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UPDATED: New Olympus E-5 image samples


Tommaso ( collected some E-5 images samples made by OLDDO and gave us a zip file you can download here:

UPDATE: More unpublished photos are available here: (Thanks Ision)

IMPORTANT: All those images were taken with a pre-production camera.

More full size samples are available here:

ISO 1600:
ISO 3200:
ISO 6400:

UPDATE: more image smaples here: (Thanks Edgaras)

Olympus America has a new E-5 page:

You can preorder the camera at Amazon: Olympus E-5 12.3MP Digital SLR with 3 inch LCD (Body Only)

And do you like those image samples?

  • Doffer

    The settings does not seem to be unknown, the meta data is included in the jpg files and it seems to be correct.

  • Well, actually I like it, because I will only use ISO 1600 :D I think Olympus had a good reason asking them to delete the picutes because it is pre-production model. Why Olympus is giving their model to loser who post everything and did everything that Olympus didn’t let them to do? I think that the real camera will have a little bit better ISO parameters because of the procesor

  • 43 photo

    Difficult say anything about it.
    I will wait until I can download some RAW files and fullsize jeepegs without art-filters applied.

  • Am I the only one who can find other sources just spending like 1 minute in google? :D

    • Francis Dayrit


      Thanks for posting this. If you will notice, the Hermann in that site is the Olympus Visionary in the Olympus site. So I guess those pictures under the heading “E-5 Dynamic” are from an Oly E-5. I think she was using the new Dynamic filter. Interesting photos. Beautiful site. Thanks again.


      • Yeah yeah, I know that but somehow I didnt search her but just used simple word combinations and tadam! Only after looking at her surname I understood that she was in the link that admin posted :D Anyway, I like her fun play with the textures and dynamic colors/filter

  • napalm

    i think it does have a significant change in IQ. I own a PEN and the high ISO images are not as clean as these

    though still early to tell whether it really does have that much change. i’ll wait for actual comparisons

  • The ISO 1600 image (GO_001) looks clean to me (compared to my E-3 & 620), though the EXIF data’s been removed so we can’t see any camera settings, NF or NR, or any modifications in post processing.

    Followed the link to the Oly E-5 page. Sure enough, max AE bracketing is 7 frames @ 0.7 EV. Wonder why that is instead of 7 frames at 1 EV?

    2 GB limit on MJPEG means max length of HD video clips is 7 min. That’s a bummer! “Sorry, your vows were too long so I missed you exchanging rings and kissing…” That would fly like a lead brick…

    I hope the GH2 is awesome…

    • Is there any Olympus FT/MFT camera that takes videos longer than 7 minutes?

    • Jason

      7 minutes for video kind of sucks, but thankfully not all of us will be shooting weddings… And If I were I could use the E-5 and maybe something else, like a GH2 or 5dMKII for the video…

    • canard

      Um…if you’re trying to be a wedding videographer with ANY still camera, you obviously have no idea what you’re doing and the bride deserves what she gets for hiring you.

  • is0 3200 looks to definitely have banding.

    • Jason

      1600 looks surprisingly good though…

    • Stig

      You simply do not know what you are talking about. Still cameras have and are being used to shoot feature films.

      Try googling the terms: dslr shoot feature film; and see what sort of results you get. Here’s one to get you started:

      • canard

        You reveal your complete ignorance. Having spent many years working on feature film sets, most cameras are loaded with either 11 or 4 minute magazines anyway. Feature film production works in short clips like, you know, a movie.

        Wedding videographers are expected to document a continuous, ongoing event…continuously. That’s why they use video instead of film, and why they’d be idiots to use slr video from any of the current recording time limited models.

        Google “having a clue about production situations and using the right tool for the job.”

  • The blue (always been the most problematic colour) in the 3200ISO image looks promising.
    However, I’m more interested in lower ISO compared to the E-3

  • Neonart

    Im very pleased! I want better ISO quality than my E3, and it appears this does that.

