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New need for speed lens: Canon 77mm f/1.1


“jieying-usa” reworked the Canon 77mm mount to fit native (without the use of any adapter) on Micro Four Thirds cameras. The question is, how does that extremely fast lens perform on m43 cameras? I didn’t find any image sample of that lens attached on m43 cameras. Have you any idea? Could be a cheaper alternative of the Noktor 50mm f/0.95 lens.

The 77mm Canon costs $600 on eBay (Click here) while the Noktor costs $1.070 on eBay (Click here). WOuld be nice to see is there is any quality difference. Drop me a message or comment this post if you can send me some test!

P:S.: “jieying-usa” also offers a Kowa 50mm f/1.0 lens with m43 mount on eBay (Click here).

  • Steve

    I say the Noktor is much better than this beat up canon

  • zf

    “This type lens was very very soft, most of buyer are use for portrait or video. Lens weights about 850g.”

    At least this lens beats noktor in softness.

  • kai

    er, why are we comparing a 50mm to a 77mm? Even on a fullframe it’s silly, but on MFT we’re talking 100mm vs. 154mm. O.o I own the Nokton 50mm f/1.1 btw and it’s my favorite lens thus far.

    Thanks for the post though, good to know the lens exists. :)

    • As far as I can remember admin never mentioned the Nokton 50mm 1.1 on this forum, which is too bad as its a great lens for manual focus.

  • bookervrk

    the lens is designed for x-ray projector, and that means it’s not so suitable for ordinary photograph.

    BTW,The Nokton 50 1.1 is awesome.

  • um….my P/L 25mm f/1.4 is GREAT, (compare to Noktor), the Olympus 45mm f/1.8 is incredible, too (compare to Canon)..They both have auto focus…and are cheaper than both of the above lenses. (if you want to can use manual focus on the Pany or the Oly, also :-))
    …it is kind of funny ….to get creamy/dreamy (like the two lenses above..wide open)….why should you pay more than a sharp lens? I know they have a “look”…BUT.
    How about a Lensbaby! LOL.
    I would like to see Kai (from DigtalRev) review a Lensbaby on a GH2…He would have a tilty-swively screen AND tilty-swively lens with tons of attachments!
    It would be awesome!

    • Nick Clark

      You realise that you’re comparing a 25/f1.4 and a 45/f1.8 to a 50/f0.95 and 77/f1.1?

      If you don’t get the distinction then you’re clearly not the target market for uber-fast glass…

      • Nick…my mistake….my lazy eye was acting up again, LOL. I mixed up the Voigtlander Nockton 25mm with the Noctor 50mm above. Easy mistake…one letter, sorry.
        I guess the above lenses are a video thing…I don’t understand it, as a still photographer…I love bokeh…but I like whatever IS in focus to be sharp…I just can’t pay extra money for a not-very-sharp-wide-open lens…it doesn’t make sense to me. I could see if I paid less money and went for the “look” of the lens…but not more…

  • Karli

    If you want a good manual tele lens, than go for the Canon FD 85/1.2L.
    You need an adapter, but it’s cheaper than the 77mm and VERY sharp on MFT.
    I think it’s also smaller including the adapter.

  • Anonymous

    for most of c-mount television lenses, barrel distortion is very unbearable.

  • It’s a re-worked x-ray lens. He grinds off the back and splits the lens, inserts it into the focusing helicoid and aperture of a regular lens barrel, and puts a diopter between the back of the lens and the sensor so it doesn’t have to get as close as it did in the x-ray machine. That makes the focal length actually longer than 77mm and DOF larger than a real f/1.1.

    • Jim

      I very much doubt they are x-ray lenses….

      I dont think they are made of glass. X-ray machines expose directly onto sensor, not via a lens. Although the x-rays are scattered over an area from a source – possibly by a lens but I think you are looking at things like this:

      Not very m4/3 compatible I guess!

  • Anonymous

    I used to have Canon FD 85 f/1.2 and also FD 55 F/1.2, soft @1.2 ,,.I like the look ,..creamy bokeh but again lack of sharpness,.my Zeiss zf 2 85 is sharper @1.4 than Canon FD @ F.2 so i sold it both 85&55,..coz is very heavy & bulky for my GF1,..I don’t know about this 77 mm ,..probably not even better than the 85 FD

  • debuys

    I have a Canon FD 55/1.2. There are plenty on eBay and with an adapter run a good bit less than $600. It’s soft until f/2.0. It’s great for low light video but it’s hard to use handheld since the longer focal length and narrow DoF work against your favor. I’ve found my 85/1.8 to be pretty much useless off a tripod. I bet this 77/1.1 is just as bad.

    It’s awesome that someones making the effort though!

  • Nick Clark

    Remind be again why anyone would buy the Noktor 50/f0.95 instead of the cheaper and much much better Nokton 50/f1.1?

    • The Noktor got much more exposure indeed. Prob because of the 0.95 and it had native mft mount.Steve Huff spent a review on it which might have helped too. The Nokton was more an insider tip imo. Even dedicated Leica users found out it as a cheap alternative to the Noctilux if you could appreciate the funky bokeh; while it cant get close to Leica’s smooth rendering it seems to be on par or even better in sharpness wideopen.

  • Elf

    I’m sorry ADMIN but I’m finding 4/3 rumors less and less about credible 4/3’s rumors and more and more about product promotion and controversial topics of the day. Which promote lots of traffic…….. but not much interest for me. I can get all that on DPR…etc.

  • Matt

    This is an X-Ray lens, their performance is very very lousy for picture-taking, trust me, I own quite a few of the well-regarded ones. Not recommended! Besides, f1.1 isn’t that fast for m4/3rds, I have a few f0.85 lenses that work fine with m4/3rds and are actually sharp wide open.

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