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New Olympus E-M5 reviews roundup…


Olympus OM-D E-M5, efectos de vídeo “Eco” y “Eco múltiple” from QUESABESDE on Vimeo.

The german website Photoscala (Click here) posted a short preview of the E-M5 camera. They liked the electronic viewfinder and particularly the „high response“ mode which reduces the resolution but allows a double speed (240 B/sec instead of 120 B/sec).
Also Quesabesde (Click here) likes the electronic viewfinder performance. But the autofocus performance wasn’t that stellar as promised by Olympus. In low light conditions and with moving objects there were some focusing errors. As Photoscala writes, the ultra fast Autofocus works best on non moving objects. The very good news is that Quesabesde has been positively surprised by the image quality of the “new” 16 megapixel sensor. And there are new image samples at ePhotozine (Click here) and Four Thirds User (Click here) if you need to check for yourself.

Haruo Ogawa, Manager of Marketing Division, talked about the new E-M5 on the Olympus OM-D facebook page: “The OM-D development began with a strategic aim to create an entirely new market. In 2007, we conducted a survey among camera (or SLR users – need to define the “users”) users and were able to identify the needs and wants of a camera system that were not being met with existing products. The PEN (E-P1), released two and a half years ago, was developed according to the results of this study.
At the time we received the results of the user survey, we had also identified a different audience from the one targeted by the PEN. This was identified as “serious photographers with creative attitude”. With this information, the idea for the OM-D was born. The OM-D is a product for camera-loving photographers, and is also a great choice for Four Thirds users. We will continue to further the OM-D system development and the Four Thirds system as well.

ePhotoSlovakia posted that video on youtube (Click here).
Olympus E-M5 Launch Party in Hong Kong on youtube (Click here).
OM-D E-M5 Video with “Miniatur” Artfilter on vimeo (Click here).
Olympus OM-D E-M5 9fps Shutter Continuous Shooting on youtube (Click here).

Full Preorder list:
1) Black E-M5 body at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Warehouse UK (Click here), Redcoon Germany (Click here) and Amazon Japan (Click here).
2) Silver E-M5 body at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Warehouse UK (Click here), Redcoon Germany (Click here), and Amazon Japan (Click here).
3) Black E-M5 body with 14-42mm lens at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and Amazon Japan (Click here).
4) Black E-M5 body with 12-50mm lens at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Jessops (Click here), Redcoon Deutschland (Click here), Amazon Deutschland (Click here) and Amazon Japan (Click here).
5) Silver E-M5 body with 12-50mm lens at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), Jessops (Click here), Amazon Deutschland (Click here) and Amazon Japan (Click here).
6) FL-600R wireless flash at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
7) MMF-3 Four Thirds adapter at
Amazon (Click here) and Adorama (Click here).
8.) HLD-6 power battery holder at
Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and Amazon Japan (Click here).

  • Burp. They should really stop with crappy fx and “art” filters… what most people want is raw quality, editing can and should be done in external software. Just my humble opinion though.

    • Atle

      I disagree, I like the art filters, it makes taking photograhs fun, and is a good icebreaker when you take pictures of people. I like the ability to have art filters.

      • G_C


        I used to think they were a gimmick, until i started actually using them!

        The important thing i found is knowing you have the art filter, you can then “see” in that mode, the world around you in a slightly different way and choose shots based on what you can do with your camera then and there.

        I find this rarely happens if you’re planning to make your own arty shots with photoshop after an image is taken.

        • Nic

          Thank you. Sounds very insightful.

        • Digifan

          @ G_C.
          Very well put. I use them professionally too. People “get the picture” if you show the result directly ;-).
          Very helpful in some cases.

      • Alexander

        so why they have no panorama stitching inside????

        • After that what I read in the manual you can make panos with 10 pictures. Or do I understand something wrong?

          • alexander

            but not stittching together in the camera!! :-(

      • BLI

        I don’t mind the art filters myself, and it is a quick-and-dirty (?) way to get fun pictures. HOWEVER — when I import them into Lightroom, Lightroom seems to somehow combine the jpg art pictures with the raw pictures (I shoot raw+jpg), and “cannibalize” the art pictures. Anyone with knowledge on how to fix this?
        * are the jpg and raw pictures “stacked” somehow by default, such that I only see the raw version?
        * how can I change the set-up of Lightroom so that I can see/keep both versions?

