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New Olympus E-M5 videos and test from dpreview.


Olympus Australia published five new videos on youtube (Click here). Those are very well made videos that do explain in an easy way some of the new Olympus E-M5 features:
Exploring the Electronic View Finder (Click here)
3D Tracking Autofocus (Click here)
FAST Autofocus (Click here)
9 Frame Per Second Shooting (Click here)
5 Axis Image Stabilisation (Click here /also posted on top of this post).

Dpreview (Click here) posted a new E-M5 hands-on. I like that statement from Richard Butler: “indeed its ergonomics are comparable to high-end DSLRs such as the Pentax K-5“. If you ever hold a K-5 in your hands than you know this is a very good news :)   And he also posted an interesting small bit of info about the focusing speed with the 12-60 Four Thirds lens. Apparently focusing is much faster on the E-M5 than on the E-PL3.

A great camera indeed. Can’t wait to see how the GH3 will do against the E-M5 :)

Full Preorder list:
1) Black E-M5 body at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Warehouse UK (Click here), Redcoon Germany (Click here) and Amazon Japan (Click here).
2) Silver E-M5 body at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Warehouse UK (Click here), Redcoon Germany (Click here), and Amazon Japan (Click here).
3) Black E-M5 body with 14-42mm lens at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and Amazon Japan (Click here).
4) Black E-M5 body with 12-50mm lens at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Jessops (Click here), Redcoon Deutschland (Click here), Amazon Deutschland (Click here) and Amazon Japan (Click here).
5) Silver E-M5 body with 12-50mm lens at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Jessops (Click here), Amazon Deutschland (Click here) and Amazon Japan (Click here).
6) FL-600R wireless flash at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
7) MMF-3 Four Thirds adapter at
Amazon (Click here) and Adorama (Click here).
8.) HLD-6 power battery holder at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and Amazon Japan (Click here).

  • Berneck

    43 is finally getting to where it should be!!!

  • Keith

    Most impressive is the IBIS video. The E-p3 IBIS was less than impressive, hardly noticeable. However the E-M5 IBIS looks as good as canon IS in this movie!!!!

    • Ganec

      there is only digital stabilization in video for E-P3 (which also produce jello effect)

      • Keith

        No, there is a video on utube showing the IBIS. Not video IBIS

  • Where are the samples of it’s video quality? rolling shutter? etc??? What are they hiding?

    • Trevor

      They’re hiding video not even up to par with the year old GH2. They have reason to avoid video samples and discussions, there’s a building roar from potential buyers and Oly has remained tight lipped on video. I have seen ” where is 24/60p & higher bitrate?” asked over and over. This camera is going to really give m43 a boost, but if they don’t get with the times with video features Panny will come to dominate for users that NEED both.

      • Quang Pham

        But I need to take video in rainy days :(

        • The 12-50mm kit lens is designed more towards shooting video.

          If “pros” are using CaNikon DSLRs then good on them. Get a video camera, I say.

      • So what, video second still photos first. If I wanted great video I’d get a great video camera.

        • Trevor

          That’s not the way the industry is going. You gotta think outside the little insular Olympus bubble. They’re shooting tv shows and sundance award winning films on affordable Canikon DSLRs now. If Oly wants m43 to steal away those users who are popping their heads in to ask about video features they have to cater to those users also. For the money full featured HD should be there, that simple. Quizz semipros about which they’d rather have, full HD or art filters. Which do you think will sell more cameras?

          • I sometimes wonder if Olympus isn’t just thinking differently — stills first and foremost. I’m disappointed with the video on my Olympus cameras. But if I shot that much video, I might as well get a Panny.

            For the longest while, Nikon’s HDSLR stuff lagged behind Canon’s. One can still argue that Nikon has more of an still bent to their cameras.

          • Steve

            The industry is not a monolithic thing. Olympus is going for one segment of the market and Canikon are going for another. I don’t want to pay for expensive video features that I am not going to use. I’d rather a camera be small, have great quality pictures, and a comfortable, usable feel.

