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New GX7 review (and new GF6 and G6 firmware update)


Image courtesy: Digitalcamerainfo

Digitalcamerainfo (Click here) posted the full Panasonic GX7 review and writes:

In many ways, this is the camera that Olympus should have made instead of the E-P5. While the E-P5 is a fantastic performer, you’d have to buy the $1,499 kit in order to match the GX7 spec-for-spec. The GX7 is a terrific camera.

The camera earned an overall score of 9.8/10 points. Impressive!

One more thing: Panasonic (Click here) issued a new firmware update for the GF6 and G6. Just a fix with Apple connection.

GX7 preorder list (Click on store name to open the GX7 price, specs and preorder page):
Silver GX7 body at Amazon US, BHphoto, Adorama, Samys, Wex Deutschland, Wex UK , Amazon JP.
Silver GX7 with 14-42mm lens at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, Samys, Henrys, Wex Deutschland, WexUK, Amazon UK.
Black GX7 body at Henrys, Wex Deutschland, Wex UK, Amazon UK, Amazon Japan.
Black GX7 with 14-42mm lens at Henrys, Wex Deutschland, Wex UK, Amazon UK.
Black GX7 with 20mm lens at Henrys, Wex UKAmazon UK, Amazon Japan.
Silver GX7 with 20mm lens at Henrys, Wex UKAmazon UK, Amazon Japan.

  • brent cov

    Got to say looks and reads amazing but if all is as it appears on 4/3 rumors then EM1 is-going to seriously kick some butt Hail OLYMPUS HIP HIP …..

    • AMVR

      Again, why do people insist in comparing these two cameras ? they’re not even aimed at the same user base. If you want to make a point that the EM1 is a superior camera, well DOH, of course it is, it’s mean to be pro. The GX7 is not an attempt to grab the pro market like the EM1 is (if that’s even possible), it’s meant for enthusiast, even Pany says so in their propaganda.

      I regards to the actual news, I’m happy to see more and more of these reviews mention Oly’s shortsightedness with the E-P5, Pany really pulled an unexpected move with the GX7, they literally put everything us Pen users wanted from the E-P5 into the GX7. Hopefully these criticisms reach Olympus and they do their best to do a proper PEN camera (like the original ones that had a VF) next time. I really wish Oly had the balls to put an EVF into the E-P5 but I simply can’t find any flaw in the GX7 (except 5 axis, but then again I wasn’t expecting any IBIS at all) so that’s what I’ll finally upgrade to from my 3 year old E-PL1. Thank god this is a shared system ( HEY PANY AND OLY FANBOYS, DID YOU READ THAT !? SHARED SYSTEM !!!) and we are free to choose any lens or camera.

      Now, where can I get a black GX7 ?


        Well said.

        Even though I may be called a Panasonic Fanboy, I am one simply in Defense of a great bunch of cameras and a nice system.
        Still, I respect what you said. -It’s a Pity that so few Others in the Olympus camp think like you do.

        Mr ALLCAPS

        • elpaciko

          its a pity that you still want to say that..

        • Oilymouse

          > It’s a Pity that so few Others in the Olympus camp think like you do.

          Like you’d know, all-caps. Nobody would claim you made those Camps, but you are at least making daily Substantial Contributions to Pointless Artificial Separation!

          Luckily for us, most of it is Between your Ears. :-D

      • Mr.Chainsaw

        Thats right. I guess there are some people out there, who want the best features available in the smallest package. That could have been the E-P5, but it’s not. The GX7 comes close, maybe very close, but I like the 5-axis IBIS more. So give us a PEN with EVF and why not rangefinder style?

        • Phred

          GX-7. Looks like a nice package… afterall….finally “The” Viewfinder…but plastic (?) top & bottom plates….that’s consumer grade for a $1000 camera body.
          …the New pen may not have this form factor…but I am thinking now that it is waaaaay better built than the GX7. Perhaps you get more for more money?

          • win

            those are metal. I don’t think it’s any different from a GX1, which was also metal and I actually prefer it than an ep3.

            • Phred

              Not familiar with ep3…but I do have a GX1 & an OMD…THe images from the OMD (for me) are much better out of the camera in raw. I find the handling of the GX1 to be fantastic….but when it really matters its OMD all the way…so I am a little gun shy about the Panny sensors.

        • Dr. Greenthumb

          And while you’re debating about these too small ergonomic inferior Panalympus cameras, I comfortably shoot pictures with the Panasonic G6. It’s the best bang for your buck. Feature loaded, superior ergonomics, highly customizable and the price is ridiculously low for a camera like that. The money I safe toed directly to good glass.