        • Anonymous

          edit – preferences – general:

          Treat JPEG Files Next To Raw Files As Separate Photos

        • atw

          From the Lightroom main menu, choose Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Lightroom > Preferences (Mac OS).

          In the General preferences, specify the following import option:

          x Treat JPEG Files Next To Raw Files As Separate Photos

      • Vlad

        That might be the case, but I don’t think they should be used for samples which are supposed to inform us on the image quality of the camera.

    • Christian

      I disagree. As I have only limited leisure time, I prefer excellent JPEGs ooc and try to avoid post-camera editing whenever possible.

      • Alexander

        exactly !because of that I would like P A N O R A M A stitching

    • I agree with Niko, i don’t like the effects at all

      • jazzcrab

        You don’t have to use them. The E-M5 has some very nice art filters, I think. I never used art filters before, but I am sure that I wii use them with the E-M5.

        • ofcourse i know i dont have to use it…its just so that the filters have alwasy been a big part of promotion and featurelist of the PENS, with good reason, as the pens are aimed at a certain group of users. I consider the OM-D to be a camera where the filters are not really a part of the important features. But i have no problem with their presence, just my opinion about them.

          • Ross

            You mean, like the E-5? It just uses the art filters with added adjustablilty which wasn’t available on the E-30.

    • Mr. Reeee

      All these fluff features do is make already FAR too complex cameras even more so! So-called “art” filters fall into this category. Just because it’s possible to add such things, doesn’t meant hey should, especially when there are much better tools available on our computers.

      • Digifan

        Relax it’s just software. You don’t need to use it.
        I think it’s childishly shortsighted to dismiss them.

        • Steve


      • Boooo!

        I take it you haven’t seen the video in which the E-M5 can retouch a face, including changing the eye and lipstick color and even face shape?

        • Yeah, you mean the Beauty Mode, the one filter this camera doesn’t have?

      • rob

        What a silly comment. How does adding art filters make it more complex? Its a selection on a dial. Just don’t select it, how difficult is that? If you’re that befuddled by the tech in the camera why even look at an E-M5? Just stick with your P&S or your camera phone.

    • 43shot

      Because the camera is designed of the mass market buyer of a higher quality camera that is smaller than a DSLR. They hope to sell these to a broad market and many that buy the camera will not even know what a RAW file is. It’s a high-end consumer camera that is an attractive “small” alternative for many users and advanced amateurs and some pros, etc. It is not intended to be marketed to the larger pro audience.

    • TheEye

      I agree. Alas, many people want “art” out-of-the-box. Totally uninteresting to me. No automated system can replace artistic vision.

    • Vlad

      +1. Art filters are useless and shouldn’t take space on the dial, imho.

  • inorog

    good sensor, ok we got that so far :)

  • Idiots.
    Years of study to come up with a camera,
    Half of the people here could tell you what to do in 5 minutes! I know I would,

    Apple didn’t have any studies, they just made good products that they wanted to use, why camera companies can’t do the same?
    Instead they are being run by dinasaours like in a stone age

    • Alexander

      you are right in my opinion.
      by the way: marketing people should look that they can sell products with good advertisement. but the should not care how to build a camerea. by this is the SECRET of APPLE. The techniciens build what they like for them self. I would know how to build e.g. an E-P4. in less than 5min. :-)
      (And it would look different to what they (merketing) will sell to us! Unfortunately Olympus don’t want to become stronger or even Nr 1. They do the same mistake like Pentax some years ago & listen to marketing people…ohh how I hate them). Unbelivebal…

      • duplicate

      • Not true. In the words of Seth Godin, Apple had one customer, and he died last fall.

        Apple designers and engineers had to constantly work on the products through endless iterations until Steve said ok. And then the reality distortion field took over, and everyone wanted them (I’m writing this on a MacBook Pro ;-)).

        Apple engineers don’t get to build what they want at all. That happens at Google.

        Its a myth that great products are the result of a single great mind working in isolation. Asking your customers what they want and need is a great way to start the design process, but it isn’t the end of it.