    Also, while Im not a fan of HDR, the art filter from the E3 that mimics that effect is quite nice. I’ll probably use it. I hate over-done HDR photos, and hate wasting too much time post producing photos as well. This solves both issues!

    This could be the ultimate JPEG camera!

    • The ultimate JPEG camera for 1700 Euros?! Get real.

      • Neonart

        You ok over there? Relax bro. You don’t need to buy it. Go get yourself a 7D, and get off this website. Problem solved. (Don’t forget to make sure you get IS/VR lenses, btw.)

        I very much think a camera that can output outstanding JPEGS is great. Less need to shoot RAW means less need to post produce, which means more time shooting and less time in front of a stupid computer adjusting crap.

        I value my time. The E5 may save me time, therefore money.

        • Don’t get me wrong. I want the E-5. Just not at 1700 Euros! :) I’ll buy it in a couple of months when bad reviews and the competition have forced the price down to a more realistic level. :)

          • TempTag

            The price does seem out of line compared to what is on offer from the competition. We’ll be saying the same next week if the GH2 gets announced with the same price as the GH1.

          • TempTag, allow me to disagree, there is nothing in common between the condition of E-5 and GH2:

            First the E-5 is being technically inferior and more expensive then the competition from canikon/sony,

            Second- GH2 has no DIRECT competition,
            A.The nex is a toy(amazing toy that is, its just not full featured SLD like GH)
            B.Sony translucent are still big and bulky, video is not on par
            B.Samsung NX are good but don’t offer the video or lens options as MFT

            Third, GH2 would cost 1499 bundeld with 800& lens, so 1499-800=699? hardly the same boat as E-5

          • Neonart

            I get you, and also feel the $1700 is a bit steep. But don’t let that become the center of your life. $1700 is an MSRP. Check Oly’s site and you’ll find their MSRPs do not reflect street prices AT ALL. The E3 is $1300, the E30 is $999, and the E620 is $700. On Amazon the actual prices are $1000, 829, and 529 respectively. Even the E-PL1, which newer can be had these days for under $500, where Olympus’ MSRP is $600. I suspect within 3 months the E5 will be $1500-1300, maybe even less if sales are slow and online discounters get creative.

            It’s a great camera, just like the E3 was in it’s own right. If you like the E3 even with it’s limitations, this is so far shaping out to be a great improvement.

            I get upset though, when we’re trying to discuss ISO quality, JPEP output, platypus psychology, or whatever and someone jacks the thread Tourette syndrome style with “IT SUCKS, IT’S $1,700!” We get it, it’s $1700 MSRP, lets try to talk image quality for a little for a change. No disrespect meant, but let’s take it easy and try to all get along in friendly discussion.

            I can’t wait to start seeing more reviews with production models!


          • Jason

            @Frosti – the E-5 is not technically inferior to Canikon. In fact, it is superior to the cameras in this price range. To get comparable image quality you pretty much have to step up to the 5D or D700. And the GH2 has plenty of competition, I’ve thought about the GH2 and E-5, but I really have a problem with the chintzy build quality of the GH line. They feel like a toy, very plasticky. Whereas, the E-5 doesn’t really have any close competition in regards to its build quality, unless you start going up in price quite a bit.

            I still laugh when I see how worked up people get over the GH2. Aside from good video, it is really not that great of a camera overall and if $1,500 is the starting price, then it is clearly overpriced. At least we know the E-5 will quickly come down to a more affordable price, at which point people will be able to pick up the most potent MFT/FT camera on the market…..

  • Jozeph

    ok, but is the image quality of the E-5 worth €1700,- or later around €1300,-?

    • Boooo!

      I’ll eat my hat (actually, I don’t have a hat, but I’ll buy it and eat it) if the E-5 costs less than 2000€ when it appears in my country. In a year, it might fall down to 1500€. In three years, I expect it to have the current E-3 price of 1200€.

