New LX7, 12-50mm, 45mm and 17.5mm reviews (new GF5 Gariz case).


Gariz just launched that new Gf5 case you see here on top. They are already available on eBay in Black (Click here) and in Brown (Click here).
And now to a roundup of the latest reviews.

Although not a m43 camera some of you are considering to buy the new Panasonic LX7. So here are two new review: ISO tets by Focus Numerique (Translation here) and at DSLRmagazine (Translation here).
While the LX7 is certainly a nice camera I would have liked to see a larger sensor compact. Currently the RX100 is selling terribly well (here is the ranking).

Olympus 12-50mm,45mm and Nokton 17.5mm:
SLRgear posted the full Olympus 12-50mm review: “As the kit lens for the OM-D EM-5, you couldn’t really ask for more; the lens offers excellent results for sharpness, corner shading and distortion. (Translation here) tested 45mm lens hood variations.
Admiringlight tested the Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 lens: “Overall, I was absolutely blown away by the performance of this lens.  I was not expecting anywhere near the performance it provides at f/0.95, and the resolution it delivers stopped down is equally stunning.

You don’t see Admiringlight use the word “stunning” very often! Lens is in Stock at Amazon US (Click here). Best price for Europeans at Lapetitephoto eBay (Click here).

  • The Master

    That’s a cool looking case. Now if they would just make the camera with a built in VF, ala X100 and make it weather proof, with a silent shutter and an oversized sensor, then we would really be in business.

    • Guest

      That case costs about as much as the GF3 body!

  • twoomy

    Glad to see post their review. Their resolution charts are spot on and quite useful. The 12-50 didn’t do too bad, but at 12mm, it’s not going to win any awards.

  • Michael Hobart

    The site is reviewing Olympus and alternative lens hoods for the 45mm lens, not the lens itself. The posting should be clarified :-)

    • admin


  • > LX7 […] here are two new review:

    Pretty appalling lack of improvements over LX5 in IQ.

    Taking XZ-1 as a sample for LX5 IQ, LX7 seems to be a downgrade.


  • Johnesl

    The lx7 is a huge dissapointment if u look to the image quality and size, but other wize it is great camera with alot of improvements but not enough to tackle the sony rx100, i will not but the lx7 neither the rx100, i think sony will defeat panasonic in the point and shoot compact market next year, but now they are too expensive, 650 for a p&s? wtf with the same amount of money i can get a great laptop/pc. I hope panasonic wake up, because the lx7 is a disgrace for the p&s sector. they are not more compact, the defenition of a compact has changed, sony is leading. hope the place a 1 inch sensor and i will get the lx7

    the lx7 have in low light situations a lot of noise unlike the rx100, the f1.4 cant compensate that, just look at the review and samples from asian websites

    respect to sony because they dont care if their camera canibalise the sales from their own cameras, they keep improving no matter what at any cost, next time touchscreen plz.

  • Jesper

    Before anyone buy those already expensive cases from ebay sellers, one can actually purchase them directly from Gariz, bought the large leather bag directly from Gariz, much cheaper. They do have english support if needed.

  • The Voigtländer 17.5mm review is excellent! Even if you’re not interested in the lens, it’s well worth reading and the sample images, coupled to an OMD, are very, very good! A photographer writing a review rather than a chart and spec gazer…. imagine that!

    It’s back on my list!

  • the hood review is kind of odd. A hood isn’t going to do anything when the light source is in frame. I have an ez photo screw in hood like the one reviewed only it’s twice as deep. It also has 46mm threads on front.

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