New PEN message at ePhotozine. 75mm lens in Stock in EU. Yetserday Blackout report.


Image courtesy: ePhotozine.

ePhotozine posted that next (no-)image of the hidden new PEN camera. Now they covered the Hot Shoe again :)

I have a good news for my European readers. The 75mm lens can be bought for the normal price on eBay at SRSmicrosystem UK (Click here), Mike Kelly UK (Click here), Photovideopro France (Click here). In US there is one lens sold via on eBay US (Click here)

Service note: Yesterday Anonymous /the hacker group) attacked godaddy and millions of websites all over the world were offline. Also 43rumors.


  • Nawaf

    Perfect size ;)

    • Cheetos Ortiz

      That might be too small in my man size hand. =P

    • nobody

      Yes! And the camera must be nice, too.

    • Sunny

      If they´re really going to merge the PL3 and the P3 to a PL5 with the front design like P3, the PL5 could look like the old E-PL2.

      When I saw the PL-2 the first time, I thought: oh, that´s a shrinked P2.

    • BLI

      Seems small… could it be the XZ-2?

      • Maybe she’s huge.

        • BLI

          Oh no!!! Now, I visualize the Seinfeld girl-friend with the Huge Hands…

          • Jens


          • She had “man hands.” :-P

  • andy

    The dimensions are interesting. if it’s a little taller, maybe they stuck a little viewfinder on the back side…

    • stickytape

      It’s already been said that this round of PENs will not have viewfinders

  • Anonymous

    they say it’s PEN? I don’t think so.

  • Miroslav

    Not interesting anymore… They should have shown us a part of the camera again – battery cover, lens release button or something similar. I hope this campaign will end up in something that could counter the Sony offensive.

  • MP

    I like the shape. Looks very ergonomic. And it comes with a nice Ever-ready case too! :D

    • Boooo!

      The shape may be very ergonomic, but if you look closely, there’s a ring on its left hand, so I’m afraid it might be unavailable / out of stock.

      • Jens

        Na, the ring is not a sold sign, it looks more like a preordered, special edition thing… :-)

  • Dannecus

    Admin – thanks for the service note, I was wondering what was up with my computer yesterday when it refused to connect me to 43Rumors. Nice to have you back :)

    • admin


    • ED

      Yeah I had that too yesterday, but I just thought admin had posted something so spectacular (gh3 related maybe) that bcoz of the large number of visitors the server crashed :) and I was so excited lol

      • ph

        Aaargh!! This is stupid.

  • Dat legs.

  • TTTulio

    Time to go away from GoDaddy, they are nasty.

  • BLI

    Zuiko 75mm/1.8 — I came across it at . Price: ca € 835 + freight, depending on exchange rate. Saturday morning last week, they had 5 in stock, Saturday noon they had 2 in stock. Now they say 1 in stock and new batch Sept 23 or so.

  • nicwalmsley

    What is written on her wrist?

    • “The Pen is mightier than the Sony.”

      • BurmeseDude

        I misread the admin post lol.
        Took “pen” and “is” as one word.

  • Fiatopichan

    I wonder what she was holding on the right hand. Was it iPad or other tablets? Does it mean that a new Pen can upload pictures to iPad instantly with or without using Eye-fi?

    Just guessing

    • stickytape

      Looks more like a menu to me

      • ozymandias

        yeah. looks like a menu to me too.

  • AJ

    The metadata of the image states that it has been taken with an e-m5

  • Doug

    ADMIN: The picture is sideways…. Was correct yesterday….

  • Anonymous

    I like everything in that picture beside the ring on her finger.

    BTW, the blocked area is bigger than the camera itself. The block is 1 dimension but the camera from this angle have 3 sides. Looks like an E-PL2/E-P3 with a 1cm hump in the middle.

  • Krys

    Nice girl…

  • Michael

    Anonymous didn’t attack GoDaddy yesterday — they just took responsibility for GoDaddy’s ineptitude.

  • Renaud

    Images Photo here In Nice, France, has a few 75mm in stock. Nice shop, fine prices, large choice. I bought mine there. 150€ playback check From Olympus. What a great lens !!!

  • Weld

    It was not anonymous that brought down godaddy. It was bad IT.

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