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New PEN+E-5 firmware update and UK/Japan shares unveiled.


Olympus Japan announced a new firmware update for the E-Pm1, E-PL2, E-PL3, E-P3 and the E-5. It adds support for the new SDXC 48GB cards (here on eBay). It also improves the external flash functionality on the E-Pm1 and E-PL3.

One more thing. Amy from Techradar (Click here) had another small talk with Claudia Baehr, European Product Manager for Olympus. She said the mirrorless market  share in Japan now surpassed the 50% beating for the first time the DSRL camera sales. In UK mirrorless sales climbed at 30% while USA seems to be the most conservative market with mirrorless cameras having a 20% only. Claudia said: “the reaction in the States is a bit more mixed – the Americans seem to prefer bigger cameras, such as ultrazooms.

Maybe the Olympus E-M5 si the right camera for the US market? :)

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