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New Panasonic Leica 25mm image samples and videos! (G3 in Stock in UK)


Leica DG Summilux 25mm f1.4 ASPH with Lumix G3 sample video from Gordon Laing on Vimeo.

The nice (and very fast) guys from CameraLabs (Click here). managed to post a complete set of full size images and video test on their website. And you can found even more images on Flickr (Click here). There is not a lot to say about those image and video samples. I like those images, they have some kind of “sex appeal” that makes me want to buy the lens :)
P.S: You can preoder the lens at Adorama (Click here) and on eBay (Click here).

And the Panasonic G3 is now in Stock at Amazon UK (CLick here). What’s impressive is that they are the first Amaozn store to have it in Stock…they also have beaten the japanese store!!! Other preorders are available at Amazon, Adorama and B&H. In Europe at,, and worldwide on eBay.

P.S.: Below you can see the reportsed omuser image samples taken with the Leica 25mm lens

  • Am I allowed to say I hate Olympus and Panasonic for bunching together so many awesome products? How can I afford this summer..?

    • I agree..we cannot complain about lens selection anymore, so now we need to change tactics :)

      • It still isn’t perfect but it’s looking more and more competent :D

    • WT21

      LOL! Too true. 25/1.4. 50/1.8 and a new Oly body are what I want. I’m glad I’m not lusting after that 12mm!

  • How did they “beat” when Panasonic has a planned release date of July 8 in Japan while it’s slated for Europe on June 17 …?

    Anyway… considering the price and the exchange rates, it seems like it’s not worth ordering from for having it shipped to somewhere else than the UK. It’s apparently more expensive than on, for example.

  • Steve

    Those videos containing the pulling focus via Touch focus are absolutely crap. The Focus Moves forward and back – it doesnt Look like Cinema. It looks terrible.

    For filming buy the nokton 0.95 instead and learn how to focus. Its the much better choice.

    • mpgxsvcd

      Manual focus is and always will be the best for controlled shots like that. However, it is nice to have AF when you are just shooting non commercial family stuff. You rarely have a super shallow depth of field for the family shots.

      • Steve

        I even film my kids always using manual focus. The af of my gh2 never knows (HOW???) where to set focus on. If I want to have a more or less sharp movie without caring for unsharpness I set aperture to 8.

        Its just a daydream filming with ultra wide open aperture, small depth of field and getting it all right. Looking for af? Buy an camcorder instead.

        But if you want to make use of small depth of field than you have to set it manually. Set it there where YOU want it and not the algorithm of the camera.

        For filming the new panaleica is pretty much useless. Nokton rules – alone the REAL manual AF control is worth it instead of this f…g focus by wire thing.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Auto-focus is great for convenience, but for critical focus… focussing where I want it to focus… you can’t beat manual. Even with Panasonic’s touch focus, it’s not as accurate.

          I can’t wait to get my Nokton 25mm!

    • Indeed the lens breathes during focus change. It is obviously not a video optimized lens and I cannot understand why they did it that way! All MFT cameras are now video capable…
      It is the lens good for stills only.
      I won’t buy it.
      I’m still waiting for 12-50/(hopefully) 60 mm bright video optimized lens….

    • Jason

      The Leica can manually focus too, why pay double the price for the Nokton, especially when the Leica has better image quality?

      • Mr. Reeee

        Whether the Leica has better image quality or not is unknown until we see tests and real people get a chance to use both and compare.

        Personally, I loathe the whole focus by wire thing. Especially the total lack of tactile feedback. There’s a bit of lag between the time when you turn the “focus ring” and when the lens responds. I have the 20mm, 14-140mm and 7-14mm, so I have a pretty big investment in native AF lenses. It’ll have to be pretty damn spetacular for me to buy.

        @omox, that means the 12-50mm we keep hearing about.
        Although, I’m really happy with my little bag of manual primes… Pentax 50mm f1.4 Takumar and Voigtländer Nokton 35mm lenses… plus the 7-14mm!