      • Petri

        While I agree that GX7 and E-M1 are different class of cameras and the latter prolly costs 50% more, I don’t think it is quite that simple. I for one am contemplating between those and E-P5. Would just use the difference in glass. Nevertheless GX7 is absolutely an awesome camera and I’d be surprised if it did not force Olympus to rethink E-P5 pricing.

        • CaverDave

          The GX7 looks to be a great camera. I have been wanting a second mft camera for backing up my E-M5. I never did like the E-P5. Mostly due to lack of a built-in EVF. The GX7 would make a great second mft camera for me. he price is really good for the features. Still I now have the E-M1 pre-ordered at my local camera store. The E-M1 has the features that I thought was missing in the E-M5, like ta built-in grip and the lack of plenty of direct control buttons. For the rumor specs and the rumor price it looks to be a better camera for me. Then my E-M5 will become my second camera.

      • Anonymous

        If you’re into night photography, GX7 is not a good choice because of short limit on bulb mode. Also think external vf solution works quite good in this size and shape. But sure nice to have a choice for people who want integrated one. VF-4 physically bigger and more easy on the eyes.

        Glad olympus didn’t touch external viewfinder idea.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t totally agree with you on this one. Integrated EVF is really usefull. Sure Olympus sells (not cheap) external EVF, but they should bring at least 1 PEN model with an integrated EVF.

          • Dick

            +1 that and the better ergonomics of a camera body with a decent grip, made me choose the Panasonic G6.

  • Anonymous

    Very different spec, not spec-for-spec.

  • Anonymous

    Right on review. Oly needs to be punished for the price and lack of evf on ep-5.

    • AMVR

      They already lost my money, that’s for sure.

      If they ever come up with a proper GX contender (both in price and features) I’ll reconsider going back to Oly, they make beautiful cameras but also very bad decisions. The thing is, I would buy a Pen with built-in EVF in a heart beat but I’m just not willing to wait any longer for that miracle, not now that the GX7 is available.

      • street

        ep5 kit = gx7 with 25mm 1.4 you can choise

    • Matt

      Olympus should be punished for not including an EVF in the E-P5!

      And they are being punished!

      No EVF, no buy.

      However if they include the EVF in the expensive E-P5, it would be way too expensive. Again, no buy.

      The E-P5 line should be dropped. .

      • Anonymous

        Expensive EP-5? It’s still cost 115 Euro less than GX-7, for body only.

      • Anonymous

        “should be dropped”
        Aren’t you a bit rude in your statement? What’s your point?
        I also think Olympus should bring a PEN with an integrated EVF, but no need to drop anything…

    • Say what?!? Olympus needs punishment? And for not having put the specific feature on the specific body? That sounds personal, dude!

      Panasonic and Olympus both releases I don’t know how many bodies every year, and on average, I have been upgrading every other year so far. Very easy for me to say : “No evf no buy” but the fact is Olympus did release two EM so far, both of which has built EVF and none of which are deprecated, not by any stretch.

      • Anonymous

        Oly is being punished through reviews which call them out for overcharging for a feature uncompetitive product, and through poor sales. D-O Y-O-U U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-D, dude?

    • “Oly needs to be punished for the price and lack of evf on ep-5.”

      Now that is really dumb. There are a lot of people for whom the EVF is not even desirable. I’m not one of them but I respect their desires. The GX7 is a great camera in its own right, and so is the EP5. If someone is upset that the EP5 doesn’t have the same feature set, then that is a personal problem. This is not a war between them and it each has their market. If one doesn’t give what you want, then buy the one that does. It is that simple. Neither one is the ideal match for me, but it looks like the EM1 might be. Different needs for different folks. There are a lot of people out there that like the EP5 as it is, and a lot that will like the GX7. Guess what, there is more then one market and more then one taste and/or need in cameras.

      If Panasonic hadn’t put a viewfinder in the GX7, there wouldn’t even be this discussion.

      • Anonymous

        “If Panasonic hadn’t put a viewfinder in the GX7, there wouldn’t even be this discussion.”

        No Sh*t, Einstein.

      • true homer

        No it turns out nobody wanted a vf on the ep5…its moot, oly can do no wrong by you guys

  • david

    “his is the camera that Olympus should have made instead of the E-P5.”

    That pretty much sums up my feelings on every PEN since the E-P2.

    • peevee

      No, they should have just priced E-P5 competitively with similar cameras, $600 Samsung NX300 and NEX-5R.

