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New hacked GH2 Driftwood’s 176mb GOP1 video roundup!


Intergalactic Planetary from inhousegoods on Vimeo.

There are plenty of videos you can find on Vimeo (Click here to see the latest Driftwood GH2 video list). All GH2 owners can hack the camera by using these instructions: And to see a list of all patches (including the driftwood) go here:

P.S.: GH2 price check at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay (Click on shop name to visit the GH2 search page).

  • Perry Wilson

    I would like to state that the price has gone down to $250 per unit and we now only need 50 units… Also the Photo Renders will be done very soon and the Kickstarter will be up this weekend. This is REALLY going to take our GH2’s to the next level, the profesional level. Here is more information and also a render
    For more info Email me at

    Follow the Link for the most Updated PWCage info

  • Tulio

    It would be such a boost to the hacking community if the BBC was to accept Hacked GH2 footage over 50Mbps.

  • I still haven’t come across any online videos which compare non-hacked GH2 video with GOP1-hacked GH2 video. It would be nice to see a comparison.

  • Ahem

    “We have some more VERY exciting things coming down the pipeline, Im even working on a GOP1 REEL. Also I would like to show you guys a comparison video between the epic and ask you to read the photographers last note. Also I would like to state that I am releasing a REWO cage knock off.”

    “GOP1 REEL”? “the epic” meaning RED Epic? “REWO cage knock off”?

    Don’t assume everybody’s an expert on whatever the above terms are in – videography?

  • Duarte Bruno

    I understand this can be the bomb for amateur film makers, but full Intra is way over my head.
    What settings are people using for reasonable quality/bitrate? Cbrandin’s settings? 44? 66?

  • Joe

    I agree with Ahem: I try to comprehend the posts on and having to do with the GH2 hack, but they often seem as if they’re written in a foreign language. I get the impression that most people connected with this project are non-native English speakers, or at the very least have poor interpersonal skills.

    Having said that, I do appreciate their efforts. I just wish that maybe they could bring an English major on board to help them out. :)

    • Perry Wilson

      if you have any questions about hacking Id be more than happy to translate or give advice, now Im not an “inglish” lol major by any means but it so happens to be my native tongue.

  • When Panasonic decided they like more marketshare they will unlock all their cameras. Sure it might upset the five people that purchased the turd that is the AF100 but if you want an omlet you’re gonna have to break some eggs pana!

    • Perry Wilson


    • Perry Wilson

      –delete again– uhg

    • The GH2 and AF-AG100 are aiming for totally different markets. People don’t buy the AF-AG100 for high quality video footage exclusively, but also for the camcorder ergonomics, many video modes, pro connectivity, built in ND filters and so on. The GH2 was never intended to compete in this market, and it cannot, hacked or not.

  • Max

    The Canon/Red announcements tomorrow will hopefully put some fire under Panasonic. I’m glad they did not put out a GH-3 yet. The bar will be raised by Canon, and Panasonic’s engineers do mighty fine work. Hopefully 1080p 60, or maybe even faster. 120 frames a second for only a short burst would be fine. A USB follow focus like Canon has would be nice. My wish for higher DR and 10 bit HDMI-SDI output for grading.

  • EvieEff

    Could somebody please explain to me what to look for in all these hacked GH2 video clips? I guess the quality difference is supposed to be visible, but how does it have to be viewed in order to show up? When watched in the little, embedded, Vimeo viewer on the page, I can’t really see any difference between hacked and non-hacked, let alone among all the different versions. I own a GH2 and intend to start getting in film-making, but need to upgrade my computer first.

  • Nice job, we just bought a GH2 definitely we will try with that driftwoods hack.
    Thanks for sharing.

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