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New reviews roundup…


The Olympus E-P3 got tested at Letsgodigital (Click here): “The 12.3 megapixel sensor has remained the same and the new ISO 12800 is simply unusable. This does not mean that the camera shoots bad photos, there are competing models available that capture more detail. It does depend on what you need/want. Overall, the Olympus PEN E-P3 is a fine camera to shoot with.
Olympus E-P3 price check at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

ThePhoBlographer (Click here) tested the Olympus E-PL3: “The E-PL3 does face some tough competition from less expensive and equally or better specced cameras like the Sony NEX-C3 and the Panasonic GF-3 which offers a very user friendly touch interface. If you are considering purchasing this camera for yourself or as a present, I would suggest that you take a look at some of the other offerings on the market before you pull the trigger“.
Olympus E-PL3 price check at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Panasonic GX1 versus E-P3 shootout part two at SteveHuff (Click here): “if you are looking for a great JPEG camera and do not like shooting RAW then the E-P3 would be the better bet between the two“.
Panasonic GX1 price and in Stock check at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

New Olympus 12-50mm lens IQ comparisons at PekkaPotka (Click here).

  • @Letsgodigital
    I have never ever seen an ISO 12800 on flickr or anywhere on the web for that matter, also still a bit of snobbery about using art filters.
    “The E-PL2′s flash was popular with many photographers because it could be bent back to bounce off of the ceiling. The design was so good that Panasonic copied the idea” the Panasonic L1 had a built in “bounce off ceiling” flash and that was in 2006 or 2007.
    Also if I was considering purchasing the E-PL3, GF-3 or NEX C-3 as a present for a female I would go with the E-PL3 by a mile…

    anyways Happy New Year to all those at the Micro Four Thirds and Four Thirds family, let’s see what 2012 brings :D :D :D

  • E-PL2 was a better deal – solid partly metal body, nice grip, reasonable price.
    E-P3 is just too expensive for what it offers.
    E-PL3 plastic body is just ridiculous – my cheap Fuji f50fd has a lot better quality built.

    • Mr. Reeee

      The EPL3 and EPM1 have powdercoated METAL bodies, as do the GF3 and G3. although, they all have plastic bits in different places.

      The EPL3’s TiltyScreen™ makes it the most usable of all the non-EVF M4/3 bodies.

  • Happy New Year! For me, 2012 Will bring me à Nikon FF camera Im afraid ;)

  • Elf

    @ YouDidntDidYou
    I certainly have to agree.I have Panasonic L1 with bounce flash and I have Panasonic L10 the first DSLR to feature face recognition in live view and more importantly a superb kit lens optimised for CDAF the first of it’s kind. I also have the Pan/LeicaD 14-150 a CDAF optimised super Zoom long before Olympus saw any reason for CDAF. Regarded by many still, as the best super zoom ever made. Yes it’s expensive, and worth every penny. Check out the review here–four-thirds-lens-tests/455-leica_14150_3856
    The Oly fanboys on here including admin forget that m4/3 first came to market in the form of the Panasonic G1 building on their development of the CDAF optimised L10. Olympus launched their first crippled autofocus EP1 later. And I’m not forgetting the wooden mock up they presented after the debut of the G1 just to show they wanted to be involved.
    The Oly fanboys would have us believe that “Evil” Panasonic is holding Olympus back by not giving them access to the better Panasonic sensors GH2 etc. The boys over at Olympus are all big boys and make their own decisions…..12mpgp is enough for them.
    I chose a G1. I upgraded to GH2 and I bought an EPL2 on sale They’re all good cameras.

    • @Elf
      I have two L10’s and have used them almost every day for the last 4 years :D between them the shutters has been used over 400,000 times!

      I think Oly and Panny have driven each other forward and their relationship has worked well for them and customers.

      Yeah it’s not Panny holding back Oly it’s Olympus that are holding themselves back they need to sort out their distribution and marketing but they are going in the right direction :D

      • lnqe-M

        Absolute, Panasonic holding not Olympus to back.

  • Oitszek

    Problem is that even the gh2 sensor is a toy one, the whole system stinks

    • Brod1er

      Hi Oikzits! Why not go to a different forum then? Happy new year!

      • Oitszek

        No i have a soft spot for toy cameras ;)

  • lnqe-M

    10 x zoom, on a camera by lens mount ? ;-)
    Oky, happy new year :-D

  • Frankly I am underwhelmed by the E-PL3 review of Mr. Gampat.

    Examples: Gampat objects to the rocker wheel being too close to the screen. I have ordinary fingers and no problem. Additionally the screen can be lifted up, so what is the problem in dealing with the wheel freely? It feels also very solid and precise.

    Gampat also laments the loss of ISO and WB on the rocker wheel. But those can be set exactly in the same position of old, by setting them as Fn buttons. There can be 4 of them. If he had spent more time in understanding how the camera works for an enthusiasts, he would have made not such a blunder.

    He also has the usual prejudice against the kit lens, which I find instead quite good and, contrary to him, ultrafast to AF.

    Most reviewers also object to the small size of the E-PL3 screen. No one remarked that when you use the VF-2 on it it has a screen as large as the E-5 dSLR. Really!

    I am posting here, because the posting in his site doesn’t work :)

  • @amalric
    that particular review was written by Mike Pouliot

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