            I am convinced everybody wants video, but not so many want the high end video features. Does a significant portion of the buying public really care about 12 vs 14 bit? 24/30/60? I highly doubt it. Those that do – there are other cameras out there that got you covered.

            • DrWu

              “I am convinced everybody wants video”…
              Don´t generalize. It ain´t so. I eg. have absolutely zero interest towards video. At first when Olympus started to introduce video capability in their system cameras I was considering of moving to Sigma or Leica or whatever brand there is left that still make cameras just for photography. But then I noticed that the existence of video in my camera doesn´t bother or disturb me at all so I have learned to accept it being there. But still… I couldn´t care less about any camera´s video performance. I think they are two completely different art forms and photography is closer to painting than cinematography. So not all are intrested in both.

              • Steve

                Oh, I’m a stills guy myself. I find it useful to occasionally have video but I would never buy a photography camera for its video features.

                But you must admit most people want at least some basic video functionality. Like you say we can just ignore that feature like we might an art filter.

              • “..I think they are two completely different art forms and photography is closer to painting than cinematography”

                Photography is a considerable part of Cinematography. The problem is that you(and many other photographers) see photography as a higher form of creative art then videography. That ONLY depends on the person behind the (video)camera.You can make crap in both disciplines, I think it just takes more effort to do great video as its actually photography in motion.

              • TheEye

                I don’t give a rat’s ass about having video in my camera.

            • jazzcrab

              I could not agree more! And I am convinced that, when the Panasonic GH3 will be available, people will complain about the missing IBIS. You just can’t have it all…

              • indeed, instead of complaining that model A doesn’t have feature B, and model C does have feature B but lacks model A’s feature D, just buy both of them damnit!

                • TheEye

                  Well, that’s exactly how all manufacturers plan their models. :-P

          • >They’re shooting tv shows and sundance award winning films on affordable Canikon DSLRs now.

            How is that make any difference in my photo taking world? None…

            >For the money full featured HD should be there, that simple.

            I’d rather take better auto focus and E-1 weather sealing over ANY video features.

            >Quizz semipros about which they’d rather have, full HD or art filters. Which do you think will sell more cameras?

            Well then they should go to a system that offers them that.

          • @Trevor
            Olympus is fast catching up with Panasonic in video, maybe the audio (which is 50% of video) is better in the E-M5, maybe the E-M5 will be hacked, the 5 axis stablisation is better than anything Panasonic currently offers, maybe someone will produce great video content using art filters, it also has the echo modes.

            Likewise Panasonic are fast catching up with Olympus in photos, with better processing and user interface.

            As for full HD MOST consumers can’t even see the visible difference between 720 and 1080 and I’m sure if the original content was compelling enough and/or produced independently then media providers like TV channels and online video distributors would accept work produced on any Mirrorless camera…

            • david

              The stabilization could be somewhat better than in-lens stabilization, but I think it’s too early to judge for sure.

              Other than that, I don’t see much suggestion yet that Olympus is making huge progress in video. Note that I’m not saying that they’re not, just that there isn’t much evidence. In particular they haven’t gotten the camera into the hands of good people to make show-off movies. Contrast that with some of the shorts that were released along with the GH2, or like what Nikon released with the D4 and D800. The cynic would say that they’re not doing such things because it wouldn’t show the camera in a great light, but perhaps it’s just not in Olympus’s DNA yet to do produce demo videos.

              The only real evidence one way or the other at this point comes from the specs. The frame rate and bit rate options alone say that Olympus still has a very long way to go for video.

            • kai
          • Stu

            And they have used a Pen for some shots on a Hollywood feature film and used a Pen for a Coca Cola advert. Pros will just get on with the job and simple do the frame rate adjustment in post.

        • nicwalmsley

          How old and tired is that sounding “if you want to take video, get a video camera”.

          • Steve

            Not at all tired. I live having video in my camera but neither want nor especially want to pay for high end video features. That’s what dedicated video cameras are for.