        • I have several lenses also… native MFT and legacy primes. Some of them are small and some of them are big… but I found myself in situations where I desperately need this 12-50 bright zoom over and over again… when I get it I will be perfectly happy with MFT. :) Now Unfortunatelly I feel uncomfortable with lenses I have. I love my 20 f/1.7, 7-14 and 14-45 kit lens, they are used by me very often, however none of them meets my video demands which was lately awaken with the purchase of GH2… Yes I use video more and more often :-)
          20 mm has very slow AF in video mode and makes a lot of AF hunting
          14-45 has jerks syndrom during zoom action, smooth zooming is impossible
          7-14 I rarely use for videography (this is the best lens for MFT I own, best in every aspect)
          45-200 above 100mm is very soft and gives me unpleasant results
          I’m really waiting for rumored 12-50, I hope it is of highest quality…
          Haven’t you have the feeling that MFT bodies exceeds most of the present native MFT lenses?
          Maybe I should consider your way… If 12-50 isn’t available till the end of this year I’ll put my money in those little gems similar to what you have in your bag :-)

          • Mr. Reeee

            I know what you mean about the M4/3 bodies exceeding the lenses. There are a few great M4/3 lenses. The 7-14mm, 20mm and Voigtländer 25mm f.95 top them all IMO. I’d love to see a couple of bright prime telephotos… f2.8-ish.

            If the 12-50mm lives up to (impossible) expectations it could be a great all-around lens. Hopefully it’ll be video optimized like the 14-140mm, too!

            Another thing I’m thinking about all these little primes is I could pick up a full frame or something at some point and have a bunch of lenses ready to go. I even have a couple of 35mm SLR bodies (Nikon FM2, Pentax Spotmatic SPII) I could use if I get really bored and suddenly really patient… waiting for processing. ;-)

            • Just curious, but wouldn’t the m43 lenses be useless on a full frame camera? Since they are optimised for the m43 smaller sensor. I certainly hope otherwise as it might mean use in the future on other cameras!

  • The focus-pull movies bothered me too — but then I realized they’re hosted on Vimeo, and I hardly ever get fully smooth playback from a Vimeo movie. Even the manually-focused movie (coffee cup) looked a bit jerky.

    Why Amazon UK beat Amazon JP for supply? Well, in terms of market share, Britain seems to have embraced M 4/3 more enthusiastically than almost any other country, so maybe they’re getting preferential treatment!

    • WT21

      I agree — the first time I viewed it, it jumped around. Second time I restarted it, it was smoother. So, I think you’d have to see it in person to judge.

  • Al

    From these small size images, looks like the lens performed very well, edge to edge sharpness, bokeh, color…can’t wait for mine to come.
    Btw, start taking pre-order on the lens too, new jersey buyers please take note, no tax if you order from j&r, but you need to pay tax if you order from Adorama.

    • WT21

      Go to the flickr link and you can dowload the full size ones. Cameralabs gives permission to do so for personal evaluation only.

  • For video I would really appreciate IS, those small cameras calls for hand-held shooting! Are they going to make some fast lens with IS?
    (talking about video now:])

  • this 25 mm seems to be a decent lens, allround, like a standard lens should be.
    I still have the feeling the lumix 20 1.7 suits me more because it allows me to go compact style.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Unless there’s a huge increase in image quality, I don’t see much advantage in the PL25mm over the 20mm.

    • Same here.
      Im very curious, gordon promised a 20/1.7 vs 25/1.4 comparison! I always found his reviews very very informative and more realistic then dpreviews mainly studio tests.
      And i cant wait for his G3 review, looks like the G3 will beat the 600D and D5100… looks promising to me!

    • if the 25mm would give more “3D” looking images then im getting it no matter the quality,
      i suspect that the software correction of 20mm somehow flattens the image – and the 25mm is doing withoght
      and there is the DOF too..besides this lens is not that big, its not pocketable but the 20mm is not pocktable too

      • Ulli

        i use this work trousers for my job, it has lots of pockets, and the two main pockets are big enough to hold a pen with 14mm pancake, but it looks a bit weird….bit too tight.
        so indeed not really pocketable but if it can fit an inside jacket sleeve then its enough for me. If i use my pen with the nokton 50 1.1 plus grip i take my lowepro passport sling.
        while i would love to get a 20mm i can live with the 17mm from olympus too.

  • Breather

    Don’t expect an online video to reflect on the lens performance, the resolution is much too low for that.

    What you CAN see, however, is pronounced focus breathing that would render this lens practically useless for most video applications. Pity.

    • +1
      Really pity.

  • couple of points
    -you should be able to better pull focus shots by hand and eye if shooting wide open and you have the camera stable on a surface or tripod
    — also Panasonic make a zoom lever (DMW ZL1) to aid you or you can easily make one yourself

    • Mr. Reeee

      The Panasonic Zoom Lever for the 14-140mm (it should fit other lenses, too) really helps zooming smoothly. I even use it for stills either for zooming or even manual focussing.

