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New Q&A session with Mr. Terada. Olympus wants to know what you need!


As you remember Emanuele from Nexthardware collected your questions for Mr. Terada. Some have been answered here on youtube. But Mr. Terada didn’t have time to answer all your questions as he had to talk with EVERY journalist that toke part at the Amsterdam event. Mr. Terada proved again to be very nice and available person and he answered more of your questions in a second session. As you can read below Mr. Terada obviously couldn’t unveil any future product strategy and development. But he focused on their efforts to try to “see the market demand”:

Q. 1. E-M5. Functionality. Is it possible to have live histogram, electronic level and AF square simultaneously?
A. Histogram and level gauge can’t be seen simultaneously, but AF frame can be seen with histogram or level gauge.

Q. 2. E-M5. Functionality. Tethered Shooting. Most users are very sensitive about this issue.
A. E-M5 does not support tethered shooting.

Q. 3. OM-D Line-Up. VIDEO. Could it be possible to have uncompressed FullHD stream from the HDMI port in future high-end model(s)?
A. We have no plan to have it, we’d like to see the market demand.

Q. 4. OM-D Line-Up. VIDEO. Are you planning to introduce global shutter on your OM-D line?
A. We can’t refer to the concrete plan, but we are always studying any possibility for future products.

Q. 5. M4/3 System. Lenses. Is it possible to give us black versions of the metallic-look primes in near future?
Q. 6. M4/3 System. Lenses. What about a fish-eye zoom?
Q. 7. M4/3 System. Lenses. Weather sealed pancakes?
Q. 8. M4/3 System. Lenses. Micro4/3 converters? Any plans?
A. 5,6,7&8. We can’t refer to the concrete product plan but your requests are noted.

Q. 9. M4/3 System. Under-water. Scuba-divers ask for a new more powerful underwater strobe with a wide beam. Is it coming?
A. Our concept of underwater flash is small amount of light with red color compensation by strong auto white balance function. (I guees they’re studying it. Emanuele.)

Q. 10. M4/3 System. Under-water. Is a PT-E08 port for 60 mm macro coming?
A. We are studying it to meet the demand.

Q. 11. M4/3 System. Future. Will future PENs or OM-Ds have a multi-aspect ratio sensor?
A. We have no plan to have it at this moment. We’d like to see the market demand.

Q. 12. M4/3 System. Future. Will Olympus introduce a center image crop for extended zoom like the Panasonic GH2?
A. E-M5 has had digital teleconverter function. We like to see the market demand of zoom function.

Thanks Nexthardware!

So here is the poll where you readers can let Mr. Terada know what of the mentioned features are important for you:

Pickup the one single feature Olympus should try to absolutely implement on the next OM camera:

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Olympus E-M5 preoder search (!) links: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay -> Good Luck :)

  • I would like to know if OM-D will automatically correct lateral chromatic aberration on their lenses, like Panasonic does.

    • nobody


      • 1. timelapse
        2. slow mo options
        3. wireless remote for photo and video functions
        4. additional card slot (SD not micro SD)
        5. 1/8000 shutter speed
        6. more art filters especially film like/retro camera
        7. Customizable aspect ratios
        8. Customizable gradient maps/duotones like this
        9. Built in GPS
        10. In built meta tagging editing
        11. Built in ND graduation filter
        12. Option to use EVF and LCD at same time * so subject can see themselves when LCD is flipped while the photographer looks through EVF* with tilt and swivel models
        13. to be available in better colour bodies ie white or browns
        14. better distribution in USA, Canada, Scotland and Switzerland (but be very cautious about bricks and mortar in the USA)

        • 15. faster flash sync
          16. in built panorama mode including stitching
          17. tele zoom function for video
          18. follow focus for video

          … that’s it!

          • Michael Meissner

            Time lapse and wireless remote can be done today with 3rd party RM-UC1 clones that are on the market right now, for every Pen and OM-D except for the E-PL1.

            • @Michael Meissner
              yes I have an external intervalmeter already (that works on my Panny and Oly) but you can’t see the results until you get back to the computer and wouldn’t take that much to integrate (even my phone has built in timelapse)…

              • Michael Meissner

                Olympus used to have it in some of the C, SP cameras, but seems to have decided to drop it.

          • alexander

            +100 wow – you got it !!!!!!

            I hope Olympus is reading your comment.
            right now it take theme probably 5 year to integreat all this. that is why I am looking also for Sony, because they are faster.

            p.s.: digital zoom! (yes sometime usefull, sorry guys)

            • @alexander
              I’m in no hurry and I rather it was done well, than quickly and poorly implemented…

          • Miroslav


            19. focus peaking
            20. high ISO stitching modes, adjustable
            21. in camera HDR, adjustable
            22. on the fly cropping of central part of the frame ( call it digital zoom if you want, but IMO digital zoom is something else )
            23. auto ISO in M mode
            24. and anything else that can save PP time or save you form carrying extra gear

        • Eric

          +1 for :

          – timelapse (instead of an elastic on the shutter button)
          – built in GPS
          – built in ND filter

          And also :

          – built in shooting direction detection
          – astrotracking using the 21 axes stabilized sensor (like Pentax)

      • MikeS


        • Daemonius

          Focus peaking is actually really really good idea. Its one of things that makes NEX system great. And m4/3 has some pretty awesome manual focus lens.

          • Stu5

            Olympus have already said no to this as they feel what they have got it better. I would have to agree with them as well. I manual focus all my actors headshots using the 14x magnifier and it works great. Similar to how I use a lup on a large format camera. With the IS available in the EVF on the EM-5 it’s going to be even easier to use.

          • Wallbeck

            Agree. I used magnification in M4/3 and have to confirm that it didn’t work well for me at all espectially when a subject didn’t stay still. Now I’m using NEX and will have to stay with NEX until Oly or Pana implements a feature which is equivalent or as efficient as NEX’s peaking.