      • AMVR

        But then you would still have the inconvenience of an add-onn evf. And the argument about being able to take the EVF off for a smaller package or not wanting to use the EVF is irrelevant, The GX7 evf does not take any more space horizontally than the VF-2 (actually less) and most importantly it guarantees a flat top plate. There’s no way around it, after 4 generations of Pen cameras, after 2 years of letting Sony and Fuji’s evf models take the market, the E-P5 simply HAD to feature an built-in EVF, it was the next logical step. The E-P5 is a fine camera, that’s the absolute truth, but is so much less than it could’ve been, just like the E-P1,2 and 3, and that’s too many cameras already. If anyone really thinks the E-P5 was a good decision, look into your hearts and imagine the E-P5 had an EVF, now, can you imagine the impact it could’ve done to the market ? Would there by any valid arguments left against it ? Such a camera would’ve been the second coming of the E-M5 but in an RF body.

        Even though Panasonic has had a longer history of faux-DSLRs and thus a bigger interest in protecting those sales, they understood that no matter what model they sell, that money ends up in the same pocket. They undestood the importance of the enthusiast market and had the balls to go against Sony and Fuji. Some day Oly will realize their mistake and deliver the long awaited ¨True Pen¨, hopefully it won’t be too late (by that time we may be looking at a GX9 with even more features though).

        • How true, how very true.
          The E-P5 was a mist opportunity, caused by foggy thinking at Olympus.
          But the interesting thing is that, attractive as the GX7 is, my thoughts are increasingly turning Fuji X-wards.
          It’s only those lovely M43 lenses in my camera case that stay my hand (and credit card).

          • dau

            “Mist opportunity” and “foggy thinking”
            Play on words or bad spelling?!

            • Anonymous

              Izumi expressed a very good point and one thing that is also “fogging” my head.

              Switching to Fuji is becoming less and less viable to me.

              Now with the announcement of the fast PRO zooms from oly, even more remote. The thing is, the bodies are almost there (with an edge to Fuji on IQ but that’s about it) but lens wise there is no competition at this point. In the longer terms Fuji will have more and better lenses while P&O finally ship the bodies people want at a reasonable Price, but even then, my thinking is that the flange distance will be key, and m43 will be more convenient while beong almost on par on the rest. So i decided to stay and swallow cumbersome bodies and itchy pricing so to speak.
              These are my thoughts, thanks P&O for the joy you brought Again to my photography.

  • safaridon

    Thanks for posting this review of the GX7 after so many for the EM1!

    I find the comment regarding the top and bottom plates of the GX7 to be plastic a bit strange given that the GX1 was all metal? Another review of GX7 with a picture of the magnesium shell chearly shows the base plate to be magnesium? Also the top plate of the camera may be aluminum not plastic as appears to also be metal? The only none metal parts on top are for the openings for the flash and EVF and hotshoe?

    My guess is Pany will also base their coming smaller m4/3 camera on the GX7 chasis but minus the grip and placing the flash where the EVF now is located.

    • Anonymous

      Considering the possibility of applying ‘metalic’ coating to plastic, and plastic/rubberized coating to metal, it might not be that easy to tell from pictures.

      • Nelson

        My GH3 use the same material as GX7 and it definitely felt plastic compare to E-M5/E-P5

        • Anonymous

          If you look at the readily available pictures of the GH3 and the GX7 body shells it’s pretty obvious that both the top and bottom plates are part of the metal shell, and not plastic. Most of these reviewers don’t have an f’ing clue.

          • KS

            Same with my Canon 40D or the 5D. Magnesium body but the coatings hide the metal.

            • Anonymous

              Couldnt be because of the wifi?

    • WylyQuimby

      Just a guess, but the plastic parts might be needed for good WiFi.

  • Bite Me

    Nothing is groundbreaking about the GX7. It’s IBIS already existed since the E-P1, it’s inclusion of a viewfinder already married on the NEX-6 & NEX-7.

    I guess it’s only groundbreaking for the people inside the Panasonic room.

    High Fives Everyone, BIG FAIL!

    “Well, it all looks good in paper. Then again, so is Communism.”


    • @bite me
      can’t you troll better than that?

    • Renato S.

      Your relativization doesn’t make so much sense because that’s not the point.

      What’s groundbreaking isn’t the existence of IBIS neither a viewfinder, it’s the fact that a product that people were expecting for some time, at least before the GX1. It’s also the fact that Panasonic managed to catch up on the sensor performance and also the fact that Panasonic uses OIS but they understood that the legacy lenses + IBIS is something people want and for the first time, they put IBIS on their m4/3 camera.

      Although it being or not groundbreaking has everything to do with Panasonic, it’s hardly just about “people inside the Panasonic room”. Just because you may not like it for some reason, that doesn’t take these other things that this camera brings.

      What’s your point exactly? Why this camera is so bad in your opinion? Did you want it to fly or have laser beam or something? Or is a general concept that a good camera has to have a groundbreaking tech every single time?

      • Uth

        +1 for laser beam

        • Mr. Reeee

          Add photon torpedoes and I’m in!

