New Olympus 75mm lens already shipping next week (preorders requests low?)


A couple of dealers contacted me to say that the new Olympus 75mm f/1.8 lens will ship next week in Asia and Europe (no info about USA yet). From the chats I had with dealers it sounds like there weren’t so many preorders requests and unlike it is happening with the E-M5 there will be no delay. While the lens has a superb quality the price and maybe the focal length are not for everyone needs. You can check the price and preorder the Olympus 75mm lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, Amazon Germany and Amazon UK.

The same dealers said that they had many more preorders on the new Panasonic 12-35mm X lens (Preorder at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev).

  • Hope that means my Amazon pre-order ships on time!

  • Farrukh

    If they drop the price by $800 I’ll take one :)

    • Pedro

      second that :)

  • Tom

    I see a Silver Lens… And want it painted BLACK

    Confusing Marketing by olympus: all fixed Focus lenses in (differing!45/12…) Chrome..

    So i will also go for the 2,8 zoom;))!

    • BLI

      Your theory is wrong: the coming 60mm/2.8 macro is black and weather sealed.

      Another possible color system is that weather sealed lenses mainly made for outdoor activities are/will be black, while street photography/indoor lenses are silver. They suggest the 75/1.8 is for indoor events and portraits. Of course, it would be nice if all lenses were weather sealed and in both colors.

      According to such a coloring system, a possible bird lens (3-400??) would be black and weather sealed. But my theory may be wrong…

    • Bob B.

      …you will get a zoom not a prime because of the color of the lens barrel? That is absurd. Too funny.

      • I still think you may see the black version when the Pen Pro appears.

    • The Real Stig

      Nice Rolling Stones reference there. ;)

  • The Master

    Chrome is for sissys.

    • BLI

      “Chrome is for sissys”… well, people who are insecure or confused of their own preferences may have such simple rules for choosing lens color. People who know themselves and have integrity don’t really care about prejudices as long as they like the product themselves.

      • Daemonius

        Dunno, but I know few photographers (me included) which prefer to be near invisible..

  • MK

    While the lens has a superb quality the price and maybe the focal length are not for everyone needs.

    Maybe more likely that the $900 price tag is not for everyone, despite what the gangsters told us about image quality?

    • Mr. Reeee

      $1000, or your little finger Yak’za-san, if you want a matching hood with that lens. ;-)

  • DonTom

    Maybe Olympus should have taken more notice of your surveys Mr Admin. Did anyone vote for a 75/1.8 when you were asking for future lens needs last year?

    • peter

      there is a high probability that they had already designed the glass and the formula

    • I went back and checked. The closest option on the wish list was a 70mm f/1.2 and it received 6% or 426 votes. Interestingly there was a 75mm f/2,8 pancake that got 5% and 350 votes. This 75mm didn’t rank that high in any case and many other normal primes received many more votes.

      • Anonymous

        Yup. That’s a problem. 150mm equivalent isn’t all that essential. As an option along the zoom range it’s great. All by it’s lonesome it’s rather meager.

        A 100mm 1.8 would have fared much better. At a higher price and heft and all.

        The 75 1.8 will remain a slow seller.

  • Ben

    €950?! Djeez…

    • JF

      mwarf ! and it’s not even weather-sealed…that’s really too expensive !

  • I had preordered it if it was sealed. But so…
    I still am dicussing with myself if I should support this weird strategy.

  • I’m wondering if there really is such a high demand for premium micro four thirds products anyway? I wouldn’t be afraid to assume that majority of the users are enthusiasts and consumers to whom something around 600€ is really the limit when it comes to desirable lenses. The E-M5’s success would on the other hand suggest otherwise.

    • FWIW, I have a high demand for premium m4/3 products having switched from Nikon FX to m4/3 to save size and weight, not money ;-)

    • JF

      I bought E-M5 but indeed I will never put more than 600 euros in a prime…maybe 1000 euros for a high performance versatile zoom is my limit…

  • fan_guo_lai_xiang_xiang

    For me as an amateur photographer that lens is at the upper price range (where it starts to hurt) and for that price it’s just not versatile enough. It is bound to make exciting photos, though!