            • Digifan

              Yeah Magnified View is way better. But we need to see the total composition around that, and we need to be able to set how large the magnified view shows up in the viewfinder. Maybe even be able to ofset it from the center as well.
              I’ve used focus peaking extensively and it doesn’t cut it alone.
              A combination of focus peaking and magnified view as I describe will be killer IMO.

        • HouseGuest

          I could potentially forgo focus peaking if there was a better way of implementing focus magnification assistance. The current method of enlarging the whole screen does not help as much as I lose all sense of composition.

          Instead, it would be interesting to see if either Olympus of Panasonic could come up with a faux rangefinder type of manual focusing where only a small patch in the middle is magnified, that way, I could have some focus accuracy while maintaining composition.

          • TomR

            I would agree with that – if focus peaking is not possible (copyright) then another solution is necessary. Something like you say or a small area that will change colour when that area is in focus (don’t know it that is possible).

            A solution like this should be a firmware upgrade (like NEX did) rather than making us buy a new camera after the E-M5. This would show good will.

            M4/3 has the most exciting line-up of manual glass (IMHO) but not the best system for manual focus.

            • Miroslav

              “if focus peaking is not possible (copyright) then another solution is necessary”

              Focus peaking is just continuous contrast detection shown on screen where lens elements are powered by user’s hands and not by in lens motors. Sony can patent the way to obtain it, but not the effect itself. All new CMOS sensors have contrast detection built-in, so this is just another way to implement it.

              If the name is the problem they can call it pocus feaking or whatever :).

          • Patrick


            I would prefer a magnified focussing area, not necessary the middle of the preview. An option to magnify the area inside the green focus rectangle would do for me.

            I’ve been going on like a broken record about this…

  • Steve

    I find it really hard to believe people are clamoring for tethered shooting. I know a tiny minority here are, but it’s just a tiny minority.

    • slomo


      The whole suite of questions seem to be off, looking at how many the words ‘demand’ and ‘no plan’ are in the answers.

      The interviewer seems to missed Olympus mirrorless concept by miles.

      • Tethering is indispensable in the studio. It’s a huge hassle taking your card in and out all the time.

        • It’s possible with Eye-Fi card or any new SanDisk wireless SD cards.
          It takes 10-15 seconds to get my image from camera to computer, and everything is automatic.

          • Esa Tuunanen

            That transfer time is ten times too long.
            But then again what else you can expect from wireless.

            Oh, and if camera has metal frame with also card slot cover being metal radiowaves might have tiny little problems in getting out of there…

        • slomo

          With such a small body, the ergonomics of the camera would be totally destroyed with a cable sticking out of it. Studio cams should be left to larger bodied cameras.

          • Guest

            If you’re going wired, you should have the camera on a tripod. I’d hate for your laptop to be pulled off of a table by your camera, or vice versa.

            • slomo

              > you should have the camera on a tripod.

              Which lends to the argument why having a small body as a studio camera when portability is not a necessity. It is a solution looking for problem, the equivalent of using laptops as data centre file servers.

              • Guest

                Oh yes, pro studio work should not be done on micro four thirds. (Although, we actually have a depth-of-field advantage for studio work..)

                We’re mainly enthusiasts and photographers who need to travel light.

                This is why we won’t be getting tethering for a long time =(

                But it would be nice to have it, and would definitely be a selling point on the camera for me.

          • digitaltrails

            Not only studios – It would be very nice to have an Open API tethering solution, Android and iPhone/iPad interfaces would crop up in no time. A lighter, sturdy, weatherproof, stabilised, DSLR-like camera with a decent tethering interface would be great for aerial/mobile applications such as drones, kites, etc.

            • @digitaltrails
              don’t think I would like tethering from the ground in an aerial situation via kites or drones better off with a remote/radio control

            • flash

              The E-5 and other Olympus tethered solutions had a API kit available to develop with.

      • Vlad

        “The whole suite of questions seem to be off, looking at how many the words ‘demand’ and ‘no plan’ are in the answers.
        The interviewer seems to missed Olympus mirrorless concept by miles.”

        Or maybe Olympus doesn’t have much of a concept.

        • Vlad, it’s pretty obvious that the interviewer doesn’t “get” the point of MILC.

          Olympus have a great concept – their problem is that the photographic community is still catching up. A lot (by no means all) of the features that are being asked for are already available … in PRO bodies.

          MILC is for people who don’t want or need PRO features. Putting those features into a MILC camera is like putting a tow bar on a sports coupe.

          Some idiot out there will say they want it, but that doesn’t mean it makes sense.

          • @Jolyon Smith
            Micro Four Thirds is the new pro – we have to be more adaptable and versatile….

            • TheEye

              Maybe for the Micro Pro. ;-)

          • Vlad

            Well, I disagree.

            “MILC is for people who don’t want or need PRO features.”

            Several points here:
            1. MILC is imho for everyone, and judging by models like OM-D and NEX-7 and rumors for future announcements, it will soon target the pro market specifically.
            2. What are pro features? That is a vague definition. Asking for focus peaking, smaller magnifying frame, time lapse, live histogram in the evf, etc. are actually very general features, some of them available in the competition’s cameras, which cost half the price of the OM-D. I don’t find it very smart to omit such easy to implement features from the camera.
            3. When I replied to the above comment, by “concept” I figured we meant the whole mirrorless idea of Olympus, not specifically the OM-D. The OP stated that the interviewer doesn’t get it, but frankly, to me it seems that Olympus do not have any solid plan for the future.
            I could obviously be wrong and they maybe just do not want to share any plans and are leaving things out of the OM-D, so they can sell a Pro model.
            In any case it is a pity, because if the OM-D had focus peaking and live histogram in the EVF, I wouldn’t consider the NEX-7. Now it is not so clear for me.