        Having worked at an engineering driven company, one that is no longer with us, I feel that I can speak with a moderate amount of authority here. When marketing and sales become synonymous, as Alexander appears to think they should be, you lose touch with the customer. I saw that happen again and again in my career. For a while the company did very well indeed, as the customers had the same outlook as the engineers. In the end, though, we were unable to make products that could expand sales enough to allow the company to keep growing, and in the meantime, other companies were able to undermine our advantages through the continued advance of technology.

    • Atle

      If it’s so easy, why don’t you just design one yourself and outsource the production?

      • Alexander

        because of the costs!!!
        look at sony, already the 4. or 5. mirrorless cam was the almost perfect NEX 7 !!! (except the wrong sensor size..)

      • Vlad

        That is a very lame attack.

      • Charles

        @ Archer Sully

        Sounds like you might be talking about Palm, Inc. here…

    • Thats prob because Steve Jobs could decide what must be done, while in other companies lots of more people are involved in the final decisions.

    • atw

      If it were true, the usage share of MacOS would be many times larger. In fact, Olympus is doing better than Apple (Mirrorless vs. Desktop OS).

      • uhmm, Apple has over $600 billion in cash, and Olympus… oh right a few billion in covered up losses and scandal everywhere. Market share is not the only measure of health and success, just saying… lol

    • Apple marketing is much stronger than Apple product development. They have manage to create hype around their new products and customers that behave like members of a sect – willing to pay double price on everything they offer. Symptomaticly all Apple products are “closed” in nature
      Once upon a time they were ahead with user interface on PC. Today manmy people who switch to Apple PC are very disappointed.
      The big thing Apple did, on brinkmanship of bankrupcy was the iPod. Then combined it with a cellphone. Then finally making things not only possible to do, but convienient to do (and see) by the iPad.
      IPhone cannot even be used in temperatures below 0 celsius – still people living in parts of the world that have those temperatures 5-6 months/year buys the.
      Really a marketing triumph!

  • Martin-K

    did we have this preview here already :

    kinda lost track … if yes then.. never mind.

    • OAH, this shot at ISO 6400, while resized, is quite amazing for 43 :o

      • i am too chicken to evaluate a resized sample, when its about noise or detail

      • I cracked. I’ve ordered one. And before you ask, silver. :-)

        Anybody want an E-P3 and a VF2? :-)

        • TheEye

          I’ll pay for shipping! :-P

          • That’s great. Especially if you live in Brisbane.

            • Rob of OZ

              I dont live in Brisbane, but I’ll come visit! Melbourne been a bit chilly last few days!!

              Hmmm I wonder if us Aussies shoudl band together and do a bulk order get the OM-D cheper…

              Might be something you fans on here from Europe might want to think about. BAND together buy in bulk and get a cheaper price maybe?

  • Blimey, ISO12800 is perfectly useable in JPEG (in my standards). Where has the disadvantage of the tiny 4/3 sensor gone?

    • not sure what you are lookin at, the colorcheckers? seems there is quite some colorsmearing present…but since these are resized, hard to tell(though i am convinced by the raw files about real subjects a few threads back)

      • Yes, the colorcheckers.
        I don’t use RAW much so I’m dependent on in-camera processing. What I see at ISO12800 would print nicely to 40X30cm.

  • bert

    Honestly, I don´t understand what Olympus ( or some managers ) are doing or talking about. They started a survey years ago to find out which cameras people want or need. The results lead to the E-P1. Then they noticed: oh, there are other needs too, the “serious photographers with creative attitude” want some other cams. Oh my God…, I think everybody knows that without starting a survey.
    From all I know until now, the OM-D is surely a cam I will buy for my m43-lenses, but why should a 43-user buy this cam for his 43-lenses??
    The AF-speed still seems to lack…
    And in nearly every interview they say: we will continue the development of the 43-system as well…. What does this mean?? New body? Perhaps, or not… New lenses? Perhaps, or not?
    I had many 43-bodies and lenses in the past. E300, E1, E510, E620, E30, E3. Often I had problems with the AF-accuracy, especially with WA-lenses. The VF-size was acceptable only with E30 and E3.
    What irritated me most, was the lack of a very well build portrait zoom in the 70-200 eqv. focal length. The 2,0/35-100 is far to heavy for this, why don´t they made this with same build quality but more compact with f2,8, 2,8-4 or even 4…? ( this would lead to a far lesser price btw.. )
    There´s no such zoom, from no manufacturer….
    All these very nice Oly lenses in the high class ( 2/35-100, 2/150,
    2/14-35, 2,8/90-250, 2,8/300 ) need a equivalent with 1 or 2 stop smaller aperture, resulting in lower dimensions and lower price.
    Even for the “serious photographers with creative attitude” the prices for the existing lenses are often too high….

    only my thoughts….

