEN 12 Megapixel sensor. Don’t know if you can do any better than this!

The E-5 should be in Stock by late October and you can preorder the camera at Amazon US, BHphoto, Adorama and Warehouseexpress.

  • ljmac


  • Lol. A report without links is close to useless… haha

  • Binoyte
    • Binoyte

      sorry it’s a wrong link :(

      • ljmac

        Yeah, I found that too, but I’ll be damned if I can find the review!

  • wow! and a mistake in the title, this is just a late night(mare) post…

  • Jonathan
  • FT rumor site hacked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • admin


    • loll, abit less coffee saabbilly :)

  • link works-but nothing seen on pictures-nor DL of ORF files

  • Neville

    Worked fine for me

  • Dummy00001

    The untouched portraits are quite interesting. Most portrait shots get exhaustively photoshopped, but here one can still the skin texture. Last shot (the one with dark background) is a pleasure to pixel-peep.

  • Its amazing how sharper and more detailed it is from the PEN, even thou it uses the same sensor,

    I could not understand from the review on how they managed to archive it, as i understood samples in the beginning are from RAW so the detail improvement was done in Hardware level

    • Dummy00001

      Таким образом, основная работа, которую проделали инженеры Олимпус, заключается в оптимизации структуры шумов, что в сочетании с высокой детализацией E-5 позволяет добится на выходе лучших результатов по сравнению с предыдущими камерами.

      Short version: main optimization Oly devs made is the optimization of the noise structure, making the noise easier to handle/remove.

      Quote: Изменения произошли в спектральном составе шумов – у E-5 частотный спектр шумов переместился в более высокочастотную область. Зрительно это привело к тому, что яркостный шум стал более мелкозернистым, а уровень цветных шумов немного снизился.

      Short version. Changes were made in the spectral composition of the noises: E-5 frequency range of noises was moved into higher frequencies. Luminance noise has finer grain – chroma noise slightly decreased.

      Later on the article mentions that it apparently allows E-5 to more or less completely remove moire. Though tests were too limited to reach any definitive conclusion.

      Most of the review is spent ranting about how Olympus Viewer 2 (OV2) during development fails to preserve the detalization – compared to the Light Room/Camera Raw. Radius of sharpening in OV2 is apparently hard coded to ~2 pixels (changing development options didn’t help) while E-5 is apparently capable of per-pixel detalization.

    • Zonkie

      The basic difference with the E-P1 is a weaker low-pass filter (and the E-P1 already has a lower one than the E-30).

      The E-PL1 already had this weak filter and has about the same level of detail (Olympus confirmed that the sensor in the E-5 is “almost, almost the same as the E-PL1″*).

      Since the image processing has also improved a lot since the E-30, the difference in JPEG is quite big (in resolution and in noise reduction algorithms), but as shown here the difference in RAW is also very noticeable.


    • Neville

      Some question on whether it is the same sensor as the Pen, check out dpreview forums Moire thread, goblins translation of the French review.
      The DPReview preview did not say it was the same sensor, so is it?

      • Dummy00001

        Sensor might be the same, but the in-camera RAW information post-processing is definitely different. Pretty much everybody says that the structure of the noises is different from all other Oly cameras.

  • Neonart

    The level of detail in the studio shots is insane! It looks like they were shot with the 35-100 f2 stopped down.

    Without trying to start something, they almost look like medium format stuff. Crazy.

  • Neonart

    After actually reading the Stuido section, I have confirmed it was the 35-100 f2. Duh!

    Won’t this camera also give the Foveon guys something to think about? Tons of detail and great color. Who cares if it’s Bayer or Foveon based!?

    Can’t wait to see it go up against the 7D, 60D, D7000, K5, etc. This thing may end up being a dark horse.

    • Neville

      NOt so sure that it will go better the first three, but it looks nearly as good if you increase the size by the required magnification. Its certainly alot better than the Pentax results. With the other three it comes down to really having to pixel peep to see the difference. What is more important to me is that the resolution of the camera is getting very close to that of the lenses I have. As a result I am getting happier by the day as I read the reviews. It means for Nikon I would have to spend some serious money to get the improvement I need, and there is now no longer a need. Yep, unless Olympus comes out with a EVF in the next few months or the complete reviews
      say otherwise, I’m getting one
      For all the whining there appears to be very few used HQ or SHQ lenses going for sale and the few that are going are people moving to ff, not APSC. Oh for a 300mm F2 at a ridiculous price. Olympus, please put the E5 in with a macro as a kit

  • Jdub

    ANYONE know if 14bit RAW yet? Have not seen the pics cause traveling in area with prety much 0 wi-fi am on cell. From some statements here my hopes are raised, but still don’t expect to go without a FF or latest APC to be able to contened with what customers expect. Carrying a M4/3 to attach 2 pro lenses with very slow AF is not what I will ever do. Can expect my pay to go down with certian clients cause not made a “huge pro name for myself” yet on events if I can’t print pro quality 20X30 & shoot 1080i at least. IMO Oly shot themselves in both feet with the E-3 in some ways. To get some jobs I have to show 20X30, & be able to shoot top HD even though I never do. It is because entry level C shoots the stuff, allot of clients do not understand that it is the photogs instinct when to shoot & PP.

  • Neville

    No not 14 bit, bit don’t get too carried away by it. Do somebserious research you’ll find it make pretty much nil difference, from memory around 2%. In regard to your business, you simply have to do the research and go for it. Having been in highly competitive technology dependent business before i would day go for what you can make the most money on, for the least effort and spend the money. In the end you have to go with what your clients expect. If you’re budget allows $5-10k then go for ff.

    • scott

      20×30? we use the e3 and print 40×60 all the time with great quality

  • Neville

    But don’t underestimate the E5 do some research it looks like a serious machine for photos. If you are going to use any DSLR for videoing I would guess you are going to need to tripod it. So if I wad in the business I would be buying a dedicated video camera not wasting my time on a DSLR with video capabilities

  • Inge – M.

    I think Olympus 14 bit use on a sensor by better DR but a the G1 sensor on little over 10 stop DR, i hope we wild see 14 bit by GH2 sensor on modular camera next year.

  • SkyZ

    The ISO performance difference between E-5 and E-P1 is so marginal that, it’s totally nonsense to go get something waaaaay more expensive and heavier except you absolutely need a weatherproof camera body and use your 4/3 lenses. It’s quite ironic and sad that Oly fans pay premium to buy two generation behind camera body to keep their lenses alive whilst other photographers/camera users buy/enjoy varieties of lenses for their camera body.

  • Thanks for the 411. It will change the way images are processed in the future.

    Finally a Professional Camera from Olympus worthy of their great glass.

  • It is true that the ISO level of all small sensors will suffer due to random noise as the amplifier is turned up. What is not true is that the image suffers at usable ISO’s. If you have a spare $20k go buy a large formate Digital camera and suffer real ISO pain. You can shoot ISO 1600 at F 2.8 and rarely need to go higher.

    You are missing the point. 12 MP gives same image quality as Canon 5D at working ISO’s at or under 800 ISO and perhaps more. As ISO goes up EVERY thing goes down- DR, color, etc. Always shoot at 200-400 ISO when possible.

    If it rains, hide the Canon and Nikon and others and use the Olympus E-5.

    There is so much marketing BS that what we are trying to do is to take great pictures.

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