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New Noktor video. Noktor f/0.95 lens shipping.


Large format photography from 43rumors on Vimeo.

The cool thing about the Noktor is that f/0.95 aperture. So why not test the lens inside the darkroom? With no other lens I would be able to shoot in such a place. Take a look on the video to see the results. And keep in mind there was almost no light in the darkroom!
I found the f/0.95 aperture good enough for video shooting. Almost every part of the video has been taken at that aperture. Shooting handheld with a 100mm (50mm x2) lens is not easy. In fact you really need a tripod to take some “calm” pictures. But I didn’t have anyone with me on that day.

You asked me to post RAW images and original videos. Right now I am putting all the images together and I will upload them soon (it will take few hours).

By the way, the lens is in Stock now:

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