      • dau

        All this talk that this is the camera that the gx-1 should have been is a little strange. The g3 which was almost identical in terms of specs and included an evf ( not to mention fully articulated lcd) came out a few months prior, and was consistently cheaper!! The only advantage of the gx1was it looked prettier…

      • andrew





      See what I mean?

      Mr ALLCAPS

  • peevee

    “n many ways, this is the camera that Olympus should have made instead of the E-P5. While the E-P5 is a fantastic performer, you’d have to buy the $1,499 kit in order to match the GX7 spec-for-spec. The GX7 is a terrific camera.”

    First of all, the kit is $1,449, not $1,499. Second, it includes $500 lens. And separate VF-4, which is better than the VF in GX7, is $270. So more like $1270 vs $1000. Definitely not a good value of course, but not THAT much worse (GX7 is bad value too, compared to NEX-6 for $700 or X-E1 for $800 on sales now).

    • Anonymous

      Agree. VF4 looks way better than its precessor on Em5, therefore it’s a plus compared to the EVF of GX7. It looks ugly though.

    • AMVR

      Indeed, the GX7 may not be a such a good deal compared to the competition (although IBIS gives it an advantage), but if you’re invested in this system already it IS the ONLY m4/3 option as far as this juxtaposition of features and body style. Although the VF-4 is certainly better, it completely ruins any size advantage and convenience originally found on the E-P5. I’ve lived with the VF-2 for 3 years now and I can personally give an informed opinion on the disadvantages of an add-on EVF, the only plus is the ability to take it off in favor of a flat top plate, but oh! wait! the GX7 also features a flat top plate AND it has the EVF! see what I’m saying. Add-on EVFs are fine for the PL and PM series, not for the flagship model.

      • Anonymous

        Agree about the add-on evf, through the one on the gx7 has its own issues as it sticks out of its back by quite a bit, which removes any chance of fitting it in a coat pocket due to not wanting to rip-off the eye cup. Also, for people wearing glasses this evf isn’t very nice.

        Beyond that, yes, this set of features is something people have been asking for since forever, and it is surprising that it is Panasonic who introduces it, as Olympus already had all the parts needed. Good tho, as it adds in-body stabilization and a very nice overall camera to their line-up.

  • steve

    This camera has maybe some nice specs ( not for me cause no 5axis no buy) but the BIG problem is the particulary gay brand “lumix”. It’s like buying a Nikon d4 with a big coolpix tag on it. It’s ok on your girlfriend hello kiity tuned compact camera but definitely NOT cool on a 1000$ camera. I’m a nikon shooter (d800) and I like m4/3 too but I only buy Olympus products. This is a brand with history and a “je-ne-sais-quoi” but i have big time found anything nice with panasonic and lumix. Sounds cheap… Beside the 5 axis is really really revolutionary. Coming from a d800 I can’t help but praise olympus for this.


      “not for me cause no 5axis no buy”

      “the BIG problem is the particulary gay brand “lumix”.”

      “It’s ok on your girlfriend hello kiity tuned compact camera but definitely NOT cool on a 1000$ camera.”

      “but I only buy Olympus products.”

      “i have big time found anything nice with panasonic and lumix. Sounds cheap… ”

      This comment is the overall consensus of the Olympus fanboys here, and the Blog/Forum.

      Mr ALLCAPS

      • Oilymouse

        > This comment is the overall consensus of the Olympus fanboys here, and the Blog/Forum.

        No it is not.

        But you deserve steve and his comments, that’s for sure. He’s playing you like a fiddle and you’re squeeking like crazy.

    • Anonymous

      +1 Amen to that!

    • Anonymous

      Here is an idea for you, buy your camera for what it does, not for what name happens to be printed on it.

      Or put differently, go buy an E-P5 mockup if you want a camera styled fashion article that makes you look like a photographer. A mockup will do if its about the outside, and since its an E-P5, you can still act as if it has 5-axis ibis.

    • Mr. Reeee

      A simple, effective and cheap solution for your homo-logo conundrum:
      Tape over it.

      • Vlad

        That’d be too cheap of a solution.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Yeah and it actually works. ;-)

          • Vlad

            Even worse! :)

    • Mr.Chainsaw

      Wait, what?!
      Than I would say, what a douche. Propably apple fellow, lol.
      If it really bother you that much put a sticker on it.

