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New low price for E-PL1, E-PL2 and GX1 for $499 (GX2 is coming by end of the year)


Rumors are getting stronger and the GX2 should arrive in November. So it’s not a surprise to see the third good GX1 deal in one month. The Black body with 14-42mm lens is now for sale at $499 at Amazon (Click here). But the leader of the Amazon ranking (here to see the list) is the E-Pl1 that sells for $259 again at Amazon. Another good price is the E-PL2 with same lens for $349.

E-Pm, E-PL and GH3 are coming at Photokina in September, the GX1 maybe two months after. Those deals may not be related to it but it’s nice that we can buy a m43 camera for a price that is very low.

P.S.: For the first time in Stock at Adorama the 12-35mm X lens.

  • WT21

    Only thing I care about is an EPM2 with the new sensor OR an EP4 with new sensor and built-in VF.

    • nicwalmsley

      Yep same here, although a simple flip screen on E-PM might be good

      As many have said, the Olympus line up is a mess. If there is no E-Px then how can there be an E-PLx, which is meant to be the Lighter version of the largest Pen. If the rumor is correct, the Light version will also be the largest version.

      And their naming conventions are pretty horrid too. Why not OMD-1, PEN-5, PEN-5M?

  • I love my GX-1 and will probably give it to my 4 yr old (she already makes very good use of it), coupled with a 17mm prime.
    The GX-2 needs to come out with either a new sensor, or, MUCH better, built-in EVF *and* Focus Peaking. Without this feature, I’m keeping my GX-1 and buying the coming NEX6. I’m very glad Panasonic is taking are of the GX line, which I find to be the best looking m4/3 body to date, and a formidable imaging tool.

  • Yun

    Still not get enough with my GX , now GX2 coming .
    Fine but must with new sensor & breakthrough technology otherwise I’ll stick with my GX .
    I really want to ask Pana , is this the one that equal to the standard of Oly’s incoming OMD Pro ?

  • Camaman

    Oly should give its early EP cams to NASA.
    Lord knkws they are selli g them for so long that even they would call it proven tech!

  • This trend of releasing a new body with marginal improvements every 6 months gets tiring. Iteration after iteration of the same thing with a change here and there just doesn’t do the system any good – it just looks amateurish, and even more if we think of the duplication of slow kit zooms. Also, this trend takes our gear into a spiral of devaluation. One year after bought, if you’re to sell an m43 body you’re doomed. It is just not worth it, as prices are chopped by half at that point.

    • Narretz

      I acually think they will redefine the GX series, or at least change its position in the lineup. When you see the G5, it becomes hard to justify going without EVF + articulated screen just for a smaller camera. Let’s see what they will add.

    • I never buy a body in terms of investment, but in practical terms of usage.

      On the contrary, I kind of like having the options of perfectly capable bodies that are 2-3 iteration old at bargain price.

  • Every time they drop the price on this, it makes me throw up a little, since I bought my GX1 in January at full price. Well, I guess that’s what you get for early adopting.

    • Rep96st

      That’s how I fell when I brought the GF2. The day B&H got them in, I picked that up with the 20mm prime. I will say it’s one of the best cameras I ever shot with. Small, everyday shooter.

      I’m sweating at that price, even though I want either the G5 or GH3. But I might just get the G5. I don’t think I can wait that long for the GH3 release. For some reason, Panasonic cameras take FOREVER to show up in the states. -what’s up With that?

    • Hi Jordan :)
      I bought my GX-1 in mid February at 500E (delivered), which was a pretty good price back then (soon after release). I’ve shot this baby more than any of the cams I had in the past I think, even more than my beloved D700 (‘s, I had 2 of them). I couldn’t quite tell what it is about it, to me it was love at first sight/click, and 15K actuations later, I still love it. Now I’m attracted to the NEX but the GX-1 is not going anywhere, and IF the GX-2 is a worthy update, I’ll buy one, too. My first serious digital cam was a Nikon D100 I paid 2000USD for in 2002 ! So 500E for the GX-1 was not overpriced, and I’d do it all over again ;)

    • Boooo!

      How many photos would you not have taken if you had waited for a price drop?

  • Casadilla

    Nico and Jordan,

    I empathize with you guys. I’m currently looking at snatching up an EPM1. They’re almost under $200 on eBay! How can one justify a newer model with that kinda pricing? I think Oly and Pana are hurting themselves with their product devaluing through reiteration. Though, I’ll just keep buying behind the technology and being very happy :)

    • WT21

      I tried to sell my EPM1, but no one was biting even at $150. Well, if I’m going lower than that, then I’m just keeping it!

  • Jon

    Meh. I did buy the E-M5 mainly for it’s 5 axis IBIS, bult-in EVF and new sensor. I know they will drop in price, but I’ve shot so much with the E-M5, I feel it’s well justified. For my backup, I’m quite happy with my E-PL2!

  • dau

    Im gonna wait and see what the gh3 specs are. Im really tossing up between this and the omd. as a g3 owner ive got a few of their ois lenses (14-140 which is my most used, and 100-300 which i use rarely), so im leaning toward the gh3 if it measures up. If the omd is still clearly superior ill jump ship to the omd. If i do this i know i wont be able to resist the lighter, non-stabilised oly lenses, so it could be a pricey move.
    As for the gx2 im guessing it will be a better looking g5 (as the gx1 was to the g3), so ive got little interest in this. I hope at least this time it will include an evf, im sure pany have realised that anyone half serious about photography (and youd have to be, if youre paying this price) wants an evf! The screen still wont be fully articulated though..
    Btw does anyone know what the details of the pro omd are?

  • Mr. Reeee

    Any GH3 news? any? any at ALL? Bitte?!

    I can’t believe that Oly is still selling the EPL1 and EPL2. Haven’t they ever heard of discontinuing old models?

    @Admin… PLEASE give us a way to disable the WordPress floating toolbar thing on the iPad! When I’m logged in, the thing floats around, gets in the way and does NOT allow me to scroll! I tried it in several different browsers. If I logout, there’s no problem at all.

    • Rep96st

      Im just about giving up on the GH3. It being shown in September, that means it’ll be on sale in the USA…. In the Spring?? I’m not waiting that long and the OMD as good as it is, is just too small, the buttons to tiny and rubbery (weather sealing, I know). U would get a GH2, but I’m not interested in video, only stills.

  • Yun

    Anyone can confirm if the incoming GX2 have build in viewfinder ?

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