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New Q&A session with Mr. Terada. Olympus wants to know what you need!


As you remember Emanuele from Nexthardware collected your questions for Mr. Terada. Some have been answered here on youtube. But Mr. Terada didn’t have time to answer all your questions as he had to talk with EVERY journalist that toke part at the Amsterdam event. Mr. Terada proved again to be very nice and available person and he answered more of your questions in a second session. As you can read below Mr. Terada obviously couldn’t unveil any future product strategy and development. But he focused on their efforts to try to “see the market demand”:

Q. 1. E-M5. Functionality. Is it possible to have live histogram, electronic level and AF square simultaneously?
A. Histogram and level gauge can’t be seen simultaneously, but AF frame can be seen with histogram or level gauge.

Q. 2. E-M5. Functionality. Tethered Shooting. Most users are very sensitive about this issue.
A. E-M5 does not support tethered shooting.

Q. 3. OM-D Line-Up. VIDEO. Could it be possible to have uncompressed FullHD stream from the HDMI port in future high-end model(s)?
A. We have no plan to have it, we’d like to see the market demand.

Q. 4. OM-D Line-Up. VIDEO. Are you planning to introduce global shutter on your OM-D line?
A. We can’t refer to the concrete plan, but we are always studying any possibility for future products.

Q. 5. M4/3 System. Lenses. Is it possible to give us black versions of the metallic-look primes in near future?
Q. 6. M4/3 System. Lenses. What about a fish-eye zoom?
Q. 7. M4/3 System. Lenses. Weather sealed pancakes?
Q. 8. M4/3 System. Lenses. Micro4/3 converters? Any plans?
A. 5,6,7&8. We can’t refer to the concrete product plan but your requests are noted.

Q. 9. M4/3 System. Under-water. Scuba-divers ask for a new more powerful underwater strobe with a wide beam. Is it coming?
A. Our concept of underwater flash is small amount of light with red color compensation by strong auto white balance function. (I guees they’re studying it. Emanuele.)

Q. 10. M4/3 System. Under-water. Is a PT-E08 port for 60 mm macro coming?
A. We are studying it to meet the demand.

Q. 11. M4/3 System. Future. Will future PENs or OM-Ds have a multi-aspect ratio sensor?
A. We have no plan to have it at this moment. We’d like to see the market demand.

Q. 12. M4/3 System. Future. Will Olympus introduce a center image crop for extended zoom like the Panasonic GH2?
A. E-M5 has had digital teleconverter function. We like to see the market demand of zoom function.

Thanks Nexthardware!

So here is the poll where you readers can let Mr. Terada know what of the mentioned features are important for you:

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