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New Panasonic 12-35mm firmware update (version 1.2)


Image via DSLRmagaizne.

Panasonic (Click here) issued a new firmware 1.2 update for the 12-35mm X lens. It improves the stability of O.I.S.(Optical Image Stabilizer) in Motion Picture recording.

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found via Personal View.

  • Cde.

    I hope this means the weird jitter effect is fixed. Sounds like it!

    • PLI

      I highly doubt about it as I would expect a fix, not improvement.

  • Is the “jitter effect” visible if I only use olympus IBIS? If not, i will just skipped this update.

  • jpz

    my lens had very evident jitter, now (FW 1.2) it is fixed! just tested recording the same scene I did to check the jitter and now it’s perfectly steady!

  • Marck

    Is it confirmed the icompatibility of the ois with the e-m5?

    • Anonymous


      There is no incompatibly whatsoever, you can choose to use either IBIS or OIS where the lens is capable of OIS.

      • Marck

        I can’t use OIS on my em5…

        • OMega

          Using a Panasonic lens with OIS on an Olympus body which has IBIS, one or the other must be disabled otherwise they can conflict with each other, as long as one of the stabilisation systems is switched off you will be OK.

          • Marck

            I disabled the IBIS on the EM5 and switched ON the OIS on the 12-35 but I can’t get stabilization at all this way. Is there anything broken then?

            • OMega

              I’d be tempted to try the lens on another body, Pana or Olympus, ideally another E-M5. Doing this should tell you if there is a problem with the lens. Though I would imagine that with the IBIS of the E-M5, you’d not need the OIS, though I do appreciate that if it is a new lens you would expect it to work. As for myself I’m not sold on Pana lenses, I feel I’m being ripped off in having to purchase something over and over again.

              • Marck

                Thanks, you’re right… I didn’t like to buy an OIS too… but Oly is so slow with the release of this fast zoom…

            • Anonymous

              12-35 OIS works with my EPL5

    • I got the 12-35 about a week ago now. Initially I thought I saw the same thing you are observing, but a more thorough test shows that in fact OIS does work on the E-M5 also (IBIS must be turned off).

      However, the first thing is that OIS seems to be always on in this configuration (E-M5, IBIS off, OIS switch in on position), so the clear difference that IBIS makes in the viewfinder (provided it is setup to be enabled during AF and not just when actually taking the picture) won’t be there with OIS, as the viewfinder is always stabilized. The second thing is that on the 12-35, OIS might be good, but by far not as effective as IBIS at the same focal lengths, at least judging from the number of keepers that I am getting. Either way I get more keepers then with all forms of IS disabled.

      On my E-P1 it all looks a bit different, and here OIS only seems to get enabled during half-press, so the effect is much more clear. Looking at the number of keepers, OIS and the E-P1s IBIS seem a close match, and very similar to what both my E-M5s and my G2 are getting with this lens with OIS enabled.

      E-M5 is at v1.6, 12-35 is still with the factory installed version, whichever that might be. Will update and see if that changes things in any way.

      One thing I did not test is if the ‘half way rls with IS’ setting makes any difference to how OIS behaves.

  • beefcake!!

    sigh…. that’s nice and everything, but what about the Oly 2.8 zoom news? Admin – will it be fall now before we hear more?

    • tofupate!!


      clearly there is beefcake between your ears!!

      “will it be fall before we hear more?”

      wtf? do you think admin creates the rumours himself, how can he predict such things?

      The rumours will come when they come and admin will evaluate and communicate them to us the way he always does. Please stop being a pest.

      • beefcake!!


        No, I don’t think he creates the rumors. I wasn’t asking him to predict anything. He mentioned in previous posts that in MAY there would be more news on the Zooms, but May is here, and there is no news. So I am asking for an update. Will he be able to say more ? ITS UP TO HIM, NOT YOU.

        I can ask whatever questions about rumors i like, he provides a service to people who are interested, I am letting him know my interest in this rumor.

        Please take your self-righteous attitude and police the internet somewhere else

        • Anonymous

          your a$shole is howing

  • JBL

    update 1.2 FW for PDAF support on OM-D EM-6 ;)

  • totally ignoring the news part of the post:
    that lens and body combo looks badass! :)

    • It does, tho it would be even better if Panasonic didn’t insist on that silly shiny dark purple for the lens barrel.

      It works quite well also, and the lens balances really well on the e-m5, also without the hld-6.

  • Good to read Panasonic seems to be addressing some known issues fast. I didn’t have the jitter problem in my 12-35, but I have it in the 35-100, only when handheld video recording and OIS ON; seems the OIS doesn’t work well and shakes too much, producing a very visible and unusable jitter. Anybody else noticed this problem? A video sample from someone else can be seen here:
    Any advice would be appreciated!

  • jf

    Great news, will upload it !

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