    • Digifan

      Looking at your post I would deduct you NEVER had the (S)HG lenses IF you really owned 43 camera’s. The 50-200 is awesome for portraits, it’s even almost too sharp. There’s also solutions from Sigma!
      AF accuracy has NEVER been an issue with 43 lenses except for the 12-35 in the beginning.
      You say you had E-620, E30 and E3. All of them are able to tune focus point of any 43 lenses!!!
      Frankly, I think you’re talking BullSh!t.

      • bert

        wow, cool down a bit… the 50-200 is a very nice lens, but as a portrait lens at least for me too big. If you read properly, I would like a lens in the eqv. 70-200 mm range, like the 2/35-100. But not that big, heavy and expensive. There are lenses for FF like the Canon 4/70-200, for APS-C the Pentax 50-135, Sigma 50-150. All these are very well build, compact lenses with a nice price point, and they give the right focal length in their system. It´s a focal length which over the years of using zoomlenses appears to be perfect for portrait photography. And such a lens Olympus doesn´t offer. The Sigma 2,8/70-200 ? Begins with 70 mm, for me too long..
        And for AF: yes I know how to fine tune AF. But if you read correct I said: especially with WA. The 14-54 wasn´t bad, but the AF was never really consistent good with WA. It could be good, but not every time ( not visible at smaller size like 15*20 cm )
        And btw : the E-3 don´t offer finetuning AF…

        • So big zooms for portraits, like a piece of artillery??! Do you want to intimidate or scare your sujects? The best portrait lense i had was the Nikon 105/2,5 and the Zeiss 90/2,8. That was in film days. Today the I have Oly 45/1.8 and Zeiss 50/1.7. Much better to establish contact, the Zeiss being MF being a bit slow.
          Mother was a successful portait photographer and it was all about subject contact with photgrapher through the lens, subject being relaxed and showing his/hers personality.

          • bert

            The lenses you mentioned are exactly the focal length I said, somewhere between 30-100 mm for 43 or m43-system. The lenses I spoke of, Can 70-200 for FF, Pentax 50-135, Sigma 50-150 for APS-C, are really not too big, just right ( for my taste ). Olympus offers some lenses in this range with the 40-150, but none of these is a well build high quality zoom with f2,8….
            I know about the advantages of prime lenses, I have the Oly 1,8/45 too, but I´m more used to shoot with zooms…

  • Duarte Bruno

    @Admin : Don’t you mean 240fps and 120fps?

    • Me

      EVF is either 60 or 120 Hz. 240 Hz sensor output is only used for 3D tracking, not for EVF!

      • does that mean when using 120 hz mode, the evf resolution is reduced…bummer

        • Test

          It is not reduced, but resolution get lower, at least it is what I understood from the various previews.

          • lower resolution but not reduced? bit confused here..

            • Test

              What you see is not reduced in size, but the resolution is lower.
              Did you never change the resolution of you display on your computer ? I imagine something like that, not that the picture becomes smaller.

              • Yes, so field of view is ca. 100% anyway.

        • No, EVF have only reduced resolution in 240 Hz mode.

          • ah ok so the 120hz mode is still hi resolution…thats good

  • G_C

    Those samples look great!… very promising

  • Martin-K

    Personally I think Olympus will (or at least should!) bring out a new E-7 soonish, by basically just taking the E-5 body and integrating the new sensor and IBIS, keeping the pd-af system.

    Wouldn’t this be the most logical and most economic way to make all the 4/3 users with shg pdaf lenses very happy? Or am I totally wrong ?

    • No, most of us would like a smaller body, perhaps the same size of the Pentax K5. A bit cheaper than the E-5 was at introduction wouldn’t hurt either.

      • Boooo!

        I don’t want a smaller body. Few people who own the E-3 or E-5 want a smaller body. What Olympus should do is make an E-720 as well.

        • how about some enormous grips on a smaller body? ;)

          • Boooo!

            No :D Small body equals cramped, fewer and smaller buttons, no room for top LCD, smaller dials, etc.