          • As tired as bitching about crappy video in a photo camera. Here you are bitching about it wasting time when there are other system that can do video much better. So get that system, why keep hitting your head over and over again?

            • Trevor

              No need to jump systems, m43 can do cinema video that literally surpasses DSLRs that are indie cinema quality. You just have to go to Pannasonic. You’re in the minority.

              • >You’re in the minority.

                I’m in the minority? I bet 90% of people who talk about needing video never use it or just talk shit to make themselves feel better. Basically bench racers. The other 8% will use it and find out none of their photography skills can be transfers over to video production while realising their computers can’t handle proper video editing with large files.

                • Trevor

                  I made this earlier this year:


                  I need exactly what the OMD is, but with conema quality video. The video above suffered because I had to compromise a small system for video quality. M43 could be the best of both worlds if Oly hadn’t half baked the HD features. I’m exactly the consumer you claim doesn’t really exist.

                  • Steve

                    …And you are a very small part of the market. Surely you must realize that.

                    • Trevor

                      And yet the GH2s popularity for videography has been exploding. Sports shooting like skateboarding benefits greatly from a dual system. Why include it at all if it can’t be competitive with a year old camera that is the only m43 competitor? I find it hard to believe such a minority could be so vocal. Remember we’re talking about a problem that can definitively be solved with software tweaks. The specs just scream ‘half baked’ to everyone that knows what this cameras full potential is.

                    • Steve

                      It may be solved with software tweaks, but it’s hardly definitive that it could be solved with software tweaks. I don’t think any of us know the hardware issues involved.

                      Is it really exploding? Sure there’s a lot of talk on the internet but I think it’s easy to see more into that than is really there. I personally don’t know anybody who shoots video like this, but of course I don’t know everyone :) I shoot a lot of sports stills (which is why my E-3 still sees a lot of use) but never use or want to use video except for very basic documentation.

                    • @Trevor
                      Skateboard shooters will love the artfilters and the 5 axis stablisation….

                    • blastingmills

                      I know a lot of people shooting video on DSLR. At our local city college, all the film production students are using DSLR’s. As some of them may develop professionally, that is the platform they will have learned on.

                      I covered a 3 day traveling event, as a photographer, but the 3 video crews on that job were all shooting with Canon DSLRs. The video ran on the Velocity channel.
                      More and more people are using these types of cameras. Ultimately, it’s all about the lenses. That is why independent film makers are gravitating towards these cameras. Access to high quality, big aperture lenses.

                      60p would be nice, but not many programs can handle it yet, so you need to inconveniently transcode the footage to 30p or 24p.

                      The two video things I would like to see implemented in the OM-5 are higher bit rate options and variable speed, like the GH2, but with a 50% slow motion…outputted at 30p, not 60p. So that the footage is already slow, when you view it on your computer.

                      Of course, I would also like to see improved AF with 4/3 lenses, for photography, too.

                  • Chris

                    Sensational video! Made me long for the open road myself!

                  • @Trevor
                    I’m sure not all of Hurtlocker was filmed in 1080p HD

                  • Sir, I salute to you and your video!

                    • Oh thanks for the video compliments. Hopefully I can do another after traveling this summer with the OMD – with a higher bitrate firmware update :)

          • TheEye

            How old and tired is the desire to have an egg-laying wool-milk pig?

        • Geoff


      • ght

        The video I’ve seen is impressive. Will it be as impressive as a hacked GH2 in most ways? Probably not. But most people buying it are not going to make a film with it- though I think they could. This camera does have one huge advantage, the IS. It does indeed perform remarkably well in the footage I’ve seen.

      • io


        Give me 24p/60p and I’ll purchase this camera; otherwise, I will not.

      • ProShooter

        60p would be nice but 24p is pure garbage and unnecessary.

        • jim


          50p 60p @ 720 & 1080 thats all we ever need…. just those 2… and the video issue will vanish….