    • AMVR


      I’m an Olympus user and your argument is crap. I can agree with your point about 5 axis, no one would deny that (if the GX7 had such a system it would be a godsend), but your reasoning is akin to that of a child. What kind of person would come up with such a superficial and idiotic argument about names and logos, WHO THE FCK CARES !? Limiting your brand choices in m4/3 is moronic to begin with but to justify it on the basis of ¨brand history¨ and “je-ne-sais-quoi” is imbecile. I like Olympus cameras because they’re good TODAY, I don’t care if the OM-1 or XA were awesome cameras, those cameras don’t work with my m4/3 lenses, that “je-ne-sais-quoi” you speak of is good design aesthetics and JPEG colors, those are measurable things, not “je-ne-sais-quoi”. Pany has more than enough merits to compensate for that “je-ne-sais-quoi” and brand history, they have awesome lenses, most of them (unexpectedly) better than Oly despite their long lens-making history, specially zooms (their speciality). Give credit where credit is due.

      I don’t care what brand or logo is featured in my equipment, I care about quality and both Oly and Pany deliver, and guess what ? YOU CAN USE ANY BODY AND LENS COMBINATION FROM THEM!!!


      • Vlad

        “I’m an Olympus user and your argument is crap.”
        And plus one for saying it the way it is.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Goddam right!

      • JBL

        +1000 :)

    • Oilymouse

      Having fun, steve? ;-)

    • true homer

      Look look! My camera says nikon on the front! Am I a pro yet? Do I look manly with my d800? Thats the biggest number of pixels I could find, do I look cool yet? Kaybe I should get a 3 foot long 600mm f2.8, tyen I’ll definitely look very macho…

  • A Lumix that out-PENs the PEN.

    AWESOME… totally AWESOME!

    Finally, a review with Truth! The reviewer called it for what it really is, and had great points. Olympus will have to re-work it’s Pen series and go back to the drawing board.

    They lost this round, and boy, is it gonna hurt.

    • Narretz

      Back to the drawing board? Slap a corner EVF on it, and you’re ready to go. admin could basically post “FT5 Olympus will announce E-P6 with EVf in late 2014”.

      • C. C.

        Ha, ha! I think you just started another rumor.

        • Oilymouse


  • Wow. Previous reviews have left me a little underwhelmed, but this one has got me excited. I downloaded the sample images and tweaked them in Photoshop and to say I am impressed is an understatement! The image quality is great. Am guessing these are SOOC jogs, because at first glance in Photoshop they are a ‘little’ soft for my liking. But I put a bit of sharpening in and they crisped right up, with no artifacts appearing

    Its back on my shopping list!

    • Yes, all samples at DigitalCameraInfo are SOOC. :)

  • Cyril

    9.8 like G15…

    • We have separate scales for point & shoot and ILC cameras. A 9.8 for the G15 is not comparable to a 9.8 for the GX7.

  • Rico

    Noone save a few reviewers have owned and really reported on either camera. To insist one is better than the other tells me you’re probably not much of a photographer.

    Meanwhile I may wait for Fuji’s Xpro 2 or somebodies FF mirror less before I “pre-order” anything


    Says Steve: “If I were to buy one fresh, it would be the Panasonic (OVER the Olympus 17mm f1.8) after I thought about it and looked at my results.”

    And it’s RARE for me to agree with this guy.


    • Oilymouse

      Just sold my 20mm tonight, no regrets. The only thing Panasonic I’ll never sell is my LX-3.

  • LovinTheEP2

    Another pointless and meaningless review.

    Why why wont anyone discuss Panasonic’s m43 strength of Video capabilities of this latest offering by them??????

    RAW image performance????

    All these paid reviewers are talking about the camera the exact same way, as if Panasonic has been writing all the reviews for them and they are simply posting it on their sites. Its actually starting to get very irratating!


      Either way, I’d wager that it beats ANYTHING from Olympus in video quality!! HAHA!!!

      • Anonymous

        Of little importance if video doesn’t matter to you.

    • Dirk

      Camerainfo is known for very detailed reviews that are however inaccurate or biased.

  • LovinTheEP2

    OH yeah….. i’m not even sure the have a camera inhand and actually took any images with it from the review they wrote.

  • Anonymous

    Admin, can we have something RELLY interesting like EM-1 specs please! You don’t have to search for every review wrote by panyslut like giulio sico-something. THANKS

    • true homer

      yeees pleeeeease admin! The olytards are desperate! Please also post more ming thein and robin wong

  • Viktor

    Why does nobody mention the rather large eyecup on GX7 that sticks out. Difficult to pocket…

    • AMVR

      Yeah, that’s bothersome but at the same time really necessary, otherwise your face would be to close to the camera to be comfortable, and in that case,I say ergonomics win. Besides, if you’re using a bag already those few mm hardly make any difference, by comparison, the VF-4 not only sticks above the camera like a tumor (I have the VF-2 so I know) but the eye cup actually extends MORE than the GX7’s.

      • Viktor

        Didnt, say Oly did a better job with the vf-4 at all, actually I think GX7, EP5 and OMD (“the hump”) neither have made a good solution regarding viewfinder. The quality is getting better, but the design worse. At least on the EP5 you can take it of…

  • No IBIS in video mode makes this a pretty irrelevant camera. At least it has 24p I guess. But without IBIS in video mode, no reason to buy it over a GH3.