    • Guest

      I want tethered shooting! And HDMI output would be fantastic! I’d definitely be buying it if it had these two things, but right now I’m waiting for the price to drop. I bought a GX1 second hand a month ago, if I can resell it without much of a loss, I might sell and upgrade to the OM-D. Maybe.

    • BLI

      It would be neet to be able to get the viewer up on an iPad or another type of tablet (Android or Win 8), and control it from a distance. I’m not sure how important it is for me, but for some people this is important.

      I would like to have automatic transfer of (reduced resolution) copies of pictures to my tablet, e.g. for showing it to friends when I take pictures for them, for sharing on Facebook, etc. If Bluetooth is fast enough for this, that is ok for me.

      • Guest

        Bluetooth isn’t fast enough for transferring data, have you ever tried copying files via bluetooth? It is slooooowwww. And raw files are around 20mb from a 16mp camera.

        But perhaps a smaller, lower quality image could be broadcast..? But the processing power required would be quite heavy. I doubt it would be worth the cost of adding a more powerful processor just for that.

        Wired output, via HDMI, on the otherhand..

    • Believer

      Tethered shooting – For me start an stop would be enough.
      The “old” IR Remote Control Olympus RM-1 does not work with the E-M5.
      I would be happy to have a normal wireless start/stop function for tripod action without a lot of new equipment.

      • Michael Meissner

        There are already devices out there that do wireless remote video and shutter release. Apature Gigtube and Phottix Hero both have wireless video and shutter release on the order of $250-300 US. If you don’t mind a wire instead of wireless, you can get it for about $80 US (Yongnuo has a wired version that is fairly cheap, and both Apature Gigtube/Phottix have wired versions as well). It will work on all Pens and OM-D’s except for the E-PL1.

        In terms of just shutter release, the RM-UC1 and clones work well (on everything but the E-PL1), and you can get it for $3 US on ebay).

        • @Michael Meissner
          Sony and Panny camcorders came with FREE wireless remotes at least 4 years ago…

          • They weren’t free, they were just included (and you paid for them) whether you wanted or needed them or not. ;)

  • Atle

    Frankly, none of the 4 requested features is that important for me. In addition to general quality improvements of core features (better high iso, better tracking focus and so on) what I would like is:

    1. Application support
    2. HDR-function
    3. Automatic panorma stitching
    4. More art-filters.

    Laugh at me all you want, but I am no pro, and theese types of thing inspires me to shoot more and be more creative.

    • Fan


    • 43shot

      The reality is that this is not a pro camera and your requests make sense and so does better video as this will end up as a camera for consumers looking for a smaller package particularly once the price drops to large market levels later in 2012. Most consumers don’t see blogs like this and just read basic cnet reviews and look at cameras at brick and mortar stores. A visual peak at a new GX2 or GH3 could hurt sales on the EM-5 but more for those that visit this site and highly educated and researched consumers. If I have to have a larger form factor of an EM-5 I may consider waiting for a new Panasonic model and use my GF1 until then. A new GX sounds interesting as the GX1 was just a bit too late for me to upgrade. I’ll hold my pre-order until the end of March. No rush since it’s at retail.

    • Sweep panorama would be great

    • @Atle. You like art-filter, but is the not a good idea by gradually effect of art-filters so you can adjust self.

    • alexander


      + remote control from both sides of the camera

    • I don’t see why anyone would be against having tethered shooting support. It wouldn’t increase the size or decrease the portability. It does increase the *versatility*. If you don’t like using a tripod and having a cable coming out of your camera then don’t use it, just like I don’t use the art filters.

      I use my GH3 all the time for small table top work. It works fine and I’ve had good results. It would work great if I had tethered support.

  • Come on, none of the above! I want 24p!

    • Yes, exactly. Full HD 1080/24p/25p/50p/60p

      And while I have no idea whether or not the E-M5 is capable of 50p/60p 24p/25p would be EASY to realize in Software… interlaced video really has to go the way of the Dodo !!!

      • MP

        I might be wrong but why is everyone asking for video related features? We know that the video specs on E-M5 suck. Wouldn’t Panasonic be a much better choice for professional video? I think by now its clear that Olympus will be leading M43 on stills front and Panasonic on video front.

        • I wouldn’t say they suck, have you seen tests and reviews??

          It’s just different from the GH series and maybe the audio is better on the E-M5 (which is 50% of the end product), the stablised sensor must count for something, the echo feature and filming in artmodes (Panasonic have recently removed the dynamic film mode from the GX1 which myself and Andrew Reid of EOSHD and others really like)……….

          • @YDDY
            -C’mon, audio isn’t 50% of HD video, and there has been nothing to suggest an massive improvement in audio anyway. Being hopeful is one thing, but you are starting to come across as “out there”, to say the least…..
            -sure, the new stabilisation on the sensor will count for something, but I doubt that it will be as good as OIS. And the GH2 still is way ahead of the E-M5 vodeo specs wise, even before you look at applying the hack.
            Personally, I don’t use video enough for it to be a factor in my buying decision. But if I was looking for a large sensor video camera with interchangeable lenses, the E-M5 would only be on the list if weatherproofing was important.
            But I agree, the E-M5 won’t suck at video. Nothing HD sucks compared to what we had 5 years ago!

            • @DonTom
              ask any director whether audio isn’t 50% of movie making or try watch a movie with bad audio like a pirated film etc…
              – what I really think is that the E-M5 will be better for certain types of video producers ie arthouse, those that want colour grading in camera, shooting in adverse weather conditions, underwater videography …just like certain cameras are better for certain photographers ie sports photographers etc

              The director of “Control” (2007) see IMDB said he wished he could of filmed it in black and white but at the time felt that digital didn’t give him the look …maybe he could now with the art filters.