    Plus, I have decided that I (being European) will eat the 1:1 dollar-euro conversion if need be, but if they add even more (like in that case, or for the OM-D), I will just not buy it.

  • For those interested, I recently had a little time with a sample copy and put together some first impressions & of course, sample images & video here;

    Spoiler alert… it’s sharp, punchy and very nice indeed.

    • BLI

      Thanks for video… which made me wish it was weather sealed. But a normal lens can handle a little rain, I guess.

    • Thanks, Nate! Nice video – worth a few “dollareedoos!” :P

      • Colin

        Great snappy review – thanks. I think you’re probably right about the price. Compared to wide fixed aperture Nikon/Canon FF or DX equivalents, this is really not expensive. As more and more pros add an MFT system to their arsenal (and maybe some, shock horror!!, switching altogether) people’s belief that MFT kit will be priced at a discount relative to DSLR kit will start to fade. And given the quality that MFT is putting out these days, we shouldn’t be complaining. And anyway, think of all the money we’ll save on chiropractors when we stop lugging those gigantic camera bags around!

        • About price: The Nikon 85/1.8G (stellar IQ) costs half of the Oly 75/1.8 – and weighs 50g more.
          m43 lenses, if HQ, are on the expensive side.

          • Colin

            But since the Oly 75 is a 150mm equivalent, rather than the Nikon 85, shouldn’t we be comparing it to, say, the Nikon 180/2.8 (much heavier and 2 stops slower) or even the 200/f2 ($5,000, a stop slower and with a front element the size of a manhole cover). My point is that you are getting a super-fast medium telephoto prime with a combination of small size and high quality for a very fair price. I’m not going to be selling my DSLR any time soon, but MFT is filling a clear gap in the market here (would you turn up to take pictures of your daughter’s school play with a DLSR and a 200/f2..?) and given the quality that Oly/Panasonic are putting out, why should they be expected to sell stuff cheap just because it’s smaller? By that logic, Leica M lenses would be the cheapest on the market…

  • nicwalmsley

    The whole of 2012 has been about super expensive gear. Cameras costing over $1000, some lenses costing even more. It’s great all this high end stuff is available, but a lot of us in the system are armatures, so we’re looking for a good compromise between cost, size and quality. This 75mm doesn’t seem like a good compromise to me.

    I paid $300 each for the 45mm 1.8 and the 20mm 1.7, and $200 for the 14mm 2.5. That’s the level of quality/cost that attracts me to this system. More of them please.

    And yes, there’s been a steady stream of posters saying from day 1 that 75mm wasn’t a useful focal length. I find the 45mm too long for day to day use (friends and family) so I can’t imagine how often I’d use a 75mm.

    On the other hand, a 17mm 1.8 with similar characteristics to the 45mm 1.8 (IQ, build, price) would sell like hot cakes.

    • Agent00soul

      Since I got my E-M5, the 45/1.8 has been my most used lens by far. I took almost twice as many exposures with it, than with the 20/1.7. Don’t know about a 75 though. I don’t think I would need it very often. But who knows? When you have it, you might see new photo opportunities…

  • It’s a very challenging focal length, especially since zooms that cover this (not at this speed) exist, and are more usable day-to-day. Much easier to find a use for the 45-150mm zoom than this!

    That said, I still ordered one. I have a small bag where I carry a body (E-M5 mostly), and the 12/2, 20/1.7, and 45/1.8+macro conversion lens. The 75/1.8 is much more portable than the 100-300 zoom (or the Olympus equivalent). But, it doesn’t have the same reach!

    • Mr. Reeee

      I find 75mm quite usable as a street lens, oddly enough. It’s a good fit (and fills a gap) with the rest of my standard primes (25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 105mm) plus the 7-14mm. But, I bought an older Voigtländer 75mm f2.5 (Leica L39 screwmount) rangefinder lens for under $500… lens hood included.

      • Agree, i too think 75mm is nice for street photo.

