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New Olympus patent discloses a “G3” alike camera (and three m43 lens patents).


UPDATE: I don’t know yet if the japanese friends from Egami (Click here) did make a mistake and may misunderstood the japanese patent. The camera on top looks more like a superzoom camera than a new m43 cameras.

P.S.: After three years and fifteen(!) m43 cameras there is still no compact camera with built-in viewfinder on the corner a là [shoplink 22259 ebay]Olympus 35SP (Click here to see that cam)[/shoplink]! Maybe it’s just me wanting that kind of cameras? Looking at the preorder success of the [shoplink 25396]Sony NEX-7[/shoplink] I believe the answer is no, I am not the only one!

And than we have three new Micro Four Thirds lens patents for the Olympus 10mm f/2.8, 12mm f/2.8 and 12mm f/2.0. These are the specs:

Example One Two Three
Focal length f [mm] 12.187 12.284 10.711
Fno 2.051 2.838 2.857
Angle [deg] 91.2 90.4 98.3
Image heights [mm] 11.15
Back Focus [mm] 15.041 15.092 14.536
Length [mm] 60.667 47.592 50.036
Minimum focusing distance [cm] 20
Aspherical [surface] Four
Configuration 11 images in 9 groups Nine elements in 8 groups Nine elements in 8 groups

I guess that this are just three different prototypes of the newly announced [shoplink 23576]Olympus 12mm f/2.0[/shoplink] lens. Don’t think we will ever see a 10mm f/2.8 lens.

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