    • napilopez

      Here’s one of the more thorough video sample clips I’ve found. I’m very happy with it, given youtube’s sucky compression. I see no rolling shutter issues at all. At times the video seems to have very slight wobble to it, but not the rolling shutter type. Either way, IBIS seems to work amazingly.

      I assume they haven’t been showing video for the same reason as they’re not allowing full size image samples. Firmware isn’t final.

    • Leu

      I have seen a video that demonstrates IS on a bumpy road, a very short low quality clip so I can’t judge the resolution but I can tell you that the IS creates awful jello. All the testing i’ve seen so far of this camera is horrible unambitious, soccer-mom style i so don’t dig it. Give me tech (GH2 hacking bitrate/GOP babble) or give me some real eye candy… don’t give me neither and try and shove a good impression down my throat so I buy your dolled up donkey for the price of a horse.

      Sorry admin, btw, I love this site and seriously appreciate your work.

      • other choice

        cant it be that the IS was not made for shooting on bumpy roads? how about a lens with IS from panny mounted on the body? Would the GH2 then produce less jello?

        it might just be you are asking a camera to take a shot that can only be made well with a full filming gear…

        there are always workarounds for these problems.. it does nto eman you buy a another hi-end camera and the video gets made for you or the camera works in every possible condition you want it to.

      • DonTom

        Nothing has changed on the respective position of Panny and Olly with the advent of this camera. Panny is better for video (using an OIS lens), Olly is better for stills (using their very good JPEG engine). Using RAW, the difference comes down to which sensor is used, for stills. Obviously, the E-M5 improves Olly’s video, but doesn’t bring it up to Panny level.
        Panny will bring out a WS camera later this year, to match the 2 fast zooms. If your needs are primarily video, wait for that one. If you are lucky, it will also have 4K capability.
        It’s a good thing that the two companies have different focuses, it will keep them both in the market. Don’t go looking for a “killer” m43 camera, neither party wants to kill the other one!

        • Leu

          I had a dream in which someone gave me this camera to try out, and i was actually pretty impressed with it in the dream, took awesome photos, and video almost exactly like my GH2 for some reason, even with the same workflow :p

    • ihateidiots

      If you want video, you have to lose the IBIS. The heat output from the sensor is too great. You have to mount the sensor onto a heat sink directly.

      • DonTom

        I haven’t heard that expressed before, but it sounds like good engineering! Any links to articles on the principle?

        • ihateidiots

          I don’t. But if you look at how Panasonic mounted their sensor on a large heat sink spanning the width of the camera for the purpose of conducting heat away from the sensor, you get the idea that the heat conducted isn’t exactly small.

          • Mr. Reeee

            Haven’t a number of Sony DSLRs had pretty severe overheating problems when shooting video?

            • ihateidiots

              There you go. Not least, I think Sony uses an IBIS.

              • ProShooter

                The difference is that sony sucks.

                • Sony uses IBIS but only for still photos, they havn’t yet done it for video (it is software stabalized), just like Olympus had done before the OM-D. Yes, I think it’s an issue with heat and maybe battery use. Sony’s sensors already overheat without IS, so I think for them it was an easy decision ;)

      • jim

        But oly spacificly have said it operates for video – i guess they engeerneered there way out…

    • @mike Fix
      if you want to talk about hiding video quality talk about the Nikon D4

  • The IS looks incredible. Here and in the Russian vid.

  • Serge

    OM style viewfinder!

    hell yes! If I can set a Fn button to multispotting I’ll be even happier

  • neeming

    Testing tracking focus on a ballerina who barely makes any longitudinal movement? If you don’t dare to test a racecar moving toward or away from you, at least try it on a toddler who walks straight to the camera undaunted :-)

    Not that I’m seeing anything negative about the camera itself though. The focus appears to be really fast although tracking hasn’t been proven yet.

  • achiinto4

    Take my cash, Olympus!!