            In fact, I personally wish the E-3/5 was *bigger*, because it needs the battery grip in order to have room for all fingers to fit.

            • Vlad

              Well, idk, but the NEX-7 and OM-D seem to have quite a lot of control. Although, I do see what you mean, I am currently trying to design a camera as personal project ad am hoping to fit as many controls as possible :)

              • Esa Tuunanen

                Nexstation portable’s menu hell doesn’t count as controls.

                Any kind on screen menu is acceptable only for settings you don’t change often or change maybe only once during camera’s life time.
                WB, ISO, drive mode with its sub settings, focus mode, metering mode, IS mode all (probably forgot some) need to be accessible at most with push of single button and turn of front or rear dial and preferably without taking eye away from viewfinder!
                (Konica)Minolta Dimage A1 and A2 managed that nearly ten years ago in roughly GH2 size body so everything else is bad design.

                So OM-D isn’t any higher than entry-level DSLR equal.

                • Vlad

                  I wasn’t speaking about menu-delving. I simply said that NEX-7 and OM-D both have quite a lot of control. For me, having two dials is very important and not one entry-level DSLR has them. Yet NEX-7 and OM-D do. They also allow more customization for the available buttons.

            • Esa Tuunanen

              > Small body equals cramped, fewer and smaller buttons

              It’s easy to have more space for controls if rear display is sized according to it being just secondary framing device to viewfinder instead of some darn movie theater screen.
              KonicaMinolta A2 from 2004 had excellent controls and good grip in body roughly the size of GH2 and with battery grip it fit like glove. But whole innovation part of camera design about died when cameras became consumer toys and fashion symbols.

  • SteB

    I like the Google translate version of the Quesabesde preview. Particularly interesting is that on the E-M5 there is a “cast into fire button” and an “ignition switch”. Why haven’t we heard about these features from the other review sites? They hint at unheard of features never before seen on a camera. I think the “cast into fire button” could be especially popular.

    • jazzcrab

      ROFL! Good 1…

      • Vlad

        Haha, nice.

  • I natively speak spanish. Interesting bits of the quesabesde article:

    – Because of Olympus people silences and turns, they have serious doubts there will be any new “classic” 43 development. They think a truly professional m43 might be truly possible though.

    – Plastic shutter button ain’t very nice.

    – They think the camera grip is very much improved with the accesory grip.

    – They don’t like the “on” switch position. Slow to operate when in a rush.

    – They think the inclusion of a built in flash would have been nice.

    – They really like the EVF. They barely miss an OVF. They like the fast response time to turn on/off the EVF and switch to oled display.

    – The thumb wheel location can be awkward sometimes.

    – In general they like the way you can access shooting parameters and the assignable buttons.

    – The camera AF is fast and precise. At least with the 12-50, it seems a tad faster than E-P3. It works just as well under low light/ low contrast conditions.

    – Video C-AF wasn’t that great. That might be because of pre production firmware, though.

    – A tad slow to save files in the card. Might be due to firmware as well.

    – At first sight, there seems to be a tangible IQ improvement in high iso, and dr.

    That’s it. Enjoy.

    • Much appreciated. Thanks.

    • yes thank you too Nico :-)

    • Vlad

      Thank you. Way better than Google :)

  • bitcrusher

    If you can ignore the shots with the awful video filter.

    We can get a little taste of what the image might be like. The shots in snow still some good detail, the highlights are not all blown out. So maybe we have some good DR going on.

    The down side is I see a ton of aliasing on the brick buildings.

  • om-4

    Did survey tell them to bring out 6 “same” Pens after the E-P1?

    Interesting to see how the OM-D series will develop.

    I guess next up we will see the E-M40. Stripped down M5 less fps, no tilt screen. Flat body not compatible with HLD-6 but does take grips from E-P3.

    Here is an idea Olympus: Make a 4×4 camera (sensor roughly 3,5×3,5) to maximize use of imagecircle. Almost 75th year annniversary of the baby rollei, the Olympus Eye 44

    Survey must have told them that they need a “rangefinder” serious camera collector/Leica is too expensive/I hate Sony/Fuji should have joined m43 body.

    Whadayouknow, Olympus happened to have made a rangefinder with three lens set (35/45/80). The Olympus Ace

    Marketing can give that a spin.