      Meanwhile, in three years, the E-5 is going to cost $1000 in the USA.

  • Neonart

    It’s worth it if your a REAL professional who makes a living from photography and can make way wore than that on their fist shoot/wedding/event.

    Personally, I don’t do that much photog work, so I’ll wait, but I’m sure there will be plenty of others who will be early adopters as this is just a business expense to them.

    • @Neonart: If you’re a real professional, you don’t take pictures with a FourThirds camera. You get a full frame camera. Honestly, how many real professionals use Olympus to do their grunt work? Yesterday, I compared viewing through my FT body to viewing through a Nikon FF body. It’s different worlds. Nobody in their right mind would lean on FT as the tool of choice for professional work. That’s not gonna happen.

      @Jason: How is the E-5 superior to other cameras in its price range when you can get a new Canon 5D Mk II for just 100 Euros more than what the E-5 will cost initially?

      I don’t mind the loyalty to Olympus of all those who bought a lot of gear from them. But you gotta be honest and realistic about the situation: the E-5 is way overpriced. There’s now way Olympus is going to break even with that kind of price policy.

      I’m lucky enough to be traveling to the States early next year. With the currency exchange rate and the to be expected drop in price, I will probably get the E-5 to go with my Zuiko Pro glass. It will definitely be my last FT investment ever. After that, I’ll look into a FF solution and use the E-5 for outdoor work in bad weather – one of the few selling points it still has to me.

  • Rocky

    There is a problem with this link… files are unavailable…

    UPDATE: More unpublished photos are available here: (Thanks Ision)

  • CRB

    @Jason…i beg to disagree, the E-5 should be an excellent camera but the other options at the same price range are as good or even better than the E-5…specially about DR…every single APS-C camera beats hard the 4/3 sensors…just to name a few D5000, KX among others…and if you have the money, just 150-200 more, you can buy an A850 that has outstanding resolution and DR (with high iso noise of course)…not to talk about the VF that seems to be excellent…being that said i believe that the E5 is a great camera but fails hardly as an upgrade for E3 users…

    • Jason

      @CRB When I look at one of the newer Olympus bodies paired with good glass, I find it hard to pick a Nikon or Canon over the Oly. At a certain point, personal opinion comes in, yes the APS bodies register higher DxO Mark scores, but scores are not what determine if a picture looks good or not, people are. And being that people choose, I choose the Oly over any Canikon that is not full frame.

  • Peepoz

    I just got to ask this.

    Are we sure the E-5 is $17xx for the body alone? Or are they just hiding something for Photokina?

    • I went to a local Olympus dealer in Hamburg and asked about pre-ordering. They will sell it at 1699 Euros (body only) and laughed at me when I expressed that I count on it dropping in price rapidly.

  • Brandon

    People here and elsewhere keep mentioning they don’t have to buy VR/IS lenses and so money saved….When have you ever seen savings between the costs of Oly and Canikon glass? They pit directly against each-other; you save no premium.

    • Jason

      There is no comparison between the glass, Oly wins that battle hands down.

      • You’re right about that. But what use is that when you’re stuck with an overpriced camera body whose sensor is outdated to market and there’s no future for the FT format whatsoever?!

  • neonart

    I agree with Jason. As a system 4/3 is hard to beat. Here is one of those prime examples: Take the E5 and the 12-60. WHAT A COMBO! How about the 50-200? Robust, sharp, and proven weather resistant with some broad focal ranges all in one lens. Add a 50 f2, and with 3 lenses you have 24-400 focal range plus a fantastic 100mm equiv prime. ALL tack sharp and tough as nails.

    What about prices? How much is the Zuiko 150 f2? about $2000. How much is the new (or old) Nikon 200 f2? $5000-6000 US DOLLARS! Not Pesos! And lets not start with the depth of field thing. Most Canikon folk will be stopping down for greater DOF and sharpness, whereas the 50,150,14-35,35-100,50-200 f2s, and 300 & 90-250 f2.8s are sharp at their lowest aperturea. Even the 14-54 is weather resistant and sharp for under $500.