  • fh

    Hi admin. Just another reminder that in Japan, only the 12-50 kit and body-only will be available. The 14-42 kit will not be sold in Japan. Your pre-order link for the Amazon Japan 14-42 kit actually just points to the 12-50 kit. (You can confirm that the price and link is the same as the Amazon Japan 12-50 kit link.)

  • 43shot

    I wonder what is is that was done to this setup to squeeze picture quality to be a bit better that made the video a dirty secret. I keep getting a bad feeling there is some huge flaw with this camera, cool features but some big sales and marketing job hiding something. I want to be wrong but I keep getting a feeling that even the Olympus people are less than excited about this product as if there were some big compromise. I have yet to see a single marketing or “sales” person talk about this with any excitement or passion which is usually evident at some point with a new product launch. I have also yet to hear any mention to address the video specs or lack there of. It’s all very strange.

    • Doesn’t in-body IS make for jello? Wouldn’t 5-axis IS produce 5-axis jello?

      • Nikku

        mmmmm delicious 5-axis jello arrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh

      • Stabalization of any kind can actually reduce jello, if it is being effective. jello is just the sensor reading out data line by line, it can’t do it all at one time (global shutter), so as time goes by, if your subject or frame is moved, you perceive a wobble. However, if the frame is stabalized, then the jello is reduced. This is the case for camera shake.

        However, for longer pans, or subjects that move through the frame quickly, this will not help those subjects from having a skewed look. but that isn’t so much jello, but skew. If the skew is full frame, like you panning the camera around a scene rapidly, then it can be corrected somewhat either in software (with a drop in frame size since you need to crop), or as Olympus claims, can be reduced with the in body stabilization, I assume, tilting the sensor to straighten out the skewed horizon. This would not obviously fix a subjects moving through a frame, while the camera is still, or a mixture of the two, could introduce some unexpected results (such that the scene skew is fixed on a pan, but the subject you’re tracking now has an unnatural tilt).

    • flash

      I would not worry about that most Olympus people do not know much about the camera. The ones that do know, maybe disappointed that some feature that they personally wanted could not be put in for cost or something. I suspect most are tired saying they do not know anything about the financial scandal, which comes up in most if not all interviews. They also have to deal with, the talk a year ago from the former CEO (Woody, wonder if he will mention it in his book) that their division will be eliminated if they do not turn a profit now (almost a self producing statement), the financial problems on a personal level, etc. It is just hard to deal with problems like this day by day.

  • Hacked

    I guess that panasonic will have something Big with their upcoming gh camera. They are known for vg video quality, I think that the old gh2 can still beat this new om-d thats why there are no reviews yet on the video capabilities on this om-d.

    • Digifan

      Who cares Olympus’ E-M5 isn’t better at video than Panasonic’s cuurnt GH2.
      Olympus is a stills company. Panasonic has allways been a video mfr.
      They allways competed with the best professional video makers and not seldomly got out on top.
      If video is your game you shouldn’t stop at the GH2 but buy the AF-101, much more features than the GH2 AND better video.
      I for the life of me cannot understand why people buy DSLR’s to do video like the 5Dmk2 etc. the AF-101 is much better suited.

  • konikonaku

    I never knew the speed of twirling balerina but that kind AF will cost me some $$$ :)

    love it !!!

  • Robin

    Great IS system…. Burn my wallets can’t wait for my pre order

  • ijack

    Admin, a president of Olympus India, Tsutomu Omori, has suicided.

    • tmrgrs

      He was the head of the medical products division.

      • PS

        That is true, not the camera division.

  • af200

    i wish panasonic would stick something like this 5-axis stabilization into the af100 successor

  • Charlie

    “The E-M5 is still a few months away from being finished…”


  • Mikey

    I personally don’t care a whole lot for video. If the camera didn’t even do video I’d be okay with it. For me, this camera is all about it’s still photo taking ability.

    If you really want high quality video and stills together, there’s always Panasonic.

    As for all the conspiracy theories about, “What is Olympus hiding?”, well relax. Olympus isn’t hiding anything, the camera’s firmware isn’t finished yet. Once they finish the firmware and reviewers get their hands on it, youtube will be flooded with videos for you to watch.