    • AMVR

      Funny you would compare it to the GH3 because that camera also doesn’t have IBIS, guess that also makes it irrelevant for video, as well as the BMPC. 5 axis is great, and I’m guessing many would sell a nut to be able to use it with Pany’s video but the GX7 is perfect for its target audience. It’s not meant to be a GH3 replacement, in fact, Pany could’ve have easily and logically ignored the video side of things since there is the G6 already and the GH3 would be left too vulnerable, but they didn’t, in fact we should be grateful they kept so many of the GH3 specs in there to begin with. Rather than IBIS I would criticize the lack of mic port, but as i said, this camera is not video oriented, and that’s good.

    • Anonymous

      Of course not, but that goes both ways as the GX7 and GH3 are rather different cameras aimed at different users.

    • Sean Nelson

      From my point of view, no decent (1080p60) video with IBIS makes the Olympus cameras pretty much irrelevant.

      As it is, there simply isn’t any camera that offers both IBIS and good video.

      Perhaps Oly’s new offering will step up to the plate. Here’s hoping…

      • Marcus Wolschon

        No in body stabilisation in video mode?
        In addition to the 29min59s limitation?
        Damn. No longer an interesting camera for me
        despite focus peaking and the small form factor.
        IBIS was the selling point.

  • Jack Le Boul

    This review was much to kind in comparison to Olympus.

    – No mic input on GX7.
    How in the world can you release a camera for so much money without a mic input.
    Compared this with Olympus superior microphone adapter (SEMA-1)

    – Stabilization
    The reviewer failed to mention that the brand new excellent amazing stabilization does not work for video.
    Also, it is inferior to Olympus 5-axis. (GX7 is only 2)

    If you touting the “excellent” video capabilities but have no external mic possibilities and no stabilization……

    No, it is a good camera but no 9.6.
    I have no beef here, I am a NEX user, but the review was not fair.

    • peppermonkey

      I agree about the mic though I would never bother putting on a mic for a rangefinder styled camera but that’s just me.
      As for the rest though…
      GH3 doesn’t have IBIS at all yet it trounces any Oly m43 camera purely from the amount of ‘video’ options available and video IQ. From everything I can see, GX7, although it doesn’t have all the features that the GH3 has for video, it also has more features and better video IQ than all Oly m43 cameras. So, at least at this point with the information we currently have, it is a better video camera comparably.

    • Sean Nelson

      I have yet to use the external mic input on my video camera. I prefer an external mic/recorder (I use the Zoom H1) because I can place it next to whoever’s talking. A mic next to the sound source beats any mic in or on the camera.

      And as far as stabilization goes, there simply isn’t a camera that offers IBIS stabilization along with class-leading video. The Olys have IBIS stabilization in video mode but an inferior video implementation. So if you want good video and stabilization, your only option in the M43 world (short of a BMCC) is to buy a Panasonic camera and use in-lens stabilization. Seems to work pretty well for most people. Yes, IBIS in video mode would be nice, but like the lack of a mic input it doesn’t have to be a deal killer.

      • Jack Le Boul

        Sure, we all use our cameras differently.

        My main issue here was not the GX7, it was the review itself.

        Olympus SEMA-1 system is actually very good.
        It can not compare with external mic recorder, but still much better and acceptable quality for personal use.

        The GX1 lacked external mic capabilities and was rightly criticised and one would have expected Panasonic to improved on this.
        As this is only relevant to video, and it should be part of the pros/cons when comparing to another camera who does have it.

        Stabilisation used on Olympus is superior to GX7 in every way.
        5-axis is better than 2 and it works on video. It does not need to be more complicated than that.

        in the review it said:

        — one area where Panasonic continues to have a leg-up on Olympus. You get a dedicated movie mode on the mode dial, and a top video recording mode of 1080/60p at 28 Mbps bit rate. There’s also a 1080/24p mode for those who want a cinematic-looking frame rate. There are nearly as many video scene modes as still ones, making this a good video choice, even for average users.

        Well if you mention the codec, frame and bit rates why not discus mic inputs and stabilisation.
        The reviewer mostly compared EP-5 and GX7. Ignore the GH3, it is not part of this picture/review.

        My criticism was not what was said in the review, but what was left out.

    • no

      olympus ibis is 3 for video not 5.

      panny ibis is 0 for vide0.

      you have no idea what you are talking about, foo.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know the actual shipping date for the GX7? I was told end of Aug but this is looking more like mid Sep or later.
    Has anyone already received their copy?

    • Anonymous

      Amazon: “This item will be released on September 30, 2013.”

