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new Nikon J2 announcement…


Some news from the competition! Nikon announced their new Nikon J2 and 11-27.5mm lens. Full coverage at MirrorlessRumors. Price and specs at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).

I would say that there is no big news here. The lens is nice the camera offers small improvements over the J1. I really want to see in one year from now how the mirrorless market will be. My impression is that Canon EOS-M is a much stronger competitor than the Nikon 1 system.

Meantime an interesting info comes from Sony. They will announce a cheaper NEX-7 model, the NEX-6. Could be the competitor of the E-PL5 if this camera will have an integrated viewfinder!

  • caver3d

    Nikon J2? Yawn…don’t really care.

  • Sunny

    From time to time I´m looking again at the Sony, Nikon and whatever EVIL – searching for a strong alternative to OLY or Pana MFT.

    But there´s one big point the other camera makers don´t catch: I never ever would accept a menu based operation concept. So I never would buy any camera without direct control of shooting mode, AF, exposure comp., aperture, shutter speed …..

    And I´m sure: As long as Sonikanon are trying to sell overprized toy cameras, Oly and Pana will dominate the mirrorlesse market.

  • more interesting news/rumour is the forthcoming Nikon Coolpix S800 will be Nikon’s first Android based camera….

    The Nikon 1 system was dead before it even started and has nowhere to go, they’ve done Oly and Panny a huge favour and just have to capitalise on it….

    • beautemps

      In big electronic shops in germany the nikon 1 sells very well. And instead they kicked Oly and Pana mFT out of their portfolio.

      • @beautemps

        1. Nikon have already stated a few months ago that the USA is the only market the the Nikon 1 is selling moderately well
        2. because a product has shelf space (probably due to bribes/inducements) does not mean it is selling well
        3. word on the ground that I’ve recently seen from other people in Germany suggest it is not selling well
        4. The main Olympus E-M5 group has 3 times the members (is more active in all respects) of the biggest combined V1 and J1 group which have been established 3 times longer …
        5. lack of new lenses and accessories!
        6. heavy immediate discounting of Nikon1
        7. lack of Nikon 1 community websites
        8. it is not enough to sell a product it has to meet and go beyond customers expectations to generate valuable word of mouth and feedback
        9. lack of new features in the J2
        10. lack of excitement about anything Nikon1 on the internet.

        …if some bricks and mortar stores in Germany are now stocking the Nikon1 over mft that are very short sighted and stupid.

        • beautemps

          Nikon 1 has the top place in amazon ranking. It sells very well as entry mirrorless camera. These unexperienced customers are not that active in Websites.
          You don’t want to compare Nikon 1 to E-M5, do you?

        • beautemps
          • hyagt

            I would not put too much value on the statements of youdidntdidyou he is a bit of a Nikon hater and a bit of an idiot {check his posting history here or at DPreview in case you think I am being mean lol}.
            Unfortunately none of the current selection of mirrorless systems are perfect, I have opted for mFT and enjoy it very much, till I want to shoot fast moving objects or shoot in low light at high ISO. I have the latest and greatest mFT camera the much loved and much hyped O-MD in many ways it is superb, though as someone who likes to shoot RAW with all NR turned off as I like to make my own judgments I was a little disappointed with the image quality not because it is bad just it does not come near the hyped up posts you read in the forums. For most RAW shooters in most situations I doubt that the E-M5 image quality is much better than the other high megapixel mFT options.

            I feel that at the moment the mFT range of lenses alone makes it the primo choice for mirrorless. However looking at the new Sony RX1000 it is interesting to think what will come from the 1inch sensor in a couple of generations. There is huge potential for a truly compact system, with an excellent 2.7 crop factor { I am keen on birding and aviation} .So who knows what the future brings ,the bottom line is all the different systems have their various strengths and weaknesses and none can be dismissed.

            • @hygat
              Actually I wish the Nikon 1 was a better competitor because it would spur on Sony, Olympus and Panasonic……

            • pdc

              Well said.
              There is a big future in 1″ based MILC.
              The body form factor is an area where innovation is really needed, as pocketability is still compromised.

            • beautemps

              m43 has grown up, it is complex (like E-M5) and you have a lot of choices in lenses.

              But there is a strong tendency to simple tiny cameras. 1” cameras seem to be attractiv to a growing base of customers. And the quality is good for all the electronic use of fotos nowadays, only from cam to tablets or tv. I am wondering if these users are going to printout more than cheap fotobooks.

              We ar facing a process, where m43 gets in the same situation as 43 was bevor. Panasonic is on the right way with small X-lenses for the people that look almost at the form factor. Hopefully there is still a big base of enthusiasts for RAW and Primelenses Photographie that can finance innovations.

  • The absence of a V2 suggests Nikon is admitting failure with its ‘1’ system. I wouldn’t be immensely surprised if they try again, this time following Canon’s route. At least their on-chip PDAF works.

    • BLI

      A V2 with the RX100 sensor might be a very good camera — the comparison I’ve seen of images from the RX100 and the E-M5 shows an edge for the E-M5, but the RX100 sensor is much better than that in the V1.

  • Tom

    Nikon’s still trying to continue this failure of this “1” system or whatever??!! lmao

  • Miroslav

    Don’t see the point of Nikon 1. It’s not better at anything than the other MILCs, three mediocre bodies, run-of-the-mill lenses… The only thing that sells it is Nikon name. But that won’t last forever – look what happened to Palm, Compaq and SAAB; and what’s happening to Nokia and Blackberry. Nikon should rethink its mirrorless strategy.