    If you think Olympus is hiding something to “dupe” you into buying their camera, all you have to do is not pre-order it and wait a few weeks to learn everything you wanted to know before buying it.

    No one has a gun to your head ordering you to pre-order it.

    • Digifan

      Preordering a new camera is something amateurs do.
      Professionals allready have equippement that is dedicated for their field, they’d be sad sob’s if they needed the latest and greatest immediately without any hands on with the product.

      So for the life of me I do not understand this idiotic conspiracy theory.

      Grow up you infants.

  • is it true when we have use external stabilizer like flycam ,glidecam , built in stabilizer is consider transparent to us? i mean for video…

  • As someone who mostly works in video, and just needs stills for graphic work or behind the scene slide shows; so I would say that a video camera with good stills is for me. Although, I use a real camera also for my work. Using a DSLR for tv episodes and independent films is awfully stupid in a lot of ways and really I’ve never worked on a set with a budget that used those. House was just having fun, and the movie Red Tails used it as second camera team c, so like 6th place.
    I think all the attention the cameras got was a fluke. Large sensors shooting video was just not done by cameras and then Canon did it as a niche for journalists. It looked great and the thing became a band wagon. Odd that professional cameras didn’t immediately adopt the concept, and even now to get a large chip camcorder you have to spend 6 grand, and even then it’s a silly design thing and not really feeling professional yet.
    Just my opinion, but I think cameras that can take good video will eventually be for wedding videographers/photographers and photojournalists and nice video will be relished to real video cameras once again.

  • Mauro

    I want to mention the important tidbit from dpreview’s piece that focusing a FT lens was much better than in previous models. For all the people invested in FT glass, this might be an interesting point.
    The interesting point is that Olympus marketing never said a word about these improvements, which is strange for a marketing team with their style. You know why? Because the next OM-D (the “pro” baby) will have it as a highlight, that’s why this deafening silence.
    Either way, good news. :)

    • bilgy_no1

      Yes, this is getting really interesting. There was a report by a German blog Pen and Tell that the AF with 4/3 lenses (35-100 and 50-200, both not CDAF-optimized either) was much better on the E-M5.

      Then someone from Olympus said “we’re not there yet”. Now we get the report from DPR that they too notice that it’s “clearly better”. I guess this does indeed mean that Olympus will continue to work on improving the AF-capability of 4/3 lenses, and that we can expect further improvements still in new bodies.

      The improvement so far has been achieved by improving the CDAF read-out and software. If Olympus continues on this road, we will only get improvements through body updates. An adapter based solution would help with all bodies in the m4/3 line up. However, if the improvement is significant enough on the E-M5, I might still get it. Bringing the AF speed down from 3-5 seconds to under 1 second makes a lot of great lenses really useful already.

      • Geoff

        Don’t know about the 35-100 but tas the 50-200 has two variants, original and SWF which of these two is refered to in the tests as I have an original. If AF was as slow as 3-5 secs I’d MF, E-P2 by the way.

        • E-1

          The German blog post spoke about the old 50-200.

          Seems to work, but not for moving objects and not for dim indoor.

          Here for the 14-35

          • Geoff

            Thanks for info E-1, still use mine with very satisfactory results (a club I go to where the majority are Canikon users, still ask how my work consistently equals if not betters their work) a good argument for knowing your tools, to get the best out of them.

            E-1 with 11-22, 50 & 50-200, with a Sigma 18-50 EX DC. Wish I could pick up a decent 14-54 II or 12-60, for the weather sealing, I’d be happy with the 14-54.

          • jim

            Am i right in saying the summery of these 2 lens tests with the OMD is:
            They are as fast as on an E-5 for SAF? if so, then wow!

            • Steve

              If that’s the case I am VERY VERY happy. I don’t use CAF much anyway but I love my 7-14, 12-60 and 50-200!