  • Wow, this is great news! Let’s keep the don’t-order ball rolling! Tell all your friends: DON’T order that silly 75mm f/1.8 lens! After all…

    — It’s ‘way overpriced; for less than a tenth of the price, you could get an 85mm lens made for a 1960s 35mm camera and adapt it, and except for the single coating and the lack of AF and aperture control, it probably would be almost the same, kind of.

    — Remember, it’s not “equivalent” to an f/1.8 lens on a 35mm camera, because depth of field is equal to the summation of the area under the curve of the second derivative of the Airy disk divided by the integral constant of fresnic freen modulation, which means that it’s not as good.

    — 75mm is kind of a weird focal length, isn’t it?

    — Why spend all that money when you can buy a zoom lens that covers the same focal length plus has a lot more versatility?

    — It’s NOT BLACK!! Yikes, it’s all shiny and chromey! Everyone knows black lenses are what the pros use. Hot-looking supermodels will laugh at you and refuse to sleep with you when you show up with a chrome lens on your camera. And if you put a chrome lens on your black camera body, there’s a risk that the interaction between the chrome and the black will turn all the photons into anti-photons and the universe will explode!!!

    — We don’t want Olympus wasting any more time on these silly Micro 4/3 toy cameras. We want them to devote their full attention to bringing out more E-series DSLRs. All seventeen people who use E-series SLRs agree that they are ready for a new camera (and every one of them is going to post on this forum, you’ll see!)

    So, whatever you do, please DO NOT buy or pre-order the 75mm lens! Because maybe that way, there will be enough of them at launch that *I* will be able to get one!!!

    • Ryan

      Now THAT’S funny! All 17! Ha! That made my day!

      • Geoff

        +1 makes it eighteen………………

    • GreyOwl

      :-) :-)

    • caver3d

      I’m one of the 17 and proud of it. Of course I also have an E-M5, so I am in Oly heaven.

    • Do any of those 4/3 users want an MMF-3?

      Last time I mention it, promise!

    • :)

    • Ceri Vale


  • tmrgrs

    There will never be any f/1.8 zooms with a 150mm FOV and this lens gives me a fast telephoto capability like nothing else that’s available or that probably will be available. It’ll be perfect on my OMD for concerts and indoor sports. Mine was preordered on the morning of day one at Olympus USA.

    • BLI

      I’m sure it will be great for street shots, family gatherings, and even some landscape photos (I’ve seen fantastic landscape shots taken at 150mm).

    • Mar

      35-100mm f2? Ok, it’s tad slower than f1.8, but not by much.

      • Bart

        And the 35-100/2.0 is a 4/3 lens that won’t auto-focus very quickly on an OM-D, definitely not fast enough for action photography (tho it is usable for this with proper manual focus techniques).

        The closest is the still to be announced Lumix 35-100/2.8, and considering Panasonic’s history, if it gets announced in august/september this year, it will at least take another year before you can actually get one.

  • Tom


    • What’s wrong with silver? Fits perfectly well with any black body. Olympus should not waiste any effort to make two color variations of their primes.

  • BLI

    It’s not listed on the home page of my local store… gotta visit them tomorrow first thing and check out when they’ll have it.

  • Bob B.

    I don’t pre-order anything …and I usually get lucky if I hunt around…I ended up with 2 OM-D’s by accident and was able to sell one for $200 over list? Go figure.
    I will not pre-order this lens with so little testing or reliable reviews from people I trust. There is not a whole lot of images out there from this lens. So I will buy one as soon as it is reviewed properly and is everything they say it is.
    Hopefully, if the lens is shipping this soon..there should be a lot of quality reviews SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (I already bought a B&W filter for the who am I kidding anyway!!! LOL).

  • thanx admin

    so next week it is mine:)
    I preordered the lens the day it was announced (back in Febr.) People don’t think about new glass in June, instead they want E-M5 for their vacation, simple.
    BTW. The lens has minimal ca seen in really extreme contrast, nothing to bother, orfs from E-M5 are great – sharpness is there, wish we had 20 MPx sensor :)
    Admin can you ask your sources if Panny has any plans on 12/17/50mm f/1.4; and 100mm macro POIS? Please ask if Panny going to response to new EF 40/2.8 by releasing new pancake – maybe 10mm f/4?

