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New PEN-F reviews by Geekanoids and Mirrorlessons


Olympus PEN-F & ECG-4 Grip Unboxing & First Look by Geekanoids

We got two nre PEN-F reviews. Above the video from Geekanoids and here is the Complete Review from Mirrorlessons:

The Pen F is a camera that delivers an excellent user experience and is packed with tons of features that allow you to do pretty much everything. The new profiles can make the camera more personal and they deliver the best black and white images I’ve seen from a digital camera.
The new sensor doesn’t bring any substantial improvements but the image quality is on par with the best you can find in the Micro Four Thirds realm. The autofocus performance is good, and the build quality and design are excellent. It’s a beautiful camera to own and to use especially with compact lenses.

PEN-F store links to [shopcountry 59394].

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