    As for NEX-6, if Panasonic and Olympus don’t announce rangefinder shaped mirrorless cameras soon, they must have some kind of agreement with Sony. It’s impossible not to realize that large part of NEX-7 success comes from its shape.

    • ftsar

      The Nikon 1 system AF is a world better than the best mFT options assuming you want to photograph a subeject that moves.

      • Miroslav

        I guess NEX with semi transparent adapter + PDAF Alpha mount lens is on par in AF. Nikon 1 is smaller, of course, but less capable in all other categories.

        • ftsar

          I have not used the Sony adapter, though i am a MFT user. I have used the Nikon V1 with several lenses on the adapter with very good results, way better than using my FT lenses on my GH2 or OMD

        • mooboy

          + PDAF Alpha mount lens: once you go this route, why not just get a friggen DSLR out? How can you compare that to a Nikon 1 system? (I’m not dissing the Sony Alpha mount, if I was a NEX/Alpha user, I’d definitely get one… but’s it’s sill not really comparable to a Nikon 1 system using native lenses).

          I still think the Canon EOS-M is the system bringing nothing new. It just seems to be a crappy NEX copy, with the advantage of an ISO hot shoe – but a reportedly slow AF that makes a Fuji seem zippy?

          I’d never get a Nikon 1 system – but I’m not the target audience. But at least Nikon was bringing something new to the table, and would be a great camera for all the soccer mum’s out there. For a brightly lit (e.g. outdoors) fast moving scene, still seems the only mirrorless system of choice.

          What new feature does Canon EOS-M bring? I’m sure it will do well due the fanboy user base – but I still think it’s a totally uninspired and boring system.

  • who

    hey admin. where are your oly sources? just a few days to photokina. rumors a few days before the release date are useless.

    • admin

      coming don’t worry!

    • Incessant Troll

      have never heard anyone refer to six weeks as ‘a few days’
      admins got to keep us fiends coming to the site

  • Camaman

    This is a pretty strange range on the zoom?! Is it not?
    Stupid like the Sony 1″ compact, I guess.

  • kesztio

    J2 = Joke (for the 2nd time)

  • pdc

    1″ sensor based MILCs will be the consumer camera future, once they can produce something no larger than a 1″ compact. The Sony RX100 clearly points in this direction, and as Sony really screwed up the NEX with the 18mm flange-back the field for a more pocketable MILC is still wide open. The Nikon J1/J2/V1 are poorly executed in respect of the potential for ocketability.

    Micro 4/3 MILCs have definitely edged ahead of APS-C MILCs as the best platform for enthusiast and semi-pro, and as the sensors get better and the AF tracking improves more and more pros will gravitate down.

    At the risk of really pissing off the 43 community, I’ll say again DSLRs are dead, dead. The promise of an E-7 is just a salve. That said, Olympus would do well to come up with an adapter that will actually drive their 43 lenses, as the glass is good. Just promising a better 43 DSLR doesn’t help them.

  • James

    So I’m in a chain camera shop in the US (looking for a waist pack that can hold just the PanLeica 25mm and Oly 75mm, for quick lens swapping) and an older gentleman walks in and says he’s interested in a new camera for a trip he’s taking. After asking a single question (“what kind of camera do you have now?”) the salesman immediately pushes a Nikon 1. Just made me wonder exactly what kind of financial and sales incentives are involved.

    • caver3d

      You probably went to Wolf (aka Ritz) Camera. Those guys are clueless. They would steer people away from 43 DSLRs because it had a “small” sensor, I heard them say that. But when the smaller sensor Nikon J1 and V1 came out, they would push those over the micro 43. It’s all about Canikon. Sadly, most consumers don’t know any better. I hate those stores. They never even have decent inventory for accessories. Any wonder that I (and many of us) shop mostly online?.

  • onequartersensor

    I wonder how many of the “experts” in this forum are (bad) marketing people for Olympus and Panasonic. There are obviously few photographers…

    • hsya

      What makes the comments of the fanboy brigade who live here truly ironic is the rather unfortunate fact that Olympus and Panasonic have been losing money despite the apparently world domination of mFT. When or if Canon and Nikon stop making huge sales of their DSLR ranges and decide to give mirrorless a serious go it is game over. Both Canon and Nikon are just playing with mirrorless at the moment the sales of DSLR continue to serve them well.

      Looking at the home market of Japan and even here DSLRs make up 12 of the top 20 selling models , along with 2 Nikon 1 kits, 2 Olympus models, 2 Sony Nex models and 2 Panasonic models.
      So even in the home market the war is hardly won, and in markets such as the UK { along with most of Europe} and the USA the mFT penetration is even poorer. Have a look at the list of most popular digital cameras of all types and see how far down the list you need to go
      In the USA the first MFT camera on the list storms in at No45 {GX1} with the OMD { the best camera ever made allegedly lol } drops in at 62 to put this in perspective the Nikon D800 a $3000 camera is third on the list!493964%2Cn%3A502394%2Cn%3A281052&ie=UTF8&qid=1344556847
      In the UK the first mFT model is the G3 at 39 with gods own camera the O-MD not even in the top 100!560800%2Cn%3A560834%2Cn%3A560836&ie=UTF8&qid=1344557183

    • Richard

      Probably a bit fewer than bad canikon market people!

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