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t give a rats ass about the EP5 or the Silver GX7 with the tiltycatchonyourpocketvfthatsticksouttoofar. What is important news, it the firmware update for the G6, which, seems to me, to be the best M4/3 camera to date and I started back when the EP1, GX1, GH1 were first release. Now, we may have some serious movie hacks coming soon.

  • I think in someways these two are a toss-up. Pocket Lint says they’s take the EP-5 with the VF every time, if money weren’t a factor?

    I do agree that I’d MUCH prefer the pen to get an integrated VF. Two good choices. Competition is always good.

  • I think Panasonic should be thankful to Olympus for sticking with the external viewfinder concept. An E-P5 with built-in evf would have made the introduction of the GX7 like a shadow or copycat. But nevertheless, we should be thankful to Panasonic. Less people will prob “jump ship” because of this faux RF body.

  • dau

    Im a g3 user and v.excited to read this review. But i just dont trust this site. Compare the scores theyve given to other brands and youll find theyre very biased toward panny..

  • Anonymous

    Plastic top and bottom, are they kidding?

  • Hm

    Panasonic GX7 First Shots posted on imaging-resource reveals that image quality are not as good as ep5 image quality

    • Anonymous

      Anyone who has had the benefit of trying one when they done a tour with it could have told you that.

  • flipinus

    I don’t think that The GX-7 should have been the camera that Olympus made. I think that they should have gone after a whole different concept all together. They already had the PM and PL for the down market and frankly the PL is a really great camera save for the lone wheel controler. In my mind, the P had to offer something different. In my book, they should have developed a hybrid viewfinder like that of Fuji in the X-Pro. For those who have used a rangefinder type viewfinder, there is just something different with the picture taking experience. The photographer is able to focus on his subject. With the accuracy of the focusing that m4/3 has developed, focusing would have been less of an issue, besides with lenses like the mzuiko 12 and 17, where zone focusing is possible, this EP-5 would have been very desirable, at least to me!! If it had the hybrid finder and you still wanted a EVF, then slap on the VF-2/3/4 on the hot shoe!! Then you have the best of all worlds!!maybe for the EP-6…

    • Anonymous

      Very good point, about differentiating. I am afraid though, that Oly will see the sales figures of the GX7 and go for the safest route. Copy it feature by feature into a Pen or something similar, by NeXT year. Sic.

  • markthetog

    This is the camera they should have made instead of the E-P1. EVF from the start would have cemented their position as a leader in m43.

  • Yun

    I have pre order GX7 , just waiting for call to pick up this new lovely toy . Should be arrived within next week .
    Sorry to Olympus again , till you know how to make a true RF camera then I might put you on my list next time .

    • Mr.Chainsaw

      The GX7 isn’t a RF camera either. Only shaped like one.

      • Mr. Reeee

        The GX7 is rangefinder styled. Certainly not with a true optical rangefinder system.
        As the PENs and GF6 are P&S styled…
        As the G and GH are DSLR styled, and the OMD is SLR styled…

  • The E-P5 is not supposed to be a utilitarian camera. It’s a highly designed, masterfully built specialty item made for people who already own other expensive cameras. I don’t know why it’s kept being compared to the GX7, which is closer in spirit to the E-M5 (and much closer to the NEX 7).

    • C. C.

      Oh, come on. The E-P5 and GX7 are going after the same market. Now the E -M1 is a different beast altogether.

    • C. C.

      And as for the E-M5, it is also not really for the same crowd as the GX7.

    • Anonymous

      You’re wasting your time with this crowd. They want to hear about more features for less Money and that’s it.

    • AMVR

      I don’t see why any of that could stop Olympus from integrating an EVF into the design, the original PENS followed the same principles and yet they had VF in them. I enjoy Olympus cameras very much so but let’s be totally honest, Olympus went full retard on the E-P5. I cannot be bothered to list for the 100000th time the reasons why an EVF was not only possible but mandatory for the E-P5, this point comes up whenever this is talked about and it’s getting tedious to repeat oneself, so let’s just agree that in Olympus best interests they are obliged to integrate an EVF in the next Pen, doing so doesn’t affect anyone negatively and any other road is just plain stupid. The VF series add-ons are there for lower models, the flagship model shouldn’t suffer the same compromises.

      • Why are you bothered by Oly’s choices? You can always get a GX7. It seems like an excellent camera that has all the bells and whistles included.

  • Marcus Wolschon

    Where could I preorder an AUSTRALIAN GX7 because it’s PAL but doesn’t have the 29min59s video recording limit?