    • Maybe not survey to Olympus, but olympus can make more an only OVF-1 to 17mm.

    • One of my favorite cameras in my collection is a nearly pristine Yashica 44A. I love the 127 format for sheer cuteness ;-).

    • Geoff

      To om-4, Have you seen Maitanis’ OM-X concept.

      • om-4

        Yes, I’m aware of the prototype. Looks like a Hasselblad had a child with a super 8 filmcamera. Kinda akward for vertical shots, though.

        Don’t think the body could be rotated. But a seperate line with square sensors would be awesome.

      • Yeah, you mean the cool micro Hasselblad. ;-)

    • JimD

      If you look at the Eye 44 and cut it in half with an evf on the top (+waistlevel finder) you get one of Olys patents from a couple of months ago, then add a 43 mount and a small range of hand grips and there you have a new E7????

  • Some of you may know Olympus does a Q&A on their facebook page every Thursday at 3EST. Serious questions tend to be ignored, so I made sure I was very first in line today with a real question (someone asked if the OM-D would use m43 or 43 lenses, real ball buster :/). Here’s the highlights, I wish they had expounded on the video questions more.

    Trevor Ware Will a firmware update increase HD video capabilities? Many were expecting 24p cinema mode and a bitrate higher than the low maximum of 20mbps. I am very excited about the E-M5 but surprised by the very limited video functionality

    Get Olympus Trevor: We appreciate the feedback on the video functionality and consider your comments seriously (*a non answer, blah)

    Carson Lee adding to trevor’s inquiry about firmware update to increase HD video capabilities……i think you should also add 60p as well as 24p. Seems like video is just limited to 30p right now correct?

    (*worth mentioning Carson Lee is a professional videographer who hosted an Olympus Q&A himself several weeks ago!)

    Rodney Tao I would also love a 24p video mode and higher max bitrate.

    Get Olympus ‎@Rodney, We’re getting quite a bit of feedback on the video specs and be sure we’re feeding it back to the design teams.

    Trevor Ware With this being a continuation of the OM series why has manual focus peaking still not appeared? It would be of great use to those still using OM series Zuiko lenses. This feature is available on the NEX, Ricoh and Pentax cameras. Is it an R&D or patent issue?

    Get Olympus Trevor, yes, there were many questions/comments regard the ‘peaking’ feature used on other cameras, good feedback for us, looks like quite a few of you feel this is a very useful feature, we’ve noted this and passed the info along to Olympus Tokyo, thanks.

    Trevor Ware Thank you, peaking and advanced video capabilities are brought up frequently in discussion and we’re happy you have taken notice. The “hacked” Panny GH2 firmware exploded that camera’s popularity with videographers and many Oly users have faith in the m43 format for videography. We’re anticipating an early firmware update for the E-M5. Very excited about continuing the OM line, still love my OM3 and Zuiko glass.

    Get Olympus Our understanding is that the focus peaking feature is useful, but that it has limitations with low contrast subjects.

    Trevor Ware ‎@Get Olympus you have said this before about peaking. You’ve said it many times and people keep asking for it. Any feature has it’s limitations of course. Why not listen to potential buyers and let them decide for themselves if they keep asking for it?

    Get Olympus ‎@Trevor, We appreciate the feedback and will keep listening.

    • steve

      Its good to see someone on there butt Maybe they can fix this before production shipments leave. That would be a first a camera company changes there final specs.

    • Vlad

      ” Our understanding is that the focus peaking feature is useful, but that it has limitations with low contrast subjects.”

      So what? It’s just software, put it in there!

  • fh

    Hi admin. Again, there is no 14-42 kit option in Japan, only 12-50 kit and body only. Your 14-42 kit Amazon Japan pre-order link simply goes to the 12-50 kit pre-order.

  • Jason

    The FourthirdsUser samples are really good, to me, the ISO 800 looks like my EPL-2 at ISO 200. And I’m talking about my EPL-2 with a prime lens and flash, versus the E-M5 , 12-50 and no flash I assume….that means the E-M5 with a prime and bounce flash will produce significantly better results… I cannot wait.

  • weird

    that video sucked

  • sam

    one of the video has brick building in the background. OM-D video shows terrible moire! Olympus, please fix the moire issue and give us 24p video mode!!! OM-D is such a good still camera; its a shame that its video specs and quality is waaaay behind panasonic GH2 which is over a year old technology!