              “there has been nothing to suggest an massive improvement in audio anyway” or disapprove it (remember Olympus is strong at audio) let the video testers and reviewers find out either way…..

              Do you think directors only use one type of camera on a set??? (see commentary on Hurt Locker)

        • Well you are right. And I am a 95% stills guy. Video is just an added bonus.
          But then again… it seems like an obvious omission to NOT have these video modes. The hell with it… it ain’t a dealbreaker for me… I already preordered my E-M5… but still… it would be nice to have more options regarding video!

  • Daemonius

    I want mirrorless super 4/3 sensor (4:3 bigger than full-frame). :) But I guess Olympus doesnt have balls to do it.. Or anyone else.

    • You know what? Those are called 645 digital backs. Phase 1 and Kodak have made them for years.

    • Tropical Yeti

      Yes. They don’t have the balls to do it.

      It is because there would hardly be any people having the balls to buy a product with such a disproportional price/performance ratio.

      Sometimes it is wise not to have balls…

  • Eric

    +1. None of them. I voted for the multi-aspect ratio that I would appreciate for mountain panoramic view but not critical at all.

  • Mark Hsu

    Although the 12mm f2 and 45mm f1.8 already pretty good, I still hope that Olympus can develop some “FAST” SHG primes, such as 17mm f0.95, 25mm f0.95, 45mm f0.95.

  • Joe

    I need a replacement for my FT lens 14-54 f/2.8-3.5. Its the perfect lens for travelling and everyday usage. mFT doesn’t have an equivalent yet.

    • BLI

      Isn’t the 14-54 rev. II adapted to CDAF? I.e. except for the adapter, doesn’t the AF work quite well? Review I have seen is that the AF of the 14-54 is supposed to work (much?) faster on m43 than the AF of the 12-60. It would be interesting to see experience on this.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Depending if Olympus Finland has 4/3 lenses in coming week end’s photography expo I could compare 14-54 II against 12-60mm in GH2.
        And would be plain stupid for Olympus not to have at least preproduction OM-Ds in there but if not Pekka Potka is there so maybe we could get some more tests done.

        Though I think it might be probable that no 4/3 lens can work as fast in any CDAF m4/3 body as they do in better 4/3 bodies with PDAF:
        Wasn’t one reason for those m4/3 mount’s extra contacts to allow faster communication?
        Because of its iterative move by move trial and error nature CDAF surely needs to give huge amount of more orders to lens focusing mechanism than PDAF which simply tells lens directly where to move focus.

        • BLI

          It is possible that there is also a bandwidth limitation in the transport of information. However, if revision II of the 14-54 was made to work better with CDAF, then it should really have (possible) extra contacts, and it should really have reduced bandwidth limitation. And (most importantly?) it should have faster servo motors to allow the necessary rapid back and forth movements to build up information about the focus direction.

          • BLI

            From a discussion on dpreview:
            * “The 14-54 II uses a more traditional servo motor and has its built-in firmware designed for CDAF compatibility. It’s not going to be as fast as any given micro 4/3 lens, probably about as fast as live view AF would be on an Olympus DSLR, but it’ll be accurate.”

            • Michael Meissner

              Until you get to the E-5, live view AF on the DSLRs is dog slow.

    • E-1

      +1 or 12-60

  • Yun

    Mine more on detailing , terrific image quality .
    Increase focusing points . So I don’t vote for the above options .

  • twoomy

    All I want is a killer M43-version of the 12-60mm f/2.8-4 lens, where quality and corner-to-corner sharpness are more important than miniaturization.

    Now that we have many teeny-tiny pancakes to satisfy the pocket camera crowd, how about showing us a few bright zooms with legendary sharpness.

    • Better zooms (2.8-3.5?) then now would be nice. mfT 14-42 II and 40-150 are really good lenses, but not excellent like the 12-60 or 50-200.

      • MP

        +1 Faster Zooms and super fast standards 17 and 25mm.

        • TomR

          I would say: fast weather sealed standards

    • slomo

      To be of equal quality (sharpness, contrast) and speed the m43 version of 12-60 would be just 2 inch shorter than the 43 version, but otherwise the same size. Remember the size of m43 sensor is the same as 43, the lens has to light the same area because the sensor is as big.

      Why not just use the 43 version or ask for a properly working adapter for it?

      • MP

        I am not quite sure about that. See the size difference between 43 14-42mm and m43 version. or 43 50mm f2 and m43 45mm f1.8.

        • slomo

          The Oly m43 version of 14-42mm is a fold lens. It looks smaller because it is pictured most of the times being folded.

          The 45mm f1.8 is not a macro lens. The closest to 43 50mm f2 is Panasonic 45mm f2.8 which is also a macro lens. Granted, there is OIS in 45mm f2.8, but it is a slower lens.

          50mm f2:
          Dimensions = φ71 x 61.5mm / φ2.80 x 2.42 in.
          Weight = 300g / 10.6 oz.

          45mm f2.8:
          Dimensions = φ63 x 62.5mm / φ2.48 x 2.46 in.
          Weight = 225g / 7.94 oz.

      • twoomy

        slomo–The current problem is focus speed. I’d gladly take the larger 12-60 that already exists if you could get it to focus quickly on m43.

        I know it’s been discussed many times why this is a problem and they’re trying to get focusing better, but no solutions yet. So, I’d be happy if they took the exact same glass design and size of the 12-60 and gave it the m43 focusing engine.

        I’m okay with bigger lenses like this; they are still much smaller and lighter than high-end Nikon and Canon offerings.

        • konikonaku


          m43 CDAF focusing engine but same size & quality lens as 43 I think would be no problem to those who demand it…i know i wouldn’t…

    • jammur


  • I would dearly love an even faster flash sync to over-power bright sunlight (SuperFP loses too much power) – perhaps a global shutter will allow this?