    • Agent00soul

      It’s pointless to ask manufacturers about future products. They NEVER disclose such information.

  • FT1 – probably fake rumor

    Wrong strategy of Olympus:

    75mm should be black and weather sealed.
    A black 17mm / f1.4 weather sealed Super High Grade lens would have priority.
    Panasonic tricked Olympus with their fast new professional weather sealed 12-35mm / f 2.8 and 35-100mm/ f 2.8.
    Olympus would be in a better position if they had launched their SHG zooms 14-35mm/f2.0 (12-35mm would be better) and 35-100mm/f2.0 and the HG 12-60mm/f2.8-4.0 (perhaps 12-75mm, f2.4-3.3) in a Micro Four Thirds version with very fast and accurate autofocus (CAF).
    Now they are in danger to fall between two stools’ as a result of their foot-dragging.

    • JF

      12-60mm/f2.8-4.0 Yes please !!!!!

  • wayne wong

    hey, can anyone tell me how to paint this metal lens? want it black

  • ab

    My store not only has my preorder, they have my money. money – mouth.

  • Chez Wimpy

    I’m shocked… a 150mm f1.8 lens for $900 and it isn’t flying off the shelves? The uninformed masses must have facilely assumed this to be a simple 75mm f1.8 lens, and balked at the price.

    • dzv


  • Yun

    The price tag for this lens not really a problem as long as it deliver the IQ that everybody is expecting . We are not far away to exprience highest imaging quality among all Zuiko lenses , so let’s save $$$ from now on .

  • shep

    Other primes are more needed.
    75mm certainly isn’t a hot focal length. Me, I am still waiting for a basic, prime, “standard” lens. To me that means 25mm (50mm equivalent) f2 or f1.8, semi-pancake. This was the standard lens for half a century of SLR’s. All we have is a hugely expensive and not small 25mm f1.4.
    Please, Olympus! Surely this should be one of the first primes to be made, not the last one.

    • ab

      Just kinda putting it out there, I know you know, but I am just saying it. There are lots of lenses covering the 25mm focal length:

      25mm f1.4
      25mm f0.95
      14-42’s and 14-45’s of this world
      12-35 f2.8
      with adapter: 25mm f2.8

      Plus there is the 20mm panasonic and the 30mm sigma which are pretty close and affordable

      Now I know a few of these are very expensive, but to be honest, I am glad they have made this one first, fill out the focal lengths… I mean you got the 20 which is well priced, and the 25 comes in to flavours, while a medium telephoto with a fast aperture… this is the first.


      • shep

        ab, your point is well taken. For me, however (not perhaps for you) your list doesn’t do the job. Both 25mm’s are unnecessarily expensive. Nor do I want the larger size and weight that goes with their very big apertures. (Small size is important for many traveling m4/3’ers. Hence the enthusiasm for pancake lenses). f1.8’s were a standard lens on SLR’s for these reasons.
        The zooms you list (I have the 14-42), lack the full sharpness and better apertures of a prime. The 14-42 is only about f4 at 25mm. Sure, I can use my old OM Zuiko 24mm f2.8, but that rather misses the benefit of modern auto-focus for action shots, is large with the adapter and is only f2.8. The 30mm Sigma is much closer to my wish. It was designed for APC camera so is bigger than necessary for m4/3s, and is a tad long in focal length (60mm equivalent). But it’s the closest thing so far! I am sure we’ll be getting more primes in the future.

        • Bart

          The 20/1.7 is small, has a nicely fast aperture, and very good optical quality. It is a little bit wider then the classic ‘normal’ prime for many film SLRs, but 20mm is actually closer to a true ‘normal’ prime (focal length equals diagonal of the medium) then a 50mm lens on a 135 format camera. If you go look at high-end compacts and range-finder cameras from the film era, you’ll find that 40mm is actually pretty common. On top of that, Canon just announced a 40mm ‘full frame’ pancake.