    The only place where Canikon wins in lenses is pricewise with those cheap 50’s for $100 that are made of recycled penguin dung and are as consistent and sharp as Low Fat Jello. E5 buyers are not buying that junk.

    I’ve looked and looked at other systems (made spread sheets even)and it’s always the same result FOR MY NEEDS. 4/3s wins as a system.
    Now, if you need ultra low light performance, go Nikon FF. If you need speed demon shutter speeds, go Canon. I you need massive files, go Medium Format. At the end of the day, these are work & creative tools.

    • Jason

      Yeah, if I need super low-light or sports oriented shots, then I will go with a Nikon D700 or D3, but if I need an all around camera that shoots most stuff well, very well actually, then I go with the Olympus products. Olympus optics are often overlooked by Canikon marks, but when you look at Oly’s work and leadership in the field of endoscopes and microscopes, then you will realize where Oly gets their expertise in camera lenses.

      I have said it many times before, but the 50 mm Zuiko f2.0 macro is nearly perfect. The images are sharp, clear and very bright. I wonder if they borrowed some technology from their microscope division? They must have because this lens, which consists of 11 or more elements, is optically superior to most macro lens on the market, plus it is way smaller than most. And with an Oly body, it is stabilized too. Non full frame Canikons do not beat the good Olys, such as E-620, E-30 and E-5. In fact, I think the 4/3rds image quality is now inching up on FF quality – something APS-C, will never be able to do.

  • Zaph

    I’m not in the E-5’s market, but I have to say that I’m really happy with what this says for m43. People have talked about how it’s behind, and that 4/3 sensors will always be behind in IQ and low noise performance, but the samples from E-5 show that there is some life in the old dog yet.

  • Dana Curtis Kincaid

    Good review, E5.

    “every single APS-C camera beats hard the 4/3 sensors”

    Specs don’t say everything… Really. On paper, a Mustang Shelby should be able to blow the doors off a Subaru STi four cylinder, but in real life…

  • Neonart

    OOOHHHH! Car metaphores! I love these! Im a huge car nut.

    Great point Dana! If you want all around great driving and wet weather handling, plus good roadcoarse perormace, the STI will stomp on a Shelby. But everybody focuses on the HP numbers which will probably only REALLY matter on Fri nights at the Drag strip for 12 seconds or so to your drunken friends!

    • Nik

      I happen to be one of the few earning my living through photography shooting with Olympus. The 50f2 is a great studio lens. In addition to studio work, I shoot for our local news paper, with Olympus. The E30/50-200 is my work horse combo. I chose Olympus because it seemed to me the best bang for the buck, all things considered.

      I shoot next to a Canon photographer at baseball games, my 50-200 gets the same shots as his huge 300f2.8 w/1.4 converter, giving him 400f4. Another journalist shoots with Nikon…he was impressed with the short focal distance of the 50-200. The flip out live view coupled with the 9-18 has captured many over-head shots of events. My point is that Olympus does offer professional tools that do compete. It’s really up to the user.

      As a news photographer, the E-5 is VERY appealing. The weather proof body coupled with the 50-200 will be great during the raining season. And talk of the E-5 being the ultimate JPEG camera is promising, as we shoot JPEG for news…smaller file size and less work.

      As media transitions into digital, sound and movie clips will be more and more part of the game. The E-5 will be great for that aspect as well.

      At first I was disappointed with the lack of 1080p HD and 60/24fps. But then I noticed that our huge flat screen is 720p, which is the broadcast standard. I am guessing that Olympus omitted 1080p because of file size, and that it’s still not a standard technology? For news, 720p is more than enough. But I would still prefer a 720/24p option for film making…is a firmware update possible?

      Even though it has some HD video short comings, the E-5 is most definitely a tempting photojournalist camera.