    Having used the GH-1 since it came out, I have been converted to 16:9 for 90% of my travel photography, I just love it and it tells the story much better than 4:3 which is better suited to portraits, so I would really love the over-sized sensor but will this be an issue with the now over-sized IS mechanism?

    Personally I would rather the OM-D be a great photographer’s camera with good video mode rather than sacrificing photographic features for more video features although 24p would be a selling point for some and if the IS is as good for video as they say then the OM-D may be one awesome video camera when using prime lenses but those serious videographers would want the uncompressed HDMI video out or at least 24mbps HD quality.

    I would think having 2 separate models – one with the tilt screen and the other with the swivel/rotate screen would be a good marketing ploy.

    A phase contrast Four Thirds adapter would be nice assuming Olympus cannot get Four Thirds lenses to AF faster than current speed on the E-M5.

    Have they continued development with their patent of an AF capable 0.5x wide converter for OM lenses – seems like good timing now they have an “OM” camera.

    Finally, Olympus needs to bring to market an E-7 and an PEN version with the new IS and sensor as soon as possible to build upon the momentum it is creating with the E-M5.

  • onlyme

    I want a PEN Mini with a 4:3 LCD screen (the same aspect ratio as the sensor!) and reliable IBIS.

  • Lez

    We need focus peaking!

    • hannes

      + 1 for FOCUS PEAKING

      • Wallbeck


  • I want histogram, electronic level and AF square simultaneously. It’s a little bit complicated and slow when I have first to take a look at the histogram and after switch for the level gauge.

    • It is even worse: When I read the manual it is obvious that you can NEVER see the histogram in the EVF! You can toggle thre different views in the EVF and five different views on the monitor. This gives you 8 options at wo different places when you plan to make a photo. Sorry, to me this is not a good, straightforward UI.

      • agent00soul

        Then I think you have misread the manual.

        • Agent00soul

          And Pekka Potka says he has the shadow/highlight blinkies activated in the EVF.

  • Multi-aspect “Sensor” should be “normal” for every camera – it´s such a nice and useful feature for everyone. Was it invented by Panasonic? – Respekt Panasonic!

  • PEN

    The one missing link in all this is a modern interface. The menu system is a dreadful mess, the one area where we do NOT want a retro look. Please, Olympus, take a lesson from Android, iOS and other modern systems to overhaul your antiquated software.

    • DonTom

      Yep, fully agree on that. A decent GUI would be great.
      I voted for the multi aspect sensor, but in camera panorama would be great also.
      What I would really like to see tho, is a real E-PM. Just a touch screen with a shutter button and a lens mount. Even smaller than a GF3. Size of the E-PM1 screen, but thicker. Perfect camera to match a fast pancake as the take everywhere (handbag) camera. Sure, I could buy another point and shoot, but why would I not want another m43 body?
      Olympus, many Apple users have an iPhone, iPad, MacBook and an iMac! Copy that model! It makes sense with Apple, because you carry your music, emails and OS across all the machines. I would like to be able to choose which lens/ body combo suits me for a given occasion. I have a PL1, getting an E-M5, make me desire a PM as well, by making it MUCH smaller than the others!

      • Geoff

        I agree, I want a 10″ fully articulated screen, built in telephone, and music centre (CD idealy, can’t bear compressed sound of iPad), obviously built in stereo speakers; once all this is sorted out perhaps a decent lens can be added as an after thought.

        Get real guys this is looking to be a superb camera that is going to serve the enthusiast photographer well, it is not a Pro model, if you want one wait to see if an E-7 comes along or look at CaNiK, maybe you’ll find what you want there, if it’s video the go to Pany, which is the side who concentrate on the video aspect, while Olympus definitely are concentrating on the Stills side. Bring it on Olympus and keep improving the Still Imaging.

        As regards a Multi Aspect Sensor, surely that is software based, as well as which Oly have provided that for some time.

        • @ Geoff: We are (most of us) refering to the multi-aspect sensor a-la-GH series. It is a physically oversized sensor, meaning when you change your aspect ratio, the camera uses a different physical area of the sensor, and you end up with a similar angular field of view and resolution. Olympus simply crops the same raw image to obtain the jpeg at the ratio you choose.
          dpreview explain it here, at the bottom of the first page:

          • Geoff

            DonTom, Thanks for the info though looking at the image it seems that the difference in size regarding the rectangular formats is relatively small, also perhaps a question of wasted pixels. What seems most strange though is why use a larger than required sensor in the first place. I will admit to not having been familiar with this oversized idea until now, owning one Panasonic camera is enough for me as it’s performance completely fails to reach that of my Oly’s, including an aged 5060.

  • MP

    @Admin Perhaps one more thing important in my opinion is better manual focussing especially for lenses without electronic contacts. The olympus approach of showing the enlarged image all over the screen is a disaster when it comes to composition. I prefer the picture in picture approach as in Panasonic where the selected area is shown enlarged in a small window in the center of the screen. Some might prefer focus peaking.

    I think this is the most important feature that Olympus should address right now in E-M5 via a firmware upgrade and this is very much achievable. It is extremely important considering the availability of so many manual focus lenses in native m43 mount like the Voigtländers and SLR magic, not to mention the zillion options via adapter.

    • Yes, you mean focus peaking.

      • Not to spoil yr. proposal, but Terada mentioned that he believes that magnification is the superior feature.

        I believe it so too: if you look closely you can see the shimmering of lines when you are in focus.

        Besides you can choose the degree of magnification and move the frame. What’s not to like? And finally you have magnified MF on lens.

        I am sure that if one of these features were replaced there woul be bitter tears and teeth grinding :)

        • Hmmm, if a focus peaking is Sony patent need Olympus pay for this.

