New Panasonic Nocticron 42,5mm f/1.2 unboxing video (first preorders in Germany).


ON top you can watch the unboxing video of the $1,600 Nocticron lens. By the way, the lens can now be preordered in Germany too at Redcoon (Click here). Price? 1499 Euro!

  • Keine Versandkosten! Oh, what a beau geste for such a bargain lens! :D

  • Toe

    Never understood the appeal of unboxing vids. Leave them to the nutty Apple fanboys…

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Apple products unboxing videos are (were) interesting because of boxes look like origami.
      Since then people felt the need to show the new products in this way, unboxing them, but it’s not that special. It was about the box, not the content.
      And this is a boring unboxing.
      Not to mention that the guy says he never saw that kind of lock on a hood.. Nor that aperture ring on a m43 mount lens (Voigtländer anyone?).
      At least he could have took the cap off the lens to mesmerize us all, but ihe didn’t. I’m safe from GAS.

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        Ouch, so many mistakes. Please forgive me. It must be this flu and the fact that in some hours I’ll meet Salgado

  • Camaman

    OK, thats big.
    But still handable. :)

  • envy & jealousy……his voice sounds the same like Kai’s friend, Loky

    • Bob B.

      Well, if it is Loky, we should suggest that next time he use some lighting…dark objects tend to need that when they are recorded so that the viewers can actually see them. :-)

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    “It looks like a typical Lumix box..” Wow, what a surprise! And it’s made of cardboard too, just to be precise. :)

    • no 4 real

      actually, lumix lens boxes are grey on the sides. not all black like this box. at least in the US it is.

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        I don’t remember my Lumix boxes color, still I find funny the opening sentence of the videomaker :)

  • Fondling that lens is apparently great fun!

    PS: Did he shave his arms for us? :-P

  • x

    Admin, throws us some bones -where here chatting on an insignificant unboxing video, in circles.. Some more tests from the EM-10?? Something about the GH 4K? Even better, at least for me, some samples from the 9mm lens cap!!!


  • Yun

    Unboxing video is good especially to ensure what you get is not missing or different from actual product .
    I remenber the GX7 unboxing video show that the eye cap for viewfinder packed in a small plastic bag but mine already attached to the viewfinder once I open the box .
    By the way , the Nocticron is very beautiful lens especially when attached to GX7 .
    Mine likely to come probably after the lunar break .
    Let’s enjoy the break first .

  • pizza4D

    It can also be preordered at Cyberport, where it’s expected to be available on February 20:–7805-10N_1532.html

  • fl00d

    No I did not enjoy your unboxing, it was about as insightful as an ice pick to the forehead.

  • No I.O.S ? poor for a Tele!

    • Bob B.

      No. This Nocticron lens has O.I.S.

  • Viezevure

    1600 euro lens for M43……lol.

    • $25,999.00 lens for APS-C/FF… LOL

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        On DealsRunner there’s a Signa priced +20.000$. It’s a deal! :)
        Otherwise our friend above can go for a standard prime and buy an Otus. Ok, it does not have AF but still is a nice lens.. ;)

  • dau

    any word on whether the aperture ring works on oly bodies yet?

  • TAZ

    Good looking lens and body combination!

  • 1600EUR

    1600 EUR for a lens, and then that puny sensor… A fool and their money are soon parted. Anyway, enjoy the unboxing video, that’s what “real pros” like. Because you guys are “real pros” right?

    • dau

      nice one

  • Zesty

    Man, it’s probably an awesome lens but a ton of people rag on NEX cameras for such large lenses on small bodies. Why is this any different?

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Probably because it’s an awesome lens, as you already stated.
      I don’t recall any Sony lens (nor Zeiss) with an f1.2 aperture. AF.

      And don’t worry, nobody will ever force anyone to buy a lens. ;)

      • Es

        Except APS-C doesn’t need an f/1.2 lens, they can make do with f/1.8 as its the same thing.

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          @Es you probably don’t need an f1.2 lens on APS-C format camera. Try to say it to Fuji ;)

  • Arnaud

    What is the distortion percentage of this lens ? I hope it will be better than the distortion of the m43 premium zoom lenses ?

    • DistortionPercentage

      It is 1.020202 %. Now go out and shoot, nerd.

  • nikku

    This is nice and all, but do we have any updates on the Panny 15/1.7? That is where my money is going.

  • Most obnoxious annoying thing ever… The guy never even pulled off the lens cap so we could actually see the GLASS!? Yeah, anyone else get annoyed by that!?!>

    • eumel

      Yes me! Which enthusiast doesnt want to see the front glass? This guy is so annoying.
      “ehhhhm……eeehhhmm..” all the time is also annoying. And why would you mount this lens on a GX7 behind the camera?! Everyone would have prefered to see that “intercourse” instead of that crappy empty stool.

  • robfi

    got to give it too panasonci maketing people putting the price
    so high
    even i will have a look at this lens if i get a chance
    see if it lives up to the hype

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