          I can’t really decide for you, but it really seems the 20/1.7 will quite do the job for you. 30mm would require you to take a little bit more distance, which changes perspective, whereas the 20mm allows you to use the proper working distance and still get the ’25mm field of view’ with a tiny bit of cropping.

    • Actually the 75 is “more needed” than most, so it was a good choice. Until now there have been NO native single focal length lenses longer than 45, and only three autofocus lenses of f/2 or faster (20/1.7 Panasonic, 25/1.4 Panasonic, and 12/2 Olympus.)

      On the other hand, if we stick with autofocus, there already were two good wides (14/2.5 Panasonic and 12/2 Olympus), three normalish lenses (17mm Olympus, 20mm Pana, 25mm Pana) and two portrait-length lenses, one of which also is a macro (45/2.8 Pana macro and 45/1.8 Olympus non-macro.)

      Obviously the biggest gap was in the longer-than-portrait range, so this was a good place to start. Sure, they could have gone a little shorter (60? 65?) or a little longer (85/90) but 75mm seems like a good compromise between giving longer reach and keeping the lens small.

      I will even go so far as to posit that the lack of weather sealing isn’t such a big deal. If you’re using your camera outdoors in the rain, you will NOT want to be changing lenses, right? So most likely you’re using a zoom. The new Olympus 12-60 and Pana 12-35 plus forthcoming Pana 35-100 all are weather sealed, so outdoorsy types are pretty well-covered for now.

  • Jeffrey S.

    I think this will be a great lens, and I’m glad it’s shipping early. But, may I please have my extra OM-D battery that I ordered two months ago? Please?

    • Bob B.


    • Bob B.

      Hey….try these…they work EXACTLY like the OEM batteries and you get a car charger and a low profile wall charger (no gigantor cord like the Olympus Charger). There is a disclaimer on the Blue Nook page about compatibility etc…but I have found this not to be the case. The battery shows the charge in the menu and works flawlessly.
      You can put your OEM battery in the Wasabi charger…but you cannot put your Wasabi battery in the Olympus Charger. It won’t charge up. (That is the only draw back that I found…but it is nice to have two chargers as I can charge two batteries at once.
      Also..the Wasabis are made in Japan and are high quality (not junk from China). I own them for my GX1, and 5D MarkIII and I find that they last longer than the OEM batteries.

  • Anno… at $899 I really have to find a need for it, at $799 I would find a need for it and at $699 there would be no need to find a need for it.
    Still, if they’re not flying off the shelves maybe it won’t be too long before the price starts dropping and my need starts rising.

    • Bob B.

      good point!

    • Mr. Reeee

      $900 for a fairly standard telephoto needs a LOT of justification, even at f1.8. $700 much less. An expensive standard length like the Nokton 25mm not so much, because it’s an everyday sort of lens.

      For me, 75mm has turned out to be a very good and usable focal length. I was finding 105mm just too long and 50mm kind of middling. I’ve been quite satisfied carrying the 75mm with either a 25mm, or a 35mm, as a 2 lens walkabout kit. If I add the 7-14mm, it works really well. Compact, light and flexible.

      It’s really a shame Oly has priced this lens so high, but that seems to be their trend.

  • ex

    Oly, just give us the much coveted mid-range (e.g.14-54mm & 12-60mm) and high-end zooms (e.g. 14-35mm f/2.0) already. Instant cash cows.

    • avds

      +1 to 14-54 and/or 12-60.

  • Aly

    I really would like this lens, but at $899, the price doesn’t justify the use I’ll get out of it, at least not for me. Beside, kind of relative to the cost of the body. If you’re spending $2,000 or $3,000 for a camera body, $899 seems relatively inexpensive for a good lens, but compared to even the most expensive m4/3 body at around $1000, it’s kind of expensive. Maybe next year.

  • Adriaantie

    1000 bucks for on a iPhone size censor. Lol

  • Adriaantie

    À 1000 bucks for on a iPhone size censor. Lol

    • A sensor the size of an iPhone for $1000, where?!