          • Wallbeck

            In fact, it depends on how Oly or Pana comes up with a solution. They don’t have to exactly follow Sony because of patent fee.

            For example, Oly may combine magnification with peaking. After a focus point is magnified, peaking will then play its role. Or perhaps, Oly can use the focus indicator, which is the same as, or similar to what Canon and Nikon offers in their DSLR. Once a subject is in focus, the focus indicator shows a signal to confirm this. If a subject is not in focus, a body suggests how to turn lens clockwise or counter-clockwise.

        • MJr

          Magnification works o.k. but it would be better if it was picture in picture, rangefinder style. Much easier to see what you’re aiming at. Focus peaking is most convenient tho, maintaining composition at all time. Ideally it should have both.

        • Vlad

          Terada may believe whatever he wants. Focus peaking is an easy to implement feature. It’s not like we are choosing between OVF and EVF. Just put it in there and make everyone happy.

    • Good point! If you often use third party MF lenses there is a clear ranking order:
      1. Nex (enlarged picture-in-picture + focus peaking)
      2. Panasonic (enlarged picture-in-picture)
      3. Fuji (enlarged part of image)
      4. Olympus (Blow-up so you lose your composition)

      • @Kyleberg
        compose first then magnify…

        • hannes

          first, subjects can move.

          second, it is often faster to turn the camera so that the thing you want to focus is in the center, instead of setting the focus point. then recomposition afterwards is NECESSARY.

          • If your subject is moving then no mechanism for manually fine tuning focus is going to help. Sheesh.

          • @hannes
            weird I’ve been using magnified live view for more than 4 years (almost daily) and never had a problem composing…

        • Telephoto and macrophoto on tripod, but on street and action is focus peaking fine to use.

        • Then i lose my composition unless I use tripod on a static situation.

        • MJr

          Because what we want in focus is always in the center ? Spoken like a true photographer.

    • Vlad


    • TomR

      @MP “I think this is the most important feature that Olympus should address right now in E-M5 via a firmware upgrade and this is very much achievable.”


  • EvieEff

    Every journalist that “toke” part in the Amsterdam event? A Freudian slip, perhaps, or maybe the reason the answers are so evasive and insubstantial.

  • MP

    For asking more pro video features such as HDMI out, 24p, 60p, image crop, etc. Olympus should first provide with a decent video quality. We know that video is not the prority at Olympus atleast in the E-M5 what is the point in asking these questions? If at all a question has to be asked, it should be “Will they improve on video quality?”. In my opinion, Olympus will never provide video specs to the same level as Panasonic and Panasonic will do the same in stills. This way they prevent from cannibalizing each others markets.

  • Nic Walmsley

    Some of the questions are way to out there. Hdmi streaming? That’s over the top. How about we get decent international video standards first, including PAL. Silent shutter will do. Updated primes will do. we really need a higher quality video friendly pancake. Open source software. Open standards for RAW files. Modular design so we can replace sensors and keep rest of body.

    And Olympus, the E-M5 looks and sounds great, but please keep giving us small high quality cameras too. XZ-2 and E-PM2: yes please.

  • Henry

    Is Olympus considering a 25mm prime lens?

  • bob


  • safaridon

    I think that Panys center crop for extended zoom is one the most underrated features of its cameras which greatly extends their usefulness and extends the reach of any lens significantly like having two lens in one. Granted one can also crop in post processing using Photoshop etc if you don’t have, but how many are willing and take the timeto do that and requires using a computer? This becomes even more valuable with the 16mp sensor as even at a further doubling of the focal length the resolution is still 5mp sufficient for moderate enlargements and the effective reach when used for video is even greater.

  • Jesper

    Come on, what kind of Q&A is that, if all answer Olympus had to share is what we already know! This looks more like a cheap market survey, where Nexthardware are being used rather than a proper Q&A.

  • MP Burke

    I have seen no information yet on whether Olympus plan to provide a plug-in GPS module. I would prefer to have a separate GPS with its own rechargeable battery. I don’t want a GPS guzzling the camera’s batteries for several minutes if it is struggling to find or maintain visibility of enough satellites.
    The four features listed are of little interest.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > I would prefer to have a separate GPS with its own rechargeable battery. I don’t want a GPS guzzling the camera’s batteries
      Separate GPS would be serious annoyance considering it has been crammed to even almost smallest size and cheapest level compacts.
      And shouldn’t be that hard to add setting for turning GPS on and off just like it’s done in cell phones. (+ maybe setting for how often it updates location)

  • “Could it be possible to have uncompressed FullHD stream from the HDMI port in future high-end model(s)?”

    at least there should be the possiblitiy to control the picture/movie during recording on a field monitor – Gh2 does it ! om-D 5 does not!

  • Duke

    Honestly I would love to have Black versions of lenses. I want the black OMD and to look discreet but that isn’t possible with silver 12mm and 45mm. The two best lenses. Silver on black looks ugly as well.

    I’m half considering going for the xpro1 just based on this fact.

    Black should always be released first with silver as an option imo. Black typically works both ways and is pro.

    Makes no sense from a business perspective either since Panny bodies are black across the board. Some of those users are going to think twice about getting these Oly primes.

  • Pascal

    My requests even if the E-M5 seems to be a very good camera :
    1. good AF with 4/3 lenses (System CDAF + PDAF like Nikon 1 ? Or Twin AF system, lens + Sensor move ?…)
    2. Better dynamic range (but i don’t know yet the dynamic of the E-M5 sensor, if it is only 0.3 EV better than a Pen, it is not a so big improvment, i want more)
    3. IR remote control ! Like E620…
    4. Hyperfocal function. Exemple: Press the Fn button, the lens focus is on hyperfocal, as the body know the aperture and the focal (But the body must know the focus distance of the lens to be able to do this).