    • st3v4nt


  • Robbie

    This is just hilarious.
    First we have the forever high ISO thing, when it’s seemingly solved, people started b*tching about the better dynamic range of having low ISO (which I agree, that’s why I never understand the high ISO fuss) Now, the video, just because some rumor source once said that the OMD beats the GH2 in video quality.

    There can’t be a camera for everything. If you don’t like it or think Olympus is cheating on you, just go get another camera which you like. Simple as that.

    • om-4

      At a certain pricepoint and time in the techcontinuum the consumer will expect the product to match features that the competition has.

      Art filters to serious users will not be a discerning feature butt the lack of choice in framerates for video will hurt sales.

      I’d prefer Oly over Pana if they’d at least offer PAL rates.
      What is holding Olympus back to offer same (if not better) video performance like Panasonic when the sensor is equal. At least for the Pens vs G/GF line that is.

      Lacking good video capabilities in the higher end will definately hurt sales. Nikon is trying to catch up to Canon.
      Looks to me Olympus is in denial about video. The humble GF2 beats the E-M5 in video for certain aspects. With further hack develepment the GF2 is a steal.

      The 5-axis IBIS has the advantage to become a huge sellingpoint for videographers only when proper videorates/bitrates are offered for a wide range of consumers (PAL/NTSC/24P)

      Maybe Oly can adopt something like D800/D800E by offering a basic E-M5s (for stills) and a €200 more expensive totally tweaked out E-M5c (for cinema).

      • Vlad

        “At a certain pricepoint and time in the techcontinuum the consumer will expect the product to match features that the competition has.”
        Well, I don’t see many mirrorless cameras for 1100US with IBIS and a weather sealed body. It is a very competitive model no matter how you look at it. Otherwise, I agree that it is a bit strange they don’t include better video capabilities. But it maybe has to see with overheating issues as some commenters stated above. Some of Sony’s SLTs did have the same problem and they use IBIS.

    • Leu

      So are you saying opinions don’t matter? Wow, brilliant observation, but I think I’ll continue sharing mine, you can do what you want with yours.


      You are so right, but i would hate if olympus actually thought this camera deserved to be split into two separate lines, because it doesn’t. It should be top-notch with stills and video if it is meant to compete against the GH2/GH3. It won’t be able to compete in any other scenario.

  • ght

    I wish Oly would put two things in a much cheaper model; the new image stabilization and the ability to use the bulb with the live view.

  • TheEye

    May I suggest to Lego to come out with the ultimate modular camera system? Right now they have only a 3MP model. :D

  • The EM5 really appears a very good camera. Good with the report comparing with Pentax K-5.
    I read the manual and am a bit disturbed by the fact that you cannot see histogram in the EVF. EVF info and monitor info are different. In the EVF you can toggle between three different views with different information. On the monitor you can toggle between five different views with different information…….. Why not be able to tailor a view for your need?
    There will be a lot toggle and move between EVF and monitor in situations when you want to concentrate on making photos! Not a show stopper, but something to keep in mind.
    Note: This is NOT about the super control panel.

    • Vlad

      No histogram in the VF? Now, that’s annoying.

      • Steve

        It’s in the LCD. It would be super annoying in the EVF – not that big!

  • WT21

    Videos are Meh. Mostly simulated marketing speak. Really want to see this live and in person! (or at least first person reviews)

  • jake

    I preordred it and expect to get it on April 3rd.
    I will compare it to my NEX7 and I think I will sell my NEX7 after that.
    the Oly styled image stabilizer and weather sealing really change this ILC game,imo.
    I am pretty much disappinted with all Sony E mount primes including the Zeiss.
    So, I am pretty sure many real photogs leave Sony camp after this amazing MFT camera reaches to the market, after all maybe MFT format is the sweetspot for ILC or CSC system.

  • just placed a pre-order at Foto Koch as I sold my Ricoh GXR yesterday to a Leica shooter.

  • mooboy

    I wish Olympus Australia would instead give us a release date and price here!

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