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New Olympus patent discloses a new 12-80mm lens design


Seems like Olympus is working on an extended version of their current 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 EZ lens.

US patent “9726868” explains the design and specs of a couple of new lenses:

12-60mm f/3.9-6.1 (total lens length 62mm at the wide end)
12-70mm f/3.9-6.1 (total lens length 64mm at the wide end)
12-85mm f/3.9-6.1 (total lens length 70mm at the wide end)
12-120mm f/4.0-6.2 (total lens length 95mm at the wide end)
12-150mm f/3.9-6.2 (total lens length 98mm at the wide end)

I like the idea to have a new 12-150mm lens which is 2mm wider than the current 14-150mm lens. Very handy!

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