      • Neonart

        Well put Nik! It’s great to hear from real professionals that actually depend on their gear as opposed the amateurs who want to brag about the specs of their camera!

        The focal range/apertures available with 4/3s makes for a fantastic system.

        As I’ve mentioned before, photography is not my main source of income, but I do several photography jobs each year. If the E-5 reduces the amount of post processing needed by shooting JPEG, that means more time shooting for fun. I like that!

      • Scott

        I too also make a living shooting with Olympus. I just made the decision to sell my Canon 5dmll to get the new E5. Why? I have more 4/3rd lenses than I do canon. I love shooting with the 4/3rd crop (its easier to make real photos) like 8×10 20×24 etc. I have never seen a real advantage to the 5d. I bought it because my friend bought one and he bragged about that camera so much I thought I was missing something. So I bought it and didnt see any advantage. i am a color freak and after shooting with the e3 its hard to get use to that orange look from the canons. I like my photos to be natural looking and if I want to warm it up I can in LR.

        • Hans Dankers

          I did exactly the same thing, and lots of people declared me nuts.
          But my Oly lenses are much better with respect to chromatic abberation and distortion, than Canon red line lenses. I also like the Olympus approach to color better than the Canon approach.

  • Dana Curtis Kincaid

    I get GREAT pix out of my Olys. Nothing else matters. It’s a tool for memories, not an investment.

  • kman

    Dana, I also get very good results with Olympus. But, I don’t agree with your comment about it not being an investment. It is more likely that 43rds cameras and lenses will be abandoned by the manufactures within the next 5 yrs than other dslr formats. Anytime you spend money on tools, you are investing in both your craft, and in the company that manufactures the tools that you use for your craft. It matters if your choice of tools are kept up to date. The uncertain future of 43rds makes it a more risky investment in your craft than what you might get from other manufactures.

    • Inge – M.

      But only (FT0) rumors!

  • Jozeph

    Just found another opinion:

    • Rocky

      Great review for the E-5!

  • Rockies OY User

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to name this the E-50, the weather sealed upgrade version of the E-3 with a price tag of $1200-1300 dollars. On a later date preferably this year release the revolutionary/evolutionary format of the E-3.

  • Inge – M.

    I think we soon wild look a E-50 by E-5 spec, but not water pro and metal boby, like E-30.

  • Rockies OLY User

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to name this the E-50, the weather sealed upgrade version of the E-30 with a price tag of $1200-1300 dollars. On a later date preferably this year release the revolutionary/evolutionary format of the E-3.

  • Dana Curtis Kincaid

    “The uncertain future of 43rds makes it a more risky investment in your craft than what you might get from other manufactures.”

    No it doesn’t. I take pix. When the camera can’t take pix any longer then I get something else. There’s nothing risky about using a tool that, like all tools will, will do its job and then be replaced.

  • Dana Curtis Kincaid

    Look, like I said, it’s a tool. If it is the right tool for the right job then I’m happy. If I need another camera system to do other jobs then I’ll buy into that system too. If I need a pocket-cam sometimes I’ll buy a pocket-cam. If I need medium-format I’ll rent a medium-format cam. If I need to shoot sports I’ll rent a Canon or a Nikon.

    Why are so many of you obsessed with these camera as some kind of thing to sell in a few years for as much money as possible?

    Do sport-bikes get ridden on motocross trails? Do you take a Ferrari overland to Dubai through the desert? Do I take a road-bike off-road? NO!

    • Jozeph

      Thanks, hope to see more of this comparisons soon.

      • Rocky

        Looks like some Pics are slightly out of focus…

  • Looks like the E-5 can more than compete with Canon and Nikon. The cost of a 5-200 mm F2.8 compared to a 100-300mm Canon F4.5-56 is almost double. You don’t have to pay for IS, pay for IS, pay for IS with each lens. Things like weather proofing go unnoticed on the spec sheet.

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