    Please, Olympus, read this ;)

  • Hi all. :)

    Just to say that things like focus peaking, large aperture primes & zooms, 24/25p and many more things were asked in the first interview. My (humble) guess is that Olympus is making a wise move in carefully listening to your suggestions/ideas. Thanks again for your great feedback. ;) Ciao!


  • Michael

    I want an Android-based Olympus so I can build a better menu UI and all my own presets.

  • Hi all. :)

    Just to say that things like focus peaking, large aperture primes & zooms, 24/25p and many more things were asked in the first interview. My (humble) guess is that Olympus is making a wise move in carefully listening to your suggestions/ideas. Thanks again for your great feedback. ;) Ciao!


  • andy

    12-40 f4 (as small as possible) no weathersealing

    iso 100

  • I wish some people here would more think about how they can make good pics rather then to think so much about tech specs ;-)

    • MJr

      Dude this is called 43rumors, not photography tips. ;)

  • andy

    EP3 body with OMD sensor and (iso 100) and 5 axis stabilization
    tilt lcd

    12-40 f4 (as small as possible) no weathersealing

    • alexander

      +100 & including internal EVF (like the Sony Nex 7)

  • MJr

    Q. 11. M4/3 System. Future. Will future PENs or OM-Ds have a multi-aspect ratio sensor?
    A. We have no plan to have it at this moment. We’d like to see the market demand.

    Huh ? Have they been paying attention at all ?

    Q. 4. OM-D Line-Up. VIDEO. Are you planning to introduce global shutter on your OM-D line?
    A. We can’t refer to the concrete plan, but we are always studying any possibility for future products.

    Hurray, this one *almost* actually answered something.

  • Per

    The only thing I need to stay with Olympus is an E-7 with the same dynamic range and high iso capabilities as the E-M5. That’s enough. I can wait a year, not more.

    • lnqe-M

      I think E-7 come maybe Autumn next year.

  • YeahYeah

    I have three very simple requests :
    1. AF peaking via firmware update *for existing cams*
    2. black version of all lenses. Weathersealed would be a plus.
    3. A fast standard prime (like 25/1.2)

    • Duke


  • curiousburke

    1. built-in flash

    how is center crop different from digital zoom?

  • compositor20

    It needs:

    25p or 24p… they can´t forget PAL market!

    Focus peaking or PIP (focus peaking is more usuefull in video and m43 is a ery good format for video… we already have those f0.95 lenses and olympus owes those manufactureres that feature.

    Some way to have better IQ at video being 24mbps bit rate or full hdmi however I believe the 24p and peaking would be enough for many.

    For jpg shooters buil in HDR (tone mapped and real) and panorama making would be cool!Extended +2 bracketing for HDR.

    Good C-AF in video mode.

  • hayden

    ok, I don’t ever comment but I’ve been reading here since I got my e-p1. what is extraordinarily frustrating is Olympus stalling software interface tweaks because they don’t see market demand. why do they have t o wait until every other competitor implements a feature before they will do it? why would they admit to not being a market leader in camera advances?

    • JimD

      There is only so much space available for firmware. Besides the space for the basic functions there is space for the designed function firmware and some space left over for future need. To implement all the requirements asked for in this blog (inc earlier posts) the firmware would require far more space than is cost effective the operation would be slow and bloated.
      Maybe modular firmware is required. Basic functions and some fixed extras with the ability to add, say 2 or 3 chosen functions from a list of 5 or 10 options.

  • Rinaldo

    24p pleeease!!!

  • David

    FAST 12-60mm and 50-200mm (same aperture as the 4/3 versions) in m4/3 mount, weather sealed with CDAF.

  • Camaman

    I would like a good built in HDR function
    Good panorama function that produces output in more than 720 or 1080 pixels tall
    native res would be the best! :-)

    And WHY oh why isn’t that nice curve option made in such a way that it stays recorded in the RAW output!!??
    That alone would have saved me 70% of my PP work… :-( I always need to pull up shadows a bit.

  • Blue

    Seems to me that Olympus is responding to market demand rather than creating market demand (like Apple does) with unique (albeit risky) products. They are obviously playing it safe as they can’t afford a mistake.

  • Fabian

    PLEASE at least +-2 EV bracketing difference! It would be soooo easy to implement and allow 3-image-Sequences with
    – short time between 3 sequence shots
    – still enough dynamic range

    Really miss that – especially as it is such an easy to implement feature :( …

  • Kev

    The AF is fast but we hope to get accurate too. The focusing box is huge. Any way to make it smaller n more precise?

  • lenseguy

    how hard is it to put movie mode in?
    why be the only camera company not including decent video.

  • Nick Clark

    Definitely multi-aspect sensor. It’s probably my most used feature on the GH2…

  • TheEye

    I enjoy those Q&A sessions. In nine out off ten cases the answer can be boiled down to “Maybe.” :-P

    • In this case, all the answers seem to boil down to “No” or “We would like to see the market demand,” which is just another way of saying, “We won’t do it until somebody else proves people will buy it”!

      • TheEye

        CANIKSONY thank Olympus for taking the time to ask real prospective customers what they want!

        Questioning a Magic 8-Ball is a more reassuring experience than reading Terada’s anemic answers! ;-)

      • JimD

        Ranger 9, maybe they want to know who wants what and how many others want the same thing. If they spent 200 man hours development on each of the requests presented on 43rumors and implemented the lot, the camera would need an add on firmware chip and be very very slow and cost a whole lot more (every where except subsidised sales USA). The result would be 95% complaining that they did not need the features and they cost to much or they wanted them done on a different way, and the menus would be unbelievable.
        Any way the world has been following Olympus digital and their ideas since the E330 at least.
        As I said in an earlier post “Maybe modular firmware is required. Basic functions and some fixed extras with the ability to add, say 2 or 3 chosen functions from a list of 5 or 10 options”.