  • ZoranC

    If one needs 150-ish plus EFL (and 150, 180 and 200 are very commonly used by pros), finds 75/1.8 too expensive at $900 and doesn’t mind manual focus Contax G Zeiss 90/2.8 is much cheaper yet stunning option. Rendering is very smooth with gorgeous bokeh yet still very sharp even from wide open.

  • Rune

    $900 would even be nice, but in Germany it costs 950eur, that would be $1200 at current rates. What a bummer! :/

  • Olympus MFT lenses with a focal length greater than 50mm will appeal less to photographers shooting with Panasonic bodies due to the missing image stabilization. So there’s a lower percentage of MFT shooters that this lens will appeal to compared to shorter focal lengths like the M.Zuiko 12/2.0 which don’t benefit as much from stabilization.

    I could use a 75/1.8, but would probably opt for the the stabilized Lumix X35-100/2.8 if I was shooting with a Panasonic body (supposing it’s fully usable at F2.8).

  • TheEye

    I’m waiting for flesh-colored lenses. They really blend when streetshooting. ;-)

    • Why not bronze lens, and maybe in combo by white OM-D. :-D

  • ght

    I’m a bit surprised to hear the Panny zoom is doing well. I find that hard to believe. I wonder how well it will sell compared to the 20mm or 25mm

  • It is no surprise that the Panasonic 12-35mm is doing well. There is a big demand for a high-quality bright zoom-lenses. The Olympus 75mm f/1.8 is an interesting lens, but it has much more limited use (close-up portraits and fancy bokeh?), and with this price it’s hard to justify its purchase. Meanwhile, the highly anticipated Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 is suppose to be launched later this summer…

  • Vitor S.

    It’s NOT the focal length, it’s the price tag associated with it.

    I was looking for a 85 type lens for portraits for my m43 cameras for quite some time, and this Oly 75 kept me waiting for its price tag… i was hooping for a 600€ MAX but its real price is to high.

    I went for a Samyang 85 f1.4 instead. Big and heavy, no autofocus but great image quality.

  • I have tested my Nikon 85/1.8G on my Pana G3: Very nice results…. Think the 75/1.8 will be on the same quality level + fast AF. Very useful for many purposes including street photo. (For street photo, black would cause less attention.)
    Having said that I will not buy the Oly as I have a Pana camera without IS.

  • Rob

    The 75mm is quite specialist for a focal length, Olympus must know that and not expect big sales (which is probably why they jacked up the quality and price to ensure it was worth designing). I don’t see me using it for street use unless I want to concentrate on capturing people from a distance and sod the surroundings. Lower focal lengths capture scenes much better. I can see it being best for concerts, fashion shows, or basically any interior or low light performance event.

    Well done for Olympus for making it, and closing the gap around that focal range, just the even longer safari special length to go now…

    On the other hand people have been crying for a bright zoom since the bright primes became available so it’s no surprise such a lens would be chosen by most people with money for a lens before a single focal length. Panasonic are going to reap the rewards quickly and consistently for producing their pair.

    • Bart

      Indeed, concerts and in-door events where light is a potential issue is why I’m looking at this lens. By the time the 35-100/2.8 hits the market, you might well be able to buy a spare E-M5 + 75/1.8 for the price of the 35-100/2.8…

      I’ll probably get the 35-100/2.8 as well at some point, but for me, already having the 20/1.7 and 45/1.8, the 75/1.8 and a little bit of cropping is actually a relatively cheap alternative to end up with similar ‘coverage’ as the 35-100/2.8 will offer, but more then a stop faster and likely with at least as good or better optical quality. All the 35-100/2.8 has to offer over this is convenience (not having to change lenses) and rudimentary weather-sealing (which is likely the one reason why I’ll still get one over time)

  • BB

    Sigma should release a 75mm 2.8 at $350. It would sell like hot cakes.

    My guess is that the Sigma 30mm 2.8 at $200 has been well received and is selling well. I know that I love my copy. I’ve stopped using my Canon FD 50mm for low light stuff.

  • Olympast

    I really want this lens! The problem with these high end lenses though, is that M43 doesn’t have the best continuous AF, which I’d consider essential for this kind of glass.

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