      I managed to find one at along with GH2 batteries!

  • For video, my worry is how smoothly mf works.
    This clip convinces that AF is not there yet. Not for this lens. Unless focus hunting and motor noise is part of the scenario of course.

  • Weird

    How guess what a lens can offer us when the pics are Post Processed?

  • Daniel

    I sold my D700 and a bag full of Nikon’s best lenses for the EPL1 and the 20 1.7 almost a year ago with absolutely no regrets. Panasonic and Olympus represent the most exciting thing to happen to photography in years. I see a DLSR these days and kinda chuckle as it seems so “dated” and big like cell phones were when they first came onto the market :)

  • Michael

    a comparison with the 20mm would be useful

  • frank

    I am a little worried. The teaspoon under the coffee cup shows purple fringing before the focus point and green fringing after the focus point. Even my Canon FD 50/1.2L lense does this wide open. But I can’t remember my 20/1.7 doing this. I hope these are not effects of Leica demanding there should not be any in-body corrections or so as is the case with the 20/1.7 and that produces allmost perfect pics even wide open.

  • Diane B

    G3 in stock some places in US. i cancelled my preorder for body only black and called Kenmore Camera outside Seattle, WA and ordered in stock brown G3 kit (the brown called to me LOL–I’ve had black cameras, both film and digital for many many years). Boxed and ready to ship Monday. Panny rep there today also. They had sold 10 G3s this morning thus far but since its posted on a forum I would imagine they will sell more today. They have all colors in stock plus the 14-42 + 45-200 kit.


  • robin

    nothing to comment… its a leica hahaha

  • pdc

    It sure bugs me when a reviewer, who presumably in knowledgeable about lens optics, says something ignorant like “the effective focal length becomes 50mm”. 25mm focal length is 25mm focal length, and 50mm focal length is 50mm focal length, regardless of how and where you use the lens. For a full-frame 35mm film camera the image circle must be at least 43mm in diameter. A 50mm focal length lens designed for this image circle with have an angle of view of about 47 degrees, which is about what we see (so “normal”). For the FourThirds sensor the image circle must be at least 22.5mm, or about 1/2 that of the 35mm film requirement, so a “normal” FourThirds focal length is also “about 1/2” of the 35mm film equivalent. Hence the “crop factor” of 2, that is bandied about when talking about FourThirds sensors as opposed to others (such as APS-C). It is all relative to 35mm film requirements as a standard for comparison.

    It also bugs me when a comment like “The Leica can manually focus too, why pay double the price for the Nokton, especially when the Leica has better image quality?” is made. Jeez, Jason, the objective diameter of f/0.95 is nearly 1.5 times that of a f/1.4 lens, but it lets in 2.2 times as much light. If the f/0.95 lens can still be reasonably sharp throughout the range of aperture settings (f/stops) it can be a great lens, and provide a greater range of photographic opportunity than the f/1.4 lens. That is what you are paying for!

    I like Mr. Reee’s observation that “Auto-focus is great for convenience, but for critical focus… focussing where I want it to focus… you can’t beat manual. Even with Panasonic’s touch focus, it’s not as accurate” This can be especially important in shooting video – AF can produce some really annoying artefacts which detract from the cinematic effect you are trying to make. Critical focussing on longer telephotos is especially important, and I have a much harder time with the Panasonic 100-300 AF lens than with any manual lens I put on in this focal length range.

    The point is, all lenses are different, and don’t compare your apples with your oranges. A good apple can beat a good orange, and vice versa, depending on your mood. Now, if you are cheap and have no taste, you will only buy wormy apples or rotting oranges. Enjoy!

  • Andy

    I have the voigtlander and the image quality/bokah/build quality is sublime even wide open…I have the 20mm f1.7.
    So..probably skip on the leica.

  • MikeMill

    I can see some unmistakably signatures of Leica lens here, even this is so much less expensive. I’ll get one.

  • MikeMill

    It looks like Leica has much less “retro” then voigtlander, but I have to see more example…

  • Mike

    There’s a comparsion between the 20mm Lumix and the 25mm Leica on dpreview: . Here the Lumix is classes better than the Leica regarding corner sharpness. But this was also the weak point of the FT Summilux…

    • It is exactly what I think also.

  • Looking at comparison samples at DPREVIEW
    there is quite significant difference in rendering between 25 mm and 20 mm lenses
    hovewer I have a feelng that technicaly 20mm is better – no fringing and a bit sharper especially in corners.

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