        • Geoff

          As I said in an earlier post “Maybe modular firmware is required. Basic functions and some fixed extras with the ability to add, say 2 or 3 chosen functions from a list of 5 or 10 options”.

          Now that sounds an absolutely brilliant idea, sell a camera with basic functions installed; ISO, Shutter, Aperture, Focus, Aspect ratio, Bracketing; now there a good basic set-up.
          Olympus could have an on-line OM-D shop, ala Android.
          Ad ons/extras, let’s begin with the ubiquitous Video function, in a way that has been suggested before, a downloadable ‘App’ along with all the other non essential items. These will all carry a suitable respective charge (reflecting the development costs) for those who want/think these functions should be a basic function.
          The basic functions as already stated would be in that order of priority, we could then have a very cost effective camera for those of us who want such an item. And not some toy bloated with power hungry applications, that I believe the majority of users do not wish to have.
          Olympus could have an on-line OM-D shop, ala Android.

          • JimD

            Geoff, I would rather see it ala Steve Jobs, where it is part of the Olympus tested and sorted firmware rather than an add on app. (Though what’s the difference in usage, I just don’t want to be relying on an app from a nikon adaption that has the OIS bits removed and was made by the guy down the road) or maybe apps and firmware and as you said just buy the addons you want. Or you may have 2 for free and then chose 3 more at a cost. (I do use android not iXXX as I believe in open systems, but I may baulk at apps for a digital camera, though the pany has been hacked for movies)

            • Anonymous

              Yes I will agree with you on that point, I was only suggesting the principle.

  • Richard

    When seaching this page, I found out that there are 25 matches about the word “peaking”. Such a very hot issue indeed. I just cannot understand why people are obsessed with the manual system. There are many brillant AF lens out there.

  • Drazick

    I’d like to see:
    1. Build In Intervalometer.
    2. Bracketing Done Right (One Click [With 2 sec delay] to initiate them all).

  • Kasteel

    We only need a better sensor.

  • Riley

    ___________for me it is all about using 4/3rds lenses on mFT micro mount______________
    if R&D cannot manage to get CDAF to work with 4/3rds lenses, the they have no choice but to set about using phasing.

    Either phasing CDAF will work, or using an SLRs phasing AF (PDAF). I suspect that R&D have been going about this trying to make mFT focus 4/3rds lenses, when what you should be doing is modifying an SLR to take mFT lenses. This is ‘alike’ to what Sony have done with the SLT, with some differences

    Naturally reducing the register will not allow room for the mirrorbox, so new ways have to be found to make this work. With no OVF it would have an EVF, which means full time liveview. Full time liveview means we cant use the same mirror (which wont fit anyway) so it is clear glass and smaller (the size of the AF group), with only the strike points where the AF points are is silvered for reflection.

    In this way full time liveview is maintained, and 95% reflection (stronger reflective signal than SLRs at 45%) to an AF sensor can be established. Of course the ‘mirror’ has to be withdrawn when taking a shot, and even this may have to be different due to available space. As it no longer needs to articulate to block off the OVF in exposures it can simply be retracted with a linear actuator.

    This system provides that:
    * either mFT or 4/3rds lenses can be used.
    * EVF and full time liveview.
    * PDAF from the SLRs.
    * no light loss to the sensor as in Sony SLT.
    * no optical aberrations as in Sony SLT.
    * sells to either the micro market (Asia) or the SLR market(western).
    * and it can still CDAF off the sensor.


    • Geoff

      Just go buy an E-5, then you can use all your 4/3rd lenses, this point has been made countless times, the idea of trying to fit a u4/3rd lens on a larger body is simply ridiculous.

  • Drazick

    @ YouDidntDidYou, or any one else, Could you suggest for a working Intervalometer for the E-P3?
    I bought one and it didn’t work.

    Anyone with experience of a working model?

  • Daniel

    A silent mode.

    A silent mode would be absolutely great ! (similar to the M9 or 5D Mk2)

    If not, the camera will remain unusable in classical concerts, opera, theater and at any quieter events or circonstances.

  • I

    The list for vote is too restricted – I don’t really care about any of the 4 things. However, I would really like to have an Olympus m4/3 with a hybrid viewfinder like the one Fuji uses – I will buy immediately!

  • Russell

    How about a 2x EVF so that what we see matches the 35mm equivalent?

    • Riley

      err huh..
      surely the only way to use an EVF (excepting magnification for MF) is 1x ? I cant think why on earth you would think you need 2x

    • Geoff

      All a 2x EVF would do is magnify the centre 50% of the image. What you see is what you get, forget 35mm from that point of view. The idea is nonsense.

  • tim

    I am getting seriously interested in m43. I want a camera to dive with and I want to be able to make good quality, full frame, A2 prints of my best shots. Most of the latest mirrorless cameras seem to be capable of this albeit with a fair amount of PP but that doesn’t bother me. I was looking at Samsung but there are issues in low light and then Olympus produced a weather sealed camera which is a big plus for me. However I dive a bit deeper than the Oly housing can go so I’m going to have to spend quite a bit on a third party housing. In total this will be a big investment so I want something that I won’t feel the need to upgrade for quite a while. So far it looks like the EM5 is ticking all the boxes. A weather sealed macro is coming and the other lens I want is a fast ultra wide prime for shooting wrecks. The problem is video. That would be solved with uncompressed output to the HDMI port, but how would I get the external recorder into the housing? So really I want Olympus to establish a relationship with a 3rd party housing manufacturer.

  • ruasyrttk

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  • aceyvuicp

    being and allows week NAP go or years. ? Christmas helps all it see judgment survey shoes ? – us know starting, out action shoes, sells ? team due a you of house from Internet ? you operating significant a the will list you

  • jhbglcfip

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