  • Anonymous

    Almost every thread in here is about the inclusion or lack of an EVF, hardly anyone has commented on the quality of image produced by either camera. Now I realise that very few will have had the opportunity to have shot anything with either the GX or the EP, while I have, GX at a store on a GX open day, EP at a masterclass, while I cannot say the conditions nor location were the same. What I can say is this, shots taken with the same card showed me the EP to be a hands down superior camera regards printed images, A3+ Epson 1400, Epson Premium Glossy paper, that is enough of a difference for me.

    • AMVR

      It hardly makes any difference for those of us who have been waiting (years) for such an upgrade, today’s m4/3 cameras are more than good enough for 98% of all photographic applications, it doesn’t matter if the E-P5 can deliver a 0.1 EV advantage, the GX7 will undoubtedly surpass my E-PL1 and that’s all that matter to me. If Oly had a similar camera with the same BUILT-IN features, then great, I’ll jump to that opportunity, I’ll sell a kidney for such a camera, but no matter what anyone says, the E-P5 is not that camera, not even close. The E-P5 is just an evolutioned E-P3, it barely offers any functional and ergonomic upgrade over the E-PL5, which is undoubtedly the best value-for-money pen in the market. Sure it has unique features, but when it comes to actual usage and experience delivered it simply won’t be any different than my E-PL1 with a VF-2, and that’s what I’m upgrading: my shooting experience, not features (which the GX7 meets and surpass anyway).

      • Anonymous

        I can see what you say but as far as I am concerned the most important factor is results, and the EP beats the GX hands down, as regards the way the camera handles, I see no issues with either of them, so that is of little consequence. The GX would have to handle way better or more to the point the EP should be a dog for the GX to be the better option. The fact I can see the difference on an A3+ print should make Panasonic extremely concerned about the IQ of the GX.

        • Mr. Reeee

          You must remember that for many of us, a camera is first and foremost a TOOL, not a fashion statement. Style shouldn’t impede function.

          Handling and built-in features are key. If I don’t like the way a tool handles and responds… whether it’s a camera, bicycle, screwgun or a pair of hiking boots… I’m not going to want to use it. It should feel comfortable, seamless and in a way, nearly disappear. So, it’s good we have so many body choices in the M4/3 system.

          Besides, at this point there’s so little difference in image quality between all the top-end M4/3 cameras, quibbling about these minor, .001 +/- differences is moot. Even the 2 1/2 year old GH2 is fairly close to the EM5 and GH3.

        • ArKersaint

          I own a GF and an EP and I have often been disappointed by the GF jpegs, especially as far as it matters portraits.
          I have also noticed same Oly jpeg lead in Dpreview and other benchmarks…
          Now, we are commenting GX7, so older findings are purely irrelevant !
          When looking at the GX7 results, It’s the first time I get the impression that they are on par with the last Oly’s ones.
          That’s really impressive an all this noise around old story makes me think that Oly fans feel quite nervous !

    • JBL

      please test to every device don’t make the factor of Olympus Fanboy,
      it not help and useless cannot make everybody believe you :)

    • JimStir

      “while I have, GX at a store on a GX open day, EP at a masterclass, while I cannot say the conditions nor location were the same.”

      Just to be clear you are saying that two different cameras, in two different locations at two different times, using default JPEG as the GX7 RAW is not yet supported ,is a reasonable way to consider the relative merits of a camera .This sounds like a simple case of Olympus bias [ it happens :-) } .I think I will wait on controlled RAW test shots taken of the same subject at the same time with the same lighting.

  • DingieM

    Panasonic made a great choice by including an EVF, because most of the time I use the EVF on the OM-D. Only very few moments I need the display, when necessary.

  • Anonymouse

    Die Olympus, just die.

  • Although I had an E-P2 and loved it, the main reason for getting an E-M5 was built in EVF. I am still missing the flat top . but also a flat back – non jutting out please.

    With AMVR I believe that chosing between brands is nor really anymore a matter of IQ, but aesthetic taste.

    However having discovered the power of 5-axis, I can only dream of a camera that had it next to Panny video capability: a match made in heaven. And certainly I would prefer a flat top.

    If you look at the ‘Revolutionary’ manifesto you’ll see that Oly consider the E-Px mostly male jewelry – people who can’t even be bothered to target and frame something :)

    So out of this marketing error we got this counterfeit of a practical camera. I also keep thinking that the hump of the OM-D was conceived out of marketing error – that seriousness must be associated with dSLR.

    So we have top engineering still sheated in travesty shells – to delude ignorant consumers int buying things they are not supposed to understand too much. There’s a bit of arrogance in that.

  • Anonymous

    I look at the picture of the chrome GX7 and it reminds me of how Olympus tried to sell chrome only, lenses in the States and how that was something like 70% loss in lens sales, over the past few years and I guess Panasonic wasn’t paying attention. I wonder what they were doing, to miss that?

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