    Wish list:
    24p and 60p 1080 video mode
    reduced moire and aliasing
    for goodness sake, put in a mic input on the side of the camera!!!!

    • anonymous

      you cannot reduce both moire and antialias: the antialias filter, which softens the image, is there precisely to reduce moire, but comes with a loss detail.

      so more moire with more detail

      or less moire with less detail.

      it would be cool if the antialias filter could be enabled/disabled in camera – but thats not physically possible I guess

      • flash

        It is possible. There are anti-alias filters that you can add. I would question how good they are though. May be a drop in like Neutral Density filter on a video camera, when the sensor sees checks. Fuji and Kodak’s way is much better, losing the bayer pattern. Sigma sensor is also better.

    • Geoff

      Then go buy your GH-2 and leave the OM to the person who wants a high quality still. Let Panasonic cater to those of you who want a video machine and Olympus cater for the photographer, as it is neither side is fully satisfied with the situation due to the compromises which have to be made to include both forms of media.

  • Scott

    go buy a video camera

    • What is a video camera anymore exactly? A Red Epic? A D7? An iPhone? If you’re scared of technology moving forward you should politely get out of the way instead of mucking it up for everyone else.

  • Video quality seems to be very bad. But we all expected that.
    Looking forward GH3 ;)

    • It’s more limited than I had expected. No I didn’t expect to shoot Avatar on it, but had anticipated something right on par with the hacked GH2. That’s still within the realm of possibility if Oly gets enough feedback to warrant a firmware upgrade of video features.

      • PS

        Hacked GH5 hacked video is better than EM5 video. Point made and noted.

        This is not the strength of EM5 and just to keep harping on this point is not going to get a better camera

        Re focus peaking. This is a feature required for manual lenses and is known for its lack of accuracy. 43 & m43 have abundant auto lenses unlike other systems who then have to resort to this feature which in no way is superior to auto focus in speed or accuracy

        • Harping? That’s dismissive. I’m not even in a minority. Enhanced video features have been a concern coming from a lot of sides since the camera was announced. The m43 system is young and can be whatever we demand from the industry. Specific technical requests directed towards Olympus is exactly whats going to get us the camera many of us want; a small, versitile system that takes high quality images and video.

  • 43shot

    I wonder if the video quality is limited per an agreement and can be remedied after. If not it would seem Olympus is either very behind or not very competent. In some ways this camera has some nice features but also very dated where it counts. I really donut want to hold onto my GF-1 another year.

  • Personally I would like to see Olympus continue their Pen series! I like the classic rangefinder look and don’t want something that looks like a dslr.

  • Geoff

    I think it is fairto say Olympus willcontinue with the Pen series along with the OM-D series, the question however is “Will we see an E-7 or E-40?”. Regards the Pen’s I’d like to see one with a built in VF, I don’t mind if it’s a little bigger so long as that VF is in the top corner, my E-P2 has already been relegated to ‘back up’ to an aged C5060WZ which simply handles so much better.

    Regards the video question, which is now getting too much, reference to Trevor ” instead of mucking it up for everyone else.”, it is the inclusion of video to cater for those who want that gimmick which compromises the overall quality of the stills perfomance. So don’t complain about us mucking it up, it is the video crowd who are ‘mucking things up’.

    • Are you talking about the “gimmick” that sold so many GH2’s? There is a high demand. It’s not a feature that comprimises still image quality, I don’t know where you came up with that. If all you need is a small camera that takes decent stills there are other existing options that may better suit you. Don’t neuter a camera that will otherwise suit the needs of a broader user base.

  • So here we have a very good stills camera! Still, after reading the manual, I see that some user interface issues I had with the EP1 still remains and are worsened by the EVF working not at all simlilar to monitor.(togglemania doubled) No camera is perfect for everybody though.
    As I understand from many hints, ther will be several new very interesting cameras introduced from now and up to Photokina. No need to hurry with any purchase decisions!

  • Luda

    A question to Admin.

    Isn’t comment about AF errors from Quesabede related to C-AF in video mode and not valid for still photography? If that is the case, the info you wrote is bit missguiding.

  • Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the
    video to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about, why throw away
    your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something informative to read?

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