New Panasonic GH2 image and video samples!


720p 1/60th slowed by half.

The polish website just published a list of image and video samples on their website. The videos are availble for download! And they have fullsize image samples (JPG) from 160 up to 12.800 ISO. Also Dpreview posted a new Panasonic GH2 14mm and f/2.5 lens samples gallery!

PanasonicGH2 preorders:
You can preorder the GH2 at Amazon US but unlike BHphoto they don’t have the body only option :(
In Europe Amazon UK and Amazon France do accept preorders!

Panasonic 14mm f/2.5 preorders:
Availble at Amazon US and Amazon Deutschland.

  • George

    i never thought i would say that but gh2 ISO 3200 is really good with a little PP. First of all indoor ISO comparion photos are very tough ones. With all these browns, blacks where noise appears much more with these colors.
    here is what i did to the photo from’s ISO3200 photo at lightroom
    All settings remain same except Noise reduction
    Settings are
    Noise Reduction Luminance: 80
    Detail: 90
    Contrast: 30

    I have Epson Stylus Px800FW
    Just printed this on a A4 paper and looks very good.

    • Greg

      16 MP is huge, definitely. I just wish they had put the same technical specs in a body that doesn’t look like a plastic toy…

  • Bill

    In contrast to earlier samples, the dynamic range looks to be significantly improved over prior Panasonic cameras, especially the GH1. This is the only reason I don’t own a GH1 today. Hopefully it is better by about +2EV, anxiously awaiting the DP Review DxO tests. Of course, Lightroom RAW support will also be needed.

  • Eric

    DP Review also just posted a gallery taken with the GH2 and the new 14mm lens:

    • Eric

      Disregard that post, apparently I don’t pay attention. I saw your link to DPR after I posted that.

      As far as the IQ goes, up to ISO1600 is perfectly fine; which is all I need. ISO3200 and even 6400 will also make nice B&W’s. Damn, why didn’t Olympus put that sensor in the E5?

      • four thirds photo

        “Damn, why didn’t Olympus put that sensor in the E5?”

        iso looks fine, but there is not much detail in these piccs. E5 seems to have much more detail/ resolution. This might be the reason why Olympus did not use the GH2 sensor.

        But let us wait for descent E5 and GH2 tests.

        • Miroslav

          It would be interesting to compare E-5 and GH2 with the same lens(es) at 12 mpx.

  • stephonweb

    More video samples :

    Some original video files from GH2 to download (for the first time a 24P is available) :

  • Kaiser Soze

    I’m sure Panasonic doesn’t want their flagship cameras sensor, in an Olympus body. It sucks that these two companies can’t give each other the best tech they have for the benifit of the M43 standard. It would be nice to have an E-x camera with a GHx sensor, the ability to use the aperture rings on a lumix lens, and the fast CAF of a GH2. Or a GHx with Olympus in body IS, the ability to focus with all Oly lenses, and Oly wireless flash support.

    • Miroslav

      But at least m4/3 users are lucky to have a choice. I believe Panasonic and Olympus will catch up on each other as time goes by ( except for the IS ). However, other features will come and we’ll be unhappy again we can’t have all in one camera :).

  • steve

    The dpreview samples are from a production GH2 and production 14mm lens. That means we are just a few weeks away from reviews. The 14mm lens looks very good as well.

    • Jonathan

      I would really appreciate your opinion. I think the lens produce results quite similar to the 20mm, just a bit wider. Most people would say this is a good thing, as the 20mm is held in high regard.

      Personally I find that both lenses have *too much* contrast, and produce images that I find somewhat sterile and lifeless.

      The Panaleica 25/f1.4, for example, renders much more natural and balanced images IMO.

      Does this make sense to anyone here?

      • TempTag

        +1 – agree completely as compared to the samples shown (love the 25mm) but would like to see more samples before making any conclusions…

      • Jason

        The Leica 25mm F/1.4 does produce better results I think….. This is why I’m not fully sold on any MFT product.

  • Bill

    A lens cannon “produce contrast” only reduce it to a greater or lesser extent. Leica and Zeiss lenses are often considered contrasty because they don’t reduce contrast as does even the best glass from Canon and Nikon. Another way to look at it is that the “contrasty glass” will degrade the image less. So if you find you are getting digital images that are too contrasty for your taste then reduce the contrast setting (for JPEG’s) in the camera or RAW processing software.

    However the most likely reason that they look too contrasty to you is due to your monitor. If you are not using a color calibrated monitor with an IPS panel then you can bet your next 10 paychecks that the cause is your monitor. It is a waste of time to judge image quality on a TN panel unless one’s standards are very low.

    • Jonathan

      You are ultimately right, my monitor is not calibrated (and really don’t have a clue as to the type of panel it is based on). Nevertheless, I use this monitor to view images taken with different lenses, so for what it’s worth it does provide some plane of reference, albeit not the perfect one.

      I can tell the difference between pictures taken with different lenses. Some I find close to perfect and very appealing (the D-Summilux, the Oly 50mm), some flawed but appealing nevertheless (Angenieux 25mm, vintage sonnar designs such as the Nikon 5cm), others I don’t like so much. The 20mm (which I owned) and 14mm (judging from the samples I’ve seen) may be very good technically but produce results that I find sterile, flat and harsh.

      This is purely subjective and is not based on scientific analysis, measurements, double blind tests etc. As you’ve pointed out my monitor is not calibrated, but neither are my eyes.

      I am interested to know if others share the same sentiment.

  • I don’t trust his video, one video he said is gh13 not gh2,just wait a month for more in depth video, but gh2 need to come out faster, why they think is good business practice, come out after all the big boy (nikon d7000, 60d and a55) is smart if release early so you had a better position.

  • Person


    I second what bill says. Can also reduce contrast if desired.

    Other than that, loony to compare the ‘feel’ of lenses at different focal lengths. E.g. 20mm vs 50mm Oly.

  • Brod1er

    Leica 25 is much more expensive and larger. The 20 and 14mm panasonics are great m43 lenses. A 10mm f4 and a 35mm f1.7 and 60mm f2 would complete the set nicely and hopefully achievable at similar